Sally Shows Her Tits


Sally Shows Her Tits
In the olden days -- back in the 1980s, before videos
killed the adult theaters -- movie theaters that
screened smut could be randy places, as my wife Sally
and I discovered once.

My wife had brown hair, a medium build that was neither
thin nor chubby. She had straight brown hair and large
brown eyes.

Perhaps more to the point of my story, she had nicely-
proportioned breasts with pink nipples. One aureole was
slightly larger than the other. The large pink ovals
made her tits very appealing. I always thought they
were utterly wonderful. The idea of other men seeing
them turned me on.

I mean, don't you just love tits? When a young woman
with a baggy shirt stands up, letting you see the
outline of her breasts in the front, don't you love it?
Don't you love the invention of the halter top?

My wife could be randy when the occasion demanded.
Once, I asked her to doff her clothes on a sand dune in
a national park. As I penetrated her, a moist earthy
smell from her pussy filled my nostrils.

And Sally knew from our previous conversations that it
turned me on terribly to see other men looking at her.

Anyway, one time in the 1980s I talked Sally into
coming inside an adult theater with me. I'd always
liked smut and naked women, and hoped taking her there
would be a turn on.

We settled into our seats. My wife was wearing a white
shirt, jeans and tennis shoes. I had jeans and a t-
shirt on. We watched the movie and a man got into the
seat on the other side of Sally, to her left, and lit
up a cigarette.

After while, my wife nudged me. The fellow on her life
had was lighting up one cigarette after another. The
light from his lighter showed that his erect penis was
poking up out of his open zipper. As I recall, he
didn't seem to be touching it, and he didn't make eye
contact with us, but he seemed to want to be noticed.

That gave me an idea. I whispered into Sally's ear,
"Will you do something naughty for me?"

"What?" she answered. God knows what she imagined I
would ask for.

"Would you go to the bathroom and take your bra off and
put it in your purse and come back here?" I said.

After not much resistance, I talked her into it and she
left. I watched the movie, and a few minutes later she
returned, with her shirt buttoned up again. I could
see, however, that her chest had gotten lower.

I put my arm around Sally's shoulders. I reached over
and unbuttoned one of her buttons.

"What are you doing?" she said.

"It turns me on that people might see you," I said.
"Tell that guy your husband wants to know if he would
like to see your breasts."

"I can't do that," she said.

"Yes, you can," I said. "Just tell him."

Sally took the point and leaned over to the guy on the
other side.

"My husband wants to know if you want to see my
breasts," she said.

The other fellow nodded.

I reached over again, and slowly unbuttoned another
button on the blouse. Then another. Soon, the entire
front of my wife's blouse was open. My wife stared
ahead, her large brown eyes on the screen. I didn't
have much of her breasts uncovered, but it could be
clearly seen they were hanging naked inside her shirt.

The fellow sitting next to us seemed to notice. So did
a man sitting in the row ahead, who turned around and
looked at my wife's chest.

"Sally, those men are looking at you," I said.

"Do you really like this?" she asked.

"Yes, please," I whispered into her ears. "I want to
see them looking at your nipples."

My left arm was still around Sally's shoulders. With my
right hand, I pulled part of her shirt toward me,
exposing her right breast. The large, beautiful, lump
sagged slightly against her chest.

"The men are staring at you," I whispered to Sally.

They sure were. Now three of them were glaring at my
wife's chest.

"Oh Sally," I murmured into her ear. "Tell him if he
wants to see more he has to touch himself."

Sally leaned over and said something to him.

As we watched, the man, still holding a cigarette in
one hand, grasped his cock in his other hand, putting
the tips of his fingers against the shaft. My wife
looked at me, looking a bit embarrassed, and then
looked again at his dick.

I reached over and pulled the shirt away from the other

The three men gazed at my wife's boobs, his nipples
clearly visible in the theater light. And I noticed
that the tips of my wife's nipples seemed to be
hardening under their gaze.

"You're making me really hard," I said.

And indeed, my cock was pushing against my pants. I
could still see the prick of the guy to my wife's left
standing up, and I knew my own purple head was pushing
against my underwear.

Sally seemed to be getting into it, too. I could see
that she was breathing hard. Of course, that made her
breasts rise and fall under the hungry gaze of the

My left arm was still around my wife's shoulders. I
reached over with my right hand. I very gently tapped
the underside of my wife's breast and made it bounce
just a bit. I ran my fingers over the aureole, gently
tweaked the nipple, and began openly manipulating my
wife's breast as the others watched.

The fellow to our left began to stroke his cock,
rubbing the hard meat into action. I could clearly see
the hole at the end of the blunt, purple head and the
straining ridge on the underside of his penis as he
rubbed the sensitive folds of skin beneath the head. I
knew he must have had a wonderful buzz in his balls as
he gazed at my wife's tender, helpless breasts hanging
free on her chest. My wife breathed hard and glanced at
his dick as I mauled her breasts.

I pulled my hand away for a moment to give the
onlookers a good view of my wife's breasts. She seemed
flush as her breasts heaved slightly, the angry nipples
pushing out.

"Take off your shirt," I said.

Sally must have been wondering how far this would go,
but she seemed to be caught up in the moment, too. She
took off her white blouse and handed it to me. I draped
it on the chair in front of us.

Now my wife was completely topless for the three men.
They could run their eyes all they liked over her
brown, shoulder-length hair, her smooth shoulders and
arms, her naked belly, and her soft, tempting tits.

"Please touch me," I said.

Sally reached over and began rubbing the bump in my

Then she decided to set me free. She reached over and
pulled down the zipper, unfastened the top of my jeans,
and pulled me out. I only have about four or five
inches, but it was pointing up like a missile.

One of the fellows who was sitting in front watching
came around and stood in the aisle near my wife.

"You can't touch her, but you can watch," I told him.

The three of us were entranced by Sally,

"Please, we want to see more," I whispered to her.
"Stand up."

Sally stood, her arms at her sides.

"Put your hands behind your head," I said.

My wife laced her fingers behind her head. Lifting up
her arms showed her breasts to good effect.

I sat in the chair behind my cute wife. I patted the
denim on her soft, pretty butt. Then I unfastened the
top of her pants, and pulled them down around her
sneaker-clad feet.

Now almost all of my wife, including her flower-covered
panties and pale thighs, could be seen by the three of
us. I rubbed my hands on the side of her body and
reached up to touch her breasts.

The fellow who was standing on her right must have
thought he should make an offering. Or perhaps he was
just too horny to stand it any longer. He opened the
front of his pants, pulled out a big dick, and began
rubbing it.

Now all three men were paying proud, erect tribute to
Sally's body. The man on my left was rubbing his penis
quite intently. I was afraid to touch mine, but the
tip, pointed toward the crack in my wife's panties as
she stood in front of where I was sitting, was so eager
I could see it jerk again and again.

I reached over with both of my hands and touched the
elastic at the top of my wife's panties.

"No!" Sally whispered.

"Please," I said. I could hardly speak, but I'm sure
she heard the longing in my voice. She did not resist
further as I pulled the panties down her legs, letting
them rest on the top of her jeans.

All I could see was Sally's naked butt. The man
standing on our right, however, could clearly see the
brown triangle of Sally's naked cunt.

The man sitting on the left wanted to see, too. He got
off the chair and knelt near Sally, his face only
inches away from her cunt.

I gently pushed her down and she opened her knees,
flashing him with her pussy. I could see a hint of wet,
glistening liquid at the bulb of his penis as he
frantically rubbed his dick and gazed at the tangled
ridges of my wife's pussy. My wife, open mouthed and
staring, gazed at him as he gazed at her. Suddenly, he
cried out. White gobs shot out of his dick, some of
then landing on Sally.

Sally could not stand it any longer, either. She turned
to me and whispered, "I'm so horny I can't stand it!"

I rubbed my hands on her. I nodded to the man on our
right, and he took his hands off his dick and began
rubbing her, too.

"Let me see him take you," I said. My wife was so
horny, she nodded silently. I can only assume she had
simply been overcome by the moment as I was.

I pulled a condom out of my wallet and handed it with
trembling hands to the man on my right. I was afraid my
penis would shoot off without warning.

I took a deep breath and tried to calm myself as the
man unwrapped the condom, took it out, and slid it over
the long pole which jutted sideways out of his body. I
pulled off my wife's shoes and pants until she was
completely naked. I then had her bend over and place
her arms and head over the back of the seat. I saw a
very beautiful sight -- her cute, hairy pussy lips
peaking insouciantly out from between her legs.

The designated fucker -- I don't know what else to call
him -- grasped my wife's hips with his hand as he knelt
low enough to position the head of his plastic-covered
pole at my wife's pussy. He found the magic hole and
pushed forward.

"Oh!" Sally said softly.

The DF pulled back and then pushed forward again.
Slowly he rocked back and forth. I sat behind and to
the right, so that I could see his pole plunge into
her. When he pulled back, I could see her pussy lips
clutching him.

I knew the feeling in his balls must have been an
unbearable tingle, because he began to poke her faster
and faster, banging his hairy balls against her smooth,
almost hairless frame. I could see my wife's breasts,
which hung loose beneath her body, flop helplessly as
he rammed her harder and harder.

My wife's ordinarily cute face twisted as if she had
rotten lemon juice in her mouth, and she moaned as an
orgasm raked her animal body. The DF gave his cock a
final push and groaned as he emptied himself deep
inside Sally. I had been very gently touching my cock
as I watched, my dick slick with coated anticipation
with my pants around my ankles, and with only a slight
touch intense gout of sperm shot out of my purple cock
head. The DF pulled out his still partially hard cock,
the plastic bulging with hot sperm and wet with juice.

We dressed quickly and left. Later, as I held Sally in
bed, she admitted she had been as excited as I was.

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