Huge boobs and tight pussy = Big Cum


Huge boobs and tight pussy = Big Cum
I had been working at a college for 9 months doing technical support. Being a guy in my twenties I had to be careful about any flirting with the female students, as I would have been in danger of losing my job. But there was one girl, Louise, who had always been suggestive with me and now my contract had finished...
On my last day she had caught me on the way out and suggested we meet up for a drink. I had agreed and had met her that very weekend in a bar. Her 18 year old body looked incredible underneath a figure hugging top and jeans. She was a brunette with blue eyes, a small waist and large firm looking breasts - pretty much my perfect idea of a woman. As soon as we met she basically stuck her tongue down my throat, and after a few quick drinks she came straight out an said "Let's go back to your place, now. I want you to fuck me hard."

20 minutes later she was undoing my jeans. Her large eyes looked up at me as she pulled out my cock, which was hard already. She took a firm grip and began to stroke it slowly as she said "I want you to fuck me as hard as you can. I haven't had sex in 3 months and a guy has never made me cum before. I'll do anything you want as long as you get me off as well. I want to be treated like a dirty little slut. You understand?" I nodded and she said "What do you want me to do first?" "You can start with my balls, ok? Now, take off your jeans. I want to see that ass in the mirror while you suck me." My bedroom has a mirrored wardrobe against one wall. On the wall next to my bed is another large mirror. I used to have a girlfriend who loved being fucked from behind while looking back at my cock pumping in and out of her pussy.

She peeled off her jeans to reveal a black thong that didn't leave much to the imagination. The front was basically see through, and I could see her bald pussy through it as she stood in front of me. She caught me looking and smiled "You're going to enjoy that soon, aren't you? I shaved for you this afternoon, and I wanted to finger myself, but I had an idea you'd be sorting me out later." She knelt down and began rubbing my balls before lowering her head and gently licking them. Her tongue worked its way around them and she popped them in and out of her mouth, sucking on them. She worked her way down and began licking and kissing the skin between my sack and my ass, burying her face in my balls. I leaned forwards and began pulling on her thong and slapping her cheeks. My hand reached down and began caressing her pussy through her panties. She moaned quietly as I roughly traced the line of her wet slit with my finger.

I gripped her hair with my left hand and grunted "You want to suck my cock? You want to suck my cock like a little whore?" "Yes", she sighed. "Put your cock in my mouth, please." I pushed her head down onto my cock and pulled her thong over to one side. I began to fuck her face roughly and finger her pussy at the same time. I could hear her struggling to breathe through her nose as the head of my cock hit the back of her mouth. Every time I thrust hard into her face my balls hit her chin, making a wet slapping sound. I worked my fingers backwards and forwards over her wet clit and I could hear her grunting with pleasure and see her damp pussy spread in the mirror.

After a couple of minutes of this I pulled her head back and ordered her to sit on my saliva soaked dick. She stood and turned around and it took her about ten seconds to work my fat prick into her pussy. She gasped as she took all of me inside her. I knew she hadn't fucked a lot of guys but I was surprised by how tight and fresh her pussy actually was. I now pulled the front of her thong aside and continued frigging her clit. Her face and smooth pussy were reddening, and she caught my eye. "I'm going to come. Make me come with your fingers. It feels fucking amazing." As my right hand rubbed her clit, my left was clutching her hip, bucking her up and down. She came loudly with an animal-like grunt and shuddered, sliding off my lap and nearly falling to the floor.

We both giggled and I said "Let's get those big tits out. I want to slide my cock in between them." She took off her top and bra and I made her kneel down. I pushed her head towards my cock and she resisted. When I asked what was the matter she said "It's been in my pussy. I've never done this before." I replied "If you do as I say, it'll be worth your while. If you taste your pussy, so will I. I'll make you come again with my tongue. Come on, do it, you little slut. I've just watched you writhe around on my cock, screaming your fucking head off. You love being treated like a whore, so act like one." She practically gobbled my cock halfway down her neck, and I could see her eyes widen as she tasted her pussy for the first time. I pulled her head back and made her spit on my cock as I spat on her tits, and then she tilted back as I began to fuck her slippery chest. It felt almost as good as her tight hole. The head of my dick was touching her chin with every push, so she looked down and slurped it with her tongue to keep it wet.

I began to realise that I was in trouble. By that I mean that I was close to exploding all over her, and I didn't want that to happen just yet. My balls had tightened, which is always a sign, and I could almost feel the cum rising in my dick. I lifted her up and pulled off her soaking thong. To give myself a break, I made her bend over my knee and began roughly slapping and fingering her pussy and slapping her ass. I made sure her slit was extra wet by leaning down and swirling my tongue in it, as I didn't want to hurt her. She was groaning and exhaling very loudly by this point, and I knew that she had another orgasm in her. I ordered her up onto the bed, lay her on her side in front of the large mirror, and entered her cunt from behind her. I worked steadily, and marvelled at the sight of her incredible body and contorted face with my cock plunging into her. I could tell her tank was nearly empty now, as her pussy was red and raw and it felt drier and tighter. I asked her if she wanted to come again, and she nodded without saying a word, so I manouvered us into a 69 position, with her face and my cock facing the mirror so that I could see her mouth working on me.

"Let's cum at the same time" I ordered her. "Tell me when you're close. Just keep working on my dick like a good little slut." Her pussy was pointing at my face, its swollen lips slightly open, and the pink clit erect beneath them. I buried my mouth in her hole, sucking and licking her clit. She rocked herself up and down, rubbing her pussy all over my sweating face. When I tilted my head to one side, I could see her taking my cock right down to the balls.

Her body began to tense, and her head lifted. Her voice gasped some incoherent words, and she began pumping her hand up and down my cock, her mouth hanging open and her eyes closed. She came and shouted, her body quivering, just as I grunted my warning. The cum began to spurt from me in the middle of her orgasm. I thought it might hit the ceiling, but the first two big streams went straight into her open mouth. The rest sprayed wildly all over her nose and cheeks, and I ended with a dribble which caught her on the chin and bottom lip. I could see cum literally covering the bottom half of her face. She swallowed the cum in her mouth with a gulp and gasped "Fuck. Holy shit." I gave her pussy a hard lick and she yelped and rolled off me, laughing. I used my fingers to feed her some of the cum off her face, and helped her wipe up the rest. "Let me cum in your pussy in the morning?" I asked. "For sure" she replied. "Unless you've worn it out tonight!".

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