Butt Fetish


Butt Fetish
I am not sure how or why my butt fetish started but it did and now I am hooked. My wife was thin when we first met and over the years her ass had filled out nicely. One day I just noticed that her ass looked good, damn good, in her new designer jeans. Of course I told her so and she loved the attention. Also over the years she had accumulated quite the collection of panties. All of which were quite feminine. All of which made her ass look fantastic. I especially loved the sheer ones with polka dots or the silky smooth ones that clung to her like a second skin. So the love affair with her nice ass had started but a love affair is a far cry from a fetish.

After that for months I would steal glances at her ass in any form of dress or undress. Then one fateful warm summer night I woke up and had to relieve myself and after returning to the room I was treated with a wonderful sight. In the moonlit room my wife had partially pulled the covers off her body and her ass was showing. She was lying on her side facing away from me. I stopped in my tracks and admired the view. She was wearing one of her silky smooth pairs of panties. They were yellow and clung to her ass tightly revealing every contour. I was mesmerized. Her ass was absolutely beautiful in the moonlight. After a few moments I stepped closer to get a better look. My heart began to race faster and faster and my balls began to tingle and my cock stiffened. What a sight.

I could not resist myself as I carefully knelt down on my knees to get an even better look. My face was now at the same height as her ass. Slowly I moved ever closer. I could hardly contain myself as I felt my cock stiffen to a full erection. My heart pounded with excitement as I reached down and yanked down my boxer shorts and began stroking my cock. I was now not more than a foot away. It was a strange feeling. I felt like I was doing something really nasty, something I shouldn't be doing. It was then I began to notice a strange scent. Could it be her. Slowly I got closer and closer and as I did so the scent got stronger and stronger. I was now not more than 4 inches away and my entire view was filled with her ass. Slowly I inched yet closer and I took a little sniff of her ass. To my delight, yes, it was her, it was a distinctive smell coming from her backside. The warmth of the night had caused her to perspire slightly and had caused her backside become quite musky. I was beside myself with excitement at the fact that I could smell her nasty scent. Her scent had trigger something deep inside me, something primal. I felt my cook strain yet further in its skin and my heart pound even harder. I could not believe it as I was now not more than an inch away and taking in her scent with every breathe. I began to get dizzy and shake as the full realization sank in that I was so close to her ass, smelling her, and taking in her aroma.

?What the hell are you doing,? she sharply barked as she turned quickly and looked back at me. Startled I jumped back. She then looked down at my cock in hand and then back at me with an odd shocked expression on her face. She was not happy at being disturbed.

?I...I...,? I tried to say but I could not find the words. In a huff she turned back over and pulled the covers over her body and said, ?knock it off and come to bed?.

The next morning she said nothing of what happened. I felt a little relieved and tried to put it out of my mind. But as the day wore on I couldn't keep my eyes off her ass. It was beautiful. She would catch me from time to time and at first she would give me a dirty look but then after a while she would crack a little knowing smile and then turn away.

The next night it was again hot and this meant that there was a high likelihood that my wife would again pull the covers off herself to stay cool. I could not wait. As we readied ourselves for bed I was delighted to see that she was wearing one of my favorite pair of panties. They were one of her black pair that were sheer with polka dots. She normally did not change her panties before bed but this time she did. Did she change them on purpose. Did she do this to tease me because she sensed I was up to something. I wasn't complaining and I didn't care. All I knew was I was beside myself with anticipation. I tried to act as normal as I could but my wife looked at me strange a couple of times indicating that I was not doing a good job of it. I was simply too excited. Eventually we crawled into bed, gave each other a kiss, and then pulled the covers over ourselves to sleep.

Of course I could not sleep even though I was tired. I wanted to see again, I wanted to put my face close to her butt again, I wanted to see if I could smell her musky aroma again. Deep down I knew that it wasn't right, that I was violating her personal space in a way, that I was being perverted. But it was because of this I was aroused. It was kinky and nasty and that excited me.

More than a hour passed and she was sound asleep. She shrugged and then grumbled and then it happened. In one quick jerky motion she turned and pull the covers off. She was exposed. My heart raced, my balls tingled. I waited for what seemed like an agonizing long time before moving a muscle. All the while my cock stiffened to a full erection. Soon she was settled again and sleep breathing. Ever so carefully I climbed out of my side of the bed. With much anticipation I tiptoed around to her side. There she was as before laying on her side facing away from me in only her panties. To my delight the full moon provided ample light. Her ass looked even better than before.

I yanked off my boxer shorts freeing my aching cock and slowly stepped forward. As I got closer I knelt down. I could not believe I was doing this again. My face was again at the same height as her ass. Slowly I moved closer. My face was now not more than a foot away. Her panty covered ass was truly stunning in the moonlight. The moon's soft white light penetrated the sheer fabric of her panties fully illuminating her skin underneath. I eagerly took in every curve of her ass with my eyes. To my delight I could clearly see through the sheer fabric as it stretched between the cheeks of her ass. Seeing this I eagerly traced my eyes down deeper and deeper into the crack of her ass to her most personal of places, her asshole.

Just beyond her asshole was her pussy. Unfortunately her bare pussy was concealed underneath the swathe of black fabric in the crotch of her panties. Disappointed I returned my attention to her asshole which was clearly visible through the sheer fabric. My heart pounded and my cock twitched. I had never seen my wifes asshole in this way. Yes I have seen it but I never really looked at it. I focussed my eyes yet further. Every exquisite detail of her asshole could be seen: from the transition in color from light to dark of her pinkish red rim, to the many delicate folds of her asshole pucker, to the darkness of her asshole hole itself.

I needed to get closer, dangerously closer. I wanted to put my face as close to her backside as I could. I wanted to sniff her, I wanted to see if I could smell her nasty musky scent again. I took a deep breath and slowly moved my face closer. At about 4 inches away I took my first big sniff. Yes, her scent was there and appeared to be even stronger than before. The sheer fabric of her panties did nothing to stop her scent from escaping. Eagerly I sniffed around her bottom in an attempt to better locate the source of her scent. Yes her pussy had its own aroma, a nice one, but her ass or should I say her asshole was distinctively different and was the most fragrant. To my surprise I liked it even more.

With new anticipation I re-positioned my nose to be more in line with her asshole and moved yet closer. At less than an inch away and my nose right at her asshole I took in another slow deep sniff. Her aroma filled my nose. It was even stronger and muskier. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before. I immediately became dizzy and had to brace myself on the bed. My cock twitched as I felt my juices building and I was not even stroking my cock. Slowly I took another deep sniff. I was in heaven. I could not believe I could get so aroused by doing such nasty things. I could not believe I got so turned on from putting my face very close to my wife's ass and sniffing at her asshole and actually being able to smell her, to actually be able to smell the muskiness of her asshole.

As I readied for another sniff she stirred. I froze. She must have felt my hot breath on her and it disturbed her. I did not move or breath for several moments in hopes she would settle herself. Then she stirred again. She was awake. Before I could react she quickly lifted her head up and looked back at me over her shoulder. As she did this I immediately jerked back from the crack of her ass. I was busted.

?What the...?, she said sharply and then gave me a long stare. Even in her groggy state I could see the wheels turning in her mind. Finally she broke the stare and laid her head back down on her pillow with an ?Umph?. As she did this she mumbled the words, ?ahh..do whatever?.

My mind was racing and I still could not move. She had busted me. She had caught me with my face close, very close, to her ass. But she did not object and she didn't pull the covers back over herself.

Slowly I sat back on my legs and I looked down on myself. My cock was still very hard and standing straight up in the air. I forced myself to take a deep breath in an attempt to calm myself and gather my wits. As I collected myself I glanced back up at her and played back her words, 'do whatever' in my mind. My heart began to pound again as the implication of what she said sank in. She is not going to stop me. I toyed with stopping for only a moment but the horniness took over. I did not want to stop. 'Do whatever', yes that is what I wanted to do. Her words had meant that she had resigned to letting me play whatever kinky game I was playing, and she was okay with letting me put my face close to her butt and okay with letting me sniff around her ass.

Slowly I raised myself up from my seated position and looked up the bed at her face. She was like an angel and as beautiful as ever. I watched her for several moments. Her eyes were closed and she was still, but she was not sleep breathing. She still was awake. The thought that she was excited me. With her being awake and when I again put my face close to her ass she will know that I am back there, she will be able to sense my presence and feel my hot breath on her. She will know that I am sniffing her, smelling her backside as she 'sleeps'. But what excited me most was that she would be purposely and conciously letting me do it, letting me sniff around her bottom, letting me 'do whatever'.

With anticipation I looked back down at her ass. I again lustfully consumed every delicate feature. From the intricate design of her panties, to her sumptuous curves of her buttocks, to the sheer fabric stretched across the crack of her ass, and finally to her most personal and delicate of regions the tender folds of her asshole. Slowly I moved my face closer and closer to her ass and again positioned my nose right at her asshole. With my face now at less than an inch away I relished in the fact she must sense that I am there, that I am very close, very very close to her ass and asshole.

Slowly I took in her scent with a deep sniff and again I got dizzy and my cock twitched madly. As I exhaled I wasn't shy about it and let my hot breath bathe her tender skin below. She flinched ever so slightly in response but then she settled herself. There was no doubt now in my mind that she was awake and letting me play, letting me do things, nasty things. My dizziness continued as I took in my next deep sniff. As I did this my face inadvertently moved forward causing my nose to touch the fabric of her panties. Out of reflex I almost pulled myself back but then I stopped myself. The fabric felt nice on my nose. My heart pounded. Do I dear, I thought to myself develishly. Slowly and ever so gingerly I moved my face forward pressing my nose more firmly into the fabric. It stubbornly gave way stretching itself over the tip of my nose. With my nose now not more than a quarter of an inch away from her asshole I eagerly took another deep sniff. Her scent again filled my nose and it could not have been any stronger. It was heavy, musky, and oh so nasty. It was a kind of smell you should not be smelling.

My face got hot as reality sank in. My face and nose had never been so close to my wifes asshole before and it turned me on tremendously but what happened next surprised even me. My wife shifted back abruptly and as a result her butt pressed firmly into my face. I was startled and it threw me a bit off balance but instead of falling back it caused me to fall forward causing my face to press even more firmly into her ass. Out of instint I was about to pull back but stopped myself. It felt to nice. My nostrils were now firmly planted on her asshole. I held the position several moments fully expecting her to readjust but she didn't. I did not move either. It felt too good to move in a strange kind of way. The warmth of her ass cheeks on my face felt great and the idea my face was actually touching her ass was exhilarating. Had she done this on purpose or was she simply trying to get comfortable. She must have done it on purpose I told myself.

With this confidence I reached up and gently placed my hand on her hip and used it to help rebalance myself. Once comforatble I readjusted myself further by slowly turning my face more and more horizontally such that my face better fit up into the crack of her ass. I could not believe it as I did this my face sank deeper and deeper into her ass. Within moments my face was completely buried in my wifes ass with my forehead and eyes pressing into her pussy and my mouth and nose pressing into her asshole. It felt fantastic.

I held this position for several long moment but was again surprised as I felt my wife begin to move her hips ever so slightly in a circular motion. Picking up on her queue I followed suit and pressed my face harder into her ass and began to move my face around and around, nuzzling her. It felt great and it did not take long for the hot evening air and the skin to skin contact to cause both of us to sweat. The moisture soon covered our cheeks, her ass cheeks and my face cheeks. And with this added moisture came an even more pungent scent. The scent only an ass can make when it is sweaty. A nasty forbidden scent.

The feeling was incredible as this aromatic moisture saturated her panties and allowed my face to slide up and down and around and around more easily in her ass. With greater and greater enthusiasm I pressed my face deeper and deeper into her ass. With my face so deeply planted in her ass and her cheeks completely parted, it was getting difficult to breath. My mind was spinning and my cock began to twitch madly.

That was it for me I began to spontaneously shot my load all over the side of the bed. It felt odd to ejaculate without any stimulation of my cock. Stream after stream shot forth, more than ever before and more than I thought possible. I felt weak and had to brace myself further holding onto her and the bed with both hand. As my orgasm subsided I continued to nuzzle my face into her ass. I did not want it to stop. Eventually and reluctantly I stopped and pulled away.

?Wow,? I said softly under my breath to myself. As I viewed her ass again her ass glistened with moisture and her panties had pulled up completely into the crack of her ass and the crack of her pussy. Beautiful I thought to myself. I wanted to do it again but I was spent. Eagerly I looked up at her. Her eyes were closed and she was laying there peacefully like nothing had happened. Could she be asleep. No. Could she have been asleep the whole time. Is that a hint of a smile on her face or is that only my imagination.


The next morning I woke up with my wife cuddling me. As I opened my eyes my wife was looking up at me with a smile on her face.

?Good morning,? she said cheerfully.

?Good morning,? I said with a big smile.

?I had a dream last night,? she said curiously.

?You did,? I said as I raised an eyebrow.

?Yes, a very interesting dream or so I thought,? she continued. Several moments passed and then she got up on her knees and looked down at me. At that moment I realized she had removed her all her clothes and was completely naked.

?So you like my ass,? she said confidently.

?Yes very much,? I responded.

?And you like smelling my ass,? she said playfully. My heart raced and I felt my balls begin to tingle and my cock stir.

?Yes,? I admitted with baited breath.

?And you like rubbing your face in my ass,? she said coyly. My heart raced even faster and my cock quickly stiffened. I knodded my head.

?Well then if you like that then you will like this,? she assured. With that she grabbed the pillow out from under my head and tossed it aside. She then crawled over me and straddled me such the her back was to the headboard and her bare ass was over my face. She held the position for several moments to tease me and then she further adjusted herself by widening her stance and leaning forward. As she did this she arched her back slightly and placed her hands on her upper thighs to brace herself. This caused her ass to turn more upward and open up. I watched in disbelief as she used her ass muscles to even further pull her ass cheeks apart. Her ass and asshole were now well parted and completely visible to me. What a sight.

?Well if you like smelling my ass so much, then start sniffing,? she said confidently. I could not believe my eyes and ears. My mind was awash with this new turn of events. My wife was now presenting her ass to me to sniff. Her aroma was already appearent. Slowly I raised my head up and put my nose close to her ass. My previous night dizziness had returned as I took in a big sniff. Her aroma was stronger than ever and a bit more pungent. The previous nights activities had left her ass in a very ripe state. I sniffed again, my cock twitched and I must have moaned my pleasure as my wife responded with a comment.

?It smells that good, ehh,? she said with a satified tone in her voice. With that she reached back with her hands and pulled her ass cheeks yet further apart fully exposing herself to me. I could hardly contain myself as my whole field of view now consisted of her ass and her outstretched asshole. I adjusted myself slightly and repositioned my nose such that it was again right at her asshole. With my nose again at not more that a quarter of an inch away I hungrily sniffed again. My head continued to spin as her aroma again filled my nose. It felt so kinky to be doing such a nasty thing let alone the fact my wife was orchestrating it.

I mindlessly began to sniff her ass in ernest with a series of deep satisfying sniffs.

?So you like sniffing my ass like a dog, ehh? she toyed.

?Ummm yes,? I mumbled. She giggle at this and then I felt her begin to move.

Slowly she preceded to lower herself down onto my face. As she let her full weigh down onto me, she released her ass cheeks causing her ass to fully envelop my face. My nose was now firmly planted in her asshole and my mouth covered by her damp pussy. My airway was completely cut off. She held the position for several moments and then she lifted herself back up again. I gasped. She giggle slightly at my desperation and then repositioned herself widening her stance yet further and then lowered herself yet again. I again I found my face completely cover by my wifes moist pungent ass and damp pussy.

Slowly she began to move her ass around and around forcing her ass yet further down on my face. As she did this she proudly proclaimed, ?Dream or no dream last night was your turn, this morning it is mine.?

To say the least I was in heaven as she ground herself mercilessly into my face lifting herself only occasionally to allow me to breath. It was obvious that she was thoroughly enjoying herself as she was able to achieve several powerful orgasms all the while I struggled to breath.

From that day forward I worshipped my wifes ass and she too loved the attention. She later admitted to me that she had been intrigued by the idea of Queening. One of her friends turned her on to the idea and told her that she Queens all her lovers and they all love it. Her friend even had sent her a few links to watch and in the videos the women dominated their partners by sitting on their faces and making them kiss and worship their asses. She admitted that the videos had peaked her interest and had aroused her but she thought that I would never be interested in doing such kinky things let alone being so completely dominated like this. So she dismissed it, that is, until I started sniffing around her ass. This is why she had put on her sexy panties that fateful night, this is why she pushed her butt into my face when I got close.

I have since moved on to full-on ass worship with her. She absolutely loves it but more significantly she has progressively taken on more and more of an assertive role in our relationship and often times demands that I outright worship her and her ass as part of our sex play. She now insists that when either of us first arrive home the first thing I must do is greet her by dropping down on my knees and kissing her bottom. She likes being in control and enjoys making me do this. She thoroughly enjoys sitting on my face and rubbing her ass around and around on it. She says it makes her feel powerful and that it demonstrates that she is in charge and that I will do anything to please her. And she is right. She has even grown so comfortable in her dominant role that she has taken it to another level and sexually subjugates me in front of her friends. But that is another story.

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