Curious Wife Plays With A New Guy

Curious Wife Plays With A New Guy
My wife and I live in Istanbul. We are both 35 and married for 9 years. My wife was a virgin when we married, and she did not even see a naked man before, except for the movies. She is 166 cm tall, with a very pretty figure of 94-60-90 and a really very beautiful face. Her very big tits are still the favorite parts of her body, although they are not as firm as when we first married. Her small pussy is always totally shaved without one single hair to expose her beautiful lips and clit. Her round ass is at the perfect size only with a little celluloid that just started.

During our summer vacations, she always wears small bikinis that cannot hide much of her swinging big tits and her appearance that attracts other guys makes both of us very hot.

We always had a fantasy to have a strange cock for her to play with, since mine was the only one that she had seen in her life. And I can tell you that full size of my circumcised cock is not bigger than 12 cm.s, although my performance makes her quite satisfied, she has a big curiosity for a big cock that she sees in porno pictures only.

Until three months ago, we never had an opportunity to overcome her big curiosity, because none of the alternatives we thought was safe enough for an occasion.

Finally in our summer vacation we went to a small and lovely hotel in Rome for one week.

The weather was very nice and she was as usual wearing shorts and T-shirts during our daily touristic excursions. It was our 3rd day, and she had a short T-shirt that was leaving her belly naked, and her very big tits, with the support of her bra were lifting the front of the T-shirt even higher. That day we realized that wherever we went she was the attraction center for the men around. And it was a real proud for me to have her by me. The same day I decided to payback this to her by giving her the chance to see the second cock of her life.

In the evening, when we returned back to our hotel, the two young men in the reception were no exception to the other guys we have seen during the day, and they were both focused on her big tits and smooth abdominal area.

After having a shower together and a nice fucking in the bathroom, I told her that if she still wanted to see a different cock, we could make a plan for that. She got very excited by the idea, but told me that she did not want to fuck a stranger, but just to see it. I said that I also was very excited to see her excitement but did not know how I would react to the real action. So, she decided not to fuck but to play with a new toy that was her biggest curiosity ever. Then it was time to start our game.

She selected her sexiest black bra that supported her soft big tits from the bottom and left a big area uncovered at the top, black transparent panties that left her pretty ass visible but covered her hairless pubic area with some flower figures. And wore a transparent short babydoll. Then we asked the technical service to come to our room telling that the toilet was out of order knowing that young boys were servicing.

We had to wait for an endless 10 minutes until there was a knock on the door. It was a 20-21 year old young man who entered the room in a very polite way. As soon as he saw my wife, we both realized that his cock started to grow under his trousers. In a very direct way, I asked him if he wanted to have a good experience, he should obey everything that my wife orders and not to go beyond those orders.

After getting his approval without any hesitation, my wife asked him to go to the bathroom and have a quick shower to be very clean.

In almost 10 minutes he was back only with a piece of towel on his waist. I saw how excited my wife was, and to keep her excitement, she wanted to make him even hotter (if that was possible) before seeing her second cock after mine.

She stood up and asked him to sit down and watch her. She first got off her babydoll with very slow movements. His looks were immediately focused on her big tits under the black bra. Then she turned her back to show her ass under the transparent panties. Her body was really very impressive, and seeing my wife showing her wonders to a perfect stranger, turned me on as I was never before.

Then, she came closer to him, and asked him to open the clips of her bra. He obeyed without hesitance.

She got off her bra very slowly, when we were facing her back. Now his eyes were on the perfect ass cheeks.

My wife's tits are so big and having an aussie body, her tits are visible from behind when she is topless. So the poor guy was also able to see their sides while her back was still facing us. She turned back, and she was holding and lifting her big breasts without being able to hide all of them with one hand for each.

She was only covering her nipples and the areola.

She suddenly released her hands and the big ones fell down fastly, swinging for a while.

He was paralyzed for a moment, and then acted to hold them, and my wife stopped him to tell that I was the owner of everything he saw, so he had to get my permission first.

Hardly speaking, he asked me if he could play with them, and again hardly speaking, I could say yes.

He first got the left tit, I think because it was slightly bigger then the other one. He was holding it with two hands and licking and sucking the nipple like hell, then did the same thing for the other one, and continued with both by squeezing the big and soft tits for a while. My wife was breathing very fast not only because her nipples were sucked and her big tits were played, but also because they were exposed to a men except me for the fist time in her life.

Then she was so eager for her real target and stopped him. This time she sat down on the bed and asked him to stand in front of her, with his back facing her.

She slowly took his towel out. The boy was 3-4 cm.s taller than me with a slim body.

She hold his ass cheeks with both hands, caressed and squeezed for a while.

Then it was the great moment for her to see another cock, and asked him to turn.

When he turned we both saw that his cock was 17 or 18 cm.s compared to my 12.

I was very glad for her, because his cock was quite different from mine, by its 5-6 cm. extra length, almost double thickness, and being uncircumcised.

But a very bad surprise was waiting for us and as soon as she hold it tight with both hands, he started to come and sent his hot semen on my wife's face and big breasts.

He was very embarrassed and she asked him to take a shower and come back. When he came back from the bathroom, she also went to wash herself. In a minute or two, she came back, her big tits were swinging while she was walking.

She sat down and pulled him again to stand in front of her. Took the towel out and this time faced a soft and limp cock which was at my erected length. She hold it with care and started to pull back and forth the foreskin to open and close the head, I saw that to have an uncircumcised cock gave her this kind of playing chance that she could not have with me.

Then it was the turn of the balls which were also twice bigger than mine, she hold them, squeezed them and caressed them for a long time.

He was still small, I think due to the embarrassment he had. Then she pulled the cock's head out of the skin and started kissing it first. Soon she shoved it into her mouth, I saw her red lipstick on somebody else's cock. She is always good at blow job to me but this time she was really different.

Then she took one of his big balls into her mouth and sucked it for a while.

His cock was now growing bigger. Suddenly she turned to me and asked me to bring my cock to her so to compare them together.

As a next step, I stood together with the boy to let her do any kind of tests with two organs.

She hold both of them simultaneously, she could cover my cock completely with one hand but half thickness of his cock was not covered. She looked at them together from front, and sides, hold our balls and weighed them, tasted both cocks one after another in her mouth.

Then she said that she wanted to show him how a great Turkish pussy can be, and stood up on the bed, turned back, and slowly took off her panties. Now we had perfect legs, a great ass only with some celluloid, a thin belly, and sides of two big and swinging breasts from behind.

She turned slowly and we saw her totally shaved, hairless pussy exposing her clitoris and lips to us.

She always has pedicured pretty feet and likes them to be sucked by me. This time they were for the boy and he started as she ordered. After having sucked all of her red colored fingers, she asked him to use her womanhood to bring her to final orgasm.

She was lying on her back and I went over her from the opposite side to lift up her legs for easier work for him and better visibility for me.

Separating her legs as wide as I could and pulling them back, there was no better way of exposing my wife to a stranger (her gyno even did not see her this way). He first watched the hairless pussy for a while and then started to lick her small asshole that was virgin. He even shoved his tongue in her asshole, but when he wanted to do it with his finger he was stopped by my wife.

After finishing with the ass, he started with the clit, and the lips. She was so hot that even the sheet was wet. Finally her hips movement got faster and she came with screams.

The boy wanted to shove his big cock in her but he was stopped again.

Knowing that it was not fair to leave him like this, my wife turned, came to a doggy position facing his cock, and asked me to fuck her while she gives a blow job to that beautiful giant cock.

Her big soft breasts were swinging and spanking on her chest as I fucked her and she was sucking a huge uncircumcised cock. First I came when he started holding and squeezing her big tits.

Then attracted by the huge soft breasts, he asked my permission for a tit fuck.

Upon my approval, she sat on the edge of the bed and he put his giant cock between the giant tits. It was a marvelous show. His big cock's head was seen going up and down the big valley.

Finally he came again and squirt the white cream all over my wife's beautiful big and soft breasts.

When he left the room She thanked me to give such an opportunity to her and I told I was even more proud of her then.

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