Plus size teen loses virginity

Plus size teen loses virginity
It's Halloween, a holiday for all ages! I woke up this morning with a feeling of excitement growing in my stomach. I had plans to make this the best Halloween of my life!

Let me tell you a little bit about me; I'm 19 with short dark brown hair, almond shaped honey brown eyes, with an ivory skin tone. My body is that of a woman who has been fed her whole life, but not that of a woman who hasn't done anything for herself, I'm a big woman, but I'm beautiful all the same. I'm still a virgin, with little to no experience sexually and the sexuality of a Scorpio!

I get out of bed and realize that the power hasn't come back on! It's been out for almost a week! Good thing I don't need electricity to get myself ready for tonight! It's going to be so hard to go about my day like I don't have plans tonight! I run my hands up and down my legs making sure they're still smooth, wouldn't want stubble to ruin my night. Up my legs my hands travel, to a spot no man has been, I run my hands over my panties and sigh, I can not wait for tonight! I lean back and my hands run over my belly and up to my breasts, I better stop before I get too worked up! I get dressed and go out to the kitchen; I'm home alone, because everyone else is at work or school.

I let the dog and cats outside and make myself breakfast, only 8 hours till I can put my plan into action... After breakfast, I watch TV and daydream about Jason, his blue eyes, blonde hair and his amazingly deep, sexual voice. Everything about him oozes sex appeal! I don't know why he doesn't have a girlfriend! Lucky for me though, because tonight, he'll be glad he doesn't. Oops, I'm getting ahead of myself here.

After doing nothing but think about Jason all day, my panties are soaked and I'm hornier than a bitch in heat! At 7p.m. I go to my room and undress. I open my dresser drawers and grab my garter belt, thigh high fishnets, my bustier and matching skirt.

I sit on the edge of my bed and pull the fishnets on one at a time. When they're on, I grab my garter belt and wrap it around my waist, hooking it to itself. I attach each of the clips to the tops of my thigh highs and look in the mirror at the sexual being in front of me. I grab my bustier and wrap it around my waist, hooking each eye hook one at a time, all the way up and half-way over my tits. I giggle, thinking about the reaction I'm going to get when I say "trick or treat" at his door.

After I get my skirt on, I go to the bathroom and put my long pink and black wig on; making sure it won't fall off, even if pulled! I set the hat on my head and grab the broom that finalized my costume. All I had to do now was apply my make-up and slip into my heels.

By the time I was finished it was already 7:45 and Jason was expecting me by 8:30. I grabbed my jacket and threw it on so my dad couldn't see my scandalous costume, no pictures of your little girl this year! I hop in my truck, turn over the engine and almost cum from the vibrations! I laugh and think, "It's going to be a long drive to his house!"

When I arrived at his house I checked my watch, perfect timing! I take my jacket off and step out of my truck, a guy driving by rolls his window down and whistles, I just wave! I walk up to the door and ring the bell, standing to the side so he can't see me through the peep hole. He opens the door and his jaw drops, I wink and say "Trick or treat, got any goodies for me?"

He ushers me in and I turn around to face him in the hallway, and he says "well there goes my plan of showing you the house!"

"There's time for that later baby, trust me!" I say as I grab his hand and walk towards the stairs.

"Here's the deal, by the time we get to the top of the stairs, you need to be naked or I won't know what to do with myself" I end the statement with a pouty lip.

He laughed and said, "Don't worry, I'll know what to do with you, and it'll have you screaming for more!"

I said, "You better be right or this little witch is going to find another victim!"

So I start up the stairs and I hear his shirt land softly on the step, then his pants being unbuttoned and dropped, lucky for him he wasn't wearing socks or he would've taken too long! As I reached the top step I turned around and smiled, because there he was, waiting for me to say something, in all his glory!

I felt my pussy dripping in anticipation for the next few hours, which I knew would never be forgotten! I held up my hand and motioned for him to come to me, he did and when he got to me I ran my hand down his chest, over his stomach and grabbed his dick, running my hand up and down it a few times, before I dropped to my knees in front of him.

I looked up at him and his eyes were glazed with lust, I looked at his dick, which was easily 8" long and very thick, I moaned quietly thinking about what that would do to me! I leaned in and licked the pre-cum off the tip and he immediately moaned and took my hat off and tangled his fingers in my hair to hold on. As I ran my tongue up and down his shaft he was whispering words of encouragement.

I wrapped my lips around his head and slowly ran my warm, moist mouth down his dick until it hit the back of my throat, his hips jerked and he groaned so loud I thought he was about to cum, but never one to disappoint, he held back. I started running my hand up and down what little bit of dick I couldn't fit in my mouth as my other hand slowly and softly massaged his balls. I felt his balls tighten in my hand and his dick expand in my mouth as he warned me, he was about to cum. I just sucked harder and moaned on his dick to encourage him to cum in my mouth. He came so suddenly and violently that I had to grab his ass to hold him in my mouth, he moaned loudly and his hips jerked right until the last drop was in my stomach. I licked him clean, stood up and giggled.

"Now it's my turn" he told me.

He grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom, where there was a huge bed with several blankets and pillows. He threw them all on the floor and turned to face me. His hands started to unhook my bustier as mine unzipped my skirt. When my skirt dropped, he looked down and involuntarily moaned when he saw my that I wasn't wearing panties. He finished unhooking the bustier and dropped it on the floor and pulled me so I stepped out of my skirt and closer to him.

He pressed his lips to mine as his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me as close as physically possible. My breasts pressed against his chest and his dick slid between my legs and pressed against my pussy. I moaned into his mouth as our kiss fueled the fire growing between us.

His hands started to explore my body as he kept kissing me, they ran down over my ass, squeezing my cheeks and back up and around my back, then he brought them to the front and cupped my breasts, running his thumb back and forth across my nipples, causing me to again, moan into his mouth.

He took my moans as encouragement, which by all means they were, and separated his mouth and mine, and back me up to the bed and laid me on it, with my feet still on the ground. He dropped to his knees in front of me and lifted my legs so my feet were flat on the bed, spreading my legs as far as possible. Then he blew a breath of cold air on my burning hot pussy, then ran his tongue up from the bottom all the way to my clit, adding pressure when he came in contact with my clit. I moaned loudly and lifted my hips to meet his mouth; he pressed his hand on my hips to keep them still. As he dipped his tongue into my sex and rubbed a thumb on my clit, I knew it wouldn't take me long to reach my climax.

He licked and lapped until I could hold back no longer, my moans becoming more frequent and louder. My body stiffened, my back arched, my eyes squeezed shut, suddenly it hit, the fire within me raged; my hips started bucking uncontrollably, my head rolling back and forth and my moans were raspy because I couldn't catch my breath. My first climax of the night lasted only a minute, but was more powerful than any I had ever experience before.

He looked up at my face, which was flushed and glowing, and smiled. Then he slowly made his way up my body leaving a trail of smoldering kisses along the way, till he made it to my mouth. We joined in another burning kiss that left us both breathless and wanting more. He rolled over to his nightstand and grabbed a condom, not wanting to spoil our blooming relationship with a baby. He tore open the wrapper and rolled it on his hard dick. I smiled and whispered "go easy, it's my first time." He responded by nodding slowly and pointing the head of his huge dick at the tiny entrance of my sex. He slowly pushed in till the head actually made me feel like it was going to tear me in half. Pushing in a little and pulling back out soon had me so wet I could feel it dripping down my crack.

He finally reached the barrier that signified my innocence; he pushed firmly, tearing the innocence away from my being. I cried out, the pain a whole new kind of pain that I had never before experienced. He leaned down and kissed my tears away still slowly stroking in and out of my pussy.

Soon, the pain subsided and the pleasure returned two-fold. I was moaning and my hips were soon meeting his thrusts. We were both so lost in our own passion that we didn't notice the power come back on. His kisses and thrusts were bringing me to so many different levels of pleasure, I started to cum again, this time my climax was different, but much more powerful than the last.

My hips kept thrusting and my nails dug into his back I was half moaning, half crying in pleasure, my eyes half open and my mouth dry from breathing so heavily. My climax brought on his own and his thrusts never missed a beat, they kept coming slow and steady until I came down from my euphoric climax and actually opened my eyes, meeting with his deep blue eyes.

I ran my hands up and down his back and smiled, and said "I told you this would be a Halloween you would never forget."

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