Interracial Obession 2.

Interracial Obession  2.
My ex-girlfriend Melinda is a bigtime slut.The girl loves dick. The short redhead with the big ass loves big black donkey cock. Melinda had sex with four diffrent black guys at diffrent times.Claude,Gene,Marcus & Chase. Melinda had a thing for all of them. She was on the pill so she never used condoms, a few times maybe. She had gained weight but didnt care since it made her boobs bigger and ass fatter. More to love from the short redhead slut.
This is the story told by me from a friend of Melinda's, she likes to be referred to as "Jane Doe #3". The friend Jane Doe went on to tell me the story of the night Melinda fucked Claude.It was a few days before Halloween. on a Friday night a house halloween party in Dorchester. Melinda & her two friends dressed up as strippers to the party. The girls basicly wore sexy lingerie. Melinda was wearing the sluttiest outfit out of all the girls. She had on a black 1 piece vinyl long sleeve jumpsuit with buckles and zipper in the front. The zipper was halfway down to her chest and exposed her tits very well. Melinda & her friends dance as they are very drunk at this point. Claude makes his way to the room where Melinda is shaking her ass. Claude watches her as she keeps dancing. Melinda stops for a second and heads to the bathroom. Claude follows her. Melinda makes her way pass alot of people then goes into the bathroom without locking the door. She goes into the master bathroom. Claude looks around as he sneaks into the bathroom. He then locks the door. Melinda fixes her hair in the mirror as Claude appears behide her

Melinda- Ummmm hi?

Claude- Hey. whats up?

Melinda- What do you want?

Claude- YOU!

Melinda - really? little old me? well I have a boyfriend...

Claude- Ok...

Melinda- Who cares (laughs)

Claude- slut!

Melinda- I'll sit on your face

Claude- After I drill you baby

Melinda licks her lips as she goes over to Claude. She cornors him. She kisses him then picks up his hand. She sucks on his ring finger.

Claude- Baby your making me so hard.

Melinda closes her eyes as Claude unzips the front zipper down exposing Melinda's tits. Her nipples are rockhard as Claude with both hands feels her boobs. Melinda moans and rolls her eyes as Claude licks Melinda's nipples. She grabs his crotch. He's hard sticking through his pants. Melinda backs away and takes off her jumpsuit exposing her naked body to Claude. He takes his shirt off as Melinda unzips his pants. Melinda whips out Claude's big black cock then gets on her knees and sucks him off. Melinda takes all of Claude's meat in her mouth at once. She goes down and up on his black stick. Claude moans as she plays with his ballsack. Melinda deepthroats his cock.Tongue licking his black cock. She loves it as Claude pulls his cock out of Melinda's mouth. Spit rolls down Melinda's chin onto her chest. Claude pulls his cock down Melinda's throat in & out. Melinda licks the mushroom tip as she eats it all. Claude pulls his cock out of her mouth. Melinda is still on her knees butt naked as Claude walks over to the toilet and puts down the seat. Claude sits down and tells Melinda to sit on it. Melinda gets off her knees and sits on Claude's lap with his huge pecker in her pussy. No condom,the pill! Melinda takes it raw dog as she grinds up and down on his black cock. Melinda loves it screaming it. Claude rams her good. He grabs her hips and moves them down and up his cock. Melinda moans as she feels her boobs up. She licks her lips as she bouces on Claudes blackmeat stick. Melinda & Claude keep going at it for a good half an hour. Up and down Melinda sits on Claude's blackmeat pole. She loves every bit and inch for that matter. Melinda moans and moans for Claude to fuck her harder.Claude bends Melinda over. Melinda gets on her hands and knees then Claude stands up drilling Melinda's pussy doggie style. Melinda moans as Claude spreads her pussy. Claude fingers Melinda's asshole. She moans more. The little redhead slut rides the big black cock. Claude blast a load of warm cum from his black pecker inside Melinda's pussy. He rams her as Melinda moans more louder. Cum runs downs her leg as Claude's black cock gets thicker the veins pop out as he finishes riding her. Claude pulls out his black cock from Melinda's swollowen pussyhole. Melinda gets on her knees and blows Claudes cock some more. Claude's legs start to shake as she blows his pecker.Stroking his mandingo for every last drop of cum. Melinda loves it. She licks his knob. Claude pulls out as Melinda licks her lips. Melinda rubs her roastbeef streched out pussy.It was Melinda's first interracial internal creampie!

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