Interracial Obession


Interracial Obession
The night I pimped out my girlfriend Melinda to her cousins black boyfriend was fun. Melinda is a total slut who used to love fucking & sucking black men. Once she let two black guys tag team. She loves eating big black cocks she told me once. Melinda is a short big boob,big tight round ass redhead. She loves to take it deep in her ass too!

This is the story of one night I decided to hook up Melinda with her cousins boyfriend Gene.He was a tall strung out blackmen and from what Melinda's cousin said a "huge" blackman who also thought Melinda was hot. I called up Gene for weed and he said he would drop off 1/2 a pound for me in a half and hour.The problem was I didnt have all the money. Melinda said she would find another way to pay Gene she smiled and licked her lips. She went into the bedroom to get ready and my cock got rock hard.Knock Knock.

Gene came over and I let him in. Gene gave me the grass and I told him Melinda had the money.I sat down as I rolled a blunt. Gene waited. Then Melinda walks out in only a pink latex thong & matching top she was also wearing thigh high black stockings. She looked so hot.Melinda took two twenty dollor bills and drops them infront of Gene.Then she turns around bending over picking them up infront of Gene,her ass exposing in the latex thong right infront of Gene. Gene looked back and grabbed his crocth.Gene smiled as Melinda took his hand and he followed her to the bedroom. I got a chair and sat in the bedroom with my cock out.

Gene smiled and took his shirt off then removed his belt. He pulled down his pants then his boxers exposing his huge black cock. Melinda's eyes were amazed at the size of it. Melinda started to jack off Gene's cock. Then she put the tip in her mouth. Gene's mushroom tip was so big Melinda couldnt even fit it in! Melinda started to use her tongue licking the tip then licking all over it. Gene got so much bigger as he rammed his cock down Melinda's throat. She went up and down in with spit coming out from the sides of her mouth. She loved it. She deepthroats his cock as he pulls her head down. She takes the cock out her mouth and stands up. Gene
rock hard lets Melinda get up. She pulls off her panties and tosses me them.I sniff them.Gene takes off her top. Gene grabs Melinda's huge boobs and licks them. She got so wet as Gene fingered Melinda's pussylips.Gene picks her up and throws her on the bed. Gene sticks his huge cock inside Melinda's pussy. She moans as Gene goes right on in shoving his cock deep inside her. She moans more as Gene fucks the living shit out of her with no condom.Gene is ontop of Melinda railing her pussy. She gets off Gene's dick.Gene gets up and lays down with his cock up. Melinda faces forward and sits down on his cock. She screams as Genes huge black cock rips Melinda's pussy in half. She loves it. Melinda goes up and down riding Genes huge cock. He moves her hips up and down slamming her pussy on his cock.Melinda rolls over and faces Gene. She kisses him with her tongue.Gene does it back. Then Gene fingers Melinda's pussy then he puts his cock inside her pussy and fucks her. He slaps and grabs her huge ass.Melinda moves up and down on Genes huge cock. Melinda takes Gene's finger and licks it long and hard like a second cock. Gene gets so much thicker and keeps fucking Melinda's pussy. Gene takes his finger out of her mouth and feels her white ass cheeks. Then he sticks his finger in her asshole as Melinda rolls her eyes fucking his cock long and hard. She keeps moaning and boucing on Genes cock. She loves it.

Meanwhile I am jacking off enjoying the fun also have a 3 camera system recording it. Melinda gets off Genes rock hard cock and bends over exposing her huge ass with her pussy waiting the black meat.She loves doggie as she bends over in the bed. Gene puts his dick inside her and rides her long and hard. She screams and goes onlong with it. Gene lets out a moan. He keeps fucking her,streching her white pussy out. Gene fucks Melinda's pussy for what seems to be a good half an hour. In and out just the way she likes it.

Melinda loves the black cock she decides to let Gene stick it in her ass.He pulls it out of her pussy and inserts it into her ass.Gene rams her. She loves it. She bends over more and Gene's dick gets deep insider her asshole. She loved it.

Gene then takes his cock out of her ass and puts it back inside her pussy. She keeps moaing shaking her ass on his black meat.Her pussy juices running down Gene's dick so much his dick was glossy.Gene pulls out his cock and Melinda gets on her knees. Gene strokes his cock and then spills a load of black cum down her
throat. She swollows it all. Melinda sucks his cock more cum comes out all over her face. She blows him then
deepthroats him one more time. He pulls out.Melinda stands up and lockslips with Gene they both shove there tongues down there throats. Then Gene goes to thebathroom,then leaves quickly. Melinda gets back on the bed and lays on her back. I put a condom on and start fucking her. She loves it so much she squirts
on my cock as she feels so filled up.Cum runs down her face and mouth as I keep fucking her. Then I pull out and take the condom off and blast a load inside her pussy giving her a wet creampie.She loves it! She passes out as I go to the bathroom to clean up.

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