Mature Lady And Young Guy

Mature Lady And Young Guy
Jimmy was 18 years old and waited patiently
watching the television and willing his mother to hurry
up and get ready so she could leave the house and go on
her date.

It was Friday night and Jimmy had broken up from school
that day and had borrowed a DVD from a school friend
that he really wanted to watch. It was the type of DVD
that he couldn't watch in front of his mother.

Jimmy didn't have a girlfriend. The only one he had
promptly dumped him when he dropped his jeans one night
in front of her at her house when her parents were out.
She called him a freak and told him to leave. End of
girlfriend. She'd been scared of his eight inch long
thick cock. On his five foot six body it looked even
more huge. It was this big cock he was looking forward
to stroking that night.

Judith, his mother eventually came downstairs and asked
what Jimmy thought of her attire.

'Wow mum, you look great.'

She did indeed look good in her simple little black
dress cut above the knee to show off her stunning
stocking clad legs and low enough to display her large
full breasts. Her dark hair glistening and worn long
over her shoulders.

'Thank you dear, wish me luck.' At that she kissed him
quickly on the cheek and left. 'God, I hope this date is
better than the last one.' she thought to herself as she
got into her car. The last one was a disaster when he
took her back to his house and mauled her on his couch
before pulling her tiny panties to one side and slipping
his cock into her tight wet pussy.

Judith was horny and so looking forward to being
ravished that when after fifteen seconds the guy grunted
and came inside her she just lay there, dazed, annoyed
and frustrated. She eventually got up and left without
saying a word. Luckily when she got home Jimmy was in
bed and she took her frustrations out on her trusty

Jimmy by now had the DVD in the player, his jeans and
underpants round his ankles and a box of tissues handy.

Judith had asked her best friend Julia to pop round
later to make sure Jimmy was ok and not having any end
of term parties while she was out.

Julia was a couple of years older than Judith, at forty
one, and lived just down the road in a bungalow on the
same estate. She was also Jimmy's former school teacher.

At eight o'clock she thought it time to have a walk over
and see if Jimmy was indeed ok. As she walked by the
side of the house she decided to peek through the
sitting room window in case he actually was up to no

'Hmmm, you dirty little boy.' she thought as she looked
to see Jimmy glued to the television screen and wanking
his cock furiously.

She crept round to the back of the house and tried the
back door handle. It was unlocked, just as Judith said
it would be. Gently opening the door she quietly moved
behind Jimmy and slowly inched towards him.

Julia gazed at the television. A mature lady was on top
of a naked boy on the carpet of what looked like the
sitting room of a large country house, complete with
roaring fire and she was riding him hard. Wearing only
black hold up stockings with black patent leather high
heeled shoes and a set of pearls she looked every inch a
well to do mature woman. Only the obligatory tattoos
gave away the fact she was a porn star.

Jimmy was so intrigued by the action on screen he didn't
hear or see Julia until she stepped in front of him.

'Well now Jimmy, who's a naughty boy?'

A startled Jimmy let out a girly squeal and went to pull
up his jeans.

'I don't think so,' said Julia as she stepped on his
jeans preventing them being pulled up.

Jimmy automatically put his hands over his bulging cock
but not before Julia had a good look at it.

'What will your mother have to say when I tell her what
a naughty boy her Jimmy has been?'

'Oh, please don't Miss. I , I err can explain...'

'No need to explain Jimmy boy,' said Julia picking up
the DVD case. 'In Praise of Older Women huh?'

'It... it's not mine, honest Miss.'

Julia liked the fact that he still called her Miss and
an idea formed in her head.

'Well I won't say anything to your mother but you have
to promise to let me deal with your punishment.'

'Yes, yes anything Miss.'

'Right then young man, I want you at my house at eleven
tomorrow morning. Tell your mother you're meeting
friends or something but don't be late.'

Jimmy knew his mother would be doing the housework on
Saturday morning and would relish having him out of the
house so he readily agreed.

'See you in the morning then Jimmy.' She paused then
said, 'I'm looking forward to it.'

Jimmy was sure she gave his cock another glance before
she left.

It was an extremely nervous Jimmy who knocked on Julia
martin's door at eleven o'clock the next morning.

He could hear the click clack of her high heels on the
tiled floor as she came to answer the door.

'Oh Jimmy, do come in.'

Julia was wearing a tight black leather skirt and a
tight white silk blouse that hugged her large breasts.
Toby could see she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples
were pushing against the shiny material. He suddenly
felt faint.

He would have felt worse if he knew that under her skirt
she was wearing a black satin girdle with six straps
that held up her sheer black stockings. On her feet were
shiny black high heeled shoes. Her blonde hair was up in
a bun.

'Follow me.' was all she said before leading Jimmy into
her sitting room.

'Right young man, or should I say little boy? It's time
for your punishment. I want you to take off all your
clothes and bend over the arm of that chair,' she said
pointing, 'and fold your clothes tidily. Put them on the
chair seat.'

Jimmy hesitated. Julia picked up her leather paddle and
smacked it into the palm of her hand. 'Do you want more
swats than I had already decided boy?'

Jimmy quickly slipped off his t-shirt, shorts and
trainers and was standing with his hands in front of his

'Hands by your side Jimmy, that's a good boy.'

Jimmy slowly peeled his hands away to reveal a limp

'Oh dear Jimmy. It doesn't seem to be having as much fun
as it was last night. Let me see if I can help.'

With that she stepped forward and Jimmy groaned as Julia
took his cock in her hand and started to stroke it.

'M-Miss what are you doing, oooh.'

Soon his cock was at full mast.

'That's better. Now over the chair please Jimmy.'

Jimmy complied and waited for the first stroke. He
didn't have to wait long.

'Ow, please Miss...'

'Quiet boy or I'll smack you harder.'

Jimmy endured a dozen smacks of the paddle until his
bottom was bright red in colour.

'Hmmm, nice shade,' said Julia. 'I'll get something to
take the sting out. Stay where you are.'

Jimmy didn't move and in a minute Julia was back with a
tube of cream that she applied to her hands and
liberally rubbed it over Jimmy's backside. He ooed and
arred as she fondled his bottom and gasped as her
fingers traced between the cheeks of his arse and ran
over his puckered hole.

The next time she did that he groaned.

She felt between his legs and grasped hold of his

'Looks like I'm going to have to deal with this.' Stand

She led Jimmy by his cock along into her bedroom and
ordered him up onto the bed on his back.

She stood by the bed and slowly undid each button on her
shiny silk blouse until she peeled it off her shoulders
and let it drop on the bedroom floor.

Jimmy just gaped at her large breasts as Julia took them
in her hands and fondled them in front of him.

'Do you like them Jimmy?'

Jimmy just nodded, not believing what was happening.

Julia then slowly unzipped her leather skirt and peeled
it over her hips.

Jimmy marvelled at the black satin girdle holding up the
sheer black seamed stockings. He noticed that she wasn't
wearing panties and her pussy glistened with her juices.

She climbed up on the bed and straddled Jimmy's head.
Jimmy was transfixed, he had never been that close to a
real pussy before.

Suddenly Julia sank down so that she was sitting on his

'Lick me boy,' she ordered. Jimmy stuck out his tongue
and licked his old school teacher while she rode his
face to orgasm.

'Drink it Jimmy,' she said as she spurted her juices
into his mouth.

Jimmy nearly gagged as she came all over his face.

Julia rubbed her huge breasts over his face to wipe the
juices off then sat down on his thighs.

'That was nice. A bit more practice and you'll be just

'Are you a virgin Jimmy?' she asked rubbing his
throbbing cock up and down her soaking wet pussy lips.

Jimmy nodded. 'Well I'll have to do something about

She leaned up a little and then in one push down impaled
herself on his cock.

'Oh god,' groaned Jimmy as her tight pussy walls slid
around his tool.

'Mmmm, just what I need,' moaned Julia as she rode his
big hard cock. She knew he wouldn't last and soon he was
shooting his cream deep into her.

Before he could recover she had leapt off him and was
now greedily sucking his cock back to hardness. Jimmy
threw his head back and moaned.

'You're going to have to learn to last longer young man
if you want to satisfy all those mature ladies you
crave,' she said as slurped his cock back to full

She climbed back on the bed and straddled him again.
This time she had a more leisurely fuck and orgasmed
twice before speeding up and riding him hard until she
could feel his cock growing inside her tight pussy.

'Come on Jimmy. Give me it. Cum inside of me. Give me
your cum.'

Jimmy couldn't believe what his former school mistress
was saying to him. It sounded so dirty. So sexy. Then he
groaned. 'Oh god, I'm cumming. I'm cumming Miss.' and
promptly exploded in her. She rode him to one more
orgasm until they were both spent.

As they lay on the bed recovering Julia said, 'don't
think that is the last of your punishment little boy. I
want you here at ten on Tuesday morning!'

'Yes Miss,' was all Jimmy could say and he wondered what
was in store for him on Tuesday.

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