Auntie Knickers


Auntie Knickers
I was brought up by my Mum in a single parent household. The only other family I knew was my Mum's sister - Auntie Betty. She was a strong minded woman who had a reputation for being a bit "forward" (as they used to say in those days). By the time I was just 18, Betty would have been in her early 40's but still a good looker with absolutely huge tits. Betty also was single having been divorced a few years previously. One Saturday, my Mum asked me whether I could go round to Betty's to give her a hand tidying up the garden. So, equipped with my working clothes, I went round for about 10.30.

After a coffee and a chat, Betty said we ought to make a start so I asked if I could go and change into my work clothes. Of course , she said, use my room but forgive the mess . I went up the stairs and into Auntie Betty's room and it was, as she said, bit untidy. However, my eyes were drawn to a pair of black knickers lying on the floor next to Betty's unmade bed. Unable to resist the urge of my fizzing hormones, I picked them up to inhale their strong aroma. Hearing Betty coming up the stairs, I dropped them and pulled on my old jeans which by now were straining at the front.

Well, after cutting the grass and doing the weeding, Betty said work was done for the day and asked me if I wanted a drink. I accepted a bottle of beer and we drank and chatted - mostly Betty quizzing me about girlfriends. When it was time to change for me to go home, Betty asked whether I'd noticed her knickers on the floor in the room. My red face told her I had! She then asked whether I'd been sniffing them as they weren't where she had left them.

"I'm sorry, Auntie" I blurted out fearing I was going to be reported to my Mum. "Never mind", she said, "I'm pleased you did - that's why I left them there, but," she added, "you must promise not to sniff them when you change".

"I promise, Auntie Betty", I interrupted.

"There's no need for you to," she said, "you can take these". She then lifted her skirt and stepped out of a pair of red knickers. "They're still warm and fairly sticky" she said as she handed them to me, "and use the black ones to wank into, if you like, as long as you save them for me".

Not needing to be asked twice, I raced up the stairs and within minutes had filled Betty's black knickers with my teenage spunk.

"Bring the dirty ones down with you" she shouted up. I handed the soaking knickers to Betty and she gave me a very "unauntie" kiss and asked me back the next Saturday.

Please let me know if you want to know what happened the next week.

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