Robins Gangbang

Robins Gangbang
I've had this fantasy for years, and I'd talk about it
with Robin, my wife. Robin at the time was 28, 5'2"
34C-24-34, short auburn hair. One night I rented a
porno movie with a theme of a guy takes his wife
camping. There are 2 hot guys camping near by and one
night by the campfire, she ended up fucking both of
them. While we were watching the movie, I would tell
her that I would like her to be known as hot and
uninhibited. Not like the wives some men are always
complaining about. Robin then wanted to know what they
complained about.

I said, "You know about the stuff they wouldn't do in
bed and the stuff they remember from other women".

She said, "If I were really like that, could you handle

I boldly said, "Sure, could you?"

I've known several guys for a long time; we go fishing
and bowling and stuff together, and we talk about sex a
lot, the way men do.... It turned me on to picture one
of the guys between Robin's legs. I kept talking about
it to her and Robin finally saw that this was becoming
serious, I mean not just a fantasy.

She said, "You're saying you really want me to make it
with these friends of yours?"

Robin lit a cigarette and waited for my reply.

I said, "Yes."

I remember she looked right at me and asked, "You're
serious; you really want me to be in a gangbang?"

I guess then I said something like, "Unless you don't
think you could handle it.... all of them." I guess it
finally sunk in.

She said, "I thought this was just a fantasy."

"It is, but I would love to see it become a reality."

She thought about it for a few days she has kind of a
wild streak in her, although no one would know it ? and
after I brought it up again. She said, "A girl in my
high-school did that, let guys take turns with her at
private parties, or so we heard. But, knowing her, she
was probably pretty drunk."

She was beginning to give it some serious thought.

Finally, she asked, "So would these guys tell

I could see that maybe she was getting close to

"How could they? They have too much to lose if their
wives found out." I replied.

"What about birth control, you know I hate condoms",
she said.

"You have a diaphram, use that." I commented, " I don't
think these guys are going to have STD's."

She thought some more about it, and said, "I'll think
about it."

"How long will that take?" I asked.

I was pushing her, and she knew it, but she finally
said, "I'll let you know."

Later that night in bed she just said, "I've always
wondered if I could do something like that; what it
would be like."

I suddenly got a real rush having her say that, but I
wanted to make sure. "So you'll do it?" I asked.

We talked about it some more, and she finally agreed.
"Set it up." Robin stated.

Anyway, I invited four of my friends, the ones I liked
the most, over one Saturday afternoon to watch a
football game. An extra guy showed up; but as it turned
out that worked to the best. I had been thinking about
how it might play out for a long time and I sort of had
it all planned out in my head. Robin had briefly met
all of them at one time or another when they had come
to the house to watch football. She really didn't know
any of them that well, but, they were definitely aware
of her.

Well, I kind of led the conversation into a discussion
of sex. I guess the hardest part for me was eventually
coming right out and saying that it was okay if they
had sex with my wife. At first they just laughed. Then
I said, "Robin's already said she'll do it."

That sort of really got their attention and totally
changed the atmosphere. So anyway, I was in the living
room with the guys after the game. Finally one guy
finally came right out and asked "You're saying that it
would be okay if we all fucked Robin, right here,
today, with you here?

I really couldn't look at him and had trouble finding
the words. "Robin said she's willing...I guess she
wants to see what it would be like.... but maybe you'd
better get going with it before she changes her mind."

"Do we have to wear rubbers?" He asked.

"No, not unless you want to, I mean she will put in her
diaphram so she won't get pregnant, I think I have some
condoms around here, somewhere..."

I looked side to side.

"Fuck a bunch of rubbers!" someone mumbled.

By then this had come pretty far, and I was sort of
committed, and I think I was wanting it to start before
I changed my mind, or things fell apart. I mean it
would be really embarrassing if after all that, nothing
happened and they just left. By then it had gone well
past the joking stage.

One of them went into the kitchen where Robin was
sitting at the table smoking a cigarette. He said,
"This is kind of hard to believe, but your husband says
he wants to make you sort of a gift to all of us, and
he says you're okay with that."

Robin looks and acts prim and proper-like with her
short auburn hair and all, and I guess they just didn't
think she would be capable of something like this.
Robin took a deep drag off her cigarette. She said, "I
guess you are talking about sex, and yes, I'm willing."

Then he said, "All of us, right now?"

And we heard Robin as clear as day say, "Yes."

And he says, "You're not joking about this; you really

And she said kind of defiantly, "I said I'll do it."
and put out her cigarette. So then he brought her into
the living room where were all were. And for a while,
everybody was just quiet, wondering if this was real,
or what. It was kind of a make or break awkward moment,
so I figured I needed to break the ice, so I walked
over and started undoing some her clothes. Robin looked
at me and asked "I guess you are really serious."

I asked, "You did take care of everything, right?"
meaning putting in her diaphram.

"Everything is taken care of," she replied.

I took off her blouse, and then I undid her bra, and
the guys were staring at her firm c cup breasts. At
that point I guess she decided that this was going to
happen so she unzipped her skirt and dropped it on the
floor. Then she was just standing there in front of
everybody wearing just her thong.

Before long, the guys started messaging her shoulders,
not knowing exactly how to proceed. At first, Robin
kept looking at me to make sure I wasn't going to
change my mind, or whatever. When I didn't say
anything, she started coming on to them like, "I guess
this is what I'm supposed to do..." or something.

At one point Robin pulled one guy's face up to her
breast and held it there. He started sucking on her
nipple and she started responding like it was turning
her on. I guess at this point she was just sort of
faking it.

The guys really responded to that, and things were
starting to move. I had a strong urge to stop things
right then; but, then again, I sort of figured it was
up to Robin to do that, and I also really wanted to see
it happen.

I guess for one thing, it was like the fantasy had
finally started and maybe there would never be another
time. Sometimes you don't get a second chance at stuff.
Well, to let guys in on what I have. When it comes to
sex they seem to be always complaining about their
wives. Well, part of it.

Robin can get kind of wild when she's trying to make it
[climax] I wanted them to see the way she can really
lose it and yell stuff out and all. I'm sure they've
never seen anyone like her and they would really
remember it. I mean, she's got a terrific body, and I
just want them to know what I have. I wanted to let
them feel what it would be like to fuck her.

Well, after being massaged, fondled, fingered and stuff
by the men for a while. Robin said "I guess we had
better take this into the bedroom."

I remember my heart was really racing. I tried to say
something, but my voice was funny. I was the last one
into the bedroom and I even considered escaping the
situation and finding out about what happened later;
but, I figured if I left the whole thing might stop and
Robin would be really embarrassed. Plus that would
really make it look as if I couldn't handle it, and
that's the last thing I wanted

When she lay down on the bed, the guys just stood
around and stared at her body. Finally, Robin pulled
one of the guys close to the bed and unzipped his
pants, took out his cock, massaged him a bit, and right
away started giving him oral sex.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! My wife, right in
front of everybody like that. It was like unreal;
tremendously exciting and tremendously disturbing all
at the same time. It was like this was what I wanted
all along, but still I wasn't ready for it. I guess all
along I had figured that Robin would stop things at
some point, but it was like at this point things had
gone too far; she couldn't suddenly change her mind.
After a bit she pulled him on the bed and he moved
between her legs and removed her thong revealing her
bush shaved into a landing strip. He got on top of her,
and she just opened her legs, and reached down and
guided him in. In those few seconds when everyone saw
his penis disappear into her, it was like after all the
time I had thought about this, it was happening ? it
had happened and there was no going back. For the first
time in our marriage she was fucking another man.

She looked over at me as if to say, 'I guess I
surprised you, didn't I?" Right away, they were holding
onto each other and moving together. I remember the
guys looked over at me to see how I was handling it. I
just sort of sat back in a corner and watched. It's
like I didn't want to get too close. I was like
embarrassed, or scared, or something, I don't know. It
was different than I thought, different than my
fantasy. (Pause.) The guys acted different than I
thought they would, and so did Robin.

It was all different... very different. The guys seemed
scared and reluctant at first, which surprised me. I
think Robin was especially worried about that; you
know, being rejected after she offered herself to them.
That would really be humiliating, humiliating for both
of us. I guess that's why she kind of dove into things
the way she did; like she was committed and wasn't
going to turn back.

After a while, there was the smell of sex and of
bodies. That was something I hadn't thought about. I
was having a lot of very mixed feelings. Seeing my wife
there in front of everyone like that, looking at the
guys... she looked so vulnerable, and I felt sorry for
her; sorry I had done this. I flashed on how all this
could be a gigantic mistake.

As I looked around I could see that most of the guys
were focused on Robin's crotch area, especially when
guys entered her. Since her public hair is auburn, you
could really see her vagina since she keeps it trimmed
up. and how it would be stretched open by each penis.
It sort of fascinated me to see how she would readily
accept the guys, how they would push into her and
disappear into her. That moment, when a guy would push
into her was exciting. I'm sure he had fantasized about
Robin, and I knew he was feeling excitement in being in
her you could see it in his eyes ? and she was feeling
what a different man was like, what different men felt
like. Guys were getting erections again just watching.
I remember at on point one of them said 'God, I wish my
wife would do that with me'.

I can't stop thinking how weird it was weird, exciting
to see a man on top of my wife, and see how the two of
them could really get it on with each other, like they
had done it a thousand times. It's like after a few
moments to adjust to each other, they would fall into a
rhythm. I kept thinking how free and beautiful she
looked in sex, although sometimes when I watched her,
she seemed like someone else.

I love her now more than ever for what she was willing
to do. That's when she kind of let loose and started
making noises, you know, like she was really into it.
Maybe she was acting... she probably was, you know like
in the porno film but I don't guess it mattered because
it was really happening.

When The first one had cum in her, he got up and
grabbed his clothes and walked out of the room to get
dressed and reappear afterwards. Robin leaned back on
her elbows and took a breath and asked me for a towel.
I could just make out his cum running out of her now
very puffy and reddish pussy.

"Look under the cabinet by the sink and grab a stack of
towels for every one to use." Robin said.

I got up on shaky legs and excused myself to get into
the bathroom. I opened up the cabinet and there on top
of the stack of towels she sent me for was her
DIAPHRAM. Still in the container. Oh my God, that guy
had just came in her No protection. What if she got
pregnant? What the hell was Robin thinking? Strangely I
was even more aroused that she could get pregnant.

I got the towels and walked into the room. I handed her
one. Robin gave me that shit eating grin as if to say
'yep thats right!' Robin then used the towel to wipe
herself off and rest for a while and the guys would
give her sips of beer. And then she would look at the
next guy and he would move to the bed, and she would
immediately lie back and open her legs for him. I mean,
just like that, she would just look him, sort of smile
and then open her legs. Sometimes she would give him
oral sex to get him ready.

I really liked seeing the guys come in her. I really
liked that part, that moment... when I knew a guy was
coming in her, that he is making her all his for that
moment, marking his territory so to speak.

The guy would really be pumping hard. She would be like
hanging on to him and saying stuff to him, urging him
to come. Some would ask her if it was ok to cum in her.
She always said yes. The guys all made noise when they
came, and in that moment when I knew their sperm was
shooting into her... that sort of made it real. All too
real with the potential of her getting pregnant from
one of them.

When one of the guys was leaving I overheard him say,
"Who would have ever guessed she could be like that!"
But now I'm kind of drowning in fears about what people
would think if they found out; like this was something
awful; I mean it wasn't, but people would think it is.
And, I wonder how it will change things between us and
if I can face those guys again. What if she did get
pregnant? Watching her with the men sort of made me
feel like I really didn't know her.

I mean, maybe everybody now thinks I'm married to a
whore. But, now they know what she's like, I'm not
ashamed most of the time at least because now they know
just what I have, how hot she can be. If I can just
deal with it.

Well, maybe I really wasn't ready to see her like that;
but, like I said, she did if for me; it's what I
wanted, and I had really been pushing her to do it.
And, I guess she's really no different around me than
before. It's just that I hadn't seen that side of her,
at least with someone else, and I guess it was kind of

She was with Joe. He had come in her once before, so he
could hold off. I guess everyone knew, including Robin,
that his goal was to get her to come. Joe is probably
not my favorite among the guys. For one thing, he kind
of has to let everyone know that he's better at stuff
than they are, but despite my feelings, I wanted Robin
to come. I guess we all figured that if she came, she
would then feel okay about it all. Some of the other
guys were fairly gentle with her, but when Joe got on
Robin again, he really started to bang her. Robin
seemed a bit surprised at first and just sort of hung
on, but then it was like something changed with her.

I remember Robin kept studying the faces of the men in
the room that were watching. Before, it seemed like she
wanted to ignore them, but now it seemed as if it was
turning her on to have the guys watching. Robin was
encouraging Joe and watching the guy's reaction, like
she was teasing them or something.

As they got going, they clung to each to each other
real tight and Robin's breasts were mashed up against
his chest. They were moving together perfectly. We
could tell by Robin's face that things were slowly
building. Robin got that kind of wild, far away look
that I see when she's totally getting lost in it.
Although she maybe had been faking enthusiasm before,
we could all tell that now she was starting to come.
She yelled sex stuff (Fuck me harder, give me your
cock), real loud, I mean, the neighbors must have

Robin seems kind of reserved and all but once she gets
going in sex, she really gets wild! I had sort of
hinted about how she can get, but I don't think any of
the guys believed [me]. But now that they've seen it
for themselves, I guess they must be jealous.

After seeing how Robin is, I guess things would have to
be pretty damn dull around their place! Seeing your
wife [climax] with another man right in front of your
eyes like that sort of changes things. I found that
sort of... yes, scary. I mean, once she did it with
each of these guys, I felt it would be easy for her to
do it again with any one of them, I mean when we first
started going out together it took a while before we
had sex, but after that it was sort of automatic' kind
of assumed.

One part of me says, if that's what she wants, let her
enjoy it; hell, let them both enjoy it. God knows,
there's little enough pleasure in the world. But
another part worries that maybe she would start liking
someone else better than me, or maybe word would get
around. Maybe people would think she's easy and
available.... Sure; definitely.

I don't want to lose her, and I don't want people to
think she's a whore.

But, sometimes I like to think of guys giving it to her
and her liking it, yes, I want her to want it... and I
want to the guys to know she likes sex. They are always
complaining about their wives. But then right away I
think how bad that would make her look... and me... and
I worry that maybe a guy would say how he was doing my
wife behind my back while I was at work, or something.

It's not the sex that bothers me; it's just what people
would think about it if they knew; what people would
say Then there is the part of me that knows that other
men have seen her naked, fondled her, been in her, came
in her, and all, and that she isn't exclusive to me any
more. They've all watched her being fucked by the other
guys...with me just letting it happen. In one way it
makes her more exciting, you know, being that
uninhibited. And the thought that she could get
pregnant turned me on and that was a surprise!

Yeah, I guess what really turned me on was watching her
have uninhibited sex, and even the oral sex, which some
of the guys say their wives aren't willing to do. ...I
told her about the men complaining about their wives
and oral sex; maybe that's why right off she decided to
do it with them. I guess she knew that would really set
her apart.

At the end, Robin was sitting on the edge of the bed,
and I thought that was the end of it. [One of the men]
was standing nearby, He had just come in her a little
while before, but I guess having gone this far she was
determined to do everything before it ended. He's
pretty well endowed and pulled him up to her and
started giving him oral sex. It took a while, but once
he got a good erection, she didn't stop and lay back on
the bed like with the other guys, but she just
continued. It was obvious that this time she wanted him
to come in her mouth.

After a while, he was getting close to coming, and he
asked her if it was okay if he came in her mouth and
she just nodded. I guess she wanted to show everyone
that she would do that too.

Robin had often done this with me, but it's definitely
a lot different when guys are kind of in a circle
watching another man working his penis in and out of
your wife's mouth. He was holding her head and looking
down at her, and she would look at me and then up at
him. By then we were all just waiting for that moment
when he would come.

After he came in her mouth, she sort of made a thing of
using her hand to squeeze the last of his cum out of
his penis and licking it off real slow and deliberate ?
like while she looked at each of the guys. And she
didn't spit it out or anything either. I guess she
really wanted to cap things off good with that.

She got up and looked at me like, "There, I've done it
all; now deal with it." She lit a cigarette and went
into the living room and got her clothes, and then
headed off to the other part of the house.

It all happened so fast. I mean she finally decided she
would do it, and then she pulled out all the stops all
at once and did it all. It was scary, exciting,
disturbing, embarrassing, and I guess a turn-on... all
of those things. I was both kind of proud of her
showing the guys how hot she was and feeling really
ashamed that I had pushed her to do it, and all the
while I was thinking, "God, I hope we can live with

I walked into the bedroom and asked her how she was
doing? She said she was fine. She was just wearing a
bathrobe. I went over to her and undid her robe.

"Are you ok?" she asked.

"I would have been better if you had put in your

"To start with I was kind of pissed you wanted me to
fuck them, so I thought I would piss you off also. "Why
don't you go down on me and see if can notice any
difference in your pussy."

I was surprised, I liked oral sex and to go down on
her, but I had never went down on her after we had sex.
I motioned for her to get on the bed. She did and
spread her legs. I dropped to my knees I could smell a
strong odor of men's semen coming from her pussy. Her
red pubic hair was matted with dried cum. I found
myself going down on her and sticking my face into her
cum filled pussy.

Our marriage changed after that day. The same guys
wanted to come over on the next weekend to watch a
football game on our big-screen TV. Since I hadn't
sorted out my feelings yet, I immediately said we were
going to be busy and tried to make the excuse sound
real good. But, I didn't want them to think that we had
second thoughts about what happened, like it was all a
big mistake that I regretted, so I said we would
definitely set something up later. I made the decision
myself. I guess I didn't want to bring it up with her
just yet. She really hasn't complained about it, or
anything. So that sort of puts it all on me.

Well, this is not a happy ending after all. Even with
the thrill of her being a "Hot wife" and the nagging
excitement of her risking pregnancy, Robin did after
all get pregnant and we found out who was the father.
He ended up divorcing his wife and Robin and him got
married. I remarried to a lovely wife named Lori. Look
for other stories about how Lori explores her sexuality
with me and others.

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