My fat lover

My fat lover
It's my mate's wife, Wendy, a 45 year old mother,
housewife, and sex bomb. When I say sex bomb, I mean
to men like me that like their women big. Wendy would
be described as fat to most, even ugly to lots, but to
me she was perfection. Her size 22 body carried her
weight perfectly with the right sized tits and a wide,
full ass. Unlike some big women, her ass was not square
but round curving out from her back and sitting well on
her thick legs.

Like lots of big women, she didn't like her body, so
she hid it well, but to the trained eye, the real woman
could be seen through the layers of over-sized
clothing. Her husband Harry loved her but ragged at her
about her size openly, and the last time he mentioned
sex, he was eyeing a slim blonde in our work canteen
saying that's the kinda woman he should have married.

When I asked what kind he did marry, he laughed and
said the ugly fat kind. He laughed even more, not
believing me, when I told him that's what I like best.

I'm a good looking guy, well built with a nice smile
that has always attracted women. When people see me out
with a big lady, they think it's because I don't want
any competition, but the truth is I love them big.

Anyway, I was staying at Harry's place for one night,
as we where both working on the same project, and he
suggested I stay overnight. That's when I met Wendy for
the first time, and right away I wanted her. Harry saw
it too and found it very amusing, telling Wendy,
bluntly, that I liked fat girls. The poor woman was
more embarrassed than I, but only just.

The asshole started again when she changed her clothes
later that night before dinner. Wearing a tight fitting
skirt and wool top, she looked great.

"You trying to tease my friend here, Wendy. That's not
very nice, is it?" he laughed.

She ignored him and went about her business. I wanted
to watch her every move, but I knew Harry would pick up
on it and slag us off, so I only managed a couple of
glances. Her breasts looked fantastic, well into the
mail order sized bras, and it looked like she was
wearing stockings. It was confirmed later when Harry
noticed too.

"Hey, are you wearing stockings?" he blurted out, as
she cleared away the empty dinner dishes.

She blushed and said it was cold, and she wanted to
cover up.

"You're wearing them for Ron, aren't you?" he teased.

He looked at me and said that she never wore stockings,
so they must be for me. I had to tell him to lay off
both of us and get to work.

We worked late, and it was one in the morning by the
time we had it wrapped up. I just had the last touches
to do, which I could do myself, so Harry said good
night and dropped blankets and stuff for me to sleep on
the large sofa.

Not ten minutes later, I heard a low moan followed by a
deeper one and realized they where having sex. Wendy
had gone to bed an hour before, but Harry must have
woken her up. The moans quickly turned to grunts coming
from him, I think, then stopped just as fast. The whole
thing must have lasted two minutes, then nothing.

It took me a half hour to calm down and settle into the
sofa under my covers, my cock still semi-hard, but
thankfully, my mind was still on work as I drifted off
to sleep.

I don't know how much longer, but I woke up some time
later in the dark. I heard movement from the doorway
leading to the kitchen, then a stab of light as the
fridge was opened.

From where I lay, I could see the fridge, and it was
Wendy that had opened the door. She stood slightly bent
forward with her head in the open door looking for a
drink or something. She wore a short nightdress that,
when standing, would only barely cover her ass, and
bent forward like that, it was raised up behind, giving
me a clear shot of her naked ass. It was in shadows,
but it was enough to have me almost panting.

The light shown through her shirt outlining her braless
tits as they hung down the way I knew they would, and I
could even see her bellies. My cock was rock hard, and
I held my breath as she took out some milk and drank
from the bottle, standing up with the door still open.
My ideal woman was standing 10 feet from me half naked
and freshly fucked, and my overactive imagination was
working overtime.

She went to return the bottle but squatted down to
reach a lower shelf. With her back to me, she had her
legs open with both feet planted firmly on the floor
and her nightdress hitched up over her hips. I could
clearly see the shape and sheer size of her heavy
hanging ass cheeks with the light in front of her.

I almost groaned out loud and found I had wrapped my
hand around my cock. Wendy got up and closed the door
and went back to bed leaving me to jerk off alone,
which I did.


The next morning, it was Wendy that woke me again as
she prepared breakfast for Harry and me. She was
wearing a long housecoat now buttoned all the way up to
her round double chin. She smiled and said good
morning, looking flushed and happy. I got up and
slipped on my pants, joining her in the kitchen.

Harry was taking his shower, she told me, and served me
a coffee, acting normal. She had no idea I had seen her
ass last night, and with that thought, my cock jumped
in my jeans. She opened the fridge and bent forward
looking for God knew what, stretching the housecoat
fabric across her fine ass. The form of her crack could
be seen clearly, and I had to fight the urge to reach
out and stroke it.

When she stood back up and turned to me, she wore a
cheeky smile and said, "It's better with the light
shining through, right?"

I was speechless for once, at least for a moment, then
I smiled at her and agreed. She went back to work in
the kitchen while I stared openly at the curve of her
breasts and belly and the roundness of her wide hips as
they swayed around the room.

She looked over her shoulder and asked, "Did you like
what you saw?" then turned her head back before I could

"I couldn't sleep for a while after," I said, smiling
at her back.

She was really short and looked compact. She turned
back to me twisting her body and said, "I can't believe
you really like big women. Nobody looks at me that way,
at least not in a long time."

She was smiling in good mood.

"I've been in a state of excitement since I got here
last night. I'm in one now," I added calmly.

She stared at me from the sink, a cheeky grin creeping
across her round face, and said, "I've shown you mine,"
and left it at that.

I glanced at the door for signs of Harry then stood up
and quickly opened my jeans, pulling them down along
with my shorts. My cock was hard pointing up straight
all 9 thick inches of it. Without looking down, I knew
the foreskin was back, as it was fully erect. Wendy's
eyes popped out in shock and surprise. Her mouth opened
and closed, but she made no sound. She stumbled back a
little and steadied herself on the sink top. I pulled
my shit back up and closed my jeans, and lucky too, as
Harry strolled into the kitchen smiling.

"Good morning, you two. How's it going?"

Wendy said, "hi," and turned back to the sink, and I
just smiled at him. Before he sat down, Wendy said
quickly, "Don't sit down, lover. We need bread and
bacon for our guest. Go to the village and get some, or
there's no breakfast."

She gave him a big smile and blew him a kiss. The man
just smiled and said, "no problem," heading out right

I sat looking at Wendy's back as she watched from the
window. I heard a car engine roar then pull away, and
Wendy must have seen him leave, still with her back to
me. To my delight, she reached down and simply hitched
her housecoat up over her ample waist, still staring
out the window, and presented me with one of the finest
fat asses I've every seen. It spread out downwards
going widest at the top of her legs, but both cheeks
swelled out firm looking. The skin between her legs

After a few seconds, when I hadn't moved, she said over
her shoulder, "We have about five minutes, or have you
changed your mind?"

I jumped up and stepped up behind her, placing a hand
on each cheek. She felt hot to the touch, and I gently
lifted both cheeks up, feeling how heavy they where and
how amazingly firm they felt.

Wendy moaned softly and whispered, "Hurry," rotating
her hips.

"You want it here and now?" I asked, breathing on her

She reached back and rubbed my hard-on through my

"Yes, quickly. He'll be back any minute, she hissed.

I got my cock out and stabbed around between her legs,
fumbling really, and it was Wendy who took it in her
small hand and pressed it to her hot hole. I pushed
forward, sinking into her warm wet folds, making her
grunt out loud, cursing under her breath. Stopping half
way, I pulled out again then forced it back in, going

"Christ, Ooooh shit," cried out Wendy, pushing up on
her tiptoes to get away from me.

I grabbed her soft hips and yanked her down onto her
feet impaling her on my cock, pushing the entire nine
inches into her surprisingly tight pussy. She let out a
loud, long groan then started sucking air in and out so
fast I thought she would collapse.

I started humping her from behind, pulling her hips
back and forth with my thrusts. Her pussy felt tight
for only a minute as it relaxed and let my cock in. She
was very wet and close to coming, so I increased the
pace, pounding her ass good and hard.

She came howling like a dog. She screamed out she was
coming, then just made loud grunts and groans as she
bucked around on my cock. I had to hold her heavy body
up as her legs gave way, and when I looked back up, I
saw Harry's car pull into the drive.

Quickly I pulled out and told Wendy he was here. We
both jumped and made ourselves look ok. She gave me a
quick look over then turned back to the sink as Harry
walked in.

I didn't see her again for a month, but I did think
about her. I next saw her in a fast food place one
afternoon. She was with a girlfriend who was big like
her and who had two small children with her. It was
Wendy who saw me first, calling out and waving me over.
She seemed delighted to see me and introduced me to her
friend Marge.

Marge looked me over as if she knew something. I joined
them both and ate lunch with them. Marge was divorced,
so single, and was very funny, making us all laugh, but
Wendy was staring at me with lust in her eyes. Near the
end of the meal Wendy said she was off to the toilets,
giving me a log look that screamed out, "Come fuck me!"

It was so clear that Marge picked up on it too, smiling
knowingly. Wendy left and headed for the toilets. I
hesitated a moment, smiling back at Marge, thinking,
"shit, she knows what's up, and Wendy must have told
her, so what the hell."

I got up and went to go, but Marge stopped me with her
hand. She pushed a business card into my hand and said
quickly, "Give me a call sometime."

The toilets in those places are all the same, and I
found her in the larger one for handicapped people. I
knocked once, and she let me in. She was breathless and
flushed, looking at me, waiting for me to start.

She was wearing a horrible track suit that made her
look frumpy and old, but when she tugged the top up
over her tits, letting them flop into sight, I groaned.
What a pair of tits. Holy shit, my cock was hard in a

She sat down on the closed toilet seat with her tits
out and called me over. They spilled all over her lap.
Within a minute she had my cock out and was licking and
biting it, gently holding it in both hands. It is so
sexy to see a woman loving your cock with such desire.

"I owe you this," she panted, then sucked my knob into
her hot mouth.

She proceeded to suck my cock, expertly taking more
than half of it down her throat. I felt her hands on my
ass pulling me to her mouth, So I started fucking her
mouth, gently at first. She relaxed her mouth and let
me set the pace, grunting as I pushed in and out. I
watched her lift her heavy, exposed tits up, squeezing
them together, and pressing them to my hanging balls.

My cock popped out of her mouth a moment, and she
gasped, "I'm such a slut," then she quickly gobbled it
back inside.

She was more than that, and I was loving it.

"Yeah, you're a dirty cow. Suck me harder," I snarled
down, and heard her moan around my cock. She liked
talking dirty.

"Come on, bitch. You can suck better than that! Make me
come," I hissed.

She let it out again and grabbed it again with both
hands. She started jerking me off hard and fast into
her mouth, hissing back at up at me, "Ohh yeah, come
on, give it to me."

I did, and a second later, the first wad, going right
into her mouth, landed on her tongue. The second one
hit her chin, but she took my cock deep in her mouth to
suck what was left, not missing a drop. She even caught
what was on her chin and licked it up. She started
laughing as soon as she finished, and I joined her. It
was nuts but fantastic. We agreed to call it a day and
parted ways.

Chapter 2

"Marge, it's Ron. Wendy's friend," I said into the
phone a week later.

She remembered, all right, saying, hi, and asking about

"I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime?" I
said, launching into my pitch.

She laughed and said, "Oh really?" in her cheeky voice.

I laughed, yes, saying, "really," and suggested a

She hesitated, then replied, "Do you want to buy me
drinks or fuck me?"

Well she had me there. I was not interested in a mother
of two except to fuck her, so I asked her what she

"You want to fuck me, that's all. So why not say it,"
was her straight answer.

"Ok, I want to fuck you, smartass," I said, liking this

She laughed at this and said, "Well, it will have to be
today at my place, or else next month."

She went on to say the house was empty today and gave
me the address. An hour later I was there. She was
dressed for the party in a stupid, short skirt and skin
tight top. Women her size never wear clothes like that
except if their on the game or at home with their
husbands. Her huge ass swayed as she walked ahead of me
into her sitting room. The black stockings could be
seen just below the skirt, and her high heeled shoes
made her ass stick out.

In the sitting room, she handed me a drink, then came
straight out, "I know you like sluts, so I dressed like

I looked her up and down, enjoying what I was seeing.
She was hot.

"How do you know what I like?" I asked, knowing the

She chuckled and said Wendy and she where close.

"You think Wendy's a slut?" I asked, smiling at her.

She grinned back, "No, but you do. She told me."

Before I could say another word, she stepped up to me,
her breasts pressing against mine, and said, "I could
be a slut too. You'd only have to tell me."

Her breath smelled of wine.

"If you where to make me do things, I'd just have to do
them," she purred up at me.

I was on fire now, my cock like a rock.

I nodded at her and said, "Ok, slut, tell me, did Wendy
tell you how I fucked her over her sink, how I made her
suck my cock in the toilets?"

She nodded, yes, stepping closer now, her body pressed
tightly against mine.
"She told me you had a big cock, the biggest she'd ever
had," hissed Marge at me, her eyes glazed over. "Said
you forced your cum in her mouth."

She grabbed my balls through my jeans, squeezing them
gently, and continued, "You can come all over me." She
panted, now breathing fast. "Use my pussy and mouth."

I reached up and grabbed a handful of soft tit,
squeezing it hard. Her mouth dropped open, and she
licked her lips.

"What about your ass, slut? Can I fuck your tight ass?"
I snarled, reaching around and grabbing her huge ass.

I felt the suspender straps through the skirt and
wanted to rip her clothes off. She groaned and dropped
down before me. Without another word, she pulled and
tugged at my jeans, getting them down to my knees and
my stiff cock slapped against her face. Marge leaned
back to look at it and moaned.

"Oooh boy, Ooh fuck yeah."

She wrapped her hand around the base and tugged the
foreskin back.

"Ooh baby, yeah," she said, before wrapping her fat
lips around it and sucking it.

It was the filthiest, dirtiest blow-job I'd ever had.
She made so much noise, it was unreal, between panting
and moaning and slurping and slobbering over it. She
let it slip from her mouth a couple of times, and each
time made disgusting comments that had me raging, like,
"Fuck my mouth," and, "Fuck my face."

I was going nuts. I wanted to fuck the bitch right
away. I pulled her off my cock, as she didn't want to
let go of it, and pushed her back onto her sofa. She
fell backwards and flopped down heavily, her skirt
riding up and her whole body shaking, crying out in
surprise and giggling a bit. I was on her in a second,
yanking her chunky legs open roughly, feeling for her
panties. I found them and simply ripped them off her
fat body.

She screamed out with joy, pretending to push me off
but not trying hard enough. I just rammed my cock into
her pussy in one go two seconds after ripping her
panties off. She screamed out again and wrapped her
arms around my neck. I pulled her arms away, pulling
them above her head and holding them both in one hand.
With my free hand, I ripped the front of her cheap top
right down the middle, ripping the shirt in two.

I was still balls deep in her pussy when I hitched her
bra up and over her giant tits, getting them out. She
thrashed about, loving it, banging her pussy down onto
my cock. I leaned back up, then, and forced her legs
open wide, then started pounding the shit out of her
pussy with hard, short thrusts, making her breasts
swing wildly.

Marge still thrashed about, and it was hard to hold her
arms and fuck her at the same time, but it felt so good
to be forcing her like that, and she was loving it,
too. Her pussy was sopping wet, and she was coming. I
knew it.

When I let her arms go, she grabbed her tits and
screamed at me to fuck her harder. I watched her pinch
her nipples, pulling them out and stretching them

"Use me, you bastard. Fuck my brains out," she hissed
through her teeth.

"Oooh, fuck my cunt! Yeah, that's it, YESSSSSSSSS!!"

Man she was hot, and I was about to cum, her talk
getting me more than hot. The sound of flesh slapping
flesh and the sight of her tits as they got abused by
her had me ready to blow.

"Do me from behind. Ram that big cock into me like a
dog, PLEASE!" she cried out, pushing me off her just in

I rolled away, panting, my cock about to burst as she
rolled her massive body over, getting on top of me.

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