Big Broke Whore

Big Broke Whore
I prettty much remember always want to fuck Sandy,
Well? I should not really say fuck, it's more like I wanted to have her for
my own Sexual gratification. In other word I wanted Her.

Sandy is a Big Girl, but wasn't always so, When I first met her she was
under 200lbs for sure, was around mabye a big C or D cup in a bra,?? smooth and
pleasently plump.That's when I first wanted her.Problem was sex and sex for me
was the only reason I wanted her.

I would stroke off thinking about her, eventually
?? she became more sexualised in her mid 20's and I became more obvious and open until I think that she really
got the hint that I spanked off thinking about her. She did not mind, we even joked
about it but the door was closed for me, Sandy did not want me that way

I dated women, Sandy dated men, and we both aged. I watched her push probably about 250lbs and
go from a D to definately a DD or larger. But all soft lucious and saggy.

Occasionally we were out of work, often at the same time. So we naturally hung out
ask bland questions about each others life, and would then go off our separate ways.

Then it happened, that moment in a guy's life that never happens, I won the lottery.
I mean I really won it. The jackpot was not big by today's standard, but I would never
have to work again. Better still, I won out of state. I made the regional papers there, but
didn't even come up on the radar in my home state. So I did not tell anyone I had won.
I quit my job and deposited my 5,000,000 after tax winnings in stable and axcessable accounts
and just went wild.

I scanned the net looking for all the hot BBW hookers and did a couple months travelling,
enjoying some of the kinkiest roleplay from the hottest BBWs that you can litterly pay for.

Eventually I came home, I'd had the best you can pay for but I really hadn't had
anyone good locally in my home town.

I was laying back stroking off one night and the phone rang, it was Sandy,
of course I went stiffer, she told me she'd lost her job, the company just went bankrupt.

The next day I came to her apartment, she wasn't dressed, she was in beat up
trackpants and a worn t-shirt, braless her big tits swayed
I could even make out her nips, well sort of. we talked and she
told me about her finances and i just grew stiff. She'd been crying that much was clear.

That's likely why she looked like she did, no make up and not trying to look sexy,
She had become a chubby tease, and always made herself up, and dressed a little too slutty for
a big fat girl.

We kept talking, and then I said it, "So you need Money Huh?"

"Yeah", she said "But i'm screwed, everything is maxed out"

"What are you going to do then" I asked.

"I dunno, maybe i could sell myself" she laughed weakly
I laughed too " let me know when you do, i'll be the first in line"
"fuck off, peter" she said as she would at my innuendo often

"No Sandy, I'm serious, just let me know how much"

"that's not funny peter, i'm in a bad situation, I need at least 3,000 this month"

"OK" I said

"OK what?"

"I'll give you 3,000"


I pulled out my wallet and started pulling out 100's..I alway kept 5,000 in walking
around money these days.

She just stared.

"cm'on Sandy , it'll be easy money, we don't have to have sex, I just want explore you"

"No fucking way"

I started putting the money back that I had been counting.

No, wait, you're serious, you really are, where did you get money like that anyway.

i lied, "a bet payed off at the track, I've still got a few thousand more at home"

"you came over here today hoping you could buy me?"

"Yeah, can I?"

"fuck off, your a bastard"

"one with money Sandy, take your shirt off honey, you don't really have a

"I do so, fuck you, get out!!!!"

"No, you don't" i said again, "you like this too much" I waved my arm around her
apartment as i stood up and moved in closer to her.

She stepped back as far as her sofa, I grabbed her wrist and put the 3,00 in her hand.

She clenched her hand around it defiantly, the started to cry. I was already all over
her hot saggy tits. They felt good in my hands, i found her nips through her shirt,
big knobs, almost half an inch in diameter. they pointed out but towards the floor,,
threatening to curl under and get lost in her big tummy.

I stepped back and took the money from her sweatty hand, " Now, Sandy, all of it off" I waved
the wad of cash"or none off this"

Sandy, nodded, wiping tears from her eyes she then reached behind her head
and pulled off her shirt. she held it in front of her large saggy tits,
as if begging me to stop. I was not going to, this only
wetted my appetite to use and humiliate her. All the kinky role play with the BBW
Hookers had been about subduing a defiant woman.This however was going to be no
roleplay. When Sandy showed her lack of interest at the idea of some light hearted
pay for pay, it got me very twisted. She was my friend, and i was being generous.
after all, here she was, bought property, having unconditionally agreeing
to take 3,000 for my right to her sexually, anyway that was how i saw things.

I grabbed the shirt and pulled it away to expose her hanging tits. Sandy is slightly
tanned, but her tit flesh and tummy were a deep white, she never wore annything other
than a big fat womens 1 piece bathing suit. Her aeola are large and pale, and i just stared
for a moment, marveling. I was seeing this for the first time ever.
I wanted to carress those huge saggy tits, but instead I raised my right hand
and without warning I smacked her left titty on the side. It felt good to see my hand connect
with her fat tits.?? i'd even left a little red mark, and she had cried out.

?? At this point Sandy turned from me trying to cover her breasts, but i was on her,
grabbing her by the waist and pulling her track pants and painties down?? at the same time.
I'd got her nude, I was so hard now, and I was dying to get sucked off.

I'd never seen so much of her, over the years, i'd seen cleavage, the edge of panties hear and there
a few times, about an inch or two of her ass crack, her tummy when taking off sweaters, even
the underside of both cups of her bra while she stood and i sat. But now here she was..nude past the
waisted, laying face first into her sofa, because she'd tripped over her pants once I'd pulled them
down to her knees. Now i saw it all, this pathetic fat lump of a bitch crying loudly into the arm of her sofa,
"c'mon Sandy, get up you bitch" i demanded. and then i started in on her huge ass
spanking it.

she rolled over and up crying, and i grabbed her by the hair and pushed her face into
my crotch, my cock was so hard through my jeans. "take me out and suck me off"

she obeyed, not saying anything,a quick unzip, the front of my undies pulled down, and there it was,
my cock hard and stiff.she wraped a hand around the base and one under my balls and began to stroke
and suck it. i reach down and held her head as my cock went in and out of her sweet mouth.

Now she knew who was boss.

"mmmm...good bitch sandy, i've longed for this ever since that night you me naked at Scott's"

Scott had had a party back when Sandy was 24, I was there along with a few other guys and girls.
It got late, and a number of us had stayed on into the night. I'm not sure whose Idea it was to
play strip poker, but everyone went along, we were all pretty drunk. Sandy saw me and two other
guys naked, and she herself went down to her skirt and panties,but she'd cleverly pulled her skirt
up like a tube top and covered her big tits.

I was getting ready to blow, so I stopped Sandy, and pulled out. "mmmm...ahh, I really liked that Sandy
I've waited a long time to be blown by you"

I stood there stroking off in front of her face, and then I motioned for her to get up.

"Take them right off now Sandy"

She did, with panties and track pant gone, Sandy was now totally naked in front
of me.

"Stand up so I can see you, and move over in the light by your window"

Sandy moved to infront of the large living room window in her apartment, where she stood still and queit
as if afraid to move. I also took my clothes off, all the while stroking and staring
at Sandy. When I was finshed, I walked over nude and moved in to kiss her. As our lips met, I felt her hand
slip around my shaft. She jerked me off while I held her in one arm and fondled her with my other.

Eventually, I was working her pretty hard again, I pinched her nipples real hard and she pushed me away.

"mmm.. I thought you were beginning to like that Sandy"

"No I don't like it...look I'm doing the best I can here, but please don't do that again it really hurts
and I'm scared"

"I don't care what you like Sandy, you're just a Big Broke Whore, I think you'll do whatever I want"

"Now sandy bring that kitchen chair over, I want you to lean over it"

Sandy went and retrieved the chair, it was one of those typical wood spoke style.

"Lean over it with your hands on the Back, I want you to stand bent over so your tits hang for me"

Sandy, bent over as instructed, with not only her titties hanging, but her whole big tummy too. I moved towards
her and squated down in front of the chair so I could get my hands on her swollen ripe tits as the hung from
the trunk of her body.

I fondled them as I stroked off, and soon was having fun squishing them and bashing them together. When I grew
board of that I moved into my standard roleplay, where I start to tug down on and pinch a womans nipples.

"Sandy, you are going to respond as i tell you, ok"

she nodded

"you are a fat worthless saggy titted whore Sandy"

"tell what you are now Sandy"
"tell me that you are a fat worthless saggy titted whore"

"i'm...fat and a whore"she said weakly
I pinched her nipple hard, pulled and twisted it and said
"that won't do, tell me what you are"

"I'm a fat whore" she gasped wincing from the pain
I pinched harder,
and she then blurted out "I..I'm a fat whore, I'm worthless, and I've
got saggy breasts"

I eased off a bit for that, it was a real try.

"Now Sandy, say it how I did. "I'm a fat worthless saggy titted whore"

"I'm a fat worthless saggy titted whore" she echoed

"mmm, i moaned, and then i squirted big gobs of cum up
and onto her tits and face.

I got up and said " that was good, i'm gonna take a shower

You, stay that way for a while, I like seeing you covered in my cum"

As I closed the door to her bathroom and started running the water, I heard Sandy
start to really sob and cry.

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