Fat slut wife

Fat slut wife
We had being drinking all night at a local bar and ended up back at
Bob's place for a last drink and a smoke. Bob's wife Jane was out
with her girl friends and I was disappointed as I had wanted to
meet her, after all he had told me about her she sounded hot but I
didn't quite believe everything he told me about her. Bob was older
than me by 10 years and he said he had been into swinging and all
sorts of things with his wife when they where younger but now that
they where both in their 50's they had clamed down some. He did say
that she liked young men and I had secretly hoped to meet her and
maybe fuck her. Anyway we heard the front door open at about 2 in
the morning and in stumbled her wife Jane, man he had failed to
mention how fat she was. She was short and wry round with hanging
tits and a butt that only barely made it through the door. It
looked like she had been drinking as she had a happy look on her
face and at first she didn't see me as she went straight over to
Bob and said "Baby, you wont believe what happened to me tonight"
she giggled when she said it and Bob coughed and said "Jane, I want
you to meet John my friend from work."

She looked around and looked surprised and disappointed to see me
but said hello and offered me her hand to shake. I could not take
my eyes of her breasts that where only just inside her low cut top
showing a ton of flesh and her chunky legs where standing in high
heeled shoes and wrapped in black silk. She flopped down on the
sofa beside Bob and her dress flew up her chunky legs showing the
tops of what I could see now where stockings, she didn't bother to
pull it back and I had trouble not staring at her white flesh above
the stockings. Bob gave her a drink and asked what she had been up
too and she blushed saying she would tell him later. Bob said I was
a good friend and she could talk in front of him and she asked if
he was really sure. I could feel the atmosphere changing and they
exchanged looks "Have you been misbehaving?" asked Bob with a grin.
She nodded her head and asked if he wanted to know what happened,
Bob looked at me and smiled asking if I shocked easily ,I laughed
and said of course not but shifted in my seat feeling my cock
twitch already. She chuckled and said ok, so long as Bob didn't gat
pissed off with her. "Well, you remember you told me I could have a
little fun if I wanted" he nodded yes, "Well tonight we went to
Dixie's down town" she continued. "Bur that's a black bar" said Bob
and she laughed and said that it was, that it was. "Have you been
fucking some black fucker" he asked not sounding pissed but with a
grin on his face. She nodded yes and blushed again as did I ,
"Fuckers" she said. Bob's grin spread across his face and I saw him
place his hand in her leg just above the stocking, he moved it up
slowly showing more and more flesh. She parted her legs a little
for him and I saw his hand disappear under her dress, a second
later he grinned again and said "Where the fuck are your panties,
you slut" she giggled like a little girl and said "Well the boys
wanted to keep them and well, what could I say" she shrugged her
shoulders. His hand was still between her giant legs and I knew he
was feeling her bare pussy, my cock was standing up in my jeans now
as I stared on. "Go on" said Bob. While Bob fingered her pussy
under her dress she told us the story of how her and her friend
Maggie had been chatted up at the bar by a whole group of young
black men and how Maggie the slut had pissed off with one of them
after only an hour leaving Jane with four of them all trying to get
close to her. When it was closing time the guys all wanted to drive
her home so they ended up in the car park. I wanted badly to touch
my cock as this woman told the story but I waited and listened as
she continued saying that the biggest one has pushed her against a
car and has stuck his tongue down her troth, he had groped her
breasts and then pushed his hands up her dress. "You let some black
guy feel your pussy and tits while his mates watched" asked Bob
still fingering her.

She nodded and said that the others where all very quite while
their mate felt her up, it was only after the guy had forced her
onto her knees and got his cock out that the others approached. She
said she was surrounded by four hard black cocks all pointing at
her face and to be honest she had been scared. "I had to suck them
off Bob, they where drunk and getting a little nasty" she
explained. He pulled his hand out and said in a low husky voice
"Get your dress off my little black cocksucker" she giggled at him
and let him help her take it off, it was as if she had forgotten I
was there. Up over her head it went and the sight of her breasts in
the black bra had me ready to jump on her, Bob helped her unhook it
from behind and they fell into view, Jesus they where huge and she
had two massive love bites on one of them. Bob grabbed a hand full
and lifted it up to his mouth sucking one of her nipples into his
mouth, I watched as she leaned back on the sofa and moaned. "They
where all feeling my ass and pussy and squeezing my tits" she said
breathing harder now as Bob sucked her nipples. "The big guy came
all over my face and then two of the others did too" she went on.
From where I was I couldn't see her pussy with her belly folded
down over it but Bob must have read my mind as he yanked her
forward by the legs roughly so she had her fat ass on the sofa's
edge and her chunky stocking clad legs open. What a pussy, it was
gapping open and leaking sperm the two fat lips swollen and puffy.
Bob's hand was back on it in a flash as he told her to continue her
story, she went on to say that after she took the three guys on the
face they got her up and bent her over a car hood nearby, she said
her panties where ripped off her and she had a black cock stuffed
up her wet pussy before she could say a thing. "He was huge Bob,
and he fucked me like an animal" she said. After him they all took
turns fucking her not letting her up off the car hood until all
four blacks had fucked her pussy raw. Bob was very excited now and
I watched as he freed his own cock that was hard too, he grabbed
her by the hair roughly and pulled her face down to his cock "Suck
my cock you filthy black cocksucker" he spat at her and didn't
resist taking his cock in the mouth and sucking the whole thing
down. He looked over at me and laughed "Come on buddy, she'll blow
you too if you want! What are you waiting for?". She stopped
sucking him and looked up at me "If you don't mind fucking a spunk
full pussy you can have my pussy" and then went back to sucking. I
was up and naked in seconds, falling over my jeans trying to get at
her faster, I stood in front of them with my cock in hand and it
was only when Bob looked at it that I realised my cock was much
bigger than his. "Jane take a look at the cock on this guy" Bob
said good humoured. She looked up and her mouth formed an "O" as
she stared at it, my cock when hard is about 8 inches and its
always surprising to people as I'm not a big guy. She released
Bob's cock and sat up "Come here with that boy" she demanded and
Bob laughed saying "O watch out buddy". She dived on my cock and
swallowed the whole thing ,something I had never experienced
before. She must have had lots of experience with large cocks as
she deep trothed me sucking so hard I felt my ass contract. She
grabbed my ass checks and pulled me deeper and after a second I
started humping my hips to meet her mouth. She was slurping and
moaning around my shaft obscenely like a real bitch in heat, she
let it pop out and jerked it off at her face and I thought I would
come right then. Bob got up and started feeling her pussy and tits
again whispering in her ear the whole time "Filthy whore, dirty
slut! Suck that cock" and "Six cocks in one night, that's
disgusting you fucking spunk bucket" but it was clear he was turned
on. I have never had a woman jerk me off like that smearing it all
over her face and panting like she was coming, but it was
fantastic. "Get away from me with that needle dick, it's a real
cock like this I want" she hissed at Bob pushing him away. He moved
away with a grin on his face and sat on the arm chair to watch. She
released me and flopped back on the sofa spreading her legs wide,
her pussy was leaking even more now with gobs of thick spunk
running down the crack to her asshole. "Come on show this asshole
how a real man fucks, give it to me hard and fast" she demanded up
at me. I looked at Bob and he smiled and nodded at me, dropping to
my knees my cock found her pussy on its own. Before I pushed it in
I got comfortable with just the head of my cock in her pussy "Come
on! Fuck my cunt, fuck my used pussy" she hissed at me and I
slammed it into her hard all the way. Even with my cock been big
her pussy felt baggy and slack but she screamed out as if it was
hurting her. "Yes, that's it fuck it, fuck it hard" she was coming
I think as she started bucking her hips up off the sofa and
screaming the house down. Her pussy was so wet already I couldn't
tell if she was or not but I couldn't care less it felt great and I
was pounding her as hard as I could slapping my balls against her
flabby ass. Her giant tits where flopping up and down her body and
she grabbed one in each hand and lifted them up squeezing them and
feeling herself up. She gritted her teeth and shouted at me to fuck
her harder "Harder you fucker, harder" shit I was but she wanted it
harder still what a slut. "Fuck the slag mate, pound the shit out
of her nigger loving cunt" said Bob from his seat. He was sitting
forward jerking off fast his hand a blur, Jane was red faced now
and sweating heavily her fat body glistening. "My ass, my ass" she
panted through gritted teeth and I didn't understand until I slowed
down "Fuck my ass now, ram that big cock up my ass you bastard" she
repeated at me and Bob laughed at her. When I pulled out she
flipped over onto her tummy sticking her huge ass out at me, it was
slick between the crack and Bob jumped up and stretched her checks
apart for me showing her gapping pussy and gapping asshole. When I
looked closer I could see sperm leaking out of her ass too and so
did Bob, "You filthy slag, they fucked your ass too didn't they?"
he asked running his hand over her ass and smearing the spunk all
over her ass and pussy. She laughed and said "Every one of them,
they each had my pussy and then they wanted more they insisted on
doing my ass" she panted. I was on my knees a foot from her ass
with Bob holding it open when she screamed out again "Quick give it
to me, pound my ass, fuck that rod up there" she was gagging for
it. I didn't bother taken my time, simply pressed it against her
open hole and shoved all the way in, she let out a loud cry and
rammed her ass back at me "Yes, pound my ass, fuck me up the ass I
love it" she was going nuts now. Bob climbed up and started jerking
off like mad pointing his cock at her face ,she turned her head to
face it opening her mouth wide. He fired spunk all over her face,
it splashed every where and the slut used her hand to gather it and
put it in her mouth before Bob rammed his cock into her mouth for
her to suck him off. I was still butt fucking her with long hard
strokes my cock covered in brownish slime a mixture of spunk and
shit but I was loving it digging my fingers into her flabby ass
flesh and yanking her heavy ass back onto my cock. I had to come
it was all too much me so I told her so, she screamed out "Do it
on my face, I want another load on my face quick" I whipped it
out and she spun around. Just in time too as the first wad shot
out and hit her square in the face, the second into her open mouth
and before I could get the third wad out she had swallowed my cock
whole sucking and licking her slime off it and drinking down the
last drops of thick spunk.

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