Fucking the Fat Lady

Fucking the Fat Lady
As personnel assistant to my boss Miss Johnson my job
entailed many different things and sometimes she asked
me to do certain things over and above the call of duty.
One day recently she had one of her big clients, a Miss
Roberts from the states come to visit our offices, to
hopefully sign a big sale. When she arrived I took her
into Miss Johnson's office and left to fetch coffee for
them both. I returned and was asked to stay to take

Miss Roberts was overweight; wearing a business suit
that she must have squeezed into with difficulty. I
guess she was about 45 or so with a pretty face but too
much make up for my liking. The boss left us alone to go
find some samples to show Miss Roberts and we chatted
while we waited.

The whole time she was looking me up and down and when
she moved around to open her tight suit coat I could see
through her white blouse, her bra looked like it was
custom made with thick straps to hold the weight of her
breasts. When she caught me looking she smiled and
mistook it as some kind of interest on my part. I
quickly excused my self to go help my boss.

That night I was home having just finished my meal and
ready to relax and watch some TV when the phone rang. It
was my boss who said, "Listen Matt, I don't know what
you did or said to Miss Roberts but she likes you and
wants to see you tonight for a drink at her hotel."

I said, "That's nice but I don't fancy a drink with

"You don't understand Matt, she made it clear that she
wanted to see you and she also said if she had some fun
she would sign tomorrow, now you get over there and be
nice, I don't care what you have to do be I'll make it
worth your while understand?"

Here we go again I thought. "Yeah OK I'll go over
there," I replied as always.

When I got to the hotel I asked to page her room and was
informed to go straight to her suite on the third floor.
I knocked on the door and was gob smacked when Miss
Roberts opened the door wearing a see through night-
dress that clung to her huge body, she had stockings and
suspenders and still wore her shoes. I could now see why
see needed such a big bra, her tits where the biggest
I've ever seen like two heads hanging from her neck. I
must have looked as shocked as I was as she ushered me
in and closed the door.

She followed me in to the room up to the bed and undoing
her night dress let it fall to the floor leaving her
naked except for her stocking, suspenders and shoes. I
couldn't even see her pussy as her belly hung down to
cover it. She sat down on the edge of the bed and opened
her fat legs as wide as they would go leaned back and
forward. Now I could see her big pussy which was shaved
hairless. Her massive tits where down to her belly
button and the nipples looked as big a saucers.

"Take off your clothes boy, I wana see what kind of cock
you got there."

When I didn't move she barked, "What's the matter, you
don't understand English?"

This was unbelievable I was sure I wasn't going to be
able to fuck this fat dog of a women but did as she
asked anyway until I stood before her naked my cock
limp. She starred at me like a hungry bitch and smiled,
"Get over here now," she ordered.

I stood right before her and she reached up and took my
limp cock in her podgy hand, stroking it and then gave
my balls a massage with her other hand. Amazingly enough
my cock reacted and began to grow in her hand until it
was standing up straight looking hard and angry. "Mmmm,
that's it come to moma," she said as she opened her
mouth and took the whole length into her mouth. She
bobbed her head up and down my shaft making load
slurping sounds as she did. She stopped just as it was
getting good and lay back on the bed, using both hands
she stretched open her fat cunt exposing two fleshy
pussy lips and a big swollen clit.

"Now get over here and eat my pussy," she hissed as she
started rubbing her own clit.

I climbed down between her fat legs, her cunt smelled
strong and looked even bigger from where I was. I
decided what the fuck, I might as well get it over with
and attacked her cunt with gusto, licking and biting her
until I felt her come which came in large amounts of
pussy juice. The bitch grabbed my hair and pulled me
further into her when she came covering my face with her
sticky mess and grinding my face against her pussy and
clit until she stopped moving which was after like five
fucking minutes.

When she finally released me I staggered back and stood
looking down at her. Her face was bright red and she was
sweating from the effort of coming. "Don't just stand
there idiot, come here and get that cock into me, I want
cock now," she gasped. She raised her knees up offering
me her sticky wet cunt hanging open. Her belly swelled
above her pussy mound and joined her big heaving tits
and to my surprise my cock was still rock hard. I moved
quickly ramming my cock home with one shove, call me a
idiot will you I thought, I'll show you.

Pushing her knees up more and holding her legs open
wider I plunged my cock in and out of her hot fat pussy.
It was so wet and slack that my cock kept slipping out
causing her to moan and plead each time. "Oh yeah! Fuck
me hard you bastard. I knew you wanted my pussy, now do
it hard!" she panted as I increased the pace slamming my
meat into her with such force the bed rocked. "Fuck me
like a whore you fucker, yes, YES!" she screamed and
came again, her eyes rolled back in her head and she
trashed from side to side.

That was fine by me so I pulled out my cock and asked,
"You want me to fuck you like a whore bitch?"

"Yeah, do it! Don't stop," she pleaded.

"Ok! Roll over onto your hands and knees whore so I can
fuck you like a dog," which she did with some difficulty
because of her size.

I kneeled there looking down at her huge ass, she must
have been twice as wide as me in the hips and I could
see her puckered ass hole looking at me just begging to
be fucked. She was soaked from her pussy to her asshole
with come juice and the straps from her suspenders dug
into her ass cheeks. Her tits and belly touched the bed
they hung down so low.

"Come on baby, give that cock again," she said in a nice
voice for the first time that night.

No problem I thought as I rammed my cock once again into
her sticky hole. I watched in awe as her ass cheeks
wobbled with every trust. I dug my fingers into her ass
flesh and fucked her harder than before. She must have
come twice more before she said, "Wait please, stop! I
cant take any more," she flopped away from me onto her
tummy and lay there panting.

I was out of breath too but my cock was still hard and
horny, I couldn't believe how horny this fat bitch made
me. "I'm not finished yet lady, you started this thing
now push that big ass back up here so I can fuck your
tight asshole."

She reflectively reached her hand around to cover her
entrance, "No, I don't do anal! You can fuck my tits if
you like though," she tried to turn over but I leaned on
to her holding her down. "What do you mean, you don't do
anal? You mean you've never had anal or you don't like
anal?" I whispered into her hear.

"I mean I... well I've never done and I don't want to,"
she said in a calm voice.

I reached for my cock that was pressed into her ass
cheeks and moved it nearer her asshole. She tried again
to get her hand in the way but I batted it away and
nudged my cock up to the hole. "Stay easy whore or it
will hurt going in," I reminded her and pushed until my
knob was inside her tight asshole. Oh this was nice
after her slack pussy, it was hot and tight and with one
more shove I put almost my whole length into her hole.

"Oh god no! STOP!" she pleaded.

I pulled my cock out only to push it back in this time
all the way and she let out a load groan. My cock fit
snugly in there and I began to move it in and out slowly
enjoying the tight feel until I felt it getting wetter
enabling me to speed up and start to fuck her with more
rhythm. She didn't say a word but lay there below me.

"You love it don't you whore? You like having your ass
fucked?" I mocked as I fucker her hole faster and
faster. It was now very wet and my cock mover in and out
with ease. "That's a nice tight ass you have there
slut." I pulled here ass cheeks apart so I could get
more cock in there and now I was able to pound it the
way I love to.

She was now starting to warm to the treatment and I
could feel her push back slightly as I pushed in.
"Well?" I said.

She moaned in a small voice, "Oh go easy please..."

Like hell, I was horny as fuck and wanted to fuck that
tight fat ass for all I was worth which is exactly what
I did, driving my cock mercilessly into her, "Tell me
you like it bitch," I spat, pounding harder.


"yes, what cunt?"

"Yes I, ah oh, I like it."

"Tell me you like your ass fucked!"

"Yes I like you fucking my ass!"

It must have been the talk because she started coming in
a big way humping her ass back onto my meat and crying
out with pleasure.

"Oh yes you bastard! Fuck my ass! I'm coming!"

I was pretty close too so I pulled out with a pop and
leaned back, my cock red and slimy from her ass. "Roll
over cunt I want to come on your fat tits and face."

I had to hurry as it was on its way. She flopped onto
her back and I clambered onto her chest mauling her big
tits, my cock inches from her face, "Suck my cock now
slut, make me come!"

She looked horrified and shock her head to say no. With
one hand on my cock I grabbed her hair hard enough to
make her pay attention and pushed it into her mouth,
pushing the whole length in until my balls where resting
on her chin. I fucked her mouth for two or three strokes
before I came firing spunk down her troth and finally
pulling out to finish on her face.

She had spunk all over the place, I hadn't come that
much in a long time. It was mixed up with her make up
smearing it all over her face. I flopped down beside her
exhausted panting for breath and suddenly realising that
I might have fucked up the deal for my boss. She lay
there motionless for a couple of minutes before heaving
herself up to go into the bathroom.

I quickly dressed and was about to leave when the door
opened and she came back into the room looking flushed
but smiling from ear to ear. "That was some fuck boy,
where you going already?" she asked seeing me ready to

"I thought you might want me to leave Miss Roberts," I

"Get your clothes off boy I'm going to need you to clean
my ass and pussy first after what you did to them," she
just grinned and made for the bed.

Here we go again, I thought...

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