Fifty-Five Year Old BBW Comes Out

Fifty-Five Year Old BBW Comes Out
Two weeks ago Richard invited me to his parent's house
for the week end insisting I had to come to keep him from
killing her; he's a good mate so I agreed. Besides they
have a pool and his dad is so quite and shy the house
would be ours. I had never meet Jane but heard lots of
bad stuff about her, he described her as a fat stuck up
bitch that needed a good fuck but not even his dad would
do it. They had been fighting since his dad married to 15
years earlier but now he was 28 as am I they tolerated
one and other.

When I first saw her my heart raced, I love big women and
this was the perfect fat woman. Her body looked big but
was made of rounded curves which to me screamed out
sexuality but looking at Richard and his dad they where
blind to it.

Even her huge belly clearly seen under her pleated knee
length skirt looked firm. Her breasts where truly huge
under her wool pullover the jumper clinging to every
curve from her bust to belly. She saw me staring and as
happens thought I was disgusted with her, she looked away
quickly and ushered us into the sitting room.

Dinner went well but I still had the horniest thoughts
running through my head, Jane saw me looking a couple of
more times and I think the fourth time she may have saw
that I was horny not sick. She had bent over to change
the CD while Richard and his dad chatted, now one was
looking so I admired her doorframe wide ass and hips
marveling at her chunky thick legs.

She for some reason glanced over her shoulder while still
bent over and saw me, ours eyes locked and she knew what
I had been thinking. When she stood up she was flustered
and found an excuse to leave the room, she never really
rejoined the party saying she was tired and leaving the
boys to drink.

The next morning she was better and smiled at me nicely
but stayed away from me when she could, the others wanted
to go swimming so we all got into swim wear Jane
included. She came out of the house wearing a one piece
swim suit with a large flowery wrap around wrapped high
on her swollen waist. Her breasts sat on top of her belly
looking larger still and they looked like they wanted to
pour right out.

She sat under the sun screen while we swam, it was only
as I climber out of the pool that I saw her looking at me
from under the shade. My cock is 9 inches when hard but
amazingly 7 when soft and I knew it was clearly outlined
in my shorts as the wet fabric clung to it.

When she saw me smiling at her she looked back at her
magazine and that was that, the problem was my
imagination running wild. My cock twitched and I knew
that in five seconds it would be 9 hard inches of hard
flesh "Shit," I thought I gotta get out of her. Richard
and his dad where still in the pool so I got up and made
for the house but she looked up and saw my cock that I
was half hiding with my hand. I hurried on and went to my
room to cool off, then fell asleep.

I woke up with Richard standing over the bed, "Pete, Dad
and I have been asked to play polo for one of the local
teams," he said excitedly. "They need to extra men fast."

What was he talking about?

"We'll be back in the morning mate just take it easy and
take care of Mum," he laughed and then he was gone.

By the time I got dressed and came down they where gone,
I found Jane in the kitchen washing veggies in the sink.
She was still wearing her swim suit and almost right off
my mind went to work, this was crazy the woman was
driving me nuts I wanted her so badly. She looked around
at me and said Hi then said, "I want to ask you a
question and I'd like a yes no answer," she looked at me
and I told her to ask away. "Was it me that made you
excited today at the pool?"

Shit this was tricky. She was staring right at me now the
water still running, "Yes," I said simply.

She turned back to her work and carried on while I sat
and looked at her ass and back, she had a roll of fat
under each arm from the weight of her breasts which only
got my mind going again. Five minutes later she asked
again, "Why?"

Good question.

"Because you scream sex," I answered smiling at her back.

She stopped again and chuckled saying, "You're the first
one to hear it, John must me deaf," she stopped what she
was doing and said she was off to get dressed.
I was kicking back watching TV when she came back into
the room, I almost fell off the armchair. She was wearing
a skirt that was two sizes too small that clung to every
bump and roll she had. On top she wore a white wrap
around cotton blouse with the sash going between her
breasts, when small breasted women wear these tops there
tits look big but on her it was almost laughable except
when your like me and love it.

She had put on a lot of make up and looked sluty, "Would
John hear me if I dressed like this?" she asked from the
door with one hand on her hip.

I grinned up at her thinking I'm going to fuck you no
matter what, "Any man would get the message," I replied
my voice cracking.

She grunted and walked into the room sitting down on the
sofa opposite me, "And what message are you getting now?"
she sounded angry now.

I sat back and studied her closely. "You need to come and
real soon," I said lightly. But she looked hard at me and
said, "I've never had an orgasm in my life, never," she
was really angry now.

"Not even when you masturbate?" I asked not believing

"I don't do that!" she answered flatly.

I chuckled at this, it was not the first time I'd meet
this kind of woman and I remembered how I managed the
last time. "That's because Jane, the Jane you want people
to see can't! But if you could be some one else for a
moment you could have one," I said smiling.

The last time I helped a girlfriend through a role play
fantasy she came in buckets but Jane looked like she
didn't understand. "If you could forget you where Jane
Thompson for a bit and pretend you where some one else I
guarantee you'll have fun." Now she looked interested.

"Whatever do you mean?" she said, moving forward on the
chair and showing me the top of one of her stockings. My
cock was hard in seconds and my heart raced. "Role play a
slut and act like one and you'll be free to come as you
want," I said moving in my chair. I explained that if she
trusted me and played along I'd stop when ever she
wanted, she said no but when I stood up she saw the bulge
in my pants and just nodded.

Firstly I made her wear a blind fold and told her to sit
still, when she was calm I outlined who she was and what
she was doing right now. "You're a $50 whore in hotel
room with a client," I began standing right beside her.
"The guy is good looking but he looks mean and you're
just a little scared."

Her breathing changed.

I leaned down and lifted one of her heavy breasts up in
my hand, "Nice tits slut," I sneered down at her
squeezing her breast in my hand.

She gasped a little and sucked in air.

"Maybe I'll come all over them letter," lifting the other
one and mauling them both through her blouse. They felt
like rocks or boulders firm and amazingly heavy, I tugged
at the wrap and it came away in my hands exposing her bra
clad breasts. Man they where gorgeous massive fleshy

I stepped back and let my pants fall to the floor along
with my shorts, my cock was standing up on its own. I
could smell my own cock so she must have too as she moved
back a little.

"I'm so hard right now," I groaned as she handled my
cock. "How much extra for a blowjob?"

Her breathing was getting faster now as she spoke, "$50

I laughed out loud and said, "You'll get $10, now open
your mouth and start!" I snarled. I brushed my cock
against her red lips but she held them closed, I leaned
down and placed her small hand on my cock.

She wrapped her hand around my shaft and just held it a
moment breathing hard now and staring ahead through the
blind fold. Slowly she started pulling on it making it
rage with lust, I pushed it against her lips again but
she still held me off.

"Stand up bitch, you won't suck my cock so we'll do
something else," I announced, moving back and pulling her
up. Her shirt was open all the way down with her bra clad
tits on show.

"Take off your clothes except for the stockings and
shoes," I demanded and smiled as I watched her do it. She
was amazing, her breasts hung down to her waist heavily,
her belly hung down too covering her fat pussy mound. The
only thing she wore was her suspender belt and stockings
and the belt was hidden under the fold of her belly, she
was flushed and breathing like she'd just run a mile.

I walked around her looking at every detail, her ass was
like a big black women's curving out from the small of
her back and it looked firm but when I grabbed a handful
it felt soft and warm. I stepped up behind her and slid
both hands under her arms and onto her giant tits lifting
them up and hissed in her ear, "Can you feel my cock on
your ass slut? Can you feel how big and hard it is?"

She shuddered from head to toe.

I pinched both nipples at the same time hard making her
moan then slipped one hand down to lift her belly up too
mauling it roughly, "I love your fat belly, I'm gonna
fuck you so hard," I moaned into her ear from an inch

She was trembling now so I told her to get on the sofa
helping her find it and placing her with her ass on the
cushion edge and her giant chunky legs open, when I
pushed her back gently she settled into the sofa with
her tits hanging baggy on her torso. I had the first look
at her pussy now and as I knew it would it was amazing,
not much hair and large puffy lips that where moist
looking and stuck together from her own juice.

"Open your pussy for me slut, let me see your cunt," I
said standing looking down.

She didn't move at first so I added, "Do it or I'm
leaving right now." She waited a second then slowly
reached down with one hand struggling to reach it over
her tits and belly. She was forced to use both hands to
hold her belly up and pull her lips apart but it was

I dropped down between her legs as she held her fleshly
pussy open to me her enormous clit looked like a small
fat cock, "Touch your clit, roll it like you know how," I
said touching her pussy for the first time. She jerked
her hips up at my hand but I was only stroking her open
lips gently.

"Masturbate for me now," I demanded inserting my thumb
into her burning hot and very wet pussy. She started to
slowly roll her engorged clit between fingers and thumb
a low moan escaping her. I fucked her with my thumb while
she worked on her clit adding a second finger right away.

"You got a nice big pussy lady, but don't worry when I
push my 9 inches into it you'll feel it," I said adding
another finger and moving them in and out faster.

She was having trouble breathing now and her hips started
jerking causing my fingers to go deeper inside her. I
added a fourth finger with ease then slipped my last
finger into her stretched pussy, she was working her clit
so fast now she didn't notice until I forced them all
inside knuckle deep.

"Oooooh Christ! Oooooh shit! was all she said slowing
only slightly on her clit.

I carried on fucking her with my hand for a minute then
with one last effort I forced my entire hand inside her
wet pussy, she stopped what she was doing and grabbed my
wrist stopping me a second. I pulled her hand away with
my free hand and dived down with my mouth.

My mouth found her swollen clit right away and I sucked
it into my mouth stretching it to an inch and biting it
gently while I continued to fist her stretched cunt. She
grabbed my hair and tugged at it hurting me but I was
relentless, I sucked, bite and rolling my tongue around
her clit while pumping my fist into her soaking pussy.

"No! No! No stop! Don't!" she cried out, but her pussy
was on fire and she was pumping hot liquid onto my arm.
"Ooh God stop, pleaseee!!"

She was coming and coming hard now humping her massive
ass and hips up off the sofa and forcing my entire hand
deeper inside her. I had to stop eating her as she was
just going nuts but I kept my hand inside her and just
let her fuck it on her own, she was moaning and crying at
the same time her face a mess.

"Fuck my fist you filthy slut, go on fuck it hard!" I
hissed down at her wriggling body watching her hit a high
point, she was biting her lip but still making so much
noise I was loving it.

When I pulled my hand from her cunt it was coated with
her juice and her pussy stayed stretched open like a
gapping wound, she had come leaking from it completely
covering her fleshy soft mound. She gasped for breath
making her tits and belly heave from effort and kept her
meaty legs wide open, I was tugging on my cock as I
shuffled forward until my cock was touching her messed up

"You want my cock now slut?" I asked dipping my knob into
her about an inch, her pussy was wet and baggy but felt
great. "Please go easy dear, I've never come like that,"
she moaned weakly, I forced her legs open wider and
pulled them up so her pussy was been offered to me. I
could see her brown asshole slick with her come just
below her fat lips, I held my cock in my hand with just
the tip inside her then with one easy push I buried it
all the way inside her.

All the air in her lungs came out with my trust and she
almost screamed, her pussy felt like it was on fire
burning my hard shaft and when I slammed into her the
second time her entire body rippled with it making me
horny as shit. Fascinated I watched her tits and belly
roll and ripple as I pounded my cock into her hard the
sound of flesh slapping flesh urging me on.

She tried to hold her breasts but they where just too
big and besides her belly was almost as big so in the end
she just let her arms lay useless at her sides. Her pussy
was making loud farting sounds as the air was been rammed
out with my cock and she looked like she was coming
continually squirting hot juice onto my already soaked

When it looked like she was about to pass out I pulled my
cock out and rested it on her soft wet pussy mound while
I sucked in air, this turned out to be an amazing fuck
and no doubt about it she had come and coma big I was
proud. She looked up at me through half open eyes and
asked, "Have you come inside me?"

I chuckled and told her I was still hard and waiting to
fuck her. She looked alarmed saying, "Please I cant take
anymore, it was wonderful but I'm sore now," she tried to
close her giant legs but I was between them.

"I pay my money I wanta come when I like slut!" I snarled
at her reminding her of the game plan here, she smiled at
me and said sweetly, "I can suck you some more..."

I smiled back and told her, "Oh, you will, but not yet."
I pulled her legs over and pushed her over onto her
knees. "I want to see your fat ass while I fuck you,
whore." I said getting her there.

Her ass was perfect, huge flabby white ass cheeks with
just the suspender straps and her skirt bunched around
her enormous waist, her pussy hung open a long gash with
what little hair she had matted to her swollen fleshy
folds. I could smell her pussy wafting up at me making me
hotter still, her puckered brown asshole was still slick
with her come and it was stretched open a little with the
sheer weight of her ample ass. I glanced at her from the
side and with pleasure that her belly and tits covered
the sofa spilling out all over the place, she held onto
the back of the sofa for support and waited for my cock.

"You like my big ass?" she purred at me still waiting, I
was jerking off slowly enjoying the view.

"Ooh yeah, I only fuck fat whores," I groaned back at her
and she giggled.

"Come on, give me that big hard cock I'm ready," she
pleaded at me swaying her enormous hips from side to
side, my cock was between her ass cheeks pointing up and
it felt good. Instead I moved back and dropped down
behind her so my face was an inch from her pussy, man it
smelled strong but looked good enough to eat.

And that's what I did, I buried my face into her hot
fleshy cunt covering a large part of my face. It felt hot
and wet as it squirmed across my face, I pushed my tongue
into her open gash as far as it would go and then started
worming it around inside. She went nuts, she started
ramming her ass back onto my face and screaming the place
down, I had to grip her flabby ass cheeks and hold her as
still as I could as I looked for her clit.

I only found it as she flopped forward into the sofa
burring her head in the cushions to cover her screams, it
popped out like a rubber cigar butt swollen and erect. I
had to push her flesh up to get it into my mouth but when
I did she let out one last scream, which died off, and
then she passed out. I kneeled back up while she was
still out smiling to myself, it didn't happen often but
it always felt good. I quickly pressed my cock to her
brown hole and pushed forward a little testing the force
I'd need.

She didn't stir an inch still out so I pushed forward and
with some strain popped my cock into her tight ass about
an inch. This did it, she groaned and tried to move
forward away from me but I held her tight digging my
fingers into her flabby hips. I grunted and shoved three
more inches up her ass and she cried out "Ooh fuck, what
the hell," in bewilderment, she understood quick though
when I shoved the rest of my cock all the way up her
tight brown hole.

"Oooh no, stop! Not there Nooooo!!" she screamed jerking
away fast enough to make my cock pop out.

I grabbed her roughly and yanked her back up, "Hold still
cunt, I'm gonna fuck your whore ass weather you want it
or not," I snarled at her.

"NO! You can't! Please don't!" she screamed just as I
found her hole again.

I shoved my entire cock up her in one trust knocking the
wind out of her. She was so surprised she couldn't talk
only managing to grunt as I pumped in and out rapidly my
cock already slick with brownish slime. It felt
fantastic, tight and burning hot and my balls felt heavy
as they slapped against her open pussy below.

"Ooh yeah baby, you got a nice tight ass just made for
fucking," I grunted jabbing into her hard as I spoke, she
was still gasping and panting trying to regain control
but had no chance as I yanked her heavy hips back onto my
cock. "You like having 9 inches of hard cock in your ass
slut, can you feel it?" I demanded giving her ass cheek a
hard slap.

"Ooh Christ, you're splitting me in half! I'm on fire
please stop!" she groaned but no longer fought me.

I reached under and grabbed her fleshly pussy poking
three fingers into her roughly while keeping my cock
buried to the hilt she groaned loudly, "Nooo Oooh, please
no I can't?" but I felt her come. She soaked my hand and
her ass started convulsing around my cock milking it

I was no longer fucking her just keeping my cock up her
ass was enough to make my balls boil. But soon I could no
longer hold back and when I felt my balls twitch I
withdrew my cock slowly then my hand too and stood back
up. She was a mess, her ass was still wide open a black
hole an inch wide and her pussy was hanging open too wet
and swollen.

She made no attempt to move from where she was until I
spoke. "I want to come in your mouth now slut. How much
extra?" My cock coated in her brown ass slime.

She rolled over onto her side and looked at me then
grinned and said, "$50 but you've got to come on my face,
not my mouth." I laughed and jumped up to straddle her
heaving chest. Holding my cock in my hand I pushed it at
her open mouth and when she closed her lips around it I
started to pump her mouth slowly.

She had her eyes closed but sucked my harder than last
time looking like she was enjoying it, my cock was
getting clean but I was about to come. I pulled out at
the last moment and sprayed her entire face with sticky
spunk, it went every where even in her hair while I
jerked off rapidly. She held her mouth open and got a
large wad of spunk dropped right on her tongue which she
lapped up then she was licking my shaft from top to
bottom smearing the spunk all over her.

We both fell back exhausted after that and she looked
like she was asleep until I moved to get up. "That was
like nothing I've ever experienced," she said. "I have
never come before in my life! Can you believe that?" She
still looked amazing to me and my cock would have made an
effort but I knew she was spent "You're very welcome and
the pleasure was all mine," I said standing up.

She looked up at me and said in a very serious voice "I'm
yours now, you know that! You can take me whenever you
want," she meant it too; I shrugged and left her there.

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