Cheating Bride

Cheating Bride
It started before we were married, his father Phil is
somewhat of a playboy, many were the times that he
would give me a big hug and grab a quick feel of my
butt when he could.

I never told Dan about these instances because I didn't
want to start any trouble between him and his old man.
Because of my silence Phil became increasing braver.
Several times he "accidentally" copped a feel of my tits.
I was a virgin when I married, having saved myself for
my husband.

Our wedding was beautiful, and the reception was great
except for the fact that Dan had way too much to drink.

We had taken a room in the same hotel as the reception
so that our wedding night would be memorable, and then
I found myself with a dead drunk husband. I didn't know
what I would do, my wedding night sex would be ruined
by his overindulgence.

Phil helped me get Dan up to our suite. I was almost
in tears, unable to wake him and Phil consoled me say-
ing that he would just have to sleep it off. I had had
a fair bit to drink as well and soon found myself tell-
ing Phil how I had saved myself for this night and now
disappointed I was.

I don't know how it happened, but somehow Phil's lips
found their way to mine and he explained how he under-
stood. I was in shock as he stood and began to strip
naked explaining that as Dan couldn't perform, he had
the family honor to protect.

It was like I was in a daze. I saw him standing before
me naked with his rather large cock standing erect
between us. I reached out and stroked his cock while
he slowly undid my wedding dress until it fell to the

I stood in my bra and panties before him. He kissed me
deeply as he released my bra allowing my large breasts
to swing free before his gaze. Then he gently took one
of my nipples into his mouth and sucked it until they
both stood erect and straining.

I had never let Dan do that to me because I was afraid
that we wouldn't be able to control ourselves. And to
have a man do that to my nipples was driving me crazy.
I felt me knees wobbling and my heart pounding in my
chest, as he kept sucking on one nipple then the other.

With his other hand he slid my panties down and I step-
ped out of them. Now I was naked in front my father in-

He broke our embrace and I watched as he pushed Dan to
one side of the bed, then he guided me down onto my
back beside my passed out husband.

My legs instinctively spread and the next thing I knew
he was between them eating me out. I couldn't believe
how good it felt, how good he was! I came 3 times be-
fore he stopped and moved up to kiss me.

I could taste my own juices on his lips. I had never
dreamed of tasting myself on a mans lips before, it was
just so... wonderful!

Then Phil rolled over onto his side and gently pulled
me over to him. He slowly pulled my head to the tip of
his cock and as I felt the velvety skin of it touch my
lips he pushed his cock into my mouth.

Another experience that I had never thought about doing
before. But for some reason I didn't mind it, I sucked
his hard shaft, cradling and massaging his balls in my
cold hands. But before he could come, he stopped me and
withdrew from my mouth.

"I want to fuck that beautiful cunt of yours," he said.

I only moaned my approval as he took his position be-
tween my legs. He began rubbing his cock head up and
down my slit, tempting me until I finally told him to
put it in me. No, I begged him to fuck me, I was so
turned on by all these first-time feeling that were
raging through my body, all of the feelings that my
father in-law was giving me.

He told me to put it in, and I reached between my legs
and guided him into me. With a slow forceful push it
began to stretch me open and finally entered my tight

I had long ago lost my hymen riding my horse bare back
but it was still painful. I didn't mind because the
pain felt somehow good, I encouraged him to take me
completely. I blush now thing about the things I said
to him in my new found lust.

When he was about half way in me, he suddenly thrust
hard, burring himself in me to the balls. It knocked
the headboard of the bed loudly against the wall. He
remained buried to the root allowing my body to adapt
to his size.

I could feel him throbbing inside me, I think he was
doing it on purpose. Then he slowly began to fuck me.

My body began to adapt and I called out to him to fuck
me harder. I was incredibly wet, and incredibly turn-
ed on by this man on top of me.

He began to pound relentlessly into my cunt, his balls
smacking against my ass with every in thrust. I was
delirious in rapture, telling him that I loved him
and to fuck me harder.

He pulled my legs over his shoulders and began to pound
me like a madman. I could feel him deep within me. Then
he asked me whether I was on any birth control.

I told him I was not, but that I didn't care, I begged
him not to pull out, I begged him to come inside me.
At that moment all I wanted was to keep feeling the
wonderful filling sensation of his cock buried deep
inside me, it was an experience that I had never even
dreamed of having before. Even my masturbation
sessions had never been this good.

He just smiled and continued to hammer away at my cunt
as I came again and again. Then he buried himself fully
in me, His body tensed, as his swollen cock strained.
Then I felt his body shake, and I heard him groan in
release. Then I felt his come rocketing up inside me.
He must have come for a full minute, every burst making
him contract his butt forcing his seed further into my
well fucked body.

I knew instinctively at that moment that he had impreg-
nated me, I had timed my wedding well, wanting my hus-
band to seed me on our big day. I didn't care, all that
was important was that I had been fucked marvelously...

I looked beside me as I lay there in my afterglow, my
father in-laws cock still buried inside me. I could
feel him beginning to shrink and I just looked at my
now snoring husband with contempt.

Fuck you I thought.


The next morning Dan had a massive hangover and didn't
remember anything past the toast. I told him that we
had had incredible sex the night before and that I was
so sore that we couldn't possibly do it again for a

He looked dejected but than again he didn't remember
anything so what could he say. The truth was I wanted
to put him off at least a month so that I could be
sure one way or another whether I was pregnant by his

Sure enough by the end of the month I had confirmation
that I was indeed pregnant. For some reason it didn't
worry me that it was Phil's baby and not my husbands,
it served him right for falling asleep on me - after
all I'd waited 20 years for that night.

As far as Dan knew it was his, for a wild wedding
night fuck that he couldn't even remember. I did tell
Phil that it was his child and he was overjoyed. He
told me he had enjoyed our sex tremendously and wanted

I told him that I was his whenever he wanted me. I
finally let my husband have sex with me a month and a
half after the wedding.

It's not true that, "like father like son!" He was a
couple of inches shorter in the penis department than
his father, and didn't know how to use what he had.

However I performed my wifely duties, allowing him to
squirt his seed into my already rotor-tilled cunt.

His father was retired and free during the days. So
almost every day, he would stop by our place for a few
hours of wild and sensuous fucking. Dan worked pretty
long hours so I wasn't worried about him catching us.

I loved Phil's cock so much that I'd would do anything
for him, and when he asked if I would consider adding
additional partners I willingly agreed.

The next day he showed up with a couple of his older
friends, Jake who was about 59 (the same as Phil) and
Ernie who was about 63.

I was a bit frightened, but soon under Phil's fingers
and manipulations I felt open to anything.

I was embarrassed at first. I had been a virgin only 3
months before, and here I was being talked into having
an orgy with three men.

Phil was awfully persuasive, and as he talked he sat
beside me, first rubbing my leg, then soon he had a
hand in my shorts sliding a finger in and out of my
wet slit.

I looked at the other men, as Phil kept up his low
conversation with me, and they looked like they where
going to come at any moment. Jake looked so hard that
he was stretching the fabric of his pants.

I still wasn't sure about all this. I was 23 years old,
and these men were old enough to be my grandparents.
But Phil kept up his massage and soon I was on my back,
shorts off, knees sent with Phil hammered away at my

Phil was like a mad man, fucking me so hard that the
bed was banging away at the wall. I soon forgot who
was there and what all was going to happen to me, as I
got into the violence of Phil's lovemaking.

As I felt myself coming I also felt Jake's come spurting
onto my hot face. I reached out and took his swollen
cock into my hand as he continued to come, now dripping
down my wrist. Ernie (who was a rather disgusting look-
ing old man) knelt on the bed on the other side, and
as my lover fucked me he sidled up to me and began to
force my lips open with his cock. He growled at told me
to suck on his meat.

I did as they wanted and when Phil finally pumped his
load into me, he rolled off me and Ernie took his

He stuffed his gnarled cock into me and fucked me like
a teenager, I was surprised that he had so much energy.

After about 10 minutes Ernie groaned and added his come
to Phil's. It was running down my thighs onto the bed
as he pulled out from me with a plop that made the men

Then Jake mounted me! Even though he'd just come all
over my face he thrust away at my sloppy cunt. Almost
as an after-thought he asked whether I was on birth

Phil just laughed and told them that I was already
pregnant with his baby. They all seemed to think that
was funny and laughed as Jake continued to pump away
at me even harder.

I was a little shocked when after they were all done
with me, Phil told the two men that after the baby
they would all be able to suck some real breast milk

I lay there covered in sperm, with a copious amount
of old-man sperm dripping from my cunt as the men
dressed to leave.

"Tell the guys whose cunt you are!" Phil said.

I just looked at them and told them that I was Phil's
cunt, and that I would do anything he said. I blushed,
but I knew it was true. If I'd let his friends fuck me
like this, I guess I'd do anything.

Phil beamed with pride and stuck a finger deep into my
pussy, then he moved it to my mouth making me lick it

"Don't that taste good my little slut?" he asked.

I nodded yes, and then they were gone.


Several days later Phil phoned to tell me that he was
coming over with a couple of different men, and he
told me to strip naked and wait on my back on my bed
for them.

I did as he said, I was super excited, who would they
be? What would they be like, I wondered. Then the
troublesome thought flashed through me mind, was I
going to be the neighborhood slut, was my father in-
law turning me into a whore.

But I soon heard him letting himself in with the key
and I stopped my worrying as I heard them coming up the

Phil had brought Nick and Steve, his other to sons -
and my husbands brothers.

They were amazed to see me naked and waiting on my bed
like that. Phil turned to his other two boys and told
them to fuck me.

Nick and Steve stripped. Nick wasted no time with fore-
play, he just mounted me immediately burring himself in
my very wet cunt, all the way to his root. He hammered
me for five minutes before filling me with his hot

After recovering, still breathing like a locomotive,
he pulled out, rolling to one side, and straight away
Steve jumped between my wide spread legs.

Steve fucked me even harder. A few minutes later he
too pumped his sperm into my well-fucked body.

My face turned scarlet when I heard Steve say, "Dad,
Now you do the slut!"

Phil grinned and then mounted me, hammering me well
past orgasm, until he too spurted his massive volume
into me.

"See boys," said Phil pulling his softening cock from
my cunt, "this is the type of woman you don't marry, a
slut. So baby what are you?" he asked me.

"A slut." I answered.

"Okay sweetheart, now you eat our cum," Phil ordered.

They all watched as I used my fingers to scoop their
seed from my gaping cunt, and lick it off my fingers.

"What a fucken whore!" whispered Steve.

Nick left the room and returned after a minute with a
spoon from the kitchen. He passed it to me and ordered
me to use it to eat their seed up.

I couldn't seem to defy them, and began to scoop up
their sperm with the spoon and eat it. I felt so brazen
and whorish.

Phil looked at me with a strange expression. "I bet I
could make money off this," he said. "There is more to
to being a whore than just fucking, and you my little
one have what it takes."

After that my father in-law got more insistent that I
take on more and more men. At his urging I took care
of a steady stream of men that stopped by sometimes
only an hour after my husband Dan had left for work.

Phil didn't seem to care about my pregnancy and even
into my ninth month I was getting hammered hard by my

In fact I had one of his friends hammering away at me
when my water broke, and it was time to go to the

Phil had just laughed and stopped the man from fucking
so he could take me to the hospital, but not before he
assured the man that I would do him later, and for free
to make up for the incontinence.

And so went my life. If there is a moral to this story,
it might be, watch out what you wish for, cause you
might get it!

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