Big woman

Big woman
It was a hot, steamy summer night & the dance floor was a writhing mass of sweating bodies as the music pounded incessantly to bestow a cacophony of benediction upon the heavy metal worshippers who roared ecstatically with release at the sound of the High-Priest Ozzy blessing their devotion to rock 'n roll.
Indolently I leaned on the bar & ignored the litter of confusion surrounding me as I watched her dance: Tracy was a large lady in every sense of the word; big green eyes, framed by long tresses of flaming red hair which spilled down her back & caressed her abundant breasts which jiggled one way & the other beneath her t-shirt as she swung to the rhythm. Her big ass bounced provocatively under her knee-length skirt while her knee-high boots drummed a primal beat as she lost herself to the sound ricocheting off the neon-lit walls of the club. My gaze flickered over some of the other dancers that gyrated around the floor - skinny tarts with scraps of cloth
barely covering their toned flesh, toned bitches with skin-tight denim shorts, pretty babes with low-cut tops but my eyes kept returning to her beautiful big ass time & again until I felt my cock pressing stiffly along the top of my thigh.
She was dancing with her friend Elaine, who I?d dated several years previously & she gave a little wave as the music stopped to be replaced by a babble of voices shouting for more beer, more vodka & a whole range of 'conversation'; it was impossible to hear what anyone was saying while the music played unless they cupped a hand around your ear & shouted, but in the lull that followed Tracy walked over for a chat, while Elaine went over to her new boyfriend & began a tonsillectomy on him with her tongue.
We'd been friends for 10 years & swapped the usual pleasantries while waiting for re-fills from the harried staff who rushed to meet the demands of the thirsty horde around the bar, then I gulped gratefully at the cold beer & drank a vodka to keep it company while she chugged on bottled lager as beads of sweat marched along her brow. Her eyes glittered mischievously when she asked me the usual question about my love-life & I replied that I?d been too busy working ?6 nights a week, 12 hours per shift...? then the music began to pound again & further conversation had to be continued with her mouth pressed to my ear & vice-versa. The mass of people around us & the fact she was a few inches shorter than my 6' meant she had to lean up, then into me as I asked her how Gary, her husband, was getting on as I?d not seen him for
a while & was astonished when she hissed into my ear, 'don't speak to me about that bastard!'
Her body quivered with rage against me as she told me how he'd been 'shagging some
tart...I?ve a good mind to teach the cheating shit a lesson.' My dick pricked up with interest to hear that & pressed painfully in my tight jeans as it felt her body pressing closer as someone pushed past us; my beer spilled over her arm when I quickly moved it aside to avoid it cascading over her t-shirt & I was rewarded with an eyeful of her luscious tits while she felt my rock-hard cock pressing into her crotch.
An eternal second of surprise gripped us as we looked into each others eyes & felt the heat flicker within them to ignite an unstoppable need for each other that night. I leaned down as she reached up to cup her hand around my ear then said ?let's do it? & licked my ear while we pushed closer to feel the heat rising faster, ?let's fuck? she suggested then bit my ear in a needless enticement as I responded by rolling my hips to rub my denim-clad cock harder on the top of her groin.
I'd not had sex for several months & simply grinned lustfully at her as my arm took possession of her while her hand slipped into my back pocket to squeeze my ass in return while we walked out into the sultry night air. The route to my place was only a 15 minute walk through town & our hands explored each other all the way there, squeezing & fondling until we reached my front door then burst through to begin a frenzy of kissing as she tugged at my jeans to release my throbbing cock while I lifted her t-shirt to free those stupendous tits, tweaking the fat nipples playfully which made her groan with anticipation as she bent to anoint the tip of my cock with her tongue.
?O fuck yeah Trace? I encouraged, running a hand through her hair as the other took one mighty breast to caress as her tongue flicked expertly over the seeping head of my cock. Crooning with pleasure she lapped at the flow of clear juice as her hand gently hefted my heavy balls that boiled urgently with a hot load of spunk while she used the other to squeeze my ass lustily as I pumped back & forth into her warm, wet mouth. Sitting on the staircase as I stood before her, she moaned with a deeper desire as her lips enveloped inch after inch of my swollen meat until she'd swallowed all 7", gripping both hands on each cheek of my ass to hold me there. I peeled off my sodden shirt & panted in an effort to keep some control over the seething passion that her lips were bringing to my body as she sucked harder while I held her head onto my root with both hands until she gagged; a stream of drool spilled from her lips but she held
steady to work her throat around my cock which pulsed as my balls bubbled with hot juice that began to rise to her insistent sucking rhythm.
?Stop, stop for fucks sake or I?m gonna cumm? I protested, as I pulled her hair to force her lips from my cock with an obscenely sexy slurp. My dick was coated in a sticky sheen of pre-cum & spittle which dripped onto her tits that poured from underneath her t-shirt before she tore it over her head as my hands squeezed them together around my slick dick. Revelling in the slippery feeling of her sweaty flesh engulfing the freshly sucked meat that felt steel-hard in contrast to her soft tits as I lewdly used them to heighten the erotic sensations to another level. Squeezing the base of my cock hard, I blessed the tip of her nipple with a pearl of pre-cumm which she lifted up to her lips to taste, moaning with approval at the salty mixture of the juice & her sweat while I savoured the image before telling her to stand up. She thought we were about to carry on up the stairs, but as her big ass filled my view I just had to lift her skirt up there to admire the full ripeness of her ass cheeks that mooned at me before leaning in to pull the thin red strip of her soaked panties away from her humid crack with my teeth.
?You horny fucker? she crooned with approval, wriggling her ass back onto my probing tongue which swiped up & down to savour the rich, musky flavour of her love juices as they flowed from her cunt. My fingers trailed through her thick bush in eager exploration as I slid my tongue around her asshole & felt my cock throbbing wildly with desire to sheath itself deep inside her. Instead, I thrust two fingers into her hot, wet cunt & rubbed her engorged clit with my thumb as she leaned forward for balance until her meaty ass was at the tender mercy of my relentless tongue which slurped & sucked the juices off, running it in long, wet strokes over every inch of those magnificent cheeks in lewd worship.
?Lick me out you dirty bastard? she panted, as my tongue dipped into her rosy asshole & I shoved another finger up her dripping snatch while keeping a heavy rhythm on her swollen clit with my thumb which felt twice the size as she started to cumm. I curled my fingers up to rub the magic spot behind that huge bud & sucked hard on her ass while she squealed ecstatically, then groaned as I pulled back:
?Fuck me now? she begged, ?Fuck me hard.?
?You want this?? I teased, enticing her hungry cunt with the tip of my cock which raged with lust at the proximity of its desire that dripped hot promises of pleasure on the length as it slid between her hairy lips.
?Give it to me for fucks sake, don?t tease me? she pleaded frantically wriggling back to get the full length of her tormentor deeper.
I grinned & slipped the tip just inside her then pulled back as I gripped her hips in my hands.
?Stop fuckin' teasin' me!? she cried, then screamed as I slammed all the way up in a single stroke that possessed her, completely filling her soaking wet cunt as I ground deep inside that snug, sexy cunt which rubbed my balls over her swollen clit with a delicious friction that sent spasms of orgasmic pleasure rippling through her body. Reaching up to get a firm handful of her titflesh that shivered with the onslaught of my prick pounding hard & fast to bring her off with a series of strokes which sent those sticky juices cascading over my balls as she yelled, ?YES, YESS, YESSS, YYYEEESSSSS? in a delirium of satisfaction at reaching her climax which
brought me right to the edge as I pulled out with a loud squelch.
?Turn round you sexy bitch? I urged & as her tits came in range I let a volley of hot spunk go that detonated over her.
?Yeah, cumm all over my tits? she crooned, as I pushed my pulsing dick between them to pour a stream of thick cummm under her chin.
Overcome with the incredibly sexy sight of her tits getting painted with my juice, I fisted my cock frantically to splatter her face with bursts of spunk that erupted in searing waves which she took greedily; licking her lips to taste it then scooping her tits up to lick the thick sauce as my knees buckled & I knelt before her to watch the erotic show.
?You taste so good? she murmured, licking her lips as I sucked her sticky juice off my fingers & replied with a grin; ?so do you!?
?I hope there's more where that came from? she teased, grabbing my softening cock with one hand & running the fingers of the other between her puffy cunt lips that oozed with sex.
Reaching out to hold the back of her neck, I leaned in to kiss her moist red lips softly then whispered; ?Tracy, we've got all night.?
Our tongues danced passionately, flicking, licking around each others mouth to inflame our desire further. She moaned as I sucked on her slick tongue to savour the salty taste of spunk & her hand squeezed my thick cock which responded to her nimble fingers; then I cupped her pretty face in the palms of my hands while her soft lips fed on my tongue to relish the tangy flavour of her pussy until we parted to gulp in air that was humid with heat & passion.
?I'll go get us a refresher from the fridge? I gasped, wiping sweat from my brow as I stood up.
?See you in a minute? she smiled, coyly smoothing her skirt down although her superb breasts were still bare, beaded with sweat & swathed in patches of cumm that glistened as they bounced when she stood to go up the stairs. I watched her ass sway up each step of the way & she turned at the top to blow me a kiss.
?Hurry up!? she chuckled, ?you've gotta whole lotta luvin' to get busy with tonight.?
I blew her a kiss back & turned to walk into the kitchen murmuring, ?yeah, I sure gotta whole lotta woman on my hands here......?

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