Horny bastard

Horny bastard
Roxanne just grinned, and I knew that face. She made it many times during our relationship, and it was always good. It was mostly when I ate her pussy, and she was about to cum all over my face. She kept that face, and slowly walked over towards us. She didn't seem mad, but she was something. I didn't commit to being sorry, or entitled to fuck her daughter, I just let her say whatever she needed to say. She actually leaned towards Sofie, and not me. She took a good look at her naked body, and smiled quite widely. I wasn't sure if they ever saw each other nude before, but Roxanne seemed to really like what she saw.

"What do you think you are doing, fucking my girlfriend?" Roxanne asked Sofie sternly.

Sofie just grinned, and said nothing. The jury was still out on how Roxanne felt, but then she took Sofie's hand. She brought her up off the table, and checked her out from head to toe.

"You couldn't try fucking Bridgette, or Bridgette's mom for that matter? You had to try it with my girlfriend?" Roxanne pondered.

"If it's any consolation, she was a really good fuck. She really knows how to eat pussy," Sofie put on the record.

"I won't argue that, but she is still my girlfriend. I'll have to teach you a lesson, that it's not OK to fuck your mom's girlfriend. You need to ask permission first," Roxanne let her know.

We both just looked right her with confused looks, and then Roxanne put her lips right onto Sofie's. I saw them make out for a minute, and then I came all over the table. A mother and daughter were making out, and I had the pleasure of having sex with both of them. I watched them, and Sofie didn't stop her. Maybe they had a thing for each other, the whole lesbian world had been opened to them, and they had no intention of turning back. In fact, Roxanne put her hands onto Sofie's tits. I already came once, and they were daring me to cum again.

"Oh, you used your tits, didn't you? You know that she loves my tits, so you broke them out, and she was sold," Roxanne suggested.

"She decided not to wear a bra, or panties," I made sure she knew.

"You little devil, you used temptation, and got her to surrender. Nice job," Roxanne congratulated her.

Then she put her lips back onto Sofie's lips again. They made out for a few more minutes, and then eventually, they both looked over at me. I was still on the table, and I had my fingers in between my pussy lips. I was masturbating to probably the most hottest thing I ever saw in my life. They both walked over towards the table, and saw the puddle I had on the table. Then Roxanne looked at my pussy, and stuck her pointer finger up in there.

"Did you eat her pussy, Sofie?" Roxanne pondered.

"Maybe," Sofie simply replied.

"Did you like it?" Roxanne had to know.

"Maybe, I did. What are you gonna do about it?" Sofie wondered.

Then Roxanne back away a couple feet, and began undoing her shorts. They fell to the floor, and she then she put Sofie's hand at the bottom of her shirt.

"Take it off me, Sofie," Roxanne commanded.

Sofie was looking down towards Roxanne's stomach, I guess she wasn't sure what to do.

"You fucked my girlfriend, don't you wanna fuck your mom?" Roxanne inquired.

It was a fair question, whether it was a moment of passion or planned out, she did fuck her mom's girlfriend. Roxanne leaned over, and kissed her daughter yet again. I leaned up, and got really close to them both. They both looked over towards my boobs, and seemed to love what they saw.

"They are quite a sight to see, aren't they? It's odd that a nerdy know-it-all has such a sweet pair of tits, isn't it?" Roxanne wondered.

"Now that you mention it, that is odd," Sofie put on the record.

"Hey, just because I wear glasses, and I'm really smart, that doesn't make me a know-it-all," I said.

They both looked at me for a second, and then Sofie took off her mom's shirt. Just like her daughter, she wasn't wearing a bra. It was almost as if they had practiced this whole thing, because they were driving me crazy. They knew what I liked, doing it slowly, and not rushing things. Just making it all, perfect.

"Take off my panties, Amber," Roxanne said, as she looked at me.

I cheesed, and got up off the table. I came to them, and kissed them both. Then I slowly got onto my knees, and slid down my girlfriend's panties. This was all too hot, and all three of us were at emotional highs. As Roxanne was completely naked, I stood up. I saw a mother, making out with her daughter, and that was a sight to see. Their boobs pressed together, and I just stood there. I watched them both closely, and eventually, Roxanne pulled me close to them. Then, all three sets of boobs were touching.

"Maybe when you get pregnant, then you'll have c-cup boobs," Roxanne mentioned to Sofie.

Sofie put her hands underneath her tits, and held them up. She was moving them around a bit, playing with them, and making us hornier by the second. As we just couldn't control ourselves, Roxanne and I leaned down towards Sofie's tits. We both began licking her nipples, and she bolted out the moans.

"Oh, my. This is new, this is really new, and kinky," Sofie let out.

We both heard her inhaling, and exhaling rather sharply. I just had sex with her, and I didn't hear her breathing like that. I sucked on her nipples, as if they were Roxanne's nipples. The kinkiest things I had done before this, were fuck a student's mom, and fuck the student, herself. Having sex with a mother and daughter, at the same time, definitely dethroned those two. Sofie's put her hands onto our heads, and then we really sucked on her nipples. We had her moaning, and moving around quite a bit.

"Oh, I love you, mom," Sofie moaned.

I was more than happy to bring them closer, if that was in fact what I was doing. I saw them making out, it was out there, but I still couldn't get a clear read on them. Was this love, lust, or what exactly? Eventually, Roxanne lifted her head up, and put her lips back onto Sofie's lips. I continued to suck on her nipple, as they made out. They reminded me of Roxanne and I together, even though we weren't mother and daughter.

"It really isn't nice to fuck her. I should be the one eating my girlfriend's pussy, not my hot daughter," Roxanne mentioned somewhat sternly.

"Did you just call me hot?" Sofie wondered.

They both grinned at each other for a minute, and then Roxanne pulled me up with them.

"If you wanted to eat my daughter's pussy, you could have asked. I would have let you do it, at least once," Roxanne put on the record.

"OK then, I'll remember that in the next life," I told her.

Then Roxanne leaned over towards my ear.

"Just don't do it without my permission again," Roxanne whispered.

She whispered it, but I knew she wasn't a woman to be messed with. So, I took that very seriously.

"Sense you got to eat my daughter's pussy, it's only fair that her mother gets to eat it too," Roxanne mentioned.

Roxanne slowly leaned down onto Sofie's knees, and got right between her daughter's legs. She immediately stuck a few fingers into Sofie's pussy, and spread out her pussy lips. She began fucking her daughter, and I had just splattered the floor, myself. That didn't stop Roxanne, and Sofie was still enjoying themselves. I was a little out of it, so I just had to sit down. I sat on a chair, and did my best to focus on them. I was grinning, and I certainly loved what I saw.

"Fuck, mom," Sofie moaned, as she had her hands on her tits.

I never seen anyone smile, like the way I just saw Sofie smiling. She was smiling, as if she just had cancer cured, and she just scratched a winning million dollar lottery ticket. Then Roxanne put her hands onto the floor, and just used her tongue. It was not only getting the job done, she was gonna do it in record time. All of the sudden, like flipping a light switch, Sofie was moaning out loud.

"Fuck!!!" Sofie screamed.

She unloaded, undeniably, the biggest orgasm she ever had in her life. She started, and just didn't stop for what seemed like hours. When she eventually finished, Sofie laid back on the table. I knew it right then, their mother/daughter relationship was rock solid, forever. Roxanne had her eyes closed, and she backed away about a foot. I could only imagine that it was much different, coming from her daughter, rather than her girlfriend. I sprayed her face many times in the past, but never got her to just let it all dry, as she just stayed still. I was still a little out of it, and Sofie nearly passed out. I managed to get up, and lay down with Sofie. I was dying to hear something she had to say, about her mom eating her out.

"You are one lucky bitch, Amber," Sofie said clearly.

"Hey, that's my girlfriend," Roxanne put on the record, as she laid down on the floor.

We all laughed for a minute, and then, Sofie and I joined Roxanne. We both felt her up a bit, but just stayed silent. I guess the situation didn't call for any spoken words, anyway. I knew all three of us were thinking, but none of us said anything though. We laid there for about twenty minutes in silence, but eventually, Roxanne said something. She leaned over to my ear.

"Did you like having her eat your pussy?" Roxanne whispered.

"She is definitely her mother's daughter, she fucked me just like the way you did. It was wonderful," I let her know.

"You are biased, but I like that," Roxanne whispered.

Then Sofie got on top of her mom.

"What are you two whispering about over here?" Sofie wondered.

"Just about your new found pussy eating skills, Amber likes them. She really likes them, and she definitely knows that you are my daughter," Roxanne explained.

Sofie kissed her mom again, and then got on top of me. I wasn't sure what she was doing, but I didn't complain at the time. She put her arms underneath me, as Roxanne got onto her side. She watched us make out passionately, and she had to put her fingers between her pussy lips.

"Oh, yes, there is no better sight, than seeing your daughter make out with your girlfriend," Roxanne moaned.

We just kept making out, but eventually, Sofie began making her way down towards my pussy. I found myself begging for her to fuck me. Even though it only took a few seconds to climb down to my pussy, it seemed like it was forever. Sofie began eating my pussy once again, and it just reminded me of Roxanne again too.

"Oh, here we go again," I muttered.

Roxanne got close to me, and rested her head on my boobs. After a minute, she began licking my nipples. It was something quite overwhelming, I had an older woman licking my nipples, and her daughter that was eating my pussy. Maybe it was only fate, that Sofie was gonna end up fucking a woman. I wasn't sure, but I certainly liked the end result. I put one hand on Sofie head, and the other on Roxanne's. I didn't know if there were any other mother/daughter sex teams out there, but if there were, I wouldn't trade Sofie and Roxanne. It didn't take very long for me to reach the edge, with them both pleasuring me to no end. I began moaning, because I felt it coming.

"Fuck yes, Sofie! Make me cum now!!" I screamed.

I came all over her face, and it one amazing orgasm. After that, Sofie climbed up towards us. We all cuddled for a few minutes, and once again, we didn't say a word. It was uncomfortable on the hardwood floor, but we didn't mind. We had each other to lean on, and we all hugged each other too.

"I'm sorry to break the news, Sofie, but Amber and I, are both one woman ladies," Roxanne said.

"So, I can't have sex with your girlfriend again?" Sofie wondered.

"I'm afraid not, but maybe every now and then, we can all have some fun together," Roxanne let her know.

Roxanne never got pissy about Sofie and I having sex, but she wasn't too thrilled about it either. I stayed on as Sofie's tutor, but we made it clear to her, that it was just about tutoring, and that was it. She accepted, but she still dropped hints that she loved our time together.

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