Play time with Ms. Helen

Play time with Ms. Helen
My name is Joe. I'm in my mid 20s. I'm attracted to older woman about age 40 and up.

No, I don't have "mommy issues". I've always had a great relationship with my mother.

No, it's not a fetish. I just prefer a mature, experienced (in life & in bed), old-fashioned woman. An older woman that has a relationship with God. An older woman that doesn't drink, smoke, or use any drugs. An older woman who can hold an intellectual conversation that isn't about what's trending on social media. An older woman who would rather spend her weekends roaming the crochet/garden areas of Hobby Lobby, rather than the bar area of a nightclub. An older woman who still enjoys cooking and cleaning. An older woman who understands that there are younger men who are more compatible with them than men around their own age.

This is just my preference and I won't ever settle for anything less.

I've been with an older woman before, and this is my story...

It was the mid 2000s when I first met my then-girlfriend's mother, Ms. Helen. I was 15 and she was 35. They say if you want to know how your partner is going to look like when they get older, just look at their mother/father. Well, I had a lot to look forward to. My girlfriend's facial features looked just like her mother's, except her mother had a beautiful pale complexion, about half a foot taller, natural curly hair, voluptuous in stature. Not only did they resemble each other, but their personalities were one in one. Ms. Helen & I got along very well from the get go. She took a liking to me and I respected her. Fast forward several years... I was over my girlfriend's home just about everyday after school, practically living there. Ms. Helen would come home after work and normally would change into something more comfortable, specifically her nightgown. She looked so good in it, but my admiration for her beauty was as far as it went, initially. That is until she started wearing it more often around me and the longer & harder I stared at her in it. There were several instances where I would run into her throughout the house and she had no bra underneath her nightgown. Keep in mind that the nightgown was silk. Therefore, I could make out the outline of her breast/areola/nipple areas. My admiration for her beauty reached an all time high. One night, before I left, she extended her arms to give me a hug. She was wearing the nightgown, and I was wearing a light t-shirt & thin, silk-like basketball shorts. Ms. Helen is a tight hugger, so when she hugged me I felt my dick press against her belly area and her breasts pressed against my chest area. Her tits felt so soft & warm through our light clothing. I began to get aroused at the thought of how beautiful her big, pale tits must've looked & felt through bare contact. I was only fantasizing though, unrealistic. It was at this point in time when I began masturbating to the thought of having sex with Ms. Helen, even thinking of her as I had sex with her daughter. Ms. Helen is a friendly lady. Very outgoing when she interacts with people, and can get touchy with others, in an innocent manner. I can vividly recall this one particular situation when I was laying down on my girlfriend's bed... She walked into the room, layed down beside me in her gown, and engaged in a conversation with me. My girlfriend worked evenings, so it was just us two in the room. I didn't talk much as I was nervous with the thought of a mere nightgown being the only thing from her being naked in bed next to me. At one point, she began to rub on my legs, jokingly making fun of how skinny I was. The lone feel of her touch began to arouse me, but I quickly adjusted and positioned my body in a way to shield the erection I was getting. She was positioned more toward the bottom of the bed and I was near the top, parallel to each other. I had a clear view of the top of her breasts and I couldn't focus on anything else. All these thoughts rushed into my head of what I wanted to do to her, but I was just fantasizing again. One weekend night, around midnight, while my girlfriend was at work and her other children were out with their friends, I walked into the dark kitchen to get some water. From the kitchen, looking over the bar into Ms. Helen's bedroom, I saw her playing with her boyfriend's dick under the covers. I stayed watching... getting turned on, hoping they wouldn't hear me in the kitchen. Then, I saw Ms. Helen put her head under the covers and start sucking his dick. I stayed watching for a minute before I tip-toed back to my girlfriend's room. When my girlfriend arrived home, I asked her for a blowjob. She gave me one and the whole time I pretended it was her mother's mouth wrapped around my dick and I enjoyed the blowjob that much more. One evening, my girlfriend & I got into an argument and she wasn't letting me inside their home. I was acting in an irate manner, so Ms. Helen stepped outside in her nightgown to interfere before the situation got out of hand. I decided it was best to leave. Later, with all these emotions still running through me, I texted Ms. Helen "You really turned me on coming out in your nightgown" She didn't reply. I was embarrassed for admitting through that text message that I was attracted to her. I thought it would be awkward after that, but it was never brought up so I left it alone. Ms. Helen and her boyfriend broke up. During this time, Ms. Helen started seeing younger guys. One of the first nights one of these guys came over, she answered the front door wearing only a white muscle shirt (no bra) and black jogging pants. She peeked in my girlfriend's room real quick to ask us how she looked. She looked fucking hot! Her hair was straightened, make-up done, and the muscle shirt was stretched out over her big & perfect breasts. I could see her areolas/nipples through her muscle shirt. I was instantly turned on and I wanted her bad! Another night, Ms. Helen's other daughter & I happened to hear her fucking. We laughed about it and proceeded to go to our rooms. A couple minutes went by and I tip-toed to Ms. Helen's bedroom door. I stood there, pulled down my shorts a little, and began jacking off as I listened to her moan. I knew that I could make her moan like that, I knew I could! Again, I was just fantasizing. For a while, she stopped bringing these guys around completely. One night, I walked over to Ms. Helen's bedroom. It was late. I needed a towel from her restroom and didn't want to wake her up if she was asleep. She had left the tv on as she did most nights. It was loud, so I figured I could sneak in & out without her knowing. I cracked the door open a little and noticed that she was knocked out, so I walked right in. As I walked toward the restroom, I noticed that her nightgown was risen up about 2/3 up her thighs. She was laying on her back with her legs spread wide open. I slowly walked over to her bed and peeked in to her crotch area. She was wearing these violet or blueish panties. They looked so tight on her as they cuffed her pussy. Her thick, pale thighs & legs... oh how I wanted to touch all over her body. I reached in my pajama pants and began playing with myself for several seconds as I stood overlooking her. I walked out of her room without ever getting the towel. Fast forward... 4/7/09. I was in the kitchen late that evening when Ms. Helen walked out of her room. I noticed she had showered. Her hair was still wet, no make-up on, and had changed into sweat pants & a t-shirt (no bra, and her nipples were hard). She sparked up a conversation and we talked for about 15 minutes. She ate a bowl of cereal and went off to bed. I stayed watching tv in the living room. Thinking. Fantasizing about fucking her. But no, I didn't even know if she was attracted to me. She never even hinted, directly or indirectly, that she had the slightest interest in me. I wasn't certain that my feelings were mutual, so I went off to bed. I tossed & turned in bed that night. Thinking too much "what if". What if the feelings were mutual? I would never know, unless I made a pass at her. But how? And where?? And when??? Everybody was asleep and she was alone in her room. I figured the best chance is now, so I made my decision. I was going to do it. I got dressed. Turned my phone off. Left a note to my girlfriend saying "Went to sonic. Phone battery died." just in case she woke up and tried calling me. I drove my car around the corner and parked it there, so my girlfriend would see that I had in fact left. I walked back home in a hurry and quietly walked back inside. I tip-toed to everybody's room, making sure they were still asleep. Then, I tip-toed towards Ms. Helen's room. The door was closed and I couldn't hear the TV on this night. I turned on the light right outside her room. I was so nervous. My palms were sweaty, but I was ready. I cracked open the door a little and the light shined through. I waited several seconds to see if I had woken her up. No, she remained asleep. I opened the door a little more, just enough for me to walk in. I slowly walked over to her side of the bed and noticed she was facing the window. I was so horny! I reached down in my shorts and started touching myself for about a minute, contemplating my next move. I had to make a move soon before somebody woke up and saw me. I stopped touching myself and leaned over near her left ear and just whispered what was on my mind... "Ms. Helen... Ms. Helen... Can I eat your pussy?" My voice must've been too low because she didn't move at all. I repeated it again slightly louder about 5 times, and her body began to squirm more and more with each repetition that passed. She abruptly woke up, rolled over on her back, and saw that it was me saying something. "What's wrong?!" and I repeated "Can I eat your pussy Ms. Helen?" Not believing what I was asking she replied "What?! No, no, no, no. You need to get out before somebody wakes up and sees you in here." "Please Ms. Helen? I wanna eat your pussy." "No, Joe! Sally is going to wake up." "No. I told her I was leaving and parked my car on the other street. Everybody is asleep, nobody's going to wake up. Please? Just for a little bit." She placed her right forearm over her face, like she couldn't believe that I had taken such extensive measures to attempt sleeping with her. "Where's Anthony?" "Anthony just fell asleep. Kelly too." "No, Joe. No." As I was saying "Please? Just for a little bit." I pulled down my boxers & shorts mid-thigh. My dick was already hard, so I grabbed Ms. Helen's left wrist, quickly placed her hand on top of my dick, and let go of her wrist. She grabbed a hold of my dick as she looked over at it, saying "Oh, fuck! It's big." She began stroking my dick and I reached under her shirt to feel on her tits. They were so soft, so warm, and felt so much bigger in my hand. I was just about to lean over to suck on her tits, when she rolled over on her side (facing me now) and pulled my dick inside of her mouth. It was on now! I stood there, staring down at my girlfriend's mom with her wet & warm mouth wrapped around my dick. My dick getting more wet with each stroke in & out of her mouth. It was awesome! She tried shoving it all in her mouth, but couldn't. It was fucking hot though! After about a minute, she pulled my dick out of her mouth and rolled her tongue down my shaft and began to lick & suck on my balls. I'm not a big fan of getting my balls sucked, but I enjoyed her doing it. It was better than any blowjob I had experienced, by far. I stopped her to go turn off the light I had left on and to make sure everybody was still asleep. As I was walking out she said "Come back. I want you to fuck me." That turned me on so much and I hurried checking to make sure nobody had woken up. When I got back, I turned off the light in front of her room and locked the door behind me. It was dark in her room now, couldn't see much. I walked back over to her side of the bed and asked her to suck my dick a little more. She did, and it was so good I didn't want her to stop. I didn't know how much time we had, so I told her I wanted to eat her pussy. I love to eat pussy and had been craving to taste her pussy for so long. I was eager to make her pussy squirt how I made my girlfriend cum in my mouth. She was hesitant at first, but then she reached under and removed her sweatpants & panties. She got comfortable in the middle of the bed and spread her legs open for me. I walked to the front of the bed, climbed up on top and leaned in between her legs. It was about to go down! I was about to make love to Ms. Helen's pussy with my mouth! I couldn't believe I was here! We were in the dark so I couldn't really see her pussy. I leaned in slowly until my lips bumped into her pussy and felt her little pussy hairs on my face. Her pussy smelled good and I was so ready to taste it. I reached under her legs to grab a hold of her thighs. I accumulated a large amount of saliva on the tip of my tongue and stuck it out toward her clit. She squirmed once she felt my wet tongue touch her pussy. Her pussy was already so fucking wet! I began to slowly caress her clit with my tongue. Her body squirmed more & more as the speed of the motion I was making with my tongue increased. She was loving that shit! I was loving that shit! It was hot & fucking intense! Her pussy was so warm in my mouth and it tasted sooo fucking good! She placed her hands on top of my head as if she didn't want me to stop, and I didn't want to stop. She was holding back herself from moaning loud, squirming a lot. I would have eaten her pussy all night if I could've. Eventually, I felt as if she was about to cum because she started tightening up. I think she was embarrassed to cum in my mouth, so she told me to stop and I did. "Stop. I want you to fuck me now." I could see her figure get out of bed and she told me to follow her to the closest. The moon shined bright through the restroom window as we made our way to the closet. I could see all that big booty in front me. Her ass looked better than I imagined it would. When we got inside her closet, she stopped in front of me, turned around and grabbed my dick. She got on her knees and started giving me head again. It was quick, but I didn't want her to stop. She pulled my dick out of her mouth and told me she was going to lay down on the floor. I followed. As I got down on the floor, she spread her legs open to let me position myself over her, and I did. I placed my hands, one on each side of her body to hold myself up as I was leaning over on top of her. I slid my knees under her legs, letting the back of her legs rest on top of my thighs. This was it! I was about to fuck Ms. Helen! I told her to put my dick in her pussy, and with no hesitation she reached over, grabbed my shaft, and placed my dick head at the entrance of her pussy. My dick was so hard and her pussy so wet, I was ready to slide it in. "Right there?" "Yeah, right there." I gave a little thrust and my dick head slid in slowly. The inside of her pussy was so fucking wet, y'all don't understand! Fucking awesome! She squirmed and let out a little moan. It turned me on to hear her moan, so I slowly slid the rest of my dick in her. Her pussy was tight & so warm wrapped around my dick. I fucked her slowly, pulling my dick almost all the way out & all the way back in with each stroke. It was so good. So, so, good. She wrapped her legs around me and started rubbing on my chest & back. "Does it feel good?" "Yes! Does my pussy feel good?" "Yes. It feels good." She was fucking loving it, and me too. I was scared though, of getting caught. I told her we should stop before somebody wakes up, and after about a minute I came inside of her pussy. Yes, her pussy was THAT fucking good! The only woman to this day that has made me come that fast. We got up and she walked me over to her bedroom window to sneak out. The next evening, I was in the laundry room and Ms. Helen noticed it was me in there. She stepped in the laundry room with me and closed the door. With a big smile she said "Take off your shorts. Hurry! Let me suck your dick." It was so spontaneous and I loved it, but I was scared. "No, not right now. Later tonight." but she didn't get the chance too later. On my birthday, Ms. Helen called me when she pulled into the driveway. She told me to come outside to give me my birthday present. I walked over to the driver window. She told me to get inside, so I did. We drove off and I asked "Where we goin'?" "I wanted to 'play' with you a little. Pull it out." "No, I need to shower." I had just fucked her daughter earlier, so my dick wasn't fresh. One night, I was upstairs on the couch and she came up and sat right next to me. In the middle of us talking, I pulled out my dick and asked her if she wanted to suck it. She grabbed it and tried putting it all in her mouth. It was so hot! We could here everybody walking through the hallway and they had no clue what we were doing. She gave me head for about a minute and stopped before saying "You only like me cause I suck your dick." She sucks my dick the best. She got up and walked back downstairs. One morning, before everybody woke up, I crept in her room and locked it. She was sound asleep on her stomach. The covers were off of her and she was wearing shorts. That big booty was looking nice! I woke her up and told her I wanted to "play". She didn't want to, but I assured her everybody was asleep. I proceeded to grope her. I asked her to roll over on her back near the edge of the bed and she slowly did. I got on my knees next to the bed, pulled her legs apart and leaned my face in between her thighs. I started kissing, licking, and sucking on her thighs working my way up toward her pussy. I could tell by her squirming that she really liked it. I pulled her shorts and panties to the side and started eating her pussy for a few minutes. Like always, I felt we didn't have much time, so I stopped and went back to my girlfriend's room. Another morning, I crept over to her room to play. I walked in naked. She was already awake. I closed & locked the door behind me and climbed into bed with her. I got on my knees next to her head as she remained laying down. She grabbed my dick from over her face and started sucking on it. I reached down her pink muscle shirt and caressed her tits. She worked her way back & forth from sucking my dick to licking & sucking on my balls. I almost came and I wanted to all over her face and tits. That would have been awesome, but she stopped after about 5 minutes and I just got up and left. Another night, I snuck over to her room and the tv was off, so I figured she was asleep. I walked in and she was awake, as if she was expecting me, which made me so horny. I told her if she wanted to "play" and she just asked if everybody was asleep, in which I said yeah. I turned on the tv so we could see better, got naked and climbed into bed with her. She was wearing the gown I like, so she just hiked it up a little and then removed her panties. I couldn't wait and wanted to waste no time, so I went ahead and propped her legs up, got in between, leaned over her, and shoved my dick in her. Ms. Helen's pussy felt so damn good while I was fucking her. She wrapped her arms around me and held me close while we kissed and I sucked on her neck. I could tell she enjoyed that the most, as did I. I ended our "play" time short that night, for fear of getting caught. One night, I snuck in after her boyfriend went to work. I walked in naked and woke her up telling her I wanted to fuck. She said no, because she had just fucked her boyfriend earlier that night. I told her it didn't bother me and she was up for it. She pulled off her pajama pants & panties and I got on top of her and fucked her. She held back from moaning so much that night and I remember coming a lot in her. I felt my cum drip out as I was pulling my dick out. One night, after her friend and her had sex, I snuck in to play and she was up for it. I walked over to her side of the bed and pulled my dick out in front of her face. She didn't hesitate to grab it and started giving me head as she lay there. I reached under her night gown and started playing with her tits. "Suck my tits" She said, but I didn't. I was to busy enjoying her sucking my dick. It lasted for a while, but then I had to come. "I'm about to come, stop!" I tried to pull back from her, but she wanted to keep going. "Go ahead and come" "Where?" "On my pillow" So she kept sucking and I started to feel my dick throbbing in her mouth. I was getting close, and I waited til the last second to pull out and come on her pillow. She jacked me off until I finished coming. It was so fucking hot! When I was done, I picked up my boxers and shorts and left. She cleaned up the mess later. One weekend night, I was in my girlfriend's room laying down watching a movie. It was late, so I figured everybody was asleep. I had left my gf's room door open and heard somebody walking in the hallway toward our section of the house. It was Ms. Helen. She walked in wearing this new night gown she had bought. She looked fucking hot in it. I was laying near the edge and she walked right over and started asking me what I was doing. It's late...everybody is girlfriend wouldn't be home anytime soon...she knows I'd fuck her any chance I get...I knew what she came to the room for. So, I reached out behind her and started rubbing on her ass. My dick got hard so quick and I told her if she could give me head. She left to go make sure everybody was still asleep. In the meanwhile, I reached under the covers and removed my boxers I was wearing. When she got back, she came back to my side and told me to pull out my dick. I just removed the comforter from on top of me and she grabbed my dick and shoved it as deep as she could in her mouth. My dick was wet from her saliva dripping down on it. She was stroking my shaft in a perfect motion while she sucked & caressed my dick head with her tongue. She made love to my dick with her mouth that night. It was fucking hot! I'm glad she stopped when she did cause I was about to come in her mouth, which would've been even hotter. She stopped and told me to fuck her, but first she went to check if everybody was still sound asleep. I got out of bed as I heard her coming back down the hallway. She walked in and layed down on her back, propping her legs up. She positioned her pussy near the edge of the bed and told me to fuck her. I stood in front of her, my dick so fucking hard, and slid it in her pussy. It was so fucking wet by now. I began fucking her slowly, going as deep as possible with each thrust. She was fucking loving it! She reached under her nightgown and lowered her bra, exposing her breasts one by one. Her tits were rocking back & forth while I was fucking her. Then, she reached out for my hands and placed them on her tits. It was fucking hot! I didn't come and we ended up stopping and she went back to her room. Another morning, I woke her up from her sleep to fuck. She didn't want to at first as I was trying to get her shorts and panties off of her, but she willingly moved to the edge of the bed and removed them herself. I stood on the side of the bed and started fucking her. I had a good view of my dick sliding in & out of her pussy, watching her body rock. Her facial expressions where priceless. If I hadn't came so quick, I would have gotten her completely naked and let her ride me. That would have been so fucking hot to see her big tits all over the place while she was bouncing on my dick. This other morning, she let me "play" but she hardly moved at all. I struggled taking off her shorts and panties. She was laying on her stomach to begin with, so I just took them down halfway to her knees. All that booty right there in front of me. Man what a sight to see! I wanted to ask her if she'd let me fuck her in the ass, but was too scared to. I wanted to kiss all over her booty, but time constraints prevented me from doing so. I got on top of her, spread her soft butt cheeks apart, slid my dick in her pussy, and just rode her til I came. It was awesome. One day, my girlfriend had left to get us food from whataburger, and I wanted to suck on Ms. Helen's tits so bad. I walked over to her room and noticed she was coming out of the restroom. I told her what I wanted. She hesitated at first, but then lifted up her shirt (she wasn't wearing a bra) as I approached her and requested that I hurry. I firmly grabbed both of her tits, raised her right tit upward as I leaned down to caress her hard nipple with my wet tongue and then began sucking on her breast. I switched over to her left breast and began sucking on it while still holding her right breast. It was quick, about a minute. She lowered her shirt and I went back to my girlfriend's room. One afternoon, I was sitting at the kitchen bar when she walked out of her room and began cleaning the kitchen. She striked up a conversation which lasted at least half an hour, maybe more. Midway into our conversation, I couldn't help but think of what I wanted to do to her. We were home alone. I wanted to fuck her doggy style so bad, which I hadn't done yet. Imagining her body completely naked and repeatedly backing her pussy back & forth on my dick while I gripped on her butt cheeks and spanked her ass... oh man... I got so hard at the thought of it. But she had no idea my dick was aroused cause I was sitting down in front of the bar. One of her other children had arrived home and she whispered to me "We could've fooled around but now it's too late" I don't know why I was scared to initiate this time, but I sure missed my chance. This other night, I heard Ms. Helen knocking on my girlfriend's door. She was just coming to check on us. I unlocked the door and let her know her daughter was sleeping. She turned around to walk back to her room, but I hurried and stepped out into the small hallway in front of our room and bathroom and closed the door behind me. I made sure I left the door cracked a little to keep an eye on my girlfriend sleeping. Ms. Helen turned back around, facing me now. "Do you wanna play tonight?" I don't recall her reply, I just remember dropping my shorts, her grabbing my dick, and we started making out. I remember she squeezed my dick so hard and began jacking me of while I was kissing her and feeling on her tits through her shirt & bra. Without ceasing to jack me off, she turned her back to me and started rubbing my dick against her booty while I reached out in front of her to keep rubbing on her breasts. We were both so fucking horny! It was hot! We stopped and I told her I'd sneak over later on. When I went to her room past midnight, she was sound asleep. I had planned to cover her body with the bottle of chocolate syrup that was in the fridge and lick & suck it all off. I decided not to wake her though. One afternoon, on our way back from the food stamps office, she says "Look (referring to a hotel we had just passed) we could've got a room." "You want to?" "No, not now. We could've earlier, but I told everybody we're on our way back." I beat myself up about it the rest of the way home. It would've been the perfect situation, had I spoke up sooner. I could've done everything I couldn't at home. Foreplay, 69, multiple sex positions, anal sex, not having to be quite, taking our time, etc. I missed out on another good chance. We picked up Popeyes and went straight home. Another day, she called me as she was coming home from work. She told me to make sure nobody was around to hear our conversation. I went to my girlfriend's room, she was at work at the time. Ms. Helen asked me if I wanted to play that particular night. I was so fucking horny for her, so I told her yeah. I made a special request though. I asked her not to wear panties under her gown, because I wanted to sneak in and start eating her pussy while she was asleep. She was up for it. Well, it was way past midnight when I went to her room. I opened the door and peeked in only to see her wide awake. She was expecting me. I stepped in and locked the door. I walked over to side of the bed closest to the window, where she was laying at this night. She was smiling so seductively. It was fucking hot! I told her everybody was asleep and began hiking up her gown to reveal her hairy little pussy. I wanted her pussy in my mouth so bad, but began rubbing on her thick thighs as I stood on the side. That's when I thought I heard somebody out in the hall. It was nobody. I was still scared. I told her I was going to double check if everybody was still asleep. I checked, but I never went back. Another afternoon, Ms. Helen's other daughter went next door. I thought for sure she'd be gone at least an hour, as she had been on recent occasions. Now, Ms. Helen & I were home alone, with nobody coming home anytime soon. Ms. Helen was in her other daughter's bedroom laying on the bed. I walked in, sat on the recliner and sparked up a conversation with her. About 20 minutes into our conversation, I asked her if she wanted to "play". "No, Joe." "Please. Just for a little bit. Nobody is here." "Kelly is next door. She can walk in any minute." "No. I can lock front door." That's when she got a phone call, and I went to lock the front door. She was on the phone for several minutes. When she hung up, I told her "I locked the front door already." "No, Joe. Somebody else might show up." "Nobody will. Come on." Then, I began tugging on her pants to remove them. "No... Not in here. In my room." "In here, just real quick" I kept tugging at her pants and she began to position herself on her back near the edge of the bed, removed her pants and panties down to her ankles, propped her legs back, and said "Hurry. Stick it in." "No, turn around. I want to fuck you doggy style." And she did. She got up, placed her knees at the edge of the bed, and bent over in the doggy style position. I had the perfect view of her ass right in front of me, a foot away. Her pussy and asshole looked so nice! I had just recently experimented with my girlfriend and she let me lick her asshole. My girlfriend enjoyed it so much, I thought Ms. Helen would enjoy it too. Her asshole looked so tasty, I wanted to lick it. But I'm a huge germaphobe as it is, and we didn't have much time for her to go wash herself so I didn't even bother asking. I thought I'd just ask her another time. I was just about to eat her pussy from behind before I fucked her, but that's when we heard somebody fidgeting with the front door knob! Kelly was back early from next door. She had her keys and was about to walk in the house. Ms. Helen jumped up and hurried to raise up her pants & panties from around her ankles. She layed back down and I sat in the recliner and covered my boner. We pretended as if we were just talking when her daughter entered the room. That was a close one. One afternoon, I walked in Kelly's room. Ms. Helen was telling her daughter how her lower back had been bothering her. She asked her daughter if she would massage her back for her with an electric massager she had. I guess the daughter didn't want to because she found a way to sneak out the room. I told her I wouldn't mind doing it. She told me the massager was in her restroom cabinet, so I went and got it. When I returned, she was laying in her daughter's bed already, on her stomach near the edge. I went ahead and plugged it in and turned it on. This thing vibrated like crazy! She told me where her muscle tension was, reaching back with her hand to show me the designated area in which she wanted me to apply the massager. It was on her lower back, right above her ass. I placed it there, just to see her booty start jiggling. It turned me on. I started getting hard, immediately. She didn't see though, as I was standing on the side bent all the way over cause her daughter's bed was really low to the ground then. Also, she had her eyes closed. She was either enjoying the relief from the tension or turned on by the vibration or both. I kept massaging her. Moving the massager around the area in circular motions. I got a little slick and went a little low real quick, just to see her ass jiggle more. She was really enjoying the massage, as was I and I'm sure she knew it. I was doing it for a while, before she eventually told me to stop. I told her I would do it again, if she ever needed me to. Hoping she'd ask me again when we had the house to ourselves, so I could massage her entire naked body with baby oil. But we rarely had the house to ourselves, and she never asked for a massage again. One evening, I was on my phone in the living room with all the lights off. I guess she thought everybody was in their rooms. She walked out of her bedroom into the laundry room, completely naked! I could see directly into the laundry room as she was in there for about a minute. This was the first time I got to see her entire body naked from afar. I got to admire her in a whole new light. Fucking hot! I recognized at that moment that I officially was attracted more to her, an older woman, than I was to either of her younger daughters, younger women in general. No matter how hard I try, girls my age just don't do it for me anymore, physically, mentally, or emotionally.

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Rita never wanted sex anymore. That alone didn't alarm me, given our sex life had never been vigorous. Then she started paying more attention to her appearance after years of neglect. Throw in