BBW Cuckold Husband

BBW Cuckold Husband
The very first time I saw my wife get fucked was not
planned and is still not clear to me if I enjoyed it. It
happened because I owed money to some really nasty guys,
money my wife didn't know I had borrowed until the boys
came calling looking for it.

It was Jane who answered the front door and I heard her
scream out as the three men pushed their way in past her
and stormed into the sitting room. She followed them in
shouting abuse until one of them a black guy about 30 and
6ft tall back handed her across the face, all broke louse
as I jumped at him and we scuffled.

I got punched in the face so hard I saw stars and when I
came too I was on the floor with a huge white guy sitting
across my chest with his fists raised and my wife crying
on the sofa looking on. Leroy the man I owed money too
was sitting in the arm chair smiling down at me, "Well, I
said I'd come find you and here I am tough guy," he said
"You really are a stupid motherfucker," he continued.

My wife cried out asking who the hell they where and they
all chuckled after Leroy did, he looked at her and said
"Your man here owes me money, a lot of money and he
thought I'd let it go" she looked shocked then her face
went red and she looked at me like she wanted to kill me.

They all laughed again and I squirmed on the floor "Is
that true, you fucking asshole" she spat at me, I looked
at the floor and nodded yes. "The problem is I need the
money back and I need it now," she Leroy still grinning.
"We could take your wife here and have her work for us
for a week or so, that is if we could find any guys that
would pay to fuck a fat cow like her," he continued
making his boys laugh again and my wife go wide eyed.

I pleaded with him but I didn't have the money explaining
I'd need a month to get it, anyway it went on for 20
minutes with me pleading and him making fun of the
situation. He then got up and flopped down beside my wife
making her move up to make room and pressing his large
body against her thighs. She was wearing a dress and
pullover and as she is very fat she took up most of the
small sofa, her tits looked bigger crammed inside her
wool top and I saw Leroy glaring at them grinning.

"I'll tell you what, I'll make a deal," he said. "Your
wife puts out for us now and I'll give you the month," he
was looking at me when he said it and I of course said no
way but before he could say a word my wife spoke up.

"I'll let you, touch me and kiss me but that's it," we
all looked at her and Leroy chuckled again. "Baby, when I
say put out I mean suck and fuck us all."

She looked at me with pure hatred in her eyes, she would
have killed me if she could then back to Leroy beside
her. "Just you then," she said.

Leroy looked at me and grinned then said, "Ok bitch, get
my cock out and suck it now," it was an order, I
struggled under the weight of the big white guy on my
chest but could not move him.

My schoolteacher wife who hates sucking y cock reached
over the tugged Leroy's jogging pants down with him
lifting his ass up to help her, his cock was fucking huge
and it wasn't hard yet twice as big as mine. I could not
see everything but a clear enough shot as she wrapped her
podgy hand around it and lifted it up to look at it,
Leroy was grinning from ear to ear.

"You ain't never had a cock like that before bitch, think
you can get it in your mouth," he laughed.

I freaked out trashing about so much the white guy
punched me in the face again, my wife was still stroking
Leroy's cock but she said, "Shut the fuck up asshole it's
your fault where all here now shut up and it will be over
with." She then leaned down and started licking his cock
like a lollipop making it grow in her hand.

Leroy moaned and looked down at me smiling as she took
the head in her mouth stretching her lips around his
massive black cock. She managed to get about four inches
of the ten into her mouth and I saw her cheeks suck in as
she sucked his cock it was terrible for me, the two other
boys looked on too but they where laughing and joking.

"Suck my big black cock bitch, show your husband here
what a good cocksucker you are," he moaned humping his
hips up to meet her bobbing head, I could not believe she
was doing this and it looked like she was doing it well

Roger the third guy walked over and started tugging her
pullover up over her huge white bra, her belly spilling
out over her skirt waistband white and dimpled. She
didn't even try to stop him as he mauled her breasts
through her bra laughing, "Man look at these tits, their
fucking huge."

Leroy reached up too now to maul the other breast. "Get
them out man I can't see shit." Within a minute they had
her bra off and where mauling her naked tits openly, her
huge tits in Leroy's large black hand looked obscene and
I was going nuts, I saw her dark brown nipple harden and
I though it must have been fear.

"Damn, bitch. You can suck better than that," said Leroy
and then he grabbed her hair and started forcing his cock
deeper into her mouth making her gag on it, she took a
second and to my surprise she managed to take more then
half his cock stopping the rest with her hand wrapped
around the base.

He fucked her face hard humping up into her mouth and
breathing harder now. "Yeah that's it whore, suck my
cock, suck it cunt," he snarled at her and she sucked
what she could as he raped her mouth.

The other guy had now pulled out his cock and it too
looked huge, long and veiny. He was tugging on it making
it hard as he pushed his hand up her skirt looking for
her pussy, I expected to see her freak now but the bitch
lifted her massive hips off the sofa so he could pull her
huge white panties down holding them up for the boys to
laugh at their size. Next he kind of dragged her ass to
the edge of the sofa while she sucked Leroy's cock and
forced her legs open, at least she putting up some

"Man I just love fat pussy," said the white guy now
kneeling between her legs "Look at the size of this cunt"
he laughed and grabbed a hand full of flabby pussy mound
, he then said he had to taste it before they all fucked
her and lowered his head to her gapping pussy.

She hates when I do that and only lets me when she's
really drunk and only then just for a minute, the guy had
his head buried between her legs and I couldn't see
exactly what he was doing but she let Leroy's cock pop
form her stretched mouth and said panting a little. "No
don't please, don't do that."

But he must have pushed his tongue right up her pussy as
she jerked her hips up off the sofa and moaned out loud,
I thought she was trying to buck him off but it was an
orgasm. I was crushed, my lovely homely wife was coming
from some strangers tongue and was loving it I felt the
anger build up in me and suddenly I couldn't control it
"Fucking slut, you're enjoying it."

All the boys looked over at me and laughed at me, my wife
was still jerking and twitching so said nothing but as
soon as she slowed her jerking Leroy grabbed her head
again and said, "We not finished yet whore, suck my

She devoured his cock almost whole like an animal sucking
her cheeks in as she sucked hard on his shiny cock, he
rolled his head back and groaned. The pussy licker
stopped and kneeled back up jerking off and watching the
blow job.

"Man, your wife sure loves cock, look at that whore go,"
he chuckled not looking my way. "Leroy you wanna fuck the
bitch first, it is your money."

Leroy nodded and reluctantly pulled his cock free from
her mouth. "Yeah, I'm gonna show my boy here how to fuck
his old lady, only after tonight she wont want his little
cock no more," he laughed getting up.

My wife was sprawled on the sofa with her skirt bunched
up over her swollen belly and her massive heaving tits
where rising up and down as she got her breath, her legs
where as wide as she could get them and I could see her
pussy open and soaking from the tonguing she just had.
Leroy dropped down between her legs so I just had his
black ass to look at and her open legs, he was using his
hand to guide his cock and stopped short of sliding it

I knew it was to be the biggest cock she had ever taken
and watched curious to see how she would take it my anger
dropping slightly, he nudged forward and said "I'm gone
stretched your slut pussy good now bitch, you never had a
real cock pound your cunt have you?" he asked her.

Thankfully she didn't answer but when I pushed forward
she let out a loud grunt and then said, "Ooh Christ, Ooh
shit! Pete! Ooh fuck he's huge." And with that Leroy
lunged forward and drove his whole cock into her.

She howled like a bitch in heat screaming, "OOOOOOoohh
Fuck, fuck, fuck Yesssssss!!" Her chubby legs raised up
and bent over as he humped his massive cock into her.

She has never had an orgasm with me through straight sex
having to always masturbate while I fucked her but I was
sure she was coming now as the bastard pounded her so
fucking hard her tits and bellies where flopping about
and she was trashing her head from side to side. The
other guy was waiting his turn jerking off slowly as he
watched and the guy sitting on me was rubbing his cock
through his pants some inches from my head, I could see
his long hard cock through the denim and I could even
smell his sex.

"You love it bitch, don't you? You love getting your cunt
fucked good," snarled Leroy as he fucked her. She was out
of control coming hard bucking her hips so much he had
his large black fingers dug into her flabby hip flesh to
hold her still.

"Getting your fill now whore aren't you? you never been
fucked like this before have you?" he asked pounding

I normally come after a minute or so and if I fucked her
hard like that it would only take 30 seconds.

"Have you?" he screamed down at her.

She blinked her eyes open and said, "No, never Ooh Christ
your cock is so big, Ooh fuck yeah stretch my pussy give
it to me," she panted it out the bitch, she was loving it
and I was crushed my wife was acting like a whore. I
couldn't drag my eyes off the scene.

He was encouraged pinning her chubby legs open more and
slamming into her hard making loud flesh slapping sounds.
"Give me your big black cock I love it Ooh yeah baby fuck
my fat pussy goooooood," she was coming again.

The guy sitting on my chest opened his pants to my shock
and horror, he couldn't get them off as he was sitting
but his hard cock was sticking up where the pants open.
It was very fat like my fucking arm and still at least 7
inches, it was leaking clear liquid from the open eye as
he started rubbing it watching the show and ignoring me.

Leroy pulled out and stood back up leaving my wife spread
eagle on the sofa her pussy gapping open golf balls sized
and I could see her whole pussy was soaked like I'd never
seen it before, she was panting sucking in air her
massive tits heaving on her large wobbling belly. Leroy
pulled two pairs of handcuffs out of his coat pocket and
gave them to my jailer.

They dragged me into the middle of the room and
handcuffed my arms above my head and my ankles too, they
then ordered my wife to sit on my head which she did
without a word. She lowered her big heavy legs over my
face then slowly dropped her wet slippery pussy onto my
face, it was burning hot and open so I had her wet open
lips right on my nose and then my mouth. I didn't know
what to do it was terrible, should I lick her or what but
I didn't have to wait long.

Leroy was back behind her standing above me and pushing
her slightly forward so he could fuck her from behind. My
face was an inch from her open cunt and when his huge
shiny cock slapped me on the face, it felt like steel and
it only lasted a second but it startled me.

I watched as he used his hand to guide his monster cock
to her hole pressing the fatty lips and forcing them
inside her pussy as he feed her his cock. Her pussy
seemed to suck his cock in as I watched 10 inches of
thick cock disappear into her puffy pussy, I heard her
moan out above me.

He pulled out slowly showing me his now wet cock then
pushed it back in getting a grunt from my wife and I
noticed she had pushed her own ass back at him. He
proceeded to slam his cock into her pussy hard, so hard I
felt his heavy black balls slap my head and making her
pussy juice drip down onto my face, I could hear her
above my moaning and grunting.

I had no choice but to watch my wife's pussy take a
pounding like she never had before and coming like she
never did it was humiliating and strangely exciting too,
I know it would not take much to make me hard right now
and I was thankful I was dressed.

"I'm gonna come slut, you want my spunk? You want me to
fill your slut cunt with spunk?" panted Leroy, she just
moaned and grunted something. "I'm gonna pump your fat
cunt with spunk tramp, tell me you want it," he continued
snarling at her and slamming into her pussy harder.

Her words broke my heart, I was totally crushed and I
knew we would never be the same again after tonight,
"Yes, fill my cunt. Give me your black spunk! Empty your
balls in my pussy you fucker!!" She screamed it but just
from her voice I knew she really wanted it.

He gave her 10 more hard strokes then I saw his heavy
balls clench up and he started twitching and jerking
giving her short hard jabs as he pumped her full of
spunk. It lasted a good minute and then he pulled out
forgetting I was there as he slumped on her back, his
long spent cock slipped out of her used cunt and dropped
down onto my face just above my mouth resting on my nose.

He was still twitching and there was still spunk leaking
out of his large slit onto my nose and cheek, he moved
forward as if he wanted to fuck her again but his cock
was no longer near her cunt. It was near my mouth as he
moved forward his cock stopped right on my tightly closed
mouth leaking spunk onto my closed lips.

I don't know why I did it, I never touched another mans
cock before never mind have one in my mouth but I opened
my mouth and his cock just flopped in, I closed my lips
around it and sucked gently tasting his strong tasting
salty cock and feeling it still a little hard.

He humped my mouth a second before he realized what was
happening then pulled out and jumped up, "Little fag was
trying to suck my cock," he laughed and they all laughed
at me as I lay helpless under my wife's gapping pussy.

The guy who had been feeling her up and licking her
pussy dropped down behind her and immediately slammed his
long slim cock into her, she screamed out, "Ooh fuck yes!
Ooh go easy I cant take it!" he paid no notice as he
pounded her hard and fast sending her flabby ass cheeks
all over the place and slapping his balls off my head.

"Fucking whore, take it! Fucking fat cock hungry slut,"
he growled at her making her come, it seemed the more he
insulted her the more she came and he must have sensed it
too as he let rip.

"Fucking filthy whore. Ooh yeah baby you love it, you
love my big cock pounding your fat slut cunt don't you
bitch," he grunted banging his cock into her with every

She was wailing and moaning but managed to reply,
"Yeeeeeessssss! Ooh fuck yes I love it! Ooh fuck my cunt
fuck it like a whores!" She lost it and just mumbled
after that.

The guy fucked her and fucked her for about ten minutes
then announced her was about to come and to my horror I
heard her cry out, "Come in his mouth, make him pay too
the bastard."

I heard laughing all around me and then I saw the guy
pull his slimy cock from my wife's dripping pussy, he was
jerking off slowly an inch from my face and looking down
with a wicked grin on his face "You want it big boy, you
ready to drink my spunk fag boy," he snarled down at me.

I shucked my head and he laughed then said, "You drink my
spunk or I'll come in your wife's virgin tight ass, what
its to be?" he chuckled and I saw him press some fingers
to her puckered brown hole.

She never even let me touch her ass never mind fuck it
and I know she found the very idea disgusting so when she
screamed out her resistance I understood. "No please
don't, make him pay it's him who owes the money," she
sounded desperate.

"Well big boy, what's it to be?" he asked me again, I had
no choice but nod yes making him laugh meanly and beat
off faster moving his cock closer to my face and mouth,
"Open your mouth bitch, open wide," he chuckled as he
jerked off and then he came jerking fast firing the first
wad onto my chin, the second onto my cheek and nose and
the last big wad dropped into my mouth.

He then dropped lower until his cock found my mouth and
forced his pulsating cock into my mouth. "Finish it off
boy," he commanded pushing his cock deep into my mouth
gagging me with it. He humped and pumped more spunk into
my mouth laughing as he did. I swallowed what there was
and did my best to stop him ramming his whole cock down
my troth.

When he pulled out the other two where standing there
naked looking down at me laughing, the last one with the
thick cock was jerking off grinning at me. He moved over
and dropped down behind her with his cock in hand, he
pressed it against my lips and demanded I get his cock
wet before he fucked my woman. It was too late now so I
just opened my mouth and let him fuck my mouth, his cock
was rock hard and so thick I had to stretch my mouth as
far as I could like eating a tennis ball.

After only a moment he pulled away and said that was
enough for now slapping my wife's ass hard making her cry
out he went straight to her brown hole dipping a finger
into it and making her jerk away from him. He quickly
slapped her ass harder this time a loud slap surprising
every one present. "Hold still bitch or it will only hurt
more," he snarled at her and pushed two fingers into her
ass up to the first knuckle.

She was ridged and tense as she let him push a third and
then a forth finger into her tight ass, he moved his hand
from side to side as he did stretching her brown hole
open more. I watched him pull his fingers out then push
them into my mouth telling me to wet them for him, I did
tasting the fowl taste from my wife's ass. Then went back
to her ass with his now wet fingers and carried on finger
fucking her ass getting more and more open, she was
whimpering above me and I could see his fingers where
slimy and wet with brownish liquid all over them.

"You want my cock in your ass whore?" He asked finger
fucking her ass with ease now with short hard trusts.

She grunted, "n-no."

But he just laughed, "It's just like my fingers only a
little thicker," he laughed as did the other two.

"Please don't, I've never had sex in my ass please leave
me alone," she pleaded sounding scared and making me feel
much better.

The guy laughed at that and pulled his fingers out, her
ass closed but slowly and not completely, staying open a
little now a small black hole. He pulled his thick cock
up and pressed it against her little hole she jerked
forward but he yanked her back and replaced his cock back
to her puckered hole.

"Now hole still slut, it only hurts a little at first but
after you'll beg me to fuck your ass I promise," he said
this then leaned forward.

I watched two inches of cock force it's way into her ass,
it looked impossible for such a large fat cock to go into
such a small hole. She howled in pain as he didn't let up
pressing his weight against and driving his cock up her
ass, with a minute he had his whole cock fully up her ass
with his large heavy balls resting against her open
pussy, he stayed still a second as she moaned in pain and

"You're full now bitch, you've never been this full
before have you?" he laughed. He then pulled out and
proceeded to fuck her as with long slow strikes, she
grunted every time his cock hit bottom but it was
sounding less discomfort and more like "fuck me harder"
to me.

The guy must have felt it too as he started humping her
ass harder now until he was fucking her ass with powerful
strokes making sure he slapped his heavy balls off her
cunt. "Your ass is mine now bitch, tell me your ass is
mine," he snarled down at her.

She was grunting and panting but making no sense above me
but she managed to say "Just take me and fuck off," which
made them all laugh and the ass fucker to start to really
fuck her with anger. She lost it and started screaming
the house down.

"Someone stick a cock in the cunt's mouth and shut her
up," panted the guy.

Someone kicked my feet and then I heard her cries turn to
muffled grunts as someone stuffed their cock in her
mouth. Ass fucker was ready to blow his load and I
watched amazed as he whipped his cock out of her ass and
then to my horror he forced it into my mouth making me
suck his shit stained cock.

He fucked his cock into my mouth hard for a minute making
me gag and almost puke then pulled out and fired his
spunk all over my face, man it went every where but I had
my eyes closed.

Next they pulled me up and made my wife pull my jeans
down, she looked at me like I was shit with real anger in
her eyes but moved over to me on her knees her huge tits
flopping about as she did. Her hair was all over the
place and she was sweating like a pig, she grabbed my
flies and tugged at my jeans dragging them down my legs.

My stiff cock stuck out and my shorts where soaked where
I had leaked per come showing her I had been hard for a
while now. My hard cock looked tiny compared to the three
others and I looked at the carpet. "Your man likes seeing
you get fucked bitch, what you gonna do with that little
cock?" laughed Leroy, the others laughed too like good

She turned back to them and said, "Why don't you leave us
now, you've had your fun now that's enough." She was
pissed off despite the dozen orgasms.

Leroy was on her in a flash grabbing her hair and yanking
her head back roughly so her face was arched back looking
up at him. His long black cock was not rock hard but
only a stroke from it. "You shut your slut mouth bitch,
unless I tell you to beg me to fuck you, you're my whore
now and you will be until I decide I got my monies
worth," he spat the words at her scaring her and me.

"I know plenty of gangbang whores like you bitch, you be
good and I'll be good to you too," he said then "Now I
want you to show your husband how you love coming on my

He pulled her back more and she twisted pulling her legs
out, then he shoved her onto her back. "Spread your legs
cunt," he commanded and she let her heavy legs flop open,
I could see her gapping holes both still open and her
hair was matted together with her own come.

Leroy dropped down and grabbed a leg in each hand yanking
them up and open then unceremoniously rammed his cock
into her, she screamed out put with pleasure this time.
She is so big that he was able to kneel between her big
legs and her cunt was so raise up he was able to slam
into her like that still holding her ankles

"Come bitch, come on my cock," he grunted banging her
pussy with each word. "Come on my 10-inch black cock you
filthy white whore," he continued and she wailed and
stated trashing about. He had her tits flopping about and
her belly shaking with the force. "Come on you fat cunt,
show your needle dick husband how you love coming on
black cock."

And she did, she almost bucked him out of her pussy but
he had her good and jack hammered her pussy violently as
she swore and screamed coming intensely. When she was
only whimpering he stopped and pulled out still holding
her legs. "Now your gonna come from your ass bitch."

And again he just ploughed his cock into her tight ass
hole making her scream again. He fucked her ass as hard
as he had fucked her pussy pushing her hips up some more,
"Ooh yeah, Ooh fuck yeah! That's it cunt come again."

She took his cock with ease after the last monster had
stretched her so much and it looked like she was enjoying
herself grunting through gritted teeth and pulling her
own legs up more to get more of his cock in her. Her tits
where now free to flop about on her belly as he rode her
hard fucking her ass like an animal.

They left after that and my wife went to bed for the rest
of the weekend, I avoided her as much as I could and she
too. After a week I tried to talk to her about it but she
refused and when it was almost a month I tried to have
sex with her but she pushed me away.

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