Office Worker

Office Worker
Stacey was a large women in her early 30's and worked in a nice office building making a large sum of money. But Stacey was always unhappy. No one at her work gave her much respect. No one ever seemed interested in her opinions. Even her new assistanct recently hired, a man named Steve gave her no respect and often outright refused to do what she asked. Yet she never complained.

One night when she had forgotten her work at work and return to pick it up she noticed a light in her office. When she went to investigate she noticed steve trying to break into her desk. This was the last straw for Stacey as she finally decided to stand up for herself. She walked right over to steve and grabbed him. Now Stacey was 5'11 and weighed almost 450 pounds, triple steve's weight and 4 inches taller then him.

"I have had enough of your mouthy remarks and lack of respect. I am going to punish you tonight then tomorrow you will resign and I will never see you again. Otherwise I will let the company know that you were trying to steal from me."

As soon as she said that she laid steve down on her desk and sat down sideways on his chest. Steve's vision went blury and he felt his entire body convulse under her weight, all he could think of was trying to escape. Stacey noticed it was quite comfortable sitting on his chest but didn't have quite her desired effect as he was still trying to struggle. She slowly turned her huge ass on his chest so her legs laid to either side of his head. "Now steve I want you to be quiet or I will really start trying to hurt you." Still Steve was struggling to get her off, but he was beginning to make a lot less noise.

"Okay Steve, I warned you." Stacey started to slightly bounce upon Steve's chest, heaving herself up and down by rapidly pumping her legs. Every time she bounced Steve could feel his ribs compress a little, and the blood seemed to be rushing to his head. As she bounced more and more he felt as if his head and chest would just suddenly burst from all this pressure.

Stacey had no idea how long she bounced but eventually she got tired. She looked down into Steve's eyes and notice he had passed out. But Stacey was not finished getting her revenge yet and got rather upset that he would pass out when she was enjoying herself. Only one thing to do she thought, give him a wake up call.

Slowly and carefully Stacey laid Steve on the floor and made sure he was still unconcious. Then she placed her feet on either side of his head and prepared to leap into the air. First she tapped him lightly on the side of his head with his foot to get his attention, then as soon as she saw his eyes open and heard his light moaning she lept.

Steve regained his senses just in time to see the mammoth women falling towards his body. She had jumped back far enough on his body to land on his hips and lower stomach. This impact sent spasms of intense pain throughout his body and drove out all the air in his chest. He was so badly winded he couldn't scream or yell, all he could do was attempt to inhale as much air as his bruised body would allow. He couldn't believe that one person could cause this much pain to another by just sitting on them. His stomach and hips felt like he was repeatly kicked there, and he could feel his legs enough to get them to respond. Stacey couldn't believe how much fun it was to crush this insect beneath her. She couldn't figure out why it took her so long to discover she didn't need to take shit from the insignificant tiny people who worked with her. Well tonight she was going to prove exactly who they were dealing with.

Stacey got off Steve again and let him roll around on the ground briefly consider what to do to him. Finally she decided, since Steve felt he could walk all over her, she would walk all over him. Placing one foot on his stomach to steady him she used the desk to steady herself as she put the other foot on him. He tried to struggle to stop her but it was all in vain by now. His body was beginning to be to worn out to do anything. She watch as the pain caused by her standing on him caused his face to look like he was going to pass out again.Finally she got off him just as it looked like he was going to go into unconciousness.

"How did that feel steve"

When he didn't answer right away she stepped on him again, this time on on his stomach, the other on his pelvis. "Steve, why dont I see if this gets your attention." Stacey slowly balanced the foot on his stomach, using the desk for support. Then she threw all her weight on the other foot, crushing Steve's pelvis beneath her. Steve's head exploded in pain and his whole body convulsed as Stacey drove her foot down harder and harder. He felt his privates being mashed as Stacey's weight compressed them increasingly smaller. Finally he forced out the words, "Please Stacey, I'll do anything."

Stacey smiled an evil smile as she looked over her should at her helpless victim. "If you will do anything then shut up and leave me alone to my fun." With those words she raised her foot a second time and drove it down a second time into his balls. Then she drove it down a third time, pressing even harder as she destroyed his manhood. "Why steve I think something is wrong with you,"Stacey laughed; "your pants seemed to be all wet." Stacey smiled as she realized that she had utterly destroyed his privates.

Slowly Stacey turned around to face Steve, watching him clutch between his legs, and listening to his wimpering. She smiled as she decided what she would do next. Slowly she sat her incredable massive ass down on Steves head and using her hands forced him to face upwards. Lowering herself on his nose she let him feel her full weight on his head. After several minutes of this she moved back onto his chest to see how he was coping. His face looked red and he was having problems breathing but otherwise he looked fine. This did not suit Stacey well, she wanted him to suffer. Stacey stood up and put both feet on Steves chest and let him feel her full power. She loved how he started coughing and sputtering the instant her weight was crushing him. She heard him mutter something about mercy and anything, but it was practically incoherent. She was feeling better then she had ever felt before, and all it took was asserting her athourity over a little insect like this.

Stacey bent deep at the knees and watch Steves face go white at the prospect of her actions. She lept into the air and heard a brief scream emerge from his body just before her enormous ass smashed into his chest, silencing him. His eyes rolled back into his head and he lost conciousness. Stacey smiled quite pleased with herself. Then she gathered her things and left the office building. During her ride home she thought of her pleasant experience this evening and made a promise to herself to repeat it as soon as possible.

Steve awoke several hours later, his body hurting all over. He eventually made it to his feet and the pains in his chest made him realize he had several broken ribs in addition to his other injuries. He left the office building determined to never set foot near anywhere Stacey was. He was equal ashamed to admit on some level he liked the way she humiliated him and during his ride to the hospital briefly considered returning to work.

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