Fat and sexy mother in law

Fat and sexy mother in law
I really can't explain what the attraction to my mother- in- law is, just that it's there. She is a foul mouthed woman, who married an older man for money. Although I could never tell my wife how I desired her mother, Ginas' heavier and thicker build held a sexual plumpness that left me wanting her. She isn't what I'd consider obese but her fifty plus inch fat ass made the rest of her seem a little smaller. That combined with her long black hair made it easy to overlook the few grays and extra pounds. Gina had seen my swinging cock on one occasion as I got out of the shower and walked into our living room expecting only my wife to be there. My mother-in ?law sat talking to my wife as me and my bouncing cock and balls made a hasty retreat amidst some giggling. I later grew hard at the thought of the old bitch enjoying the glimpse of my meat. Although married I knew Gina would have the occasional boyfriend on the side and the old whore had no problem pulling men a decade younger.

On occasion my wife wouldn't be home when her mother stopped by and I would always become slightly nervous as we made small talk. Partially because of the dirty thoughts I was having and knowing I would be jacking off minutes after she left with the sight of her big juicy ass in thin loosely fitting shorts fresh on my mind. I was certain she would enjoy a good stern fucking from a young stud, and was quite confident in my girthy seven & a half inches, but how in the hell would I ever proposition her?

Gina struggled to get the box on the shelf overhead so I assisted from behind her. Of course the thoughts came rushing in as her wide butt jiggled in front of me only inches from my crotch even slightly bumping me. I had been enlisted to help her briefly this afternoon for a garage sale she was planning. We had already removed appliances and other furniture from the pole barn and I planned to be done helping shortly. I merely stuck around pretending to help because I was enjoying watching my mother in law. Bent over rummaging through boxes I could take in her thick ass undetected. I swore I could see her pussy camel toed in her summer shorts as she moved around. Gina stood up dusting off her hands proclaiming, "That's should be it." Shit, I thought, the show was over. She hit the button and the overhead door came down. It was an awkward moment to be alone with her in the dimly lit building.

"That ol pricks' probably still napping," she stated referring to her husband. As we walked toward the pole barns side door I realized in a moment of courage it was now or never. I jokingly slapped her on the ass saying, "You'll get a bill in the mail." Her big ass rippled against my palm. "You better straighten up boy," Gina remarked. "Boy?" I said, "Do you call an alligator a lizard?" I had used this line countless times before but now it seemed to hold new significance saying it to my mother-in-law. The old whore shook her head in cocky fashion, "Alligator my ass." My heart nearly leaped from my chest as she grabbed my crotch squeezing firmly. I playfully goosed her ample butt before sliding my hand down the back of her shorts. Grabbing a handful of her cheek my cock grew firmer in my pants. Gina moved away and grabbing a throw rug knelt down in front of me. I massaged her shoulders while she jerked my pants down around my ankles. My bone stood straight up as she wrapped her hand around it and began slapping the head of my cock on her tongue. She licked her lips seeming to enjoy the pre-cum I was dripping.

God her mouth felt so good wrapped tightly, she knew what she was doing and my knees grew weak as she throated the length of my cock, occasionally letting out a subtle cough. My eyes shifted back and forth from watching the top of my mother-in-laws head rock up and down to her bouncing round ass as she sucked. I thought I would cum when to my relief she began lapping my balls and licking like she was in hot pursuit of any traces of my sperm. Her long hair brushed my legs as she worked over my cock and balls. Looking up she commented, "You have a nice fat perfect cock." "If you don't stop I'm gonna cum," I suggested. "Oh we can't have that," Gina said as she lifted her shirt off. As her bra hit the floor the biggest titties I've ever seen flopped out each hanging a foot long from her chest. I immediately noticed the dark silver dollar sized areolas and began sucking both her 45. caliber nipples. Placing one hand in her crotch I rubbed her big pussy through her soaking wet shorts. It was obvious the old whore had cum just sucking my cock. I tugged her shorts off and rubbed the edge of my hand along her pussy. Her fat lips hanging I began to insert one finger after the other until I had four fingers buried up to my knuckles in her moist box.

I was pleasantly surprised as I buried my face in her muff; I had thought the hefty old whore would smell anything but sweet. Her big pussy soaked my face as I stuffed my tongue inside before swirling it around her clit. She continued slowly stroking my cock until she pulled it toward her mouth. Upside down I was on top and couldn't believe 69ing my mother-in law. Moaning rather loudly she squirmed and wiggled about in ecstasy while pumping my slippery sausage in her mouth. Gina pulled my cock smacking from her lips and pulled me toward her mouth, licking my balls and dragging her tongue up the crack of my ass. My instinct was to pull away as the old bitch began circling then stuffing the tip of her tongue into my tight asshole. It felt so damn good I couldn't stop her. She had my ass cheeks with both hands and her thumbs spreading me. I had jacked off dozens of times imagining stuffing my tongue in my mother-in-laws ass and now here I was with her eating my ass and liking it.

I could wait no longer and bending Gina over took in the sight of her huge ass. I had wanted to see my mother-in-law naked for some time, especially her enormous ass. Spreading her huge cheeks I stared at her puckered and smooth asshole. Her pussy lips hanging down like two roast beef sandwiches between her thighs I licked both holes until I was nearly out of breath. I enjoyed every wrinkled crease of her asshole before stuffing my tongue in and out until I could bury the length of it in her. Her big soft ass cheeks felt good pushing against my face as I wondered who was enjoying this more. I only stopped when she complained about the hard floor on her knees. Thinking quickly I ran the fifteen feet outdoors completely naked and returned with a couple lawn chair cushions. "Ahh, that's better," Gina again took up position on all fours and I briefly licked her ass crack immediately bringing my cock to full erection again.

I continued spreading her thick ass as I pushed my cock inside her meaty pussy. Damn was she wet and her pussy offered very little resistance as I plunged the entire length inside. Amusing myself I enjoyed spreading then letting go of her fat ass to watch it ripple as I slammed into her pussy. I pumped as hard as I possibly could watching my above average cock disappear into my mother-in-law like a wet toothpick. Pushing and bucking into me harder her chubby milky white covered pussy lips flapped around the base of my cock as she came again grunting and breathing heavily. The sounds of her sloppy hole filled the place as I kept pumping her sweaty body. Staring at her cum sloppy pussy the thought of finally cumming inside my mother-in-law brought me closer. I spread her fat ass cheeks one more time further than any time before and grunting as I unloaded, filling her pussy with my warm cum. Gina rubbed her fingers in the mess while I continued squirting, even dipping them inside her dripping wet fuck box. She felt tighter as she shoved her fingers in the shape of a peace sign inside on either side of my cock.

Eventually pulling my cock out I started to dress as she laid there still rubbing her pussy. "We should do this again," she said and I nodded in approval. A week had gone by and I was frequently jacking of to porn of chubby ass chicks that resembled my mother-in-laws own thick ass. Shortly after it seemed she began to need my help a lot more frequently for things around their place until I was spending one evening a week and nearly every Saturday afternoon fucking the old whore. My wife was none the wiser, never dreaming I would find her mother attractive or that her mother could be such a slut.

She knew her daughters comings and goings and began to pop in a lot more when my wife wasn't home. Sometimes I couldn't believe Gina was fucking me in the same bed her daughter slept in. At times I felt like her bitch, especially when the big women would bend me over and while stroking my cock tongue fuck me in the ass. I thought sure you old bitch suck my hairy ass and besides it felt pretty damn good. Her daughter would never consider such things and didn't even like the taste of cock let alone my ass. I began to affectionately refer to Gina as mamma especially when she would secretly flip me hundred dollar bills, ?To help out,' she'd say. Maybe it's hush money but either way there is absolutely no chance I'm going to spill the beans. I absolutely love fucking my mother-in-law and the no holds barred sloppy sex we have.

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