An unfulfilled wife finds an unexpected thrill at a wedding

An unfulfilled wife finds an unexpected thrill at a wedding
This wedding was not about LeAnn. Not that she expected it to be, she was just a guest. The wife of a groomsman who didn't know anybody else. But LeAnn couldn't escape the thought that something should be about her.

She thought back to her wedding with Matt. Back then she was young, beautiful, and so optimistic about their future. Today LeAnn felt old, unattractive, and generally pissed off at the world. Not that she was old or unattractive. She had recently passed forty very gracefully. Although she could pick out plenty of flaws with her gradual weight gain. Especially in comparison to Matt's perpetually skinny build.

Which was the most irritating thing about today. Matt was acting like a dumb frat boy again. Far from the sensitive, mature young man she initially fell for. Tonight, she had lost her husband to group mentality, and he hadn't focused on her at all. His focus was on the party, which was full of skinny young boobs and asses.

Happy or not, LeAnn still made a game effort to look her best. She was wearing one of her favorite pink dresses. Low cut and ending just below her knee. It fit much tighter now, but to be honest that highlighted her considerable curves and kept her increasing breast size on full display. Her hair was in a controlled messy bun and nice legs were covered in a white nylon. She'd look like a sure thing to any potential suitor if she had a more welcoming smile.

Helping her feel even more alone was the fact that she was seated by herself. The table was set for six people, but so far it was just her. LeAnn sat lonely and frustrated, looking at her husband's inconsiderate good time.

"Is this seat taken?" A scratchy voice asks from above. LeAnn spins around, the question awakening her from her drifting depression.

"Huh?" She asks as she takes in the site of an old man giving her a warm smile. Gradually inspiring her to straighten herself up. "I don't know. So far it is just me."

"Do you mind if I join you?" He asks like a gentleman.

"Please." LeAnn responds, pulling out the chair next to her as he sits. "I'm happy to have the company."

"Me too." The old man agrees. "I never know anybody at these things. So, I try to find the most attractive partner, if possible."

"Oh, my husband is a groomsman." LeAnn replies instinctively, pointing to Matt. She wasn't bothered by the old man's comment but didn't think much of it either.

"Then hopefully I've found attractive friend." He says with a smile. "My name is Albert."

"LeAnn," she shakes his strong wrinkly hand and starts getting more comfortable. "What's your connection to the couple?"

"I'm an old friend of the family. And I do mean, 'old'." He chuckles, continuing to disarm the normally dour wife. And he wasn't wrong. He looked to be over seventy, completely bald, and very overweight. Still, he had a handsome face with a confident swagger.

The mismatched, lonely pair continued to sit together having a wonderful time through dinner. LeAnn learned that Albert had never married and enjoyed the freedom of being single. He admitted to trying to find a new girl at each wedding. LeAnn understood that she was his current score. And she was all for it. Her husband continued to be distant and stupid. But it stopped bothering her as she felt more seen by Albert's experienced eyes.

As the dance began LeAnn made several attempts to get Matt on the dance floor. But the bar was in the hallway and there was no shortage of friends that were more important to Matt tonight. A bored LeAnn pondered just returning to her hotel room and calling it a night.

Then she noticed Albert taking a bridesmaid to the dance floor as a slow song began. This made LeAnn more upset than anything else so far. She marched over to the dance floor and got in the middle of Albert and his potential blonde bridesmaid.

"I'm sorry," LeAnn says, trying to play sweet and innocent. "But he did promise me a dance." The bridesmaid gives her a snarl, but LeAnn was clearly not going to back down. Albert leads the assertive wife of another man to the dance floor, where she snuggles up against his soft but strong body.

"As much as I wanted a dance, I don't recall asking for one." Albert playfully points out.

"I'm just sick of not going for what I want." LeAnn states.

"And what are you wanting, my dear?" The old man asks with extreme interest.

"I want to be wanted. And you're the one I want to want me." LeAnn pulls him in, and they kiss deeply, with no regard for anyone around them. And as two of the most inconsequential guests, not even LeAnn's husband noticed the pairing.

The slow song led into several fun ones and two lost themselves on the dance floor. They lasted long enough to move to the traditional grinding songs. Albert was the last person you'd expect to get into Usher and Ludacris, but he understood the rhythm and he was into her.

LeAnn's large ass grinded into what felt like a long, very hard cock. Albert's strong hands were grabbing onto her love handles. This continued with LeAnn spinning around basically sliding onto the fat man, moving up and down his sizable body with unmistakable intention. Albert looked down and had the perfect view of her cleavage that she pressed into him.

The wedding started to wrap up and the two were uninterested in anything or anyone else.

"Are you staying here tonight?" LeAnn asks directly. Albert nods excitedly in response. "Let's get out of here."

LeAnn guides Albert off the dance floor. Walking past Matt, completely wasted, wrestling with other groomsmen.

"Honey, I'm going to hang out with Albert." She says, feeling a modicum of courtesy. Matt waves at her to go, not picking up what is obviously going to happen.

As the new couple makes it to the elevator, LeAnn shoves Albert against the wall. They start making out hard, ready to fuck then and there. The elevator stopped for a second with all of the shaking but continued to Albert's floor.

They are too hurried to figure out the hotel key on the first try, but they burst through the door and land on the bed with deep messy kisses. Albert is rock solid, something that LeAnn has not felt for a long time. LeAnn keeps moaning as her literal dry spell is starting to experience moisture. They start undoing each other's clothes until LeAnn stops.

"Before we do this. I want to see you." LeAnn instructs. "I want to see all of you."

Albert stands up accordingly and slowly takes off his clothes. LeAnn had always been attracted to younger men. Or at least felt like she was supposed to. But as she felt Albert's wrinkles and excess skin, she started to be interested in a matured body. She gazed up and took in the shapely site of Albert's continued confidence in his body. He posed playfully to showcase his strong legs and arms, massive ass, and large belly. In every position LeAnn was hypnotized by the constant site of that long, hard cock.

"I want you so badly." LeAnn moans, ready to launch herself onto him.

"But first, won't you return the favor?" Albert says. "Give me a chance to take in all of you."

LeAnn is not used to a man being willing to take time in the bedroom. Experience taught her that he'd jump straight to sex at the first offer. LeAnn stands up, running her fingers against his ass as they switch places. Much more self-conscious, LeAnn slowly undoes her dress.

Dropping it to the floor she reveals lingerie that is only designed for sex. She is wearing a strapless hot pink bustier that is attached to her white nylons. Her underwear slips off as she readies her pussy for action with one hand. She removes her hair pins with the other, as her long brown hair cascades down to her shoulders.

Albert is staying hard as he looks upon the sexy, chubby younger mate. He looks at how many curves and rolls she has to grab. And he makes eye contact with her pussy, like an archer marking his target. Albert motions for the sexy wife to join him on the bed.

LeAnn jumps onto him and they roll around. With Albert starting on top. He moves around her ready body. Gravity pulling his fat down to engulf her, it feels like a sweaty, primal hug of flesh. Moving up and down Albert's penis passes her vagina. He beats it against her as she moans uncontrollably.

Shoving Albert off of her, LeAnn moves to the bottom of the bed where she starts licking his legs. She makes her way up to his balls and plays with them in her mouth. At the same time her hands clasp onto his belly, she beats it like a drum as her mouth travels up and down his large shaft. Albert pulls her up to him.

The wife positions her pussy and slides gently onto his massive cock. She screams as she bounces. Staring up at her, Albert unleashes her breasts from their hot pink confines. They pop out, massive and ready for him to slobber all over.

They roll over again, with Albert back on top as he thrusts mightily.

"FUCK ME!" LeAnn screams uncontrollably. "FUCK ME, HARD!"

Albert complies as he jams his tongue down her receiving throat. She can see in his face that he can't hold back much longer. She feels him start to pull out, but she clenches onto his ass for dear life.

"Cum inside me." She commands. "I want your cum inside me."

The uncaged penis instantly responds with a rush of hot cum into her sopping wet pussy. They both scream at this climax. LeAnn grabs his face and keeps kissing him as her other hand holds him inside of her as long as he lasts.

Finally, Albert falls next to her, both heavy partners are breathing heavily and are full of sweat. LeAnn in her now soaked lingerie turns over and snuggles next to her new man.

"Wow." She says, playing with the white hairs on his chest. "How did you find me when I needed you?"

Albert kisses her back and looks deeply into her eyes. Their hands are still exploring new areas of the others' body amidst the victorious exhaustion.

"I have a question," LeAnn asks. Albert wonders if it is in regard to her husband, noticing she is still wearing her wedding ring. "When you were about to pull out, where were you going to finish?"

Albert gives her a devilish smile and slowly pulls her into him with a deep, tongue filled kiss.

"I'll show you." He says as LeAnn smiles, giddy to experience more of this cock on her face. She starts rubbing it and can't believe how instantly hard it is again. They begin round two of three before collapsing in a restful sleep.


The next morning LeAnn returns to her hotel room. She is still wearing her messy lingerie and carrying her dress, like a walk of pride. Matt is sleeping and she changes next to him. Matt yawns and gets up, seeing her putting on a tight-fitting swimsuit.

"Hey." Matt says drowsily. "Did you have a fun night?"

"I really did." LeAnn giggles excitedly as she kisses him. "Did you?"

"Yeah, it was fun. But I drank too much." Matt admits. "Going to the pool."

"The hot tub." LeAnn says. "Would you like me to introduce you to my new boyfriend?"

"Huh?" The clueless husband asks, jolting out of bed. LeAnn kisses him tenderly again and pushes him down.

"Maybe after breakfast." LeAnn says walking to the door, with her ass on full display. "We have a lot to figure out. But I'm glad this happened." LeAnn opens the door. Albert in his speedo sticks his head in and waves to her husband.

"My compliments on your wife." Albert tells him as she slides next to him, running her hand around his cock that is getting hard. The two kiss and they close the door as Matt sees his wife excitedly slap the ass of this old man. Matt stares at the stealing with his mind and heart racing. He has so many questions that he doesn't even notice how instantly hard his cock is for the first time in quite a while.

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