Sex with my teen whore


Sex with my teen whore
I met this girl when she was allegedly 20. I don't think she was. As a matter of fact I know for a fact now she wasn't period She was 19. But she was the Town pump anyway. By the time I asked her how old she was I was balls deep raw dogging it. I had just lost a girl that I loved very much. I went to a buddy's house to do some shooting. He was there with his wife and his wife had this cute cute big titty redhead bubble ass thick thigh freckle faced sweetheart that immediately caught my eye. I was heartbroken I wasn't looking for love. I was looking for some nice new strange pussy to take my mind off of everything. She certainly did.

The four of us drank heavily into the night. My buddy and his wife went to bed. I didn't know where Danielle was but I had to piss. I got up and I went to go in the bathroom and the door was locked. I dreamed it real quick because I know how to open it. It flew open in there was Danielle snorting lines of methamphetamine. She looked at me and tried to hide it. I told her I didn't give a fuck I wasn't her keeper. She offered me one and I took it. now I had been watching this girl all night long period She had the sweetest little ass perky tits. She danced a little bit and jiggled her butt. she had shorts on and a tank top when I found her in the bathroom. She looked really fucked up. She stood there and looked up at the ceiling and shut her eyes. I put my arm around her waist pulled her into me bit her neck and squeezed her ass. She moaned in my ear. I told her that

I didn't want to sound like a pig but I needed to get my dick wet. And I told her that I really wanted to fuck her.

"I and well aware of that. you have been undressing me and I fucking me since you got here. Haven't you?"

I looked at her and grinned. I slid my hands down the back of her shorts down her ass crack right to her puckered shit ring. She gasped and moved in closer to me. I pulled her hair back and kissed her. I looked her in the eyes and I told her?" you have had my cock at half-mast all night sweetie. I have been I fucking you. You have been fucked in every hole in every position. I wasn't trying to hide it from you. You have such a sweet sweet tiny little body. I want to be inside of you and I want to be inside of you now."

Is she grabbed my cock and started to squeeze. She looked at it with her mouth wide open and then looked at me with her mouth wide open and she said, "you're going to kill me with this thing period how big is your cock? 10 in? You have to be gentle with me. I can't take one this big. I mean it tim. If you fucking hurt me we're done."

I pushed her down to her knees and told her to open her mouth. She looked at me and I said it again?

"open your mouth danielle. I want to see how good you can suck my cock. I want my dick sliding in and out of your cute face. You should let me fuck your mouth"

She smiled and then opened her mouth and left it open and closed her eyes. I pushed my 8-in hard cock down her throat. She gagged immediately and pulled my brick out of her mouth.. she was dry heaving. Talk about gag reflex holy shit.

Look at that pale ass in that pink pink pink little shit hole. I love pink booty holes. I really really do. And Danielle's asshole is amazingly tight and tasty. she has a lot of deep booty hole wrinkles. So if she doesn't clean herself real good well shit gets hung up a little bit. I can't tell you how many times I've licked her booty clean. But I don't give a fuck because well? I am the nastiest kinkiest motherfucker you will ever be in your life. She was on her knees gagging on my cock trying to suck on it. I told her she was a good girl and that she could do it. She wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and swallowed half of my brick. She worked at like nobody ever has. even though Danielle can't swallow my entire cock? no five girls combined that I've ever been with can compare to the cocksucking skills that sweetie has. I almost dumped my first load in her mouth.

I stood her up and bend her over the filthy toilet you see in the picture above this. Look at that pussy. That big big thick cock. She can't take it all. She tries. But she can't period not in her mouth and not in her pussy. I can't even get close to halfway in her asshole without her screaming in pain. She's my favorite. She is period I love that girl's body. She's a slam pig still but I don't care. She's my little whore.

I entered her pussy while she bent over that filthy toilet she was moaning in pleasure and pain. I was just looking down at her pink asshole. I've never seen a booty hole that pink in my life. Or or a gun for that matter. As it turns out she wasn't 18. I was pounding on a barely 17-year-old little cum gurgling slut. But for some reason I still love that girl to this day. I raw dog that pussy and ass every time we see each other. Literally every time we see each other we fuck. Boyfriend or no boyfriend I don't care. That's my ass. She remains loyal to me period she does whatever but when she has a boyfriend she still fucks me. And I really don't give a fuck. Normally I'm not that kind of person but it's different with danielle. She's the mother of my two little girls. We had a life together. And I can't just let it go. Not to mention that pink pussy and asshole period and her willingness to take my cock.

I fucked Danielle like the little slut that she is. but we fucked a lot and we caught feelings and had two c***dren and a life together and then one day well it all fell apart. That's the short version. we still fuck every time we see each other though. Legit. My daughter's fucking hate her. And I'm okay with that they can hate her. Cassandra told me that she knows I'm going to have sex with her because I always do. But she wants me to hurt her booty period She wants to hear her screaming in pain because she hates that cunt. Those were her words.

Look at her face. Pleasure and pain. She thinks she was some hot shit but she couldn't take more than half of my big cock in any part of her body.. still some of the best pussy in the ass I've ever had in my life. I will be fucking that girl until I die.

I love watching or suck my cock. Nobody sucks a dick like she does. Fucking nobody. I hate to admit that I still love that girl but I do. She still loves me. But we are way too toxic for each other. We have amazing angry sex but we can't be around each other for too long or we end up fighting period over some stupid shit. I don't put up with people shit and she demands that she's the center of attention all the time period the only time that girls the center of attention is when we lived together and had a family and when I'm working her body with my cock.

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