My wife is a whore 2.


My wife is a whore 2.
He lingered for what seemed an eternity. Her lips were slightly puckered, obviously anticipating that first kiss, but he kept her standing on the edge of ecstasy. He had her in the palm of her hand.

Then he kissed her, and I just heard a soft, long groan emit from Victoria?s throat. Her hands were frantically grabbing for the man?s body; his perfect buttocks, muscly back, and huge biceps. She seemed to almost collapse into him, as if possessed by something, but he managed to use his strength to keep her upright while he kissed her lips and neck.

My cock had stiffened. I reached down and felt it with my hand and could immediately tell it was harder than it had ever been.

He paused kissing her for a moment, just long enough for her to moan ?I want you, Rick. Oh god please take me.?

He waited a moment before replying. He seemed to be in complete control of the situation, and knew she lingered on his every word.

?If you want me, you little bitch, you better get on your knees and prove how much.?

I almost gasped. He called her a bitch. If I?d ever done that, I?d have been sleeping in the garage for a month.

He took a step back, and she put both of her hands flat on his chest, and then slowly made her way down. She was on her knees now, but her gaze never left his face. She almost looked like she was worshipping him, and her face was full of admiration and a need to be wanted.

She started unbuttoning his jeans. He was stood up tall, looking indifferent and cool, as if this was nothing to him and he was waiting for something exciting to happen. At this stage I would?ve already half blown my load in my pants.

She pulled his jeans down to his ankles, and the hugeness of his cock was already distinct through his boxer shorts. When she saw it, she seemed to gasp. Her breathing became more erratic. She reached into his underwear and pulled out a huge, perfectly formed dick. She took one last look at him, her eyes saying that she felt like the luckiest BBW in the world, and then got to work.

She struggled to fit his whole dick in her mouth, so he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her in closer. At one point she seemed to be choking, and I almost jumped out the wardrobe right there and then, but then I saw something. Her right hand had dropped to between her legs. She was making gentle clawing motions, and gradually pulling her dress up for better access.

I felt a sudden bitter envy. She hadn?t sucked my cock in years, yet here she was sucking on this guy?s and enjoying it. But the envy was soon subverted by a sudden jolt of horniness as I brought my attention back to the sight before me.

She sucked on his cock for a good ten minutes. At one point she had tried to fully stick her hand up her dress to rub her cunt, but he had forcefully grabbed her hand away. He wanted to keep her waiting.

He withdrew his dick from her mouth and looked down at her with approving eyes.

?Do you want me to fuck you, Vicky?? he said.

?Yes. Yes!? she moaned.

?Stand up,? he said. She did.

He put his hands softly around her neck, and then dropped one down to her huge tits. In the dress she was wearing they were perfectly perky. Then he moved the hand round to her back and started unzipping the dress. It made a long metallic sound as the zipper slid down her back, and her breathing got heavier. I could tell she wanted his hands all over her body. He wanted her to bury his face in her huge bosom, and stroke the circumference of her round belly. She wanted him to stroke her wet cunt. She wanted his huge cock inside her.

And he knew she wanted it.

She slid the dress off and it dropped to the floor. She was stood there in just her panties. They were a pair I had never seen before. It was clear; she had bought them just for him.

?Fuck me Rick,? she breathed. ?Fuck me, I need it.?

He smiled. ?I know you need it. You?ve told me enough times.?

With one hand he grabbed her upper thigh where it meets her thick waist. The other hand went gently to her neck, and he gave her a deep kiss. They withdrew slightly, just enough apart so I could see their tongues colliding and dancing in the air. She was kissing more frantically than he was. Her hands were tightly clasping his back and buttocks in sheer desperation and excitement. His hands went down to her panties and yanked them down. She did the rest, slipping them off under her feet, and threw them across the room, before hurrying back to kiss him.

Suddenly, he grabbed her and pushed her face first onto the bed.

?Get on your fucking knees,? he said.

She did as she was told.

He held his huge cock in his right hand and approached the bed. Her ass was facing the edge of the bed, her long ruby brown hair falling down her spine and to the side. My vantage point was in clear view of Victoria?s face, and I could see she had expression of pure excitement and longing. Without realising I had started to unbutton my jeans.

He grabbed her waist and with both hands pulled her ass closer to him. From where I was I had a brilliant view of her tits which hung down and cushioned elegantly on the surface of the bed. I wished I could see the view from behind, Victoria?s huge, round ass, spread out and gaping. Holding his huge dick in his hand, he pushed it slowly down the canyon of Victoria?s ass and pussy. Her hands clasped the bedsheets tightly and gasped. She started breathing heavy, anticipating the moment he would just shove it into her. He was teasing her. He knew how much she wanted it.
With a quick, sudden movement, he rammed his dick inside her wet pussy, and she let out a loud, breathy moan. I could see the intense pleasure in her face and realised it was something I?d never seen before. He withdrew his dick, before shoving it back in, harder than before. She let out another moan.
?Do you want me to fuck you hard, Vicky?? he asked. She never let me call her Vicky. She said she hated it.

?Yes!? she groaned. ?Fuck me. Fuck me please fuck me. Give me your cock.?

Then he started his rhythmic thrusts. He started slow, but it was obvious he was going deep (deeper than I ever could) and hitting the right spots. Her whole face would crease with each thrust and let out sharp moans. Her whole big beautiful body jiggled each time he pushed deep inside her. Her tits wobbled back and forth, left and right.

He started going faster, and I could tell that?s exactly what she wanted. At this point I would have blown my load, and Victoria would have ended up disappointed. But not with this guy. Not with Rick.

As he went faster and faster, Victoria?s moans got louder and higher pitched. Her attempts at keeping her volume down were now becoming futile. He grabbed her hair in a bunch and pulled, and her head lifted up. I could see that she was almost whimpering. Her mouth had gone into a outward lipped frown. Then she was almost screaming.

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