My wife is a whore 1.


My wife is a whore 1.
My sex story of being cuckolded by my BBW wife, I?ve been married to my wife for five years. There?s a couple of things you should know about her before I get started. Her name is Victoria, she?s 35 years old, and she?s a certified BBW. I put a lot of emphasis on the B?s ? she?s big, and holy shit is she beautiful.

She?s packing a lot of extra weight, and it?s in all the right places. Her breasts are huge and rounded with large perky nipples. Her thick thighs perfectly complement her plump, juicy ass. She has ruby brunette hair which reaches down her back and just about touches the top of her backside. She?s a sight to behold, and every day I wonder how I managed to tie her down.

The thing is, Victoria is a woman who knows how amazing she is, and always gets what she wants. Me, on the other hand? I?m just a below-average guy, and we both know it. I would say I more or less worship her, but that would be putting it lightly. She has me under her thumb, and I haven?t got enough backbone to resist. I work nine hours a day in a job I hate while she stays at home or goes out to eat in fancy restaurants with her friends. I slave away, work my fingers to the bone? But at the end of the month, my entire pay check goes into her bank account. And if I want money for anything, I need to ask her for permission. She often says no. Sometimes I wonder if she does it just to watch me squirm and exert control over me; to let me know who?s boss. And all the while she?s splashing out on brand new shoes, dresses, makeup?

Now I guess I should get on with it and tell you what I know you came here for. The juicy details. Our so-called sex life.

By now you?ve probably got a certain picture of me; an invertebrate, pathetic little worm. I wouldn?t argue with that. As I?ve said, Victoria is very demanding, and it takes a lot to please her; that includes in the bedroom. How could someone like me ever give her what she needs?

I had always suspected that I wasn?t enough for her. It?s not that I?m not big enough? It?s more that I don?t have it in me to really give her everything she wants. I?m not man enough. When she strips off to her underwear, and I gaze upon her majestic body ? the perfect curves of her body, the way her breasts stand out proudly in a huge bunch inside her bra ? my stomach lurches. I feel so small ? physically and metaphorically ? next to her. When she climbs on top of me, and my rock-hard penis enters her big wet cunt, and her breasts are pushing up against my face and her big, perfectly round belly is pushing up against my own stomach, I can?t help but blow my load. In these moments I grasp her massive asscheeks with my two hands and hold on for dear life, as if afraid I may never get the chance again. Afterwards she always gives me this look of disgust and disappointment, and I feel so unworthy.

After this became a predictable routine, she started making me lick her pussy before we started intercourse, so she could actually have at least one orgasm. Most of the time she would end up finishing herself off and always with her eyes closed. The thought always occurred to me that behind her closed eyes, she was imagining somebody else.

My story really begins around six months ago, when things had gotten to an all-time low We?d gradually stopped having sex full stop. As sex had always been on her terms, she didn?t even give me an excuse. It was as if my needs didn?t matter to her at all. And of course, I didn?t have the balls to be commanding and take control, to take what I wanted from her.

It was Sunday daytime and while she was out with her other BBW friends, shopping and probably discussing how pathetic I am, I opened up her laptop to check her internet history. I found what I expected to find; she?d been on various porn sites. In fact, it seems she?d been viewing porn for the past few months. She had watched videos with titles such as ?Athletic guy fucks BBW?, ?BBW takes big black cock and cums multiple times?, and another with the title ?Pathetic guy watches his wife get fucked by alpha with huge cock?. When I read this I felt a kind of sickness in my stomach. But it wasn?t a bad kind of sick, and I noticed another sensation as well? I felt my jeans and noticed my cock had hardened. I was confused and didn?t want to acknowledge what just happened, so I closed the laptop lid.

For some reason my eyes drifted over to the other side of the bedroom, and I spotted something in my peripheral vision. It was her washing basket, and something hanging off its edge. I walked over to see what it was.

It was black. It was lacy. And it was something I hadn?t seen in a while.

I picked it up and realised I was looking at a pair of Victoria?s panties. In fact, it was my favourite pair? a pair I hadn?t seen in months. Since we?d stopped having sex I hadn?t seen her in anything skimpy or sexy. But here they were, dirty and hanging off the edge of her washing basket.

I grasped them in my hand and felt a stirring in my trousers. It had been weeks since I last blew a good load and seeing those panties brought back memories of Victoria?s luscious body. The way these panties wrapped themselves tightly around her waist and slid into her ass crack. The smell of her pussy. It was just too much to resist.

I unbuttoned my jeans and fell backwards onto the bed. I held the panties up to my face and breathed in, stroking my cock. As soon as I took in Victoria?s scent, I felt myself lurch. I jerked my cock rapidly, imagining my face actually buried in Victoria?s huge ass. And then it was all over, and I felt warm semen all over my chest.

It was over, and I felt more pathetic than ever. Here I was, masturbating over my own fat wife?s panties, and all the while she was fantasising about being with better men.

After around ten minutes of lying in my own mess, a thought suddenly occurred to me. Something I had seen while I was looking at her search history but not realised until now. I went back to her laptop and opened it up again.

And that?s when I noticed the dates of her internet history. She had been watching porn for a while, but not in the last two weeks. In fact, she went from watching it nearly every single day, and then not at all. I felt nervous butterflies in my stomach. She had stopped watching porn of big, alpha guys fucking BBWs, yet our sex life was as dead as ever. What was happening?

I thought back to how she had been acting the last few weeks. I thought about how usually I get home from work, and before I have a chance to set down my suitcase, she demands that I make her dinner. Recently she?d been a bit nicer. I was allowed thirty minutes to sit down with a cup of coffee before making her food. Hell, I was even allowed to watch what I wanted on the television for a while. She seemed overall in a better mood and I just put it down to hormones or something. But now I was starting to wonder if it was something else.I felt nervous. At least, I thought I felt nervous.

There was something I couldn?t admit to myself. I couldn?t even say the words in my own head about what was probably happening. I looked at myself in the bedroom mirror; a skinny, worthless man, sinking into himself. I thought about how lucky I was that I even got to put my hands on Victoria. She looked like one of the BBW pornstars I jerked myself off to five times a day in my teen years. And I always thought, big girls are easy. Big girl girls are more appreciative. Big girls don?t know how fucking beautiful they really are. Big girls can be controlled. But not Victoria. Oh no. She knows she?s a Goddess.

I didn?t even think about what I was doing. I?d grabbed my phone and was texting my boss?

?Hey Dan. I won?t be able to make it in tomorrow ? family emergency. Hope that?s okay.?

I clicked send. Family emergency? I couldn?t think of anything better but I knew he wasn?t the type to ask questions.

The butterflies in my stomach multiplied. I couldn?t believe I was going to go through with this, but I couldn?t resist. If she caught me? But wait. Why was I worrying about that? If she caught me? why would I be the one in the wrong?

She came home from seeing her friends a few hours later. I had cleaned up in the mess I made in the bedroom and closed down the windows I?d opened on her laptop and put it away. Still, I felt anxious that she?d find something out of place. Victoria had this way of knowing things? I always felt on edge, because she was brutal when you got on the wrong side of her. I always felt at her mercy. But whenever she was in one of her bad moods, whenever she threw every insult under the sun at me, made me feel like the pathetic man I am? I always felt the stirring in my pants.

It was Monday morning and I feigned getting ready for work. I put on my tie, packed my suitcase, and made her breakfast in bed like I did every morning.

I brought the tray through into the bedroom and she was still half-alseep. There was a plate full of fried bacon, sausages, eggs, with a kripsy kreme donut on the side and a big glass of orange juice. I set it down on her dresser and crept over to her side of the bed.

?Morning Goddess? Breakfast is ready. I?m just going to work??

Her eyes opened, and then shifted over to the breakfast. She gave an angry sigh.

?Are you fucking kidding me? You know I meet Susan for brunch on Mondays.? She sighed again and rolled over.

?I?m sorry,? I groaned. She didn?t answer. I picked up my suitcase and left.

I started the car and backed out of the drive. I drove out of the street, just in case she was watching out of the bedroom window. I parked up and waited a minute or so. I knew I should wait a bit longer, but I was anxious that I may end up missing whatever may happen. I started the car up and returned to my street, and then crept along until I could clearly see my house, but far enough that I wasn?t noticeable.

Then I waited, and waited, and waited. Nobody came. I checked the clock and it said 9:30. It had been 8:00 when I left the house.

Maybe I was wrong. Maybe I was just paranoid, I thought. She?s not satisfied, but she?d never go that far, she?d never?

I heard a familiar sound. It was Vicotria?s Benz starting up. Moments later I saw her car coming down the driveway. Then she turned right and was coming in my direction. I quickly ducked my head down and prayed she didn?t notice the car?

After a minute I looked back up and saw that the street was empty. She was gone.

I breathed a sigh of relief. That was it then. She wasn?t up to anything behind my back (aside from stroking herself while fantasising about other men).

I got out of the car, leaving it parked where it was, and made my way to the house. I felt like a new man, to be honest. I felt a new lease of life. Victoria was going to get back from brunch and find me waiting for her in the bedroom. I was going to take control for once, and I was going to give her the ride of her life. As soon as she walked into the bedroom I would forcefully grab her by the waist and draw her in, put my hands all over her body. Her body which was mine. I was going to give her everything she wanted.

I climbed the stairs and went into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, preparing myself and rehearsing what I was going to do and say. Everything was clear now; I just needed to be dominant and be the man Victoria deserved.

I looked around and noticed the breakfast tray I had brought in for Victoria was now empty; she?d left it on the bedside table for me to clean up. And then I waited, and then some more. The more I waited, the more anxious I felt. The shot of testosterone I had had was starting to fade, and I felt like I was starting to shrink. I looked over at her washing basket again where her dirty panties were and felt my cock stiffen again.

I could just quickly jerk off again and then leave. Pretend none of this ever happened.

I got up and started for the washing basket when I heard Victoria?s Mercedes Benz enter the driveway. I felt my stomach drop. I wasn?t ready for this, and when Victoria found out I?d lied, she?d kill me. She?d call me every name under the sun and make me sleep on the floor again.

I started to panic. I had to hide, quick.

I heard the key enter the door and turn. I darted over the Victoria?s huge wardrobe and climbed inside, trying my best to shut the door. The wardrobe was so full with Victoria?s expensive dresses, and me, that I couldn?t shut the door completely. There was a little crack that I could see through.

I heard laughing.

My heart skipped. There were two voices.

One I recognised; Victoria?s cute, sexy laugh. But another. A deeper laugh.

I heard footsteps coming up the stairs, and the sound of the laughing became more distinct. I peered through the crack in the wardrobe and saw Victoria walk into the bedroom. Her hand was trailing behind her. Attached to the end of her hand was another man.

He was at least six foot three, and he was built like a machine. He was wearing a very slim fitting t shirt which perfectly showcased his bulging biceps. You could even see the outlines of his six pack. He stood with a perfect, straight, alpha-male posture and seemed to tower over everything in the room.

The look on Victoria?s face was of pure excitement. I?d never seen her look like that before, not around me anyway. I could almost feel her rapidly beating heart from my vantage point in the corner of the room, or maybe that was just my own.

In one swift movement, the man completely dominated Victoria. He grabbed her by her waist and forced her up against a wall. I considered for a moment that maybe she didn?t want it, maybe he really was forcing her. Was this really how a man treats a woman? But then I saw the look on Victoria?s face. It wasn?t fear. She was gazing up at the man with so much amazement and desire, a way I?d never seen her looking at me.

He had complete control over her. He wanted her and he was taking her, and it was clear that she wanted so much for him to take her.

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