Aunty Jean: Another Visit To My Niece

Aunty Jean: Another Visit To My Niece
We had gone to stay with Jonathan and Mary again and I
found the whole experience quite frustrating. After the
excitement of our last visit when Jonathan first
reawakened my interest in sex and his and my various
couplings in my flat, I had wanted and expected more.
Apart from a couple of quick gropes when he managed to
fondle my tits and slip his hand up my skirt it was a
very uneventful visit as circumstances were not
conducive to us being alone.

That was until the Monday morning.

Mary had gone to work; John had gone into the bathroom
for his shower and I was sitting up in bed drinking my
hot water.

No sooner had the bathroom door closed than he was in
the room and standing by the bed his cock hard and
swollen and a look of lust on his face.

"Quick Jean, we just have time for a quickie."

With that he was on the bed and kneeling astride my
hips with his cock pointing at my mouth; I needed no
second invitation and within seconds I had 6 of his 8"
filling my mouth and threatening my throat.

God I loved the taste and feel of him as he fucked my

After a couple of minutes he pulled out and getting off
the bed he tugged down the duvet and placing 2 of the
pillows in the middle of the bed rolled me over until I
was bent over them my belly resting on the mound they
had created; my bottom raised and at his mercy.

Back on the bed he got and straddled my thighs.

I felt his hands take hold of the elastic of my
wincyette pajama bottoms and tug them down to the tops
of my thighs exposing just enough of my bottom and
thighs to give him access to my sex. I must have looked
a picture as I gazed back at him over my shoulder in
eager anticipation.

I spread my thighs, just a little, to ease his passage.

More movement: then that wonderful feel of his cock
head, slick with my saliva, sliding between my legs and
touching the fleshy folds of my vulva.

More pressure and that sense of spreading and violation
as he engaged the opening of my vagina and then the
thrust as without any thought for me at all he rammed 7
of his 8" deep into my cunt.

Fortunately I had the sense to bite on the pillow to
stifle the scream that was forced from me as he began
to fuck me.

Because of the position we were in and the fact I still
had my pajama bottoms on I could not spread my thighs
very wide so he knelt astride my legs which closed
them; thus emphasizing his sex and my tightness as he
fucked me, so I was acutely aware of his cock sliding
between my upper thighs as it slammed into my sex.

This was no gentle love making this was frenzied
passion and the bed shook as he ravished me his belly
banging against the cheeks of my bottom. The head of
his cock bruised my cervix threatening to breach me.
Thank God for the position he had me in as it shortened
his available length.

His moans in my ear a gasp of; "Oh God I am coming
Aunty." A rapid withdrawal: his cock in my face, my
mouth opening and jets of the stuff spraying my face,
filling my mouth as he climaxed.

Back off the bed he got and I; wiping my face with my
fingers, licking them clean swallowing his come
preparing to face my husband when he got back from the

My pajamas rearranged, the duvet pulled up, pillows
replaced and as John came into the room to find me
cleaning my glasses, Jonathan calmly asked if we wanted
white or brown toast and had room service been up to
scratch this morning. My beloved husband clueless to
the fact his wife had just been fucked in her mouth and
cunt and that she had loved every second of it;
although the lack of an orgasm had left me feeling very


That evening I have to admit to a touch of remorse as
we sat and ate supper. I had thoroughly enjoyed our
session but could not get the feeling out of my head
that both Mary and John could tell what I had been
doing and could still see traces of his come in my hair
or something.

As we watched telly my mind wandered and I sat thinking
of my new life and the pleasure he was giving me and
when a bit of casual sex came on screen I could not
help but squirm slightly in my seat as I instantly felt
myself moisten "down below!"

At about 10 Mary went off to bed and John went up with
my water so I took the opportunity to kiss him
goodnight, slipping my tongue into his mouth and gently
squeezing his cock through his joggers.

His response was to slide one hand up my skirt and
pulling aside the wet crotch of my pants slipped his
thumb up my wet little pussy.

With his other he pulled my head down into his lap and

"2 o'clock in here and be quiet. I need to have my cock
up your bottom before you go tomorrow. I want to leave
something of myself for you to take home. But before
you go up, get my cock out and suck me off."

I needed no persuasion and quickly extracted his erect
penis and locking my lips round the swollen shaft
proceeded to give him head. In seconds my mouth was
filling and I was swallowing like crazy to avoid it
coming out of my mouth.

With that and a gentle squeeze of my right breast he
sent me off to bed. When I got ready for bed I decided
to wear a nightie, telling John that my stomach felt
upset and it would be easier if I had to get up in the
night. I did not even bother to brush my teeth so I
could savor the taste of his come as I tried to drift
off to sleep.


The next 2 and half hours were like torture. I could
not sleep: my mind going over and over the previous
times he had buggered me and wondering if I could cope
with another sodomising.

Would I cry out? Would someone come down and find us.
No, I would not go down, he could wait and then go back
to bed, it was far too dangerous.

Beside me John lay snoring in total ignorance of what I
was contemplating.

Then I heard him come out of their bedroom and quietly
closing the door he slipped downstairs.

I lay for another 5 minutes then I knew I could not
deny him. I could already feel myself getting damp
between my legs and I was also aware of an itching
between my cheeks that reminded me of what was to come.

Easing myself out of the bed I put on my glasses and
slipped out of the room taking care to pull the door to
as I left. Carefully I moved downstairs and went into
the lounge pulling the door shut behind me.

Jonathan was sat on the couch a tube of KY on the arm
and was slowly masturbating his huge cock.

"Good you have come. I did not think you could resist
the temptation. You have really got a taste for it,
haven't you? Now on your knees and suck it Jean, get me
ready for your arse but first let's have a look at the
delights your nightie is hiding."

I was pleased to see he had placed one of the cushions
of the armchair on the floor between his widely spread
legs, in deference to my arthritis and so I gently
dropped to my knees and parted my nightie giving him
the works as I exposed my breasts and sex for his
delight and then bending forward took hold of his
swollen organ and bent it back toward his belly before
dipping my head and starting to lick up and down the
underside of his cock.

Before I sucked him I licked his balls taking them one
at a time into my mouth and palpating them before
lifting my head and sliding my lips over the purple
head, engulfing his shaft in my mouth. My God how I
loved to suck his cock and desperately wanted to feel
his come spurt against the back of my throat.

"Right, I want to come in your mouth first just to take
the edge off my passion then I can bugger your bottom
for longer. When I come you know the rules; no
swallowing, I want to see you with a mouthful of

And so I speeded up my movements and soon felt him
start to swell to an even greater thickness. Then I was
aware of a pulsing running through the flesh that was
clasped so firmly by my lips and as he erupted he took
hold of my head his come quickly filling my mouth some
of it trickling down my chin. When he stopped I pulled
back taking care not to swallow or spill any more then
raising my head I opened my mouth to show him the pool
of his thick white come that filled it to over flowing.

"My wonderful old come junky. Don't you look the dirty
old Aunty you really are? It is now time to swallow
Jean." So swallow I did, enjoying the feel and taste as
it slid down my throat.

Jonathan then stood up sliding out of his seat and took
me by the shoulders and forced me face down into the

I am now going to sodomise you so let us involve a bit
of bondage again.

With that my arms were seized and pulled behind my back
and then tied at the elbows with his dressing gown cord
so I was helpless to protect myself.

I could smell him on the cushion and as I savored his
odor I felt the cheeks of my bottom being parted and
the cold touch of plastic as he engaged my anal opening
with the tube of KY.

I gasped at the coldness as he squeezed a generous
amount between my buttocks then I flinched as he slid a
finger into me working the jelly into my anus,
preparing me for the impaling that was to come.

I had to bite on a cushion to stop the moans that I
knew would be heard as he fingered me for five minutes
opening me, loosening me and shaming me in my rudeness
and exposure.

His finger removed to be replaced by the hugeness of
his penis then the pain of his penetration as without
any compassion he drove all 8" deep, deep into my
bottom not stopping until his pubic hairs were being
ground into the cheeks of my behind.

My face was being forced into the settee as he withdrew
and then slowly inch by swollen inch he drove it home
then pulled out again.

I could feel my anal muscle flexing along the length of
his shaft and was acutely aware of my ever so sensitive
bowels stretching to accommodate his length and
thickness. Soon he was buggering me as hard as he had
fucked my cunt earlier that morning.

The sense of violation was immense and I desperately
wanted to cry out but knew that to do so would be so

His balls were slapping against the lips of my sex and
stimulating my clit and then it happened, I felt him
swell to even greater thickness and he thrust down once
more and I felt jet after jet of his spunk hose my
bowels as I came to an anal climax.

Jonathan then pulled out of my sore behind with a pop
and pulled me up into a sitting position before
releasing my arms. He then helped me to my feet,
rearranged my nightie and sent me off to bed.

"See you in the morning for breakfast and a grope.
Perhaps you could bring me a cup of tea in and wake me
by sucking my cock again. Sleep well!!! Dear Aunty. "

As I quietly made my way to bed I could feel his come
leaking out of my distended anus so I went to my wash
bag and found one of my sanitary towels; brought
specifically for this purpose. Retrieving my knickers
from the washing bag I pulled off the protective strip
from the towel and pressed it firmly into place on the
crotch before stepping into them and pulling them up
and adjusting the pad between my legs. I did not want
to risk any embarrassing leaks and as I slipped quietly
into bed John spoke.

"Is everything alright Jean?"

"Nothing to worry about, my dear. Just the usual
problem with my stomach but it has left me a little
sore and somewhat bloated. But do not worry, go back to
sleep. I will be fine in the morning."

As I drifted off to the sound of his snoring I could
not help but think about the day that had just passed.

Yet again I had been fucked and buggered. Sucked on
Jonathan's cock and swallowed his come as well as been
tied up. What was I becoming?

The answer was simple. A degenerate Granny who could
not wait for more.

With that I slipped my hand between my legs and gently
stimulated myself to another little climax my fingers
sliding around in his come that had leaked from my anal
opening and with that I dropped off to sleep.

When I awoke the following morning I took the
opportunity to have a bit of a lie in and listened as
Mary got ready for work and John had his shower
upstairs. The next thing I heard was Jonathan going
downstairs to finish off getting breakfast in the
kitchen. This was to be my last chance for sex for a

Getting out of bed I slipped downstairs into the
kitchen and slid up behind him, thrusting a hand down
the front of his joggers and taking hold of his cock
giving the semi erect stick of flesh a gentle but firm

"Any chance of giving a degenerate Grandma a good
seeing to this morning?"

In a trice he shut the kitchen door and turning he
picked me up and with his hands supporting my bottom
pushed me up against the wall.

My arms went round his neck and I wrapped my legs round
his waist.

I felt his hands tug my knickers down baring my bottom
then a fumble and before I could say fuck me his cock
head is at the lips of my sex and with one upward
thrust he is in me and I am being screwed yet again.

Time and silence were the order of the moment and as I
bit on his shoulder he thrust up into me a dozen times
and then emptied his balls into my cunt.

Quickly he lowered my feet to the ground and I adjusted
my knickers and nightie whilst he straightened his
jogger bottoms and as he turned to put the kettle on my
husband came in asking when breakfast would be ready.

A close call but worth it as little thrills still ran
through my belly and sex. Making my excuses I went and
had my shower.


The rest of the morning was uneventful as was our
journey back home. John sat in the front whilst
Jonathan drove and I sat alone in the back day dreaming
and just occasionally I pressed a hand between my
thighs to add to the recollections of the weekends

When we arrived home he helped us in with our cases
then went and sat at the dining table while I prepared
a light tea. On the spur of the moment I sent John off
down the shops to get some more cake as the one I had
found in the cupboard was out of date. By my reckoning
that gave us just 15 minutes which I hoped was enough
for what I had in mind.

As soon as the front door closed I was straight into
the living room; kneeling by his side undoing his
trousers and fumbling for his cock.

"What do you think you are doing Aunty, uncle might
come in at any moment!"

As I continued to extricate his penis I explained about
the shop and then without further ado took his limp
organ into my mouth and began to suck. As usual his
response was rapid and within a minute he was rock
hard. Struggling to my feet I straddled him and raised
my skirt then reached between my legs and pulled aside
the crotch of my knickers. With aching knees I lowered
myself until the head of his cock engaged my opening
then with a sigh I sat down hard forcing all 8" up into
my sex.

With my mouth glued to his and my tongue probing his
mouth I rode him for all I was worth and within 5
minutes we came and yet again I was rewarded with jets
of his white creamy come filling my well fucked cunt.

That was when we heard the door go so I hastily pulled
of him and went to meet what I thought would be John
whilst he hastily tried to stuff his cock back into his

Imagine my surprise to see my daughter Jane who with a
wry smile greeted me with; "I have just met Dad on his
way to the shops; he told me you two were here on your
own and from the look on your faces you have been up to
no good. I think that deserves a bit of discipline
don't you Mum?"

With that she pulled out another dining chair and
without any hesitation pulled me straight over her
knee, lifted my skirt and pulled down my knickers as if
I were a 7year old school girl. Her hand delved between
my legs and felt the wetness of my sex and then with a
loud "I knew it" gave me a dozen, good hard, smacks
before she rearranged my clothing and pulled me back to
my feet.

"Let that be a lesson to you mother and also consider
it a bit of repayment for all the spankings you have
given me in the past. Now if the pair of you are going
to have another sex session I want an invite next time.

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