Darlin Nikki

Darlin  Nikki
She reeked of what I had been wanting forever and a day (or so it seemed). I would sit in my bed, wearing all of nothing at all, my fingers finding its past my forest of silky pubic hair to soaking wetness, thinking of nothing but her. I would replay in my mind the way her long athletic, Nikki-bronze colored legs, clear of any spots or scars, looked as she wrapped them around the silver pole, her calves and the way their muscles slightly flexed as she pranced around the stage in 4? stilettos, the way her pretty little toes looked.

Prince?s version of ?Darling Nikki? played out of the speakers and seemed to be interrupting what I thought should?ve been a perfect date?

Just about an hour before, Paul and I decided to skip dinner and fuck. We pulled over in his black Lexus GS300, in front of what seemed to be a church revival under a tent, and I removed my shirt exposing my perky 36DDD?s (homegrown might I add), grabbing one in my hand, twisting my nipple, hardening it, giving it the appearance of a Hershey?s Kiss. Paul licked his pink, juicy lips as if he thought so too. For a moment he just leaned back, his head resting on his headrest, and just watched me.

Paul peered on as I pulled out the pin that kept the bun that sat atop of my head in place, letting my red wavy hair come loose cascading around my exposed shoulders, squinting his eyes in the sexy way that he does, he watched me slide my skirt up around my waist, showing him that I wasn?t wearing any panties. He couldn?t hide his excitement; the bulge in his Hugo Boss slacks wouldn?t --- couldnt let him; to relieve him. I unzipped his pants, and slid his thick cock out of his boxers. The corners of his mouth formed a smile as mines wrapped around his dick and my hand massaged his balls. He pulled my hair and flipped it to the other side of my head so that he could watch me suck him like a Hoover vacuum cleaner. He came in my mouth. A little cum dripped down my chin and I used my long tongue to bring it back up to where it belonged. I didn?t want to miss one drop.

I used my hand to get him hard again and then I asked him to give me a driving lesson.
He moved his seat back and allowed me to sit on his lap. I rode him like a horse, while gripping the steering wheel tightly. ?! Aye, Poppi, J?deme! J?deme!? I moaned. I told him to fuck me, revealing the bit of Cuban Spanish that I learned from hearing my mother have sex many nights, with my father. He squeezed my firm round ass as I bounced up and down, flexing my pussy walls to suck out his pre-cum. The radio blared the ?Purple Rain? song ?Darlin? Nikki? as he grunted and I squealed. Soon we both came, and looking to my right I saw what looked liked half of the congregation watching us, some even smiling.

Paul and I laughed our asses off and decided to have a drink since we had long missed our dinner reservations. He said that he had someplace special he wanted us to go?I had no idea he was taking me to a strip club?How ironic that the same song I had just came to, was playing as I took my seat. ?Darling Nikki??Darling Nikki?Darling.

I just had one of the most erotic experiences of my sexual life, less than an hour ago, with a man, yet when Nikki danced I seemed to be hypnotized. She had the kind of body that every woman wishes she had and every man wishes they could have. And such a sexy song for her to chose.

Paul must have sensed my intrigue, and you know men with their fantasies?He went to the bathroom and came back with what I guessed was the sweetest eye candy in the room. Under any other circumstance I would?ve been upset, angry even?but I wasn?t.

Paul said that he would leave us to talk.

I learned her name to be Nikki. She told me that she saw me watching her, and that Paul had approached her about a manage trios, she agreed once she knew who I was, but agreeing was just an excuse to talk to me, because she is a lesbian. Somehow I got lost in Nikki that night. I could feel her from the inside out just from her eyes.

After about an hour I spotted Paul looking at us from the bar with questioning eyes. Looking at Paul kind of brought me to a place that was sure. I told Nikki that I had to go back to my man, that I wasn?t a lesbian, ?Sorry if you thought otherwise? I said, picking up my Lois Vitton and walking over to Paul grabbing his hand pulling him out of the bar.
In my head for the rest of that week I continuously saw Nikki?s eyes, the melancholy in them while on stage, the perfection in them while talking to me. I remembered how she told me that she could smell out chemistry and how I could smell it too.

Although my main career is in law, computers are my first love; I repair them on the side.That Saturday morning I received an emergency service call . It was a woman who said that her computer keeps shutting on and off by itself. We made arrangements for me to be at her home at 3pm.

For some reason, as I approached the woman?s door, I felt something in my stomach. I always followed my gut, but this particular time, I wasn?t sure at all what it was saying.

Before I could ring the doorbell, the door opened revealing to me what had my wet all week. Nikki.

?You!? I said, trying my best to sound angry.
?Yes me!? She said in a mocking tone. ?Your boy gave me your card the other night. I need some service. So I called you, is that a crime?? She had the nerve to sound so innocent.
?Well, I guess not.? I said stepping over the threshold into her house.

She wasn?t lying she needed service. She had opened every program on her computer, at the same time, using up every bit of her RAM. If I wasn?t attempting to give the girl the benefit of the doubt I would?ve thought that she did it on purpose. Who in God?s name opens every program at the same time?

?Well, looks like my work here is done. Tell you what, if you promise me that you?ll never try a stunt like this again, I wont charge you?considering it only took me about two minutes to fix the problem.?

?Well, can I at least make you lunch?? she said as if she heard my tummy growling. I hadn?t eaten before I went to the gym this morning, damn it I hadn?t eaten at all. I was running on m-t!

I told her that I guessed it would be cool. I thought to myself that we could at least be friends. Considering how she made my pussy throb, even through my hunger, I could feel ?Tabby? as I affectionately call my cunt, gushing with soaking anticipation, as I watched her walk into her kitchen. Her daisy duke cutoffs were giving her ass just as must coverage as I thought they needed. Her shorts were almost like denim panties, and from the front I could see the print of her private area. Was my mouth watering from hunger or lust?

?C?mon Sweetie?, she said peeking over her shoulder.
I bit my bottom lip and followed her into the kitchen area. We were both quiet as she prepared what looked to me like a gourmet meal. When I saw her put lobster tails in the broiler my taste buds did the jitterbug!

It took her about 2 full hours to complete what looked like a meal fit for two queens. Nikki poured two glasses of chardonnay and sat in her seat, exhausted.

?Well, Boo, eat up.? she said smiling, that pretty smile of hers.
I?m one of those people who do everything systematically. I ate the lobster tail first, French bread, steamed vegetable, and lastly the angel hair pasta. Scrumptious!

The entire time I ate I hadn?t set my eyes on anything except the food on my plate. I downed my glass of wine and looked over at Nikki who hadn?t touched her plate at all. She was staring at me with a look in her eyes that I have never seen before.

?You?re not eating?? I questioned.
?No, I?m not hungry for food.?
I pretended to not hear her, or at least not understand what she meant, and stretched, yawning and said ?I guess I should be going now.?

?Please, don?t eat and run. Please.?

Suddenly, I felt kind of sorry for her, maybe she wasn?t a lesbian, maybe she was lonely, and just wanted some company. Here I was eating all her good food, ready to run out the door, and I was sitting with a desperate woman. I decided to sit with her. I was always one down for making someone?s day.

We talked and I was pulled deeper into her. It wasn?t the wine. I was telling her things that I hadn?t told a soul and she was listening. I had never felt such freedom talking with anyone. Ever.

She listened contently to what I was saying, however, I don?t think I was doing a good job at all. I kept admiring the way her full lips moved like mercury when she spoke, how everything she said seemed intentional like it was rehearsed. I imagined her breath smelled like that of an angel and her tongue looked like it tasted like ambrosia fit for the gods. I examined her sepia colored eyes that were, for most of the conversation genuflected under childlike eyes. She was shy with me.

We ended up on her brown leather sectional watching a movie called ?Boys Don?t Cry? about a girl with some mental illness that made her want to be a boy. The ending credits had come and gone and I was still crying. I mean, I was doing that kinda cry where you get the hiccups. ?Is that the life of a lesbian?? I asked Nikki. She explained to me that the girl was not a lesbian, she was Transgendered, and that lesbians didn?t want to be a man, they just wanted to Love women like a man does, like everyone thinks a man is supposed to do.

It was well past midnight and I knew it was time for me to go on home. I stood, arms outstretched to give my new friend a hug. She told me she refused to let me go home that time of the night and that I could stay in her guest room. I was pretty beat so I agreed.

I laid in the bed awake for about an hour pressing my thighs together, trying to subdue the thoughts of desire that my womanhood was expressing for me.

I heard the shower running. I imagined Nikki in there sopping lavender scented soap around her neck, down to her breasts, unintentionally making her nipples hard. I imagined her soaping between her legs, accidentally arousing herself, forgetting about the cleansing process and moving onto something dirtier. I could see her using her whole hand to rub down there, grabbing on to the shower curtain bar to steady her self, one leg resting on the side of the tub. I heard her moaning in ecstasy.

By the time I realized that it was me that was in fact bringing myself to climax, I was gripping the pillow above my head, shaking, and then exploding.

I crept out of bed and walked out into the hallway. I stood at Nikki?s door for what seemed like eternity. Finally, I turned her knob slowly, so I wouldn?t awake her, and stood at the edge of her bed and watched her sleep.

I climbed on top of Nikki and used my tongue to trace the outline of her lips. She looked at me as if she had been waiting for me. Then, there it was, that look of desperation again, like she needed me?What scared me was not the look that she gave me, but the feeling that I needed her as much as her eyes said she did me.

I sucked on her tongue greedily. I ran my hands through her long, luxurious hair and swept my tongue around her neck. I was hitting one of her spots; I could tell by the way that she squirmed under me, pressing her pussy into my leg. We kissed and she spoke into my mouth, ?Are you sure this is what you want?? I nodded yes and we changed positions. This time I was on the bottom, submitting my whole self to her.

She sucked on each of my breasts, which give me just as much pleasure as eating me. Using one hand to palm my left breast, she reached down and flicked my clit quickly.

She reached under her bed and pulled out something I had never seen before. It was a dick with a dick at the other end. I had been one to like dick. I wasn?t really into sucking it, but the feeling of penetration, the heat, was a huge turn on for me.

She stuck one end of the double-dick in me, and with her ass facing me, she put the other end in her. I went bananas! She didn?t need to move at all because I was moving my ass double time. I felt so sexy with my firm breasts bouncing back and forth as I rocked my booty back and forth. I stopped, and grinded my ass into hers and came?hard.

All in one movement she flipped me over and buried her face in my wetness. I guess she meant what she said when she said that she wasn?t hungry for food, cause she ate me like there was no tomorrow, like I possess the fountain of youth, like my clit was a buried treasure.

We ended up in 69 position and I had my first taste of pussy. It was wonderful.

I had given her my whole self and she accepted. That to me was different. I was so utterly used to people taking bits and pieces of me.

Suddenly, Nikki was doubled over on her knees, holding her stomach as if she was in pain. Tears poured from her eyes in multitudes.

?I need you. I so desperately need you, Sweetie. You know you feel it. Please, don?t fight it. Don?t leave me.? she heaved. ?I have Loved you since before I was born, since only God knew my name and who I?d Love. I know you dream about me. I dream about you dreaming about me. You keep wondering why you can?t think about anything but me. Why you can?t deal with your cases without seeing me in your clients innocence and your feelings for me in their guiltiness? Why you can?t touch yourself without picturing my eyes? It?s because you know it too. You don?t have to feel guilty, Sweetie. This is natural. I don?t need for you to Love women. I don?t care if you?re a lesbian or not. I need you to Love me.?

I had only seen people articulate something with so much conviction in church requesting to be delivered from some affliction. I knew that deliverance came someday, but never did I imagine it would be in the arms of an exotic dancer...A woman that most people looked at as less than because she made her money without the constraints of clothing was who, I was made to Love.

I knew from the first time I saw her, but was so afraid of the struggle.

?Darlin? Nikki,? I whispered and I opened my arms to Nikki and she fit right into me.

The next morning I woke up to Belgium waffles topped with strawberries and whipped cream and other fresh fruit on the side and Nikki staring at me conjuring me to awaken. We ate and made Love again.

After we came countless times Nikki looked at me and said, ?I want to show you something, you have to promise my that you wont laugh.? I did, and she ran to her closet and pulled out an aucustic guitar.

?I wrote this for you the night that we met.? Nikki clear her throat and proceed to sing heavan to me.

?I can see by the way that you look at me
that you Love me
I just hope that someday you?ll know
why the earth meets the sea
with a gentle force
Why we are on this course
Why babies see angels
Why God can see
It?s I was made for you and you for me??

That was the beginning of the song?The song never ends.

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