Karl and Colette

Karl and Colette
My name is Karl, i am 18 years old and a nerd, glasses, slightly over weight and bad acme, I love Dungeons and Dragons, playing my Xbox and playing World of Warcraft (WoW) so going through school i was left mostly alone. I think kids didn't pick on me because i am 6'2 and have long brown head banger hair, its past my shoulders and i have been told i look like i am ready to kill someone. Going through high school i was quite and talked to no one, i just did my work as fast as i could so i could go home to play my games.

One day i was walking down the hall to my locker and bumped into someone knocking them back and to the ground. I looked down and saw Colette and instantly felt my heart race, she had brown eyes that where behind glasses, long brown hair he had put in a high ponytail, and just an amazing body. It wasn't amazing to most people i quickly learned that people did pick on her for being short and over weight. i didn't see either of those things, i saw an amazing girl with a small belly and cute puffy cheeks, she had this silky white skin that just highlighted her brown hair and eyes, just looking at her made my palms sweat and my heart race.

sorry back to the hallway, she was flat on her butt and there were kids looking at her some laughing, some whispering to one another. I heard some of the whispers but payed most of them no mind, the one i noticed the most and is still stuck in my head and it was "Karl looks like he is going to kill her" i thought to myself but quickly lost the thought as i bent down and pushed Colette's legs together, she was in a knee length dress and her panties where showing, and held my hand out to help her up. She smiled softly then stood up with me as the bell rang telling us we had 5 minutes to get to class. most the kids walked off going to class but me and Colette stood there for what seemed like a life time to me then i snapped out of it when i heard "can i have my hands back" i looked down to see that both her tiny hands were being held in my right hand. I let go then watched her go to class, i walked off to class myself trying to push the thoughts of her face out of my mind and the second glance of her panties.

The rest of the day went back to normal, dull... a few weeks went by and i didn't see Colette again, i had learned later that she had just moved here and that was her first day and she instantly afraid of me like everyone else. I asked one of my few friends Kyle if he knew who she was or her classes and he told me he had P.E. with her and her name was Colette. i followed him the next day to P.E. and saw her sitting on the bleachers alone in a slightly tight white t-shirt and very short almost skin tight black gym shorts. I felt my heart race again i followed Kyle and changed like i was part of the class, the teacher noticed my but like most the students didn't confront me. I couldn't take my eyes off Colette, she was just gorgeous.

I finally found myself more ogling her then just staring, my eyes couldn't stop going over her body tell Kyle Pushed my towards the bleachers and told me to go talk to her. I felt a lump in my throat and couldn't breath for a few seconds tell Kyle pushed me again. I stepped up the bleachers then sat next to her and took a deep breath.

"hey Karl" is all i heard and my reply caught in my throat again, o my god she knew my name, then i got it and spit it out.

"You know my name?" god that was all i could come up with, god i am lame.

she just giggled in this sweet way "Yes its hard not to know who you are."

i replied "it is hard not to?"

She frowned for a second then told me "Yeah your the guy that no one should bother or make mad. A teacher saw you knock my down then told me to stay away from you."

"O" was the only reply i could think of.

The bell rang and she stood up i pushed "wait" out of my throat and looked up at her, even when i was siting and she was standing she wasn't much taller then me. as i was sitting her breast were to my eye level.

"yes?" she said as she stood in front of me.

I took out a pen i have i my gym shorts then wrote my number on the inside of her arm then stood up towering over her by a foot. she quickly took my pen and wrote her number on my arm, i felt my heart race again. then she winked at me and walked out of the gym.

The dull day dragged by i was thinking of nothing but Colette the entire day, for the first time didn't to any work, I just stared at my arm, i knew the number the first time i glanced at it, i remember numbers easy. it helps my do math or so i am told.

I finally got home and turned on my computer and started up WoW waiting an hour to make sure she was home then i picked up my cell phone and called her, she picked up and i felt my voice get stuck in my throat again.

From the phone i heard "hello?" a slight pause then "hello?" i quickly pushed out a hi of my own then she asked who it was and the only thing to come out of my mouth was the scary guy, and i felt myself hating my voice but i heard a giggle and "hi Karl"

i laughed lightly myself then said "hey, what are you up to?"

"O nothing." she replied "just playing some WoW" instantly i felt my blood start pumping and the only think running through my head was, God how perfect, i hope she plays on my server. (for those who don't know World of Warcraft is a Mass Multi-player Online Role Playing Game (MMO-RPG) that is so massive they need more then one server, the have over 50.)

I ask "what server?" she replied with one and it wasn't any one mine. Crap i thought to myself or so i thought, i heard giggling then her asking my server. I named the ones i played on daily then the ones i gave up on. our conversation went on for hours talking about this and that, mostly about WoW and school. Finally i looked at the clock and noticed it was 3am and neither of us were tired or want to stop talking to the other. I heard her mother yell at her and we finally hung up.

For about a month it went like this, i finally asked if she wanted to hang out outside of school, to my surprise she eagerly said yes. that Friday i followed her home from school, she was with in walking distance of the school, my eyes following her ass as i walked behind her, i think she noticed but didn't bring it up to me. about 10 minutes later we got to her house, she turned to me and said that she was happy we finally were hanging outside of school. i followed her into her house and she showed me around then her room. i was excited but scared, being the classic nerd i have never been near a females house let alone her room. she told me her computer was in there so she led me inside. i looked around and saw her bed and instantly go thoughts of myself inside of it with her, my hands caressing he soft warm body, softly running over ever inch of her, felling her breast and playing with her nipples tell she moaned my name softly. I was snapped out of it when i felt my penis starting to harden, luckily i have jeans on. she showed me her computer, there was only one place to sit and see the computer and it was her computer chair, firth thought through my mind which i blurted out was "i can sit in it and you can be in my lap" she just giggled then left the room and came back with a fold able chair and put it next to her chair. I frowned but sat in it.

a few weeks of my coming over as much as i could and me showing her small things about WoW she never knew tell i worked up the courage to wrap my arms around her as she played. she just smiled and kept playing, i leaned up and kissed the back of her ear, and she just giggled then went back to playing. It was hard to kiss more because she had a computer headset on that covered most of her ear and she would randomly talk to other people playing, i didn't mind i knew i did the same thing when i had it on.

i slowly removed the headset from her ear i had just kissed pushing it forward, covering her ear with hair now. I gently ran my finger over the top of her ear, feeling her shiver as her hair was pushed behind her ear, then i leaned in and kissed her ear again. She shivered again but tried to focus on WoW. I stayed lean and softly kissed down the back of her ear then softly sucked on her earlobe, i could feel her shiver in my arm as i kissed and sucked her ear. i slowly pulled away and looked up at the computer screen. She had logged out and was now glaring at me.

"why did you stop?" she asked me/ I shrugged then leaned in and kissed her soft warm lips. we kept kissing each other softly and slowly, then i slide my tongue out of my mouth and slid it across her lower lip then across her upper lip. I felt her tongue sliding along mine, it was wonderful as i slid my tongue into her mouth and slowly explored it, slow and careful, trying to make sure not to do anything wrong. This was my first kiss after all. i finally pulled away and looked into her eyes. she was smiling from ear to ear.

"Thanks for my first kiss" she told me, i could only smile and tell her it was my first kiss too. she smiled bigger some how. i leaned in and kissed her lips softly again then tightened my arm around her and smiled. "how about you sit in my computer chair for awhile?" she asked me.

i stood up and she giggled then i noticed i had gotten a hardon i quickly went red and said sorry 20 or so times, she put her finger over my lips and smiled, telling me it was ok. She stood up and i sat down looking up at her, I noticed her nipples were pointed out at me through her bra and t-shirt.I couldn't help but stare then she turned around and sat down in my lap. She leaned against my chest with her back and made sure her long hair wasn't in my face. I smiled and wrapped my arms around her tiny belly as i leaned in and kissed her other ear softly then started to suck on that earlobe. She started to move and wiggle in my lap, i could feel her ass rubbing against my hardon. i kept sucking on her earlobe as my hands slowly worked their way up her stomach to her breast and started to softly rub and massage them with my fingers and palms. i heard her moan and wiggle more against my hardon. I slowly pulled away and watched her wiggle and squirmed in my lap by my hands just rubbing her breast through her t-shirt. i slowly stopped and looked at her.

She looked into my eyes and asked me why i had stopped. i told her my cock was so hard and she wasn't helping. she just giggled then wiggled her ass against my hardon again. i closed my eyes then slid my hand down between her legs and pulled her skirt up ans rubbed my fingers up and down her panties against what i hoped where her pussy lips and clit. she quickly pushed my hand away and looked at my angrily. i said sorry and looked down at the ground. she picked my head up and kissed my lips passionately then looked me in the eyes.

"slow down your the first to touch me Karl" i smiled and told her i hadn't touched a female like that and i was enjoying it, and i hadn't had a girl rub against my cock in anyway. she giggled again then run her hand against my cheek as i tightened my arms around her waist.

She slowly ran her hands down my arms and started to pull up her shirt, my eye glued to her breast in the black cotton bra she had on. I helped her slowly and kissed her gently as we got it off. She asked my to unhook her bra and i did so and as her bra slid off my eyes now glued to her pink hard nipples my pointer fingers started to rub her soft nipple. She instantly bent her head back and moaned softly, my fingers rubbed faster and quicker against them, she moaned loader and closed her eyes.

"Enjoying something?" i asked her, she could only moan "God yes Karl don't stop" i kept rubbing her nipples tell she started to wiggle her ass against my rock hard cock. i then grabbed her breast and squeezed them gently then pinched her nipples, she let out a nice big moan as i did so then i picked her up and set her down in the chair as i stood in front of her, my pants sticking straight out at her, then i kneeled down and leaned in to her. She Just stared at me, then i kissed her nipples one after another. I softly started sucking on one then the other, alternating between them, i could hear her moan but i was focusing on her nipples.

After a 10 minutes or so she picked my head up and told me her panties where wet and she need to take them off, I smiles and slid my hands up her legs and slowly pulled down her soaked panties, they were black cotton matching her bra, she watched me closely as i got them past her knees and down to her ankles then off. i looked up and smiled as she had already stared to remove her last piece of clothing her skirt. she slid it down to me and lets my take it off for her. I look up to the fully naked Colette, my dick was now so hard it hurt. i finally got my eyes up to hers and told her, she told me to do what i needed to so it didn't hurt anymore. i unzipped my fly and slid my cock out of my boxers and jeans then looked up at her eyes, they widened and where staring at my cock.

"There is no way i can do anything with that." Colette stated. I looked at it then at her hands, she had small hands, they fit her short body, the only think on her not tiny or small where her tits, they fit perfectly in my hands but my hand aren't small by any means. anyways i laughed and told her we would get there.

i just let my cock breath as i leaned in and kissed slowly up her inner thighs tell my nose hit her pussy which then my focus instantly turned to it. Her softly soaked pussy smelt intoxicating and i didn't want to pull away, i kissed her pussy lips over and over then i licked my lips and tasted heaven. i then used my tongue to lick up and down her small pussy lips, licking up her wonderful juices, more just kept coming as i heard her moan almost yelling my name as i lick her tiny pussy lips from the start of them to up to her tiny nub of a clit. it was so cute and fantastic. she only got louder as i kissed and sucked on her clit softly at first but then started to suck hard on it making her cry my name out in pleasure, next think i knew alot more juices came pouring our of her running out of her pussy lips to her asshole then into the chair, her hips wiggled wildly as they came pouring out, i watch in fascination, then noticed my cock was covered in my own juices, i didn't tell Colette she seemed to be breathing really hard and her eyes where shut.

i knew she just came from me licking her pussy and sucking on her clit but it was still the first time i had seen it for really and not in a bad movie, and i knew my cock was now heavily coated in pre-cum meaning it would be easier now for me to slip my hardon in her tight pussy then when the juices go away. but i couldn't help my self i leaned in and kissed her pussy lips then looked up at her. Her eyes now open and starring at me.

"Your amazing Karl i don't want you to ever stop what ever it is your doing." I guessed she had never been close to doing this before, nor did she seem to look into sex. I had a feeling the only thing she knew about this was what she learned in Sex Ed. and now it was me that was going to show her more. i grinned in pride and excitement, knowing i just made her cum from only my tongue and now i get to show her how to have sex.

i told her to relax and to close her eyes again, she did and i leaned in and spread her pussy lip with my fingers, then saw her hymen and stared at it for a few seconds, softly pushing my finger against it then leaned in and kissed her clit. My tongue then carefully licked her hymen to hear her moan softly so i licked it again pushing my tongue against it as she flinched and i stopped and looked up at her, she had her eyes closed still and a drooling smile on her face, so i went back to carefully licking her hymen tell she grabbed the back of my head, her fingers getting tangled in my long hair pulling me up to her clit so i licked and then sucked her clit. She yelled my name again and started to shake i quickly licked her pussy lips and felt the warm juice pouring out of her pussy again so i moved my head down to the base of her pussy and basically drank her juices then they stopped and i started licking her pussy lips for a few more seconds. i looked up at her and smiled as she untangled her fingers from my hair and ran her fingers against my cheek then told my she thinks she loves me, i replied i loved her to and i would do anything she wanted my to.

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