Cheated wife


Cheated wife
I am one of those weird people who read erotic stories.
Yes, I admit it. Once I start reading them it's hard to
stop. Some stories are total trash; of course that is
only my opinion. But then you come across a story, not
paying any attention to the author's name, you never
heard of him or her but the title of the story draws
your interest.

You decide to click on it and kind of give it a scan
through, not really reading it. After you scan through
about a third of the story, you stop and think to
yourself this is pretty good. You put your pointer back
to the story beginning and start reading every word.

The author has drawn you in or is it your own emotions
that are making you read this story? Another story
about a spouse having an affair. Damn! I hate stories
about affairs. The wife fucks some guy, either a
stranger or her husband's best friend. She leaves some
stupid clue and her husband finds it. Now he has to do
something about it.

He faces her with the cheating facts. She says how much
she loves him and it was just sex. It didn't mean
anything. She tells him how much she loves him and had
just made a big mistake even though she did it a half
of dozen times. She cries and begs his forgiveness and
promises never to do it again. What a crock of shit! Or
is it?

I'm just an ordinary guy. Mid-fifties, happily married,
have been for thirty years. I worked most of my life in
sales. I sell products for the home. The company had a
home-based store stationed in Chicago but we, the sales
force, had to travel fairly often. We went to the
surrounding states to keep in touch with our retail
stores. Speaking for myself it did get lonely
sometimes, being away from the family and at night
really missing my wife.

There were times that I would go down to a lounge just
to be around other people. Of course there were
generally women alone or with a small group of women. I
might dance and talk to them just for the company. In
the beginning I didn't set out to have sex with them
but it happened.

This constitutes an affair in most people's book. I
picked up a woman, took her to my room and had sex with
her. I've done this many times over the years. I never
thought much about it. I was in a strange town or even
a strange state. I was horny and did something about
it. I found someone else in the same predicament and
had sex with her. Not love but sex.

Now I have to tell you. I love my wife. I am a devoted
family man. Our family spends time together, I went to
all school events when they were younger and I even
attend church once in a while. I also love my
grandchildren. I am like a lot of men out there. I'm
not proud of my affairs but I'm being honest with
myself and with you. I could sit in my room and
masturbate while watching an x-rated movie or read
erotic stories on the computer and jack off. I'm not
being funny here, I'm being honest.

I think of all the names the readers of erotic material
call the woman who has had an affair. Bitch, whore,
slut, and many more. They want the husbands to dump
their wife, beat them up and in some cases kill the
mother fuckers. They never try to understand them or
why they did it. They don't take the time to listen to
them and most of all never forgive them.

Is there still a double standard? Should a woman
forgive her husband if he has an affair or should she
just grab him by the short hairs and divorce him?

If he says, "I love you, I just made a big mistake, it
was just sex. I was just so lonely and you weren't
there. God, how I wish you were. It is you I love and
want to spend all my remaining years with. Please
believe me, don't end this marriage. I know it will
take time but we can work through it." Sound familiar?

Well, surprise! That is what happened to me just last
week. One of the women I had sex with was followed by
her husband. He found out who I was and contacted my
wife. When I got home she just came out and told me
about the man calling her. She asked me point blank if
it was true? Did I have an affair with this man's wife?
It was too late to try and deny anything. I just looked
at her and she had tears in her eyes as I told her
"Yes, it is true." Then I told her all the things that
I just mentioned to you.

She told me she needed time to think. As of then, she
had no idea what she was going to do. She asked me to
please sleep in the spare bedroom until decisions were
made. As of now she didn't want to be in the same bed
with me.

The cheated husband offered to send her pictures and
recordings of me having sex with his wife. Miriam said
she knew it happened but really wasn't interested in
seeing all the details close up. She was distraught
enough just knowing it happened.

There was so much more to think about than just
separating or divorcing. Of course someone would have
to tell the kids. Then we have all of our assets to
separate. Dividing the savings accounts, cd's
(certificate of deposit), my future pension plan, my
401k. Then at our age there is even the insurance to
think about. It might sound funny to some people but
health insurance is a pretty big expense that someone
has to pay. We couldn't afford to lose it.

She was a homemaker who spent most of her life making a
home for us and the kids. She only worked part time
jobs to help us pay up some of our bills when we got
behind. So then there could possibly be alimony. I'm
sure the courts would feel she deserved some money for
her 30 years of us being together.

I haven't even thought about the house value and all
our personal stuff that we accumulated over the last
thirty plus years. Damn, this could turn into a real
mess. We're talking about possibly more than a few
hundred thousand dollars or even much more when
considering all the assets.

The odd thing was, as I have said earlier, I really
love my wife. I guess I was able to separate the sex
from love. I know I have never loved any of the women I
picked up. The sex was good, why wouldn't it be. I get
her pussy wet, she gets my cock hard, I stick it in and
both of us have an orgasm. I did use condoms most of
the time.

After about two days of pretty much silence I came home
from work and told Miriam I had some good news. Joe
Bailey was retiring at the end of the month. I was the
senior sales rep which meant I could take his
territory. I would hardly ever have overnight stays
again seeing he had the local sales area. I wouldn't be
away like I have been in the past. Miriam said, "That's
great, Harry, it could help solve part of our marital
problems." She then looked at me and said, "Harry, it's
time to talk." We both had a cup of coffee and sat down
in the living room.

"Harry," she said, "I'm going to let you decide whether
or not we stay together. It is going to be up to you."
I blurted out, "If it's up to me we will live together

"Not so fast, Harry. Please listen first to what I have
to say. Then if you still feel the same, we'll stay

"I don't understand, Miriam. What do you want to say?"

"Please don't interrupt me, Harry, I have to get this
out. About two years ago you were in Indiana and I
called you at the motel to talk to you. You were out of
breath when you answered the phone. Then I heard a
woman talking in the background."

"But, Miriam, it must..." She cut me off.

"I'm done listening to your excuses and lies, Harry. I
know you had a woman in your room and was having sex
with her. You could hardly wait to hang up. I figure
she had your dick in her mouth. I was distraught after
hanging up the phone. I was crying when there was a
knock at the door.

I opened it up and it was my brother-in-law Steve. He
came over to see how I was doing since you were away.
My sister Barbara stayed at home. Steve said she wasn't
feeling well. Steve saw me crying and asked me what was
the matter? I just put my head on his shoulder and
continued crying. He wrapped his hands around me and
held me close."

"I was mad at you, Harry. I was lonely, distraught, and
wanted revenge on you, Harry. All I had on was my robe
and nightgown. Steve pulled the belt loose and slipped
off my robe. He then led me over to the couch. As we
sat there, I told him that you were having an affair.
At this very minute you were fucking some slut. I
looked at Steve and you know how we always use to kid

Well, this time I told him I wanted him. I wanted him
now. I wanted my revenge against you, Harry. Steve took
off his trousers and briefs. His cock was standing hard
and at attention. He slid my nightgown over my head and
I straddled his lap. I grabbed his hard cock and guided
it into your wife's pussy, Harry. You were the only man
that I have ever had till that night with Steve."

I had tears in my eyes listening to Miriam talk about
her affair with Steve. Besides being my brother in law
he was also one of my friends. It was hard to believe
she could do this to me. She was always a loving wife.

She continued, "Well, Harry, Steve just rode my pussy
and played with my tits till he was ready to shoot his
load in me. He didn't have on a condom. I was sure he
was clean and I have been past the baby stage for a few
years. He shot his load up my pussy, Harry. Just like
you were doing to that slut. We probably all came at
the same time, Harry."

I looked at Miriam, her face sad. "Was that the only
time, Miriam? Was that the only time you ever cheated
on me?"

"No, Harry, Steve and I did it six different times
whenever you went out of town."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. My loving wife
had cheated on me six different times. "Why did you
stop, Miriam?"

"Well, Harry, like you said, it was only sex. No love,
no compassion, just sex. I felt I had gotten my revenge
on you and then you came home with flowers for me. You
took me out for my birthday and got me a little drunk.
Then you brought me home and you made love to me. We
didn't have sex like Steve and I had but you made love
to me. Gentle, erotic, caring love is what you gave me
that night. After that night I was starting to feel
guilty about the revenge.

I ended it with Steve. He said he was going to tell you
about us if I didn't continue having sex with him. I
told him I wasn't going to let him blackmail me into
having sex with him. He could just go ahead and ruin
both of our marriages if that is what he wanted to do.
That's probably why we didn't see him around here
before he and Barbara moved to Peoli."

"Why, Miriam? Why tell me this now?"

"If we are laying our cards on the table and you want
our marriage to continue, you need to know the truth. I
don't want Steve coming up to you a year from now and
telling you this."

I looked at Miriam, my loving wife for thirty years.
She just admitted to fucking my brother-in-law and
friend six times to get even with me. It was really
bothering me, picturing my Miriam spread-eagled with
her pussy glistening and telling another man to shove
his cock into her. I was having a hard time handling
it. I told Miriam that I needed a day before answering
her. It was such a shock to me.

I got the whiskey bottle and went to the spare room and
started drinking. I tried to go to sleep but all I
could do was have nightmares. Every time I closed my
eyes I'd see Miriam fucking Steve's big cock. I woke up
in the middle of the night sweating. My stomach hurt
bad. I ran to the bathroom and vomited. I went back to
the room and cried myself to sleep.

When I got up in the morning, Miriam had made
breakfast. I tried but just couldn't eat. I just wasn't
sure what I was going to do. I couldn't even look at
her without the thought of her affair entering my mind.
She mentioned that she was going to go see her mother
today and that, if possible, she would like my answer
by tonight whether we were staying married or going our
own way.

Before I left for work I went into the bedroom and
removed my hand gun from the dresser drawer and put it
in my jacket pocket. I left for work without even
saying goodbye to Miriam. I reported into work and then
after a couple of hours I left for Peoli. It was about
a fifty mile drive.

When I arrived at Steve and Barb's place I knocked on
the door. Barb opened it and looked a bit surprised to
see me. She asked me what I wanted? I told her I needed
to talk to Steve.

She said, "Steve's not here, Harry. What do you want
with him?"

I looked at my sister in law Barb and said, "I need to
talk to him. He fucked Miriam and I need to talk to

Barb looked me right in the eyes and without even
blinking she said, "Steve never fucked anyone including

"He did Barb, he did. Miriam told me about it herself
last night. I need to know why. I really need to know

Barbed looked at me and said, "Come in, Harry, just
come in."

As I stepped into the living room, Miriam stepped out
of the kitchen. I looked up and asked her, "Why are you
here? Is it to protect your lover? To warn him I might
come after him?"

Miriam said, "Harry, there was no lover. I made it all
up. I wanted to see how forgiving you would be if I had
an affair. Yes, I did come by to warn Barb and Steve
that you might come by. After you left this morning, I
checked the dresser drawer and noticed you took your
handgun. I was worried what you might do so I warned
Barb and Steve. I thought it was best to come here
because you might not believe them. Please sit down,
Harry, and we will tell you the truth about that

She called Steve out from the other room. She asked him
if he would explain to me what happened that night.

Steve began, "Barb and I stopped by to check on Miriam
as we so often did when you were away. When she
answered the door her face was red and she was crying.
She couldn't seem to stop. Barb and I did our best to
console her. She cried on my shoulder and Barb was
holding her. As she regained her composure, she told us
you were having an affair. I told her I would be
willing to talk to you about it but she had us promise
not to mention it to you. She was hoping that you would
see the mistakes you were making and stop playing

I looked over at Miriam and saw the hurt in her eyes.
The hurt that I put there.

Steve continued. "I played golf the following week with
you. No one would ever know you were having an affair.
I figured you must have been doing it for a long time
not to show any emotions. I couldn't stand being with
you. Not the way you were treating Miriam. We told
Miriam that we wanted nothing more to do with you but
she was welcome anytime. We moved here to Peoli a few
months later. Miriam and Barb have kept close contact.
Then she called us a couple of days ago and told us
about your latest fling and getting caught and that you
might be part of a divorce lawsuit. We told her we
wished she would just dump you. She deserved much

I was really feeling low. I thought I was hiding the
affairs pretty good but apparently I was wrong.

"When Miriam called and told us about your latest fling
she asked me if I would do her a favor. She wanted to
make up an affair between her and I and tell you it
happened. She wanted to know how you would react to it.
If you would still want her."

Miriam said, "Thanks," to Steve and continued the

"Harry, I know you have cheated on me for years. I
remember finding condom wrappers in your pockets even
though you had a vasectomy years ago. You suits smelled
of perfumes that were not mine. Even cum stains in your
underwear. I turned my back on your affairs hoping that
you would stop. You never did. That is why I made up
this affair lie to you. I wanted you to get a taste of
how I felt all these past years. I was hoping that
after you heard my made-up story that you would say
that you forgave me. That you still wanted me as your
wife. But that didn't happen, Harry. Instead you
grabbed your whiskey and ran to the bedroom."

"Miriam, I was having nightmares seeing you with other
men. I had to get up and throw up it bothered me so

"How do you think I felt whenever I knew you had one of
your flings. I threw up many times too, Harry, knowing
that the sex you were giving these women belonged to
me, Harry. But last week when the stranger called and
said you were fucking his wife and he had the pictures
to prove it, how do you think I felt, Harry. You have
now brought your sexual affairs home to roost. That's
when I said enough is enough."

"God, I'm so sorry, Miriam, I'll do whatever it takes
to make it up to you."

"That's why I gave you the affair test, Harry. So you
could still say you love me even after I had the
affair. You failed, Harry. After all the affairs you
have had you wanted me to forgive you. But when it was
me having one affair for revenge against you, you
needed to think about it. Sounds like a double
standard, Harry. I believe a lot of men use that

I had tears in my eyes. She was right. I wanted her to
forgive me but was I ready to forgive her? I guess I
did have a ?Double Standard.' I told her I needed to
face Steve, that is why I came to see him. I was
devastated knowing he had sex with her. I brought the
gun not knowing whether I was going to use it or not. I
remember her saying Steve talked about blackmailing her
for sex and it really bothered me. I was ready to go to
prison for shooting Steve if necessary.

Miriam looked at me and said, "Harry, yesterday you had
the choice to save our marriage and was unable to come
to a decision. Well, Harry, I'm making the decision for
us both now. I choose that we..."

The End

I ended my story here and let the reader put in their
own ending. But for Kristen's Archives I decided to
give it a conclusion.

The Conclusion from where I left off:

"I choose that we stay together and do our best to work
it out."

She walked up to me to put her arms around me. I stuck
my hand out to stop her.

"What's the matter, Harry? I thought you wanted us to
stay together." She looked worried.

"I did, Miriam, there was nothing I wanted more than to
get back with you. But that was before all your lies,
Miriam. I'm not a cuckold, a man to be stepped on and
laughed at."

"What do you mean, Harry? Steve and I explained
everything to you. It's over now, Harry, it's over.
Nothing happened."

"Stop lying, Miriam, please stop lying. You have always
been a wonderful woman but you have always been a very
vengeful person. During our whole marriage if things
didn't go your way you always got even."

"What are you saying, Harry?"

"I'm saying that if you found condoms in my pockets
years ago and never said anything to me about it, you
would have done something to get even with me. I don't
recollect any getting even, Miriam. One time when you
smelled perfume on me and I explained it was an elderly
customer who hugged me and the scent stayed, you didn't
believe me. You needed proof so I took you to meet the
elderly woman so you could satisfy yourself that I was
being truthful."

Miriam was looking more nervous.

"The night you said you overheard a woman in my room.
Why did you not ever say anything to me, to my face.
Maybe I was at a party, maybe there were a number of
people in my room, and maybe it could have been the TV
set. You automatically assumed the worst, Miriam. Why,
Miriam? Why would you think the worst and not even
mention it to me? I'll tell you why, Miriam, you were
having affairs. I also believe you had affairs with

Steve went to stand up until I said, "Sit your sorry
ass back down, Steve, or I'll shoot your fucking nuts
off." Steve sat back down without saying a word.

"Then there's my good friend and brother-in-law, Steve,
who wouldn't even tell me that my wife suspected me of
cheating on her. And why wouldn't my good friend say
anything? He says because my wife asked him not to.
Wow, what a good reason not to tell your best friend
something as important as being suspected of cheating."

I looked over at Steve while still holding onto the
pistol. "Well, brother-in-law, you get one chance to be
honest. Did you fuck Miriam?"

Steve looked over at a crying Miriam and his distraught
wife. "Yes," he answered.

"Yes, what? You wife fucker."

"Yes, I fucked your wife. I fucked Miriam."

"For how long, Steve?" Miriam started to butt in...
"Shut up, slut wife, I want Steve to answer. His life
depends on the truth."

"For years," was Steve's reply. Miriam burst out in

"Why did you stop? I'm only asking you these questions

"Betty caught us in the act." Steve replied.

"Okay, Betty, your turn and it better be the truth."

Betty was in tears as she spoke. "One night when we
still lived near you Steve went to check on Miriam like
he always did while you were away. I happened to be in
the neighborhood and walked in on them. They were on
your couch." Betty was now crying. I waited for her to
get her breath back.

Betty continued, "Miriam was saying, ?Fuck me, Steve,
fuck me,' as she rode his lap. When they saw me they
stopped. We all had a huge argument. I stopped talking
to Miriam for a long time. Eventually for our mom's
sake we finally agreed to at least be civil to each
other. It put a big strain on Steve and my
relationship. We separated for a few months and
eventually got back together. That's why we moved to
Peoli, to get away from you and Miriam. We heard very
little from Miriam until she called today saying you
were coming over with a gun."

"You see, Miriam, I gave it some thought all the way
over here. If you would have told me the truth, I could
have forgiven you. No ?Double Standard.' If you would
have never said anything, I probably would have never
known. But no, Miriam, you had to try to extract that
last ounce of revenge against me. That vengeful nature
that I mentioned you had. As I told you yesterday, I
could have had the new territory and hardly ever stayed
away at night. We could have been together. But that
was not good enough, was it, Miriam?"

Miriam was sitting with tears in her eyes. "We can
still do that, Harry."

"I'll admit to having one night stands Miriam. Yes, I
did it. No love, no affairs. I don't know how many,
Miriam, I didn't keep track or have a little black
book. I wasn't out to hurt you. I always hoped you
would never find out. But, Miriam, if you did and told
me you knew, I probably would have stopped and even
changed jobs to save our marriage. But you knew and
said nothing. All so you could go get yourself fucked
and blame it on me. Isn't that right, Miriam?"

Miriam looked at me and said, "Harry, we can still work
this out. Let's go home and talk and salvage our
marriage. If you love me like you say you do, I know we
can work it out."

"Are you willing to tell me about all your affairs
during our marriage, Miriam? Are you willing to tell me
why you chose to have other men instead of coming to me
and trying to work things out? How far are you willing
to go and tell me the truth, Miriam? How many of my
friends and associates have you bedded down? Are you
willing to tell me everything, Miriam?"

"Harry, why bring up all the pains of the past? Can't
we get by that and start anew? You now know about the
affair with Steve. Isn't that enough?"

"No, Miriam, I only know because of Betty and of your
lies. For all I know you could have been selling
yourself or fucking my friends behind my back during
our whole marriage. How do I face anyone anymore unless
I know who they are?"

"Harry, what about our kids, our family. If we
separate, one of us has to talk to the kids. What are
we going to tell them? That we both had affairs on each
other. Please, Harry, let's just go home and work
things out. I still love you."

I almost had to laugh. "Still love me, what does that
mean? That you will continue to let me support you?
That you are done having affairs and will only make
love with me from now on? What does ?still love you'
mean, Miriam? Have you ever really loved me?"

I looked over at Betty. "Betty, you're the only one
here I feel sorry for. If you were smart you would have
left the bastard of a husband you have sitting there.
Steve, if Betty didn't still love a prick like you I
would kill you. It's men like you who think they can
always have their cake and eat it too. I ought to just
shoot your sorry ass for spite. In fact get on your
knees and beg for your life, you sorry bastard."

Miriam yelled out, "Harry, please, you can't shoot

Betty cried, "Please don't, Harry. I beg you, please
don't shoot him."

"It's Steve I want to hear beg or I promise you he's a
dead man."

Steve got on his knees in front of me and started
crying, "Please don't shoot me. I shouldn't have had
sex with your wife. I'm so sorry, I promise never to do
it again. Please don't shoot me," as he continued to

I just pistol whipped him one time and knocked him
over. The girls screamed and Betty ran to Steve's side.
"Please don't hit him again, Harry, please."

"Well, Miriam, what happens now? I really did love you
and wanted to spend the rest of my days with you. But
not anymore. I've lost all my respect for you. I know
it would be impossible to ever trust you again. Even if
you told me the truth about all the affairs you had. I
don't know if I could even show my face to my friends
anymore. Looking back and joking with the guys at the
club I could see why they were laughing whenever I left
the room. They were laughing at me, weren't they,

"Please, Harry, they meant nothing to me. It's you I
love. It was just the sex. I was lonely."

"So you did bed down my friends. I just took a wild
guess. Well, Miriam, I have no life left. I could
hardly face my own family knowing their mother's a
slut. I can't face any of my so called friends since my
wife thought she needed to have sex with them. That
leaves me nothing, Miriam. It doesn't give me a lot of
reason to live. The only thing I have left is revenge
against you, Miriam. But what is the worst revenge I
can have against you? I can shoot you, or shoot Steve
which would give me pleasure."

Betty yelled out, "Please, no, Harry. I'll do anything
if you spare Steve."

"Will you fuck me, Betty? Will you strip down right
now, right here in front of your sister and husband and
fuck me?"

Steve yelled out, "You bastard, you touch her and I'll
kill you."

"I have the gun, asshole. Well, either strip or your
husband's a dead man. I won't say it again," as I
cocked the pistol.

Miriam said, "No, you can do it, Harry. You're out of
your mind."

"Shut the fuck up, Miriam. You fucked her husband God
knows how many times. So it would be a great little
revenge to get some of your little sister's pussy.
Well, Betty it's up to you. Who lives, who dies?"

Betty started taking off her clothes. She was down to
her bra and panties. Damn she looked good. She came
over to the chair where I was sitting while her husband
still lay on the floor in front of us. I pistol whipped
him again just because I wanted to. He crawled over to
the couch and sat on the floor next to Miriam. I told
him if he interfered I would shoot him the next time.

I told Betty to strip the rest of the way. She took off
her bra and then slowly removed her panties. I could
tell she was really nervous but didn't seemed scared.
Probably deep down she wanted a little revenge of her

I told her to kneel in front of me and undo my pants,
which she did. She pulled out my cock and I told her to
get it harder. She put the head in her mouth and it
begin to get bigger. I had to hold the gun in one hand
which made it a bit inconvenient. Steve and Miriam just
looked on, neither saying anything. Betty was really
working on my cock. I told her she could climb on or
finish me with her mouth.

She looked over at her husband and sister and then
climbed up on my very stiff rod. She made the choice
and they both knew it. Her pussy was wet, very wet. She
was riding me and I was feeling her breast with my free

I asked her to talk to me while we fucked.

"I love your cock, Harry. I've wanted it ever since I
caught Steve fucking Miriam. God, it feels good."

"Who's cock do you prefer, Betty, mine or Steve's?

"Yours, Harry, it's so much thicker. This is so
exciting fucking you in front of those two. Cum in me,
Harry. Let my husband see your cum shooting into his
wife's pussy."

I came hard right into my naked sister-in-law's pussy.
She pulled up just enough to see the cum coming back
out of her and down my shaft. She then leaned over and
kissed me and said, "Thank you, I've wanted to get even
for a long time." Then she got off my cock and walked
over to her husband and said "Now we're even."

I called a crying Miriam over and told her she had one
choice and one choice only. To clean me up or I would
shoot her. No discussion!

She got between my legs and cleaned up her sister's
mess. She was gagging at times but continued to clean
up my cock. When she was through she tucked my soft
cock back into my pants.

"What now, Harry? What happens now? You've ruined all
our lives."

I told her to go sit next to her naked sister. Then I
told them that I would not shoot any of them because
I'm a man of my word. They all did what I asked to save
their life.

"The ultimate revenge."

Than I took the pistol, put it in my mouth and pulled
the trigger.

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