Shopping for my pregnant wife

Shopping for my pregnant wife
I had been sent to the mall once again for something else for my wife. I am not sure why I should buy these things since she does not want to wear anything that I pick out on my own. I have been given a piece of paper with three things on it. She said this would be all I needed so just hand it to the cashier and they will do the rest. The only thing was with the dress which was the third thing on the list I needed to make sure it was the right size. She gave me a piece of string that I was to use to measure it from side to side without stretching it. And If the string fit on the inside of the dress then it would be the right size and buy it. I felt stupid with a piece of string so there was no fucking way I was doing that.

Just the general attitude of the day had been pretty shitty so I was not happy to be out running errands. I got to the mall and it was not crowded. Thank goodness for that. Getting a parking spot up front was a nice bit of icing on a shit cake of a day so far.

I made it to the maternity store and there was no one in there as per usual really. I walked in and was greeted with a very pleasant ?Hello sir, welcome and if there is anything I can do for you don?t hesitate to let me know.?

?Thank you.? I said as I worked my way to where I thought I needed to be.

Pretty much right off the bat I saw that I had no idea where anything was, and I was going to have to get help. I hate asking for help when it is something like this. I like to do things myself. I eat my pride for a second and walk over to the cash register.

As I approach the cashier and I meet eyes. She is probably in her mid 20?s and about 5 foot 5. Very dark long hair, that curls around her face. A small but toned body that I could only see down to her breasts, which were at least small D?s. She was a smaller framed girl so even C?s would have looked pretty impressive. Her eyes were green and (the best way I can describe them is) sharp. They commanded your attention and seduced you right away.

?Hello sir. Can I help you with anything?? she said as smiling.

?Uh, yeah, My??.. Uh, I need some things and I was given a list.? I handed her the list and said, ?Can you find these things for me?? I said it in a way that I was very busy and did not have time for this.

She without any attitude looked at the list and smiled and said, ?Absolutely sir. You just wait right here, and I will go get these for you.? She turned to her right and started walking out from behind the counted. She made it to the edge of the counter, and I saw that she was pregnant. From what I could see of her from the cleavage up maybe 5 seconds ago you would not have guessed in a thousand years that she was pregnant but now I see that she was at least 7 or 8 months pregnant.

For some reason this turned me on. My wife was at home 8 months pregnant right now and she was not getting it going downstairs as they say, but this woman just walked out and I was rising to the occasion to the fullest. I saw her belly and my pants started to get tight right away, to the point that I knew it was time to start finding new ways to stand or find a reason to readjust.

?Oh, how far along are you?? I said as if the question came out without me telling it to.

?8 months, and I am so excited.? She said as she locked my eyes and smiled so big. I had never seen that glow as people say as much as I was seeing right now.

?You look amazing.? I said as if someone was inside me running my speech function without my permission.

She looked me right in my eyes and paused for a second as a smile came across her face slowly but purposely and said, ?Thank you so much.? With a breathy tone to her voice. She said it to me as if she had not been given a complement ever and she was trying to decipher the code to it.

I just smiled back at her and watched her walk around the store and collect items that were on the list. She every 5 to 10 seconds or so would meet my gaze and shyly smile and look away. I had never quite been so forward and stared as much as I was but there was nothing I could do. I could not take my eyes off this woman.

She was walking back to the counter with all the items as I watched her every step.

?The last thing on the list is a dress, and we have seen that all the sizes do not always match up. Are you sure that you need a Medium?? She said as she never lost my gaze.

?Not really. My,? I am buying it for someone that is about your size. Would you be a medium in the dress?? I asked as I leaned over the counter ever so slightly to let her know that I was looking at her.

She smiled and walked out from behind the counter as she held it up to her waist. ?I am not sure really. I have a dress on now so I could actually just go try this on and let you know.? She said as she looked up at me as if to turn it into a question.

?Yes, please. I would love to see how it looks on you.?

?Let?s go back to the changing area.? She said as she walked away. As I followed her back, I noticed that if you were directly behind her you could barely tell she was pregnant. I am not sure if this was supposed to turn me on or not, but it did in a way that was surprising. ?Okay one second.? She said as she pulled a curtain out and then back, closing herself off in the changing room.

I looked down at the bottom of the curtain and you could see her feet, ankles and a little of her calves. As I was watching, her dress fell to the floor. It lay in a circle as she stood inside it. I just imagined what she looked like without that dress on, and my bulge started to become noticeable as the curtain swung open. It was to late to readjust or cover it, so I just stood there and looked at her.

?So what do you think sir?? she said as she smiled up at me. It only took her a second of me just staring at her for her to notice the ever-growing bulge in my pants. When her eyes hit it, she lingered there for just a second and pulled in her bottom lip just a bit before I watched her bite it. She continued biting her lip as she lowered her head just a bit and cut her eyes up to mine in the most seductive way I have ever seen.

I could not take the tension anymore. I wanted this woman more than I had ever wanted anything in my life. Other than the denim keeping him down, my cock had never quite been so hard. I stepped in and placed my left hand behind her head and into her hair and my right hand firmly on her left ass cheek. I gripped her hair tight and squeezed her ass as she breathed deep into my mouth as I kissed her. Both of her hands gripped my hair firmly as she kissed me hard.

Maybe a minute had passed, and I pushed her back into the changing room and pulled the curtain closed behind us. I turned her around and pinned her against the back wall as I bit at her shoulder. She put both her hands up on the wall and moaned loudly. I reached down with my left and grabbed the bottom of the dress and pulled it up to her shoulders. As I held the dress up, I pinned her with my left forearm to the back wall. She had cute white cotton panties on. I pulled them down with my right hand and unzipped my pants. I pulled my cock out and it filled with blood to the point that I could feel it jumping up and down with every pulse.

I ran my hand between her legs feeling that she was already wet and wanting. I pushed my cock up against her ass as I tried to push two fingers inside of her. Her pussy was so tight that I was not sure if they were going to fit. I retracted one finger and pushed the other deep inside this amazing woman?s sopping wet vagina. I pulled it out and inserted the other. She was very tight, to the point that I was not sure if I was going to fit. I did not have the longest member in the world, but it was thick and I was doubting that I was going to fit myself inside her at all.

I took both of those fingers and gave some pressure and once they started to go in, they slid the rest of the way very snugly. She moaned and let her head fall back. My face was surrounded in her hair as I held her against the wall. I flicked my fingers back and forth as she started to mover her hips and moan again.

?Oh god, please.? She said with a wavering voice.

I waisted no more time. I pulled my hands from between her legs and slathered her nectar on my cock. I continued to hold her against the wall as I used my other hand to pull her hips back towards mine. I placed the head of my engorged cock between her pussy lips. She was so tight, as I tried to push myself in. She let a whimper out as, I could feel every inch of her extremely tight pussy start to slid around my cock. I had never been held this tight before and wasn?t sure if I should continue. I held pressure there for a second and then she started to fuck back towards me with her hips. Moaning with every extra inch that she found.

Before long she had slowly worked her way down my entire length. Once ever inch of me was inside her she started to move her hips up and down making me slide and rub and massage everything inside her. She was so tight that it is hard to explain what this felt like. It was the most amazing pressure that seemed to change but get better with every angle and every grind.

I eventually steadied her hips and held her still as I started to slide in and out of her. I came almost all the way out with every stroke, and when I would get all the way in, I would thrust forward making sure to get as deep as I could. I leaned back taking my forearm off her back and placing my hand on her shoulder. Now instead of pushing her forward I was pulling her back into me. The dress lay across her back and draped to the floor so that I did not have to hold it. I placed both my hands on her shoulders pulling back into me hard with every thrust. Feeling her tight pussy pull at me when I retracted and almost fight me as I pushed back in!

?MMM Oooooh.? She moaned as she let her head drop down.

I grabbed a huge handful of her hair with my left hand and pulled her head back hard.

?Oh fuck.? She said as she started to shake.

I placed my other hand around her throat as I pulled her head back. I used this grip to fuck her hard and rough. Something took over me that I had wanted to unlock sexually for years. I was unapologetically taking what I wanted and not asking for permission.

?Oh fuck!? she started to almost scream.

?Yes!? I said in almost a growl. I was pulling her hair so hard that it was thrilling me. I could feel that with every thrust I was bottoming out in her tight little pussy.

?Oh fuck yes!? she said as her voice continued to get higher and higher with everything that she said. Her hips started to buck and her back started to arch up and down. ?Fuck! I?m coming! Fuck!? she full on screamed.

?That?s it!? I said loud and firm as I felt her soak us. She twitched and bucked as I released my death grip on her hair and throat. I could feel her overflowing around my cock and down my balls.

?Cum inside me.? She said as she looked back over her shoulder.

It caught my off guard at first because I had not even thought of it, but as soon as I wrapped my mind around that, I wrapped my palms around her waist tight and started to pull her back into my pelvis hard as I was throwing myself into her. Her tight little ass was bouncing off my body. She placed her hands against the back wall and was pushing back into me as I was pulling and making us collide harder and harder with each stroke.

If there was anyone within ear shot of us, there was no question what was going on. She was yelling, I was groaning, and our bodies were echoing throughout the store with the unmistakable sound of skin slapping together.

All of a sudden, she gripped me with her pussy tighter than I thought possible and the friction was too much for me to take. My back arched, my butt clenched, my loins tingled, and my toes curled as I shot load after load of my cum into this sexy woman?s already soaked pussy. She was still pushing against the back wall as I was pushing forward into her. We had an airtight seal between the two of us. I raked my fingers down her back as I leaned forward letting my chest touch her back.

Maybe 10 to 20 seconds passed as we both just stayed there, and our breathing matched up as we caught our breath. ?Don?t move.? She said as she leaned forward. I felt her panties slide up to the base of my cock. ?Okay, pull out quick.? She said as she pulled the panties tighter.

?Oh.? I let out as I pulled out of her clenched vagina and she pulled the panties up the rest of the way.

?I?ll go out first.? She said looking me in the eyes and smiling. She stepped out and a second after she pulled the curtain open. ?No one?s here, thank god.? She walked over to the counter as I pulled my cock back into my pants and zipped up. Before I got a chance to walk out, she was already walking back towards me laughing.

?What is it?? I said having no idea what was going on.

With a grin from ear to ear she looked me right in the eyes maybe being 2 or 3 inches away and said, ?So did you want the dress??

I smiled big and pulled the curtain closed behind her as I said, ?Yes. I love it.?

She let it fall to the ground and then pulled hers up around her hips. I had totally forgot that was even in there. She opened the curtain as she handed me the dress and we walked together to the register. She gave me the total and I gave her my card.

The transaction was complete before I knew it and she handed me everything back and said, ?thanks for coming in sir?, with a huge smirk on her face.

I returned with an equally playful smile and said, ?I hope I can come again.?

?Me too.? She said not losing eye contact.

Keeping the smile on my face I turned away and walked out of the store. I can?t wait to come back and do some more shopping for my wife.

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