Middle-aged man meets a beautiful, young curvy woman

Middle-aged man meets a beautiful, young curvy woman
My wife of twelve years, Penny, had just left me. Sure, I was broken, but I had seen it coming. She and her best friend Liz had been in love since high school. Unfortunately, the news of my wife's love and sexuality had not been revealed to me until last year. Therapy finally helped her accept her longings.

Yeah, I should have been happy for my ex, but I was broken and bitter. Then, a month ago, the strangest thing happened. I started having visions of a mystery lover. Someone I could actually see in my mind.

This mystery girl was too young for me. She looked to be about 20. I didn't care. I found comfort in my imaginary friend's green eyes. I saw promise and security in her huge boobs, wide waist, and curvy ass. Her smile showed kindness and mischief.

It was all pretty tame until last night. After a long run and relaxing shower, I collapsed into bed. My skin was extra sensitive for some reason, and I soon found myself playing with my engorged cock. As my arousal grew, the mystery girl appeared, as clear as anything real I've seen.

My mysterious "friend" laughed silently, and the thin, gauzy fabric of her nightgown stretched, and struggled to contain two giant, but perfectly smooth, breasts that were currently shaking as she laughed with joy.

The gap in her cleavage looked to be at least eight inches long. Thick nipples pushed hard at the cloth, leaving me indelible images. The curves were everywhere, seeming to beckon me home into her arms like a wayward child.

I wanted to kiss her mouth, suckle her tits, tell her my secrets, and beg her to walk with me through life while I slid myself into her warmness. Imaginary sights pulled me out of my reverie.

I saw the outer curves of her boobs expand over her biceps as she hugged herself and smiled at me. Well aware that this was all cruel fantasy, I asked, "Who are you?" Dark pupils set in seas of green peered into me, and then she smiled, winked, and disappeared.

Crying out in desire, frustration, I redoubled my stroking efforts. My left hand found the lubricant and managed to flip it open. Continuing to stroke my shaft, I also began to toy with my clean, puckered asshole. Probing and rubbing, hoping, wishing ...

Conflicted by emotions too confusing to understand, I released my cum, gasping and writhing. Pent up cum splashed onto my neck and the pillow I was resting my head on. Happy, sad, and confused, I fell asleep only to be awakened 20 minutes later by incessant knocking on the front door.

I threw on a blue, terry robe, and tied the belt. Feeling embarrassed, and knowing I reeked of lubricant and solo sex, I made my way downstairs. The doorbell began to ring, and I recognized the voice of my neighbor Eni.

"Sean, I know you're in there! Come on, open up!"

Pissed, I flipped on the porch light, and unlatched the door. Opening it a bit too briskly, I found myself only inches away from a plate of cookies that served to accent two breasts threatening to explode over the push up bra that contained them.

Last night I would have been embarrassed. Tonight I was bitter. Here was Eni showing off her tits, black wonder bra peeking out over a teeny, tiny black dress intended for some party I would not be a part of. The plunge of the dress was deep, her boobs were tanned melons of medium size. The dress clung to her tiny waist and hips, before stopping altogether a few mere inches below a pussy I would never have the privilege of knowing.

Eni's tight, muscled, legs were enhanced by five inch stiletto heels. A new dragon tattoo wound its way up her entire left leg, stopping with its head in a location it would be rude to ask about. Shaking myself, I looked up into pretty, but steely, grey eyes.

A silver hoop ring pierced Eni's tanned Roman nose. Matching silver hoops dangled from Eni's ears, and while it was all arousing, playing with myself earlier in the evening helped me keep it all in perspective. I wanted her to go, and I didn't care what I looked like.

I no longer wanted to fuck my shallow, troublesome neighbor. Eni didn't know about the new me, though, and she tried to have some of her old fun.

"I saw your car in the garage Sean. The door was open, you must have been in some hurry. Are you alone?"

"Yes. I am alone. Alone, but very happy with the fun I have found." I said this with bawdy confidence, and it caught my neighbor off guard.

Eni turned bright red, something I had never seen her do. Talking openly about my masturbating shocked her. Emboldened, I went on.

"I have more to do, Eni, I really need to go. May I help you?"

With that, I purposely shifted my hips so that the belt around my waist loosened. Eni's mouth dropped open, and her eyes focused on the bulge near the robe's opening.

I actually giggled, as I plunged my hands into the pockets of my robe and shifted a bit more, so that my dick popped out, pointing straight at my dear neighbor.

"Oh shit, Jen! I'm sorry," I offered, as I pulled the robe closed. "Well, I better go. Have a great night with Michael."

Michael is Eni's husband, and hearing his name brought her back to reality.

"Uh, oh, yeah. Well, ummm, maybe I'll drop by later with more cookies," she asked with hope.

"Jen, I really appreciate that, but I have plans all night."

Crestfallen, and confused Eni left to meet Michael. She couldn't believe her heartbroken neighbor could withstand her teasing. As I admired her retreating ass, I smiled knowing life was going to get better again. I still found Eni very attractive, but now I believed I deserved more. Practically sprinting up the stairs, I planned out the night ahead.

Two hours later I was alone in a noisy, singles bar two blocks from my house. A few women flirted shamelessly with me, but I wanted more than cheap bar sex. I gulped my beer and got up to walk home.

As I made my way towards the door, I had to endure some jostling from the growing crowd of oversexed 20 somethings. Oversexed? That wasn't fair. After all, I wanted the same thing they wanted. Maybe we were all in the wrong place. At double the average customer's age, I definitely was.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry mister!"

Cold beer soaked into my shirt. Looking down at mess, I knew it was my fault. I had been lost in thought when I bumped into two girls dancing.

"No, it's my fault. No worries."

I managed a genuine smile, and then looked into the eyes of the same girl who had been the source of my private fantasies a few hours earlier. I think I actually blushed when she laughed and said,

"Oh, wow, what a surprise seeing you here!" Her green eyes sparkled and danced, as my heart stopped.

"H-h-h-ow do you know me?" I managed.

My mystery friend just laughed, "You see me every day, but I'm not telling." Then playfully she added, "You have to figure it out! Until then, I'll see you tomorrow"

With a wink she spun away from me and back to her friend. Immobile, I watched her ass gyrate and her hair fly around her face. She was even more beautiful in person. Her eyes were kinder and yet stronger. Her boobs created a natural cleavage while hanging loose in a soft bra that could not contain her hardened tits. Wait, hardened tits? Well, that had to be the result of excitement caused by the lusty young woman who danced with her while glaring at me.

The petite blonde partner wore a white camisole that showed her tummy and belly ring. Pointedly, this young lesbian began to stroke her larger partner's curvy ass with her hands and hips. The bigger girl just laughed, but I had to leave.

Walking home, I struggled to think of where I had seen my "dream girl." It was driving me crazy. Then, too, the lasting image of the dancing goddess plagued me just as much.

She had been wearing a short black denim dress with capped sleeves and a deep plunge that showed me breasts promising comfort, nourishment and passion. A gold chain hung low from her waist, while a silver chain with aqua colored stones held a pendant that was at home between her tits. She had been wearing the same blue eyeliner from my dream, and her long highlighted hair was partially pulled loose behind her neck. Loose strands beautifully framed her gorgeous face.

Perfect teeth had gleamed from a perfect smile, while an imperfect nose added cuteness and humor with its adorable spray of freckles. She was sweet, erotic and funny. She conveyed all of this in a few short minutes. Yet she was probably a lesbian.

"Not again!" I groaned aloud. Falling onto the bed fully clothed, I actually cried myself to sleep.

Monday I stayed true to my promise of not letting my depression affect my teaching. The effort drained me, as I knew it would. I fell asleep by 6:30, and managed to do the same for the next few days.

Finally, on Friday morning, I had had enough. I dropped by the bagel and coffee shop I had not been at for over a week, and determined that I would get together with friends this weekend.

Waiting in line, I read the paper until I heard, "Hey, there you are! I thought I had offended you the other night."

I looked up and gulped. There she was, my mystery woman and the girl who had been getting me coffee for the past year. Same girl, but her hair was in a bun, and she looked all proper in a conservative white blouse and black apron.

"No," I muttered, "Ummm ... it is great to see you." I nervously smiled, and she turned to get my coffee.

Over her shoulder, she asked, "Café au lait, whole milk, right?"

"Right," I grinned as I admired her expansive, sensuous backside.

Before I knew it she had turned around and giggled as I struggled to look proper. Her mouth opened in a smile and I noticed two things as she reached to shake my hand: 1. She had a tongue piercing. ("Don't lesbians get those for sex?" I lamented silently to myself.) and 2. She was about half my age.

Still, I managed to smile, as she gripped my hand and said, "I'm Colette."

"Sean," I answered, "and I glad we finally met!"

"Me, too," she replied sweetly.

Taking my coffee, and newspaper, I found an open table. Pretending to read, I watched Colette interact with the customers. She was sweet, kind, and not taking bullshit from the creeps.

For about ten minutes she disappeared, but then she was back. Right when the clock over the counter reminded me I better hurry. As I walked out the door, I glanced over my shoulder, and could have sworn Colette quickly looked away from me. I couldn't help but smile.

Rain began to fall as I got into my truck. I turned on the wipers, and something white flew out onto the ground. Probably an ad, but I didn't want to litter. I got out of the truck and saw it was an envelope with the words "Mr. Sean Connor" on it. I shoved it in my briefcase. The writing was feminine, but Colette couldn't know my last name.

At lunch I avoided the cafeteria and did some grading at my desk. Just before the bell for fifth period, I remembered the letter I had found. I got it out of my briefcase. There was no way I could have prepared for what was in it.

"Sean," it began, "I had to write you this morning while I still had the nerve. I had been waiting for you to serve you again ever since we "bumped" into each other at the bar. I know you are a teacher, and I know you have had some hard times.

"How do I know this? Well, I've had a crush on you for some time, and my friend had you as a teacher. Thankfully, I didn't. That would be too weird, I think. Anyway, my friend Cindi is the girl you saw me dancing with. She was pissed you didn't recognize her, but I wouldn't either. She has changed a lot!

"I'm starting to ramble. Sorry.

"OK, let me get right to it. You are a gentleman, you are kind, you are smart, and more importantly, I really need to be with you. OK? If you can handle being with a younger woman (please get over that, OK?), please call me, or e-mail me.

"It seemed like you were interested, but I'm sorry if I read you wrong. I could have sworn you have been checking out my ample tits and ass. ;) LMAO! I hope to hear from you, but you better be ready. I'm not shy or reserved.

"Yes, I want to hold hands, kiss slowly, talk late into the night, and have you buy me flowers. But ... I also want you to grope my ass, lick every inch of my body, eat my cunt, and fuck me deeply while looking deeply into my eyes with equal parts lust and love. I want my big tits and belly to drip with sweat and slide against you.

"Of course, you can always find another coffee place, if I just freaked you out. Lots of love and longing, Colette"

I dialed the number at the bottom, my hands shaking. Her phone went straight to voicemail.

"Hi, this is Colette. Leave a message. Bye."

I cleared my throat and croaked, "When can I see you? This is Sean, by the way."

Colette called back while I was teaching, so I didn't get to talk with her that afternoon. Her message was intriguing, though.

"Hi Sean. I'm glad you called. Let's fuck, I mean talk, soon. Keep Saturday morning open, k?"

I could hear a quick giggle before she broke the connection. How exactly would this work?

Friday night, I could barely sleep. Sometime around 5 I drifted off. I awoke to knocking, assuming it to be my neighbor Eni. Annoyed, I walked to the door, flung it open, and blurted, "Look! ..." There was Colette in a black trench coat.

"I have my ways," she answered my unasked question.

Slamming the door behind her, Colette laughed, tossled my "morning hair" and opened her trench coat, purring, "Look at this, and enjoy it." Black fishnet stockings held full, thunderous thighs that spilled over the tops of the stockings.

A garter belt held the stockings in place, while a matching shelf bra displayed two gorgeous boobs topped by huge brown areolas. One of her tits was pierced, and upon closer examination I could see other piercings.

Two rings hung from her outer pussy lips. Her cunt hair was light brown, and cropped close. Other rings pierced her nose and ears. All of them were gleaming silver.

Colette let the coat drop off, and she placed her hands behind her head, causing her tits to spread gloriously.

Her arm pits were not shaved , but the appearance of that soft, downy hair aroused me. Colette then led me to a chair, pushed me back into it, and began dancing to music found only in her head. She released her bra clasp and her boobs spilled and jiggled.

One of Colette's hands found her tit ring and began to pull and manipulate it, while her other hand found her bush. Colette slid her middle finger between her folds of flesh and visibly shivered. Her back arched, and the sounds became wetter. Gulping sucking noises accompanied the plunges her finger was making.

Colette's eyes grew hard and focused, and Colette stood still above me, her hand wet with her own juices.

"Will you eat me?" she asked.

Nodding, I saw her pull at the pussy rings, spreading herself slightly. Colette lowered her cunt onto my mouth, and the musky sound almost made me ejaculate.

I leaned back and struggled to make out with my baby's cunt, her full weight pushing down on my face and neck. I gulped, and licked, nibbled and gasped.

It was sweet agony as I endeavored to give Colette what she longed for. Looking past the folds of her large, sensuous tummy, I could see Colette twist her tit ring while her other hand twisted her other tit.

Sweat dripped from her gut into my eyes, stinging. Her body began to rock, she licked the pussy juices from her finger, and then she pushed down hard on my face and rocked.

"Fuck it with your tongue Sean! Come on baby, taste me, eat me! Oh, fuck, baby ... " and then she collapsed and tumbled to my side.

The taste in my mouth was intense and tangy. I wanted her, but was content to wait. I hugged her and welcomed her home.

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