Beauty and naked in front of me

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta

Beauty and naked in front of me
Naked in front of me, Her beauty shines. The pale light of the moon flickers in through the blinds only to be displaced by the light of a roaring fire. My strong, dark fingers run effortlessly through her long red hair. I cup her beautiful plump face.... Such softness and beauty. I marvel at her form and beauty displayed just for me in a time when I need her most. Down she goes prone on her belly on a nest of the softest blankets. The fire flickers and pops, keeping us both warm on this winter's frostiest night, the flames rise and flare casting our shadows on the living rooms vacant far wall. Passionate thoughts assail me as I smoothe the vanilla-scented oil into my hands. How can I hold such sweet soft beauty, how can I know her so near and dear? My heart beats faster as I smooth the now warm oil onto her back, my hands are practiced and yet somehow when she is naked in front of me, I become soft, unsure of myself... I massage her back and move lower to her hips and backside, Her bottom is soft and warm in my hands and when I touch it she shivers daintly making her beautifuly thick behind jiggle in that way she knows I like. The first of a series of stinging, swift swats lands, shaking her ass and turning it the daintiest shade of pale pink. I fondle the warm flesh and warm more oil in my hands.... I massage each drop of oil into her now warm, pink skin before moving on, I massage her legs, her calves, all the way to the heel of her foot and on to her expertly pedicured scarlet toes before moving back up.

Each curve is now glistening in the soft, etheral glow of the fire. She moves into my touch as I lean forward and kiss every vertebrae of her back. I hear her take in air, and make the softest, sweetest sounds. She rolls over for me. I catch the light in her soft blue eyes and she pulls me in for the sweetest kiss she's given me tonight. I hover over her body close enough for her to see every detail on my face. She brushes my knees apart and with one hand she finds my manhood, steel hardened and ready... but no, not yet.... She will have me, and she will have all of me but for now she will have no choice but to submit to my love and my attention. There she is...naked in front of me, curves dispayed to my eyes. She pulls her breasts togeather and I kiss the undersides of each before letting my deft tounge slide over and play with each nipple... So tasty and ample, her plump curves stun me every time, I slide down her glistening breasts and nuzzle her plump belly with my stubbled face before going down to each thigh....

Her thighs are soft, warm and inviting. I rub each thigh and kiss them softly with my hungry, wanton mouth before going to her wonderfully soft triangle.... Tight strokes of my tounge getting ever closer, tight strokes of my tounge as quick as a ghost and fleeting like a butterfly...around her bikini...and swirling ever nearer to her labia and clit. The taste of her is intoxicating and I bury my face, into her thighs commited to her pleasure... I show her how beautiful she is, what she means to me and how good it is when I know I'm the one making her feel beautiful. I wrap my tounge around her clit and I do it well... I push her to her upmost and back off just enough for her to want more. I feel her energy and see her release. Her face and chest are flush, I hear the shallow in her breathing and notice the hard, beauty of her nipples.... Again, again, I don't stop until she can't take any more.... She won't be denied. I feel her pull me down ontop of her and she takes me. There she is naked in front of me.

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