Fat Girls Need Sex Too

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta

Fat Girls Need Sex Too
I can still remember my first time to have sex with a fat girl, something I
had never experenced before but had developed a craving for. For sometime I
had been enjoying clips and short movies of fat women having sex and became
more excited each time I so them in the act.

I had been enjoying a sex session with a friend of mine in one of the
restrooms. Jingles was a big balck guy who was muscled from head to toe,
even the cheeks of his ass were muscled tight, protruding out from his back
and thighs like two large melons.

Jingles liked his sex rough, loved to slam that fat eleven inch cock deep
and hard, just the way I liked it.

The first time we had sex I was a bit leery of him and was about to change
my mine when he raped me, I had been coming back for more ever since.

I had never met a guy who could shoot as many wads of cum as he could, and
I loved the taste of his cream.

We were standing out side when I saw the girl setting at the picnic table
down the hill.

"You know anything about the girl down there Jingles, I've seen her several
times now setting at that same table."

"No man, seen her there though, she sure is a big mama ain't she."He
chuckled. "Looks a bit young though."

" Yeah, but man, I love fat girls. "I grinned.

"Well, I goota get back to work man, carefull you don't get that sweet ass
in trouble, that ass belongs to ole Jingles, later dude."

As Jingles drove up the lane, I picked up the blanket I always brought with
me and made my way down towards where the girl set.

"Nice day huh."

"Uh-huh, I like it out here on days like this."

"I've noticed you here before, you waiting on someone?"

" No, just me." She smiled.

"Mind if I set down?"

"I guess it's alright." She said.

As I sat next to her I could see she was younger than I thought, more like
early teens or even preteen, maybe Jingles was right, she may be to young.

She was wearing shorts and I had a good look at her thighs, they were white
and smooth as a babys butt. My cock almost ripped my pants open.

We talked a while and as we talked I threw caution to the wind, this young
thing had my lust meter sky rocketing as I placed my hand on her bare
thigh. She tensed but did not move away or make an attempt to remove my

"You got a boy friend out there somewhere?"I said, smiling.

"Uh-uh, boys don't care much for fat girls." She smiled.

"Could be they don't know what they are missing. " I said, winking at her.

"You like fat girls?"She asked.

Very much so, I think they are really sexy."

"Really? Your not just saying that." She said, raising her eye brows as she
smiled at me.

"I mean every word of it." As we talked, I had been moving my hand up and
down her thigh, getting higher all the time till the side of my hand was
bumping against her pussy.

I was surprised and delighted as she opened her thighs wider, this I took
for an invitation to go farther.

I had moved closer till our hips pressed against one another, turning
sideways and switched hands cupping her between the thighs.

"Your not afraid are you?"I said.

"Maybe a little, we are out in the open here."

"Will we can fix that." I said and took the blanket around front of the
table and spread it along the front.

Returning beside her I once again began feeling her between the legs. I
could feel the spare tire around her belly and my cock squirmed even more.

"Any boys ever felt you like this?"

"I told you, boys don't like us fat girls."

"Do you mind my doing it?"

"I'll admit I'm a little scared but I like it. I've heard some of the other
girls at school talk about having sex, but they were older girls and I've
wanted to know how it feels."

"How old are you honey, and don't lie, you don't have to. Gawd knows I want
you bad." I said, smiling assuringly at her.

"Thirt....," she stopped, hung her head and muttered, " Twelve."

"Your a big girl for you age, but those pretty eyes and lips give you

I had unsnapped her shorts and had one hand down the front of them beneath
her panties and could feel the heat from her pussy.

"Youv'e never had sex have you."I said.

"I play with myself sometimes."

"How, how do you play with yourself. tell me about it."

I had my finger in her slit as she talked.

"Sometimes I rub myself and sometimes I use a cucumber."

"You put it in all the way?"

"Sure, but I had to force it in the first time and made myself bleed, I
guess thats what mama meant when she told me about the hymen."

"Yeah, thats what she meant, you do anything else?"

"I don't think I should tell you about other things." She said, lowering
her head.

"Sure you can, hey, it's just you and me, go ahead."

"Well, there is this round ball on the foot rail of my bed and I set down
on it sometimes, then raise up and down."

"How long is it?"

"I'm not sure, six inches maybe.....ohhhh."

I had began massaging her clit and smiled as she gripped the edge of the

"Set still." I said, then eased down beneath the table.

"What are you doing?" She said.

"It's ok, just raise your ass up a little."

As she did so, I gripped the sides of her shorts and panties and pulled
them down till I had her naked from the waist down.

"Wait, what if someone comes."

"They won't, no one is down here this time of day."

I spread her fat thighs even wider, then opened her slit with my thumbs and
a gasp escaped me at the sight of the pink wet flesh that I saw before me.

"Oh my honey, your beautiful."

"But you can't see me from down there."

"Oh yes I can baby, and believe me, you are lovely. Move your butt forward
a little."

She did as I said and the flab of her thighs jiggled. I damn near lost it
right there and then.

My face was pressed between her thighs as I darted my tongue out and licked
her wet pussy. She jerked and I heard a slight moan as I dipped my tongue
inside her love hole.

As I began making a meal of her pussy she pressed those fat full thighs
tightly against my head.

I managed to work a finger inside her pussy and slicked it up before
finding her ass hole and enserting it in, up to the last knuckle.

My other hand was around her fat ass as I explored all her wrinkles, just
the feel of all that lovely flab was madding.

"ohhhh dear......oooohhh my.....I'm....I'm....I'm.....Her legs locked my
face tighter between her thighs, shutting off my air but I was not about to
stop then, and began sucking hard on her clit, as her fat ass jerked in
spasms. I had ate pussy before, but never had I had one flow as hers did
now, I had no idea a pussy could release so mush juice, it was as though
she were pissing instead of coming, but I knew full well what joy juice
tasted like and this was truly pure joy juice. I was shaking all over as I
drank it down, my finger going wild inside her ass hole.

It was obvious she had never before entertained such and orgasm, the flab
around her belly slapped me on the head as her body ravaged with one orgasm
after another.

She must have lost all control because her bladder emptied itself in my
mouth, much to my delight. Needless to say I did not waste one drop.

I was just about to swoon from lack of hair when her thighs relaxed
releasing my head and I gasped for air.

Another time I would enjoy that act immensely, actually coming from the act
of smouthering.

By the time I came from beneath the table my cock was screaming for
release, I lost no time in bending her over the table, she tensed from fear
of discovery from someone passing by.

I cared not and quited her fears as I went even farther, and with
trembeling hands removed her top and bra, freeing those over sized tits.

"Oh please, not my bra too, I will be completely exposed."

I made a concession and removed my clothes as well before getting on my
knees on the bench and opened the cheeks of her ass in order to find her
pussy and entered her with one slow, but powerful thrust.

It was plain to see that I was her first, even though she had used a
cucumber before, her pussy was tight as a glove around my cock. I reach
beneath her and latched on to her tits with each hand, holding tight as I
began to thrust in and out, loving the feel of her fat cheeks against my

I was really getting in to it and could sense she was building up another
orgasm when I saw a car park near the restrooms. A black guy, who looked to
be in his early twenties got out and went inside.

No way could I stop, I was to near coming, just as she was. We were into it
hot and heavy when the guy came back out, looked our way then began making
his way down the hill.

He stood beside us smiling as she climaxed with my following her lead and
shot my load.

The guy beside me had removed his cock, one that was almost as huge as
Jingles. I removed my dick slowly then nodded towards her fresh fucked
pussy and moved back, allowing the guy to take my place.

The girl had little choice in the matter, other than to accept him. I
doubted she would have refuse anyway.

The guy lost no time in burying his cock deep and began hunching his ass
fast and furious as he slapped the cheeks of her fat ass. I could tell that
this act was arousing her all over again.

I slipped beneath the table and lifted the flab from her belly as I watched
that brown cock do its thing.

When he come and removed his cock I latched onto it and took him in my
mouth sucking their juices from that lovely rod.

When he moved away I turned and pressed my mouth over her swollen pussy and
began sucking their juices from her love hole.

I felt the guys cock slide over the top of my head as he entered her virgin
ass hole.

She cried out and tried to get free, but to no avail as the guy plunged
deep inside her ass.

Each time he withdrew his cock I laid my head back and licked his shaft
tasting her waste, I hadn't a clue as to what made me think to do so.

It was not repulsive in any way, in fact it was quite arousing, the more I
licked, the more I loved it.

When he come a second time and with drew, I was quick to suck his brown
trophy clean before coming from beneath the table and taking my turn up her

The guy smiled at me as he voiced his thanks, then went around the tabel
and kissed the girl as he said, Thanks baby, we will meet here again
another day."

The two of us lay kissing after his departure, while I sucked those sweet
nipples and she surprised me all over again by going down on my cock
sucking it clean.

Later, as we dressed, I learned her name was Jamie and we made plans to
meet again in a couple of weeks, no sooner because she would be out of town
with her mother.

I told her about my friend Jingles and asked if she would like to meet
him. Her eyes lit up when I told her he was black and had an eleven inch

The following week I found my way to the park again, it had been a hard
week at work and I was in dire need of sex. My cock ached and my ass hole
puckered to be filled with a hard cock.

I had this thing about setting in the car wearing tan thigh highs nylons
with lacy tan bikini panties and a lacy trimmed tan bra. My tits were big
enough to fill the bra from taking female hormones, then I would stroke my
cock as I watched people drive by. Each time I would smile and nod my head
as I stroked my cock out of sight.

It was quite awhile before Jingles showed up and pulled in beside me. He
came over and got in on the riders side, looked at me and laughed.

"Man, you somethin' else, bet that tight little pussy of yours is beggin'
for cock."

"How did you guess? I smiled, still stroking my dick.

Jingles bent forward quickly and took my entire shaft in his mouth, bobbing
his head up and down a few times, then smiled at me as he said.

"Tell ya what man. you got the balls to walk to the restroom like that I'll
fuck that lilly white ass off."

"Get your black ass in there dude, I'm on my way." I laughed.

Jungles was laughing all the way to the restroom, then turned and watched

Twice when I started to get out a car came by, the third time I jumped out
and walked proudly to the restroom, reaching it just as car started down
the hill, I don't see how they could have missed seeing me.

"Fuck yeah man, you my pussy for sure. "Jingles laughed as he removed his
pants and stroked his cock.

"We gonna fuck right here baby, right here behind this wall."

Jingles had that huge cock up my ass pumping me hard when I heard a truck
pull up and stop.

"Get inside man, someones comin'."

"It be ok man, the guy is cool."Jingles said, as he held his cock buried to
the hilt.

When the guy came around the corner , my eyes opened wide, it was the park
ranger, my our ass was grass now, I thought.

"Hey Jingles, what ya got here man?"

"Good pussy man, you gonna like her." Jingles chuckled.

"She any good at sucking cock?"

"Slips that dick in that sweet mouth and find out dude."

The guy had his cock out as he took hold of my head by my hair and placed
the big knob to my lips.

"Open up baby, show me how good you are."

I took his cock in my mouth, reach around and held onto the cheeks of his
ass for leverage, you can tell a lot about a guy from the cheeks of his
ass. I loved the feel of that big knob as it pressed against the opening of
my throat, and once I had it lathered up, I allowed it to slide down

I wished he had dropped his pants so I could finger his ass hole, but had
to settle for just pressing his pants between the cheeks of his ass. He
never objected, so that told me something, Jingles was probably fucking him

The pressure around his cock from my throat was to much for the guy and he
soon shot his wad in my hungry mouth. I swallowed every drop of his cream
before he removed his dick.

Jingles had shot his wad up mu ass and stood massaging the cheeks of my
ass, smiling at the guy.

"Man, I think you got a keeper here Jingles, lets see how that ass feels."

He moved back behind my ass and entered me, grabbing my hips and slamming
his cock deep and hard, it was plain to see the guy liked rough sex.

"Give it to him hard man, he loves it." Jingles chuckled.

The guy rode me like a bull riding a heifer and I loved it. As he fucked my
ass off, Jingles kneeled before me and began sucking my cock till I
unloaded a wad of silky white cream in his mouth.

The guy took longer fucking my ass then he had my mouth but in time shot
more cream up my male pussy.

Afterwards we talked about what had just taken place. "Where you come by
those tits man?" The guy said.

"Hormanes man, takes time though." It seemed he could not help himself as
he began sucking my nipples. Damn, them things are more tasty then my wife,
nice and firm, I like that." He laughed. "You guys be careful some stright
people don't see you, might cause a problem." Then he patted the cheeks of
my ass before leaving.

Later I told Jingles about Jamie and could see he was hot to fuck her so we
decided to meet the next week end when she was to be there.

Three days later that old craving returned and I went curising the mall
resrooms. They watched the resrooms more closely now, but occasionally I
could find a guy looking for a blow job.

I was heading for the restroom when I met Jamie walking twards me, her eyes
lit up and a big smile lit up her pretty face when she saw me. She was with
an older another woman, but from the smile and eyes it was obvious the lady
was her mom. She did not look much older than Jamie, so it could have been
her sister, she was much fatter than Jamie, a fact that made my cock begin
to stir.

"Well hi Jamie, you doing some shopping?"

"Yeah, what you doing here?"

"Oh, nothing else to do, so I roam the malls." I said, smiling, my eyes
glued to the other womans pretty face.

"Oh, this is my mom Teresa, mom this Woodie."

"Hi Woodie, Ive heard a lot about you." She said, a twinkle in her pretty

"All good I hope."

"Why yes, matter of fact it was all very good." Again that twinkle, as
though her eyes were laughing at me.

"We were thinking of going to the park this afternoon, think you might be
there?" Jamie said, winking at me.

"Don't see why not, kind of a lazy day, just right for an afternoon in the
park." I said, winking back.

"Then we will look forward to seeing you there. " Her mom said. Aws they
walked away I stood staring at the cheecks of Jamies moms ass, my cock
ached from the way they jiggled with each step. She turned her head and
smiled at me knowingly.

I continued on my way to the restrooms, wondering just how much Jamie had
told her mom.

In the restroom there was a guy in the stall nearest the latrines. I knew
there was a hole in that partion because I had put it ther and knew that
this guy was peeking through the hole as I undone my pants a reeled out my
cock to as though I were going to piss, but instead milked it a few times
as I turned slightly.

"You want some of this man?" I whispered. "If you do, open the door."

I heard the lock as he slid it back, then I pushed it open and stood befor
him stroking my cock. It was not a guy though but a kid, no older then
twelve I guessed.

When I moved closer he eagerly took my cock in hand and guided it to his
hungry mouth.

The kid was no stranger to cocksucking, that was plain to see.

Moving closer I shut the door and locked it again before gripping his head
tight and began to face fuck him.

He tried to pull back but I held his head tight then pushed till my cock
stretched his throat open and slid down inside his neck.

He tried to gag but my cock stuffed down his throat prevented it. Hell, I
though, if the kid was going to suck cock he needed to know deep throat.

His eyes water and when they began to bulge I removed my cock from his
mouth and allowed him to get air, but before he could collectt his thoughts
I lifted him from the stool and turned him around before taking him by the
nape of his neck and forcing him down, kicking his legs open wider.

My cock was lubbed from his spit and foam as I stuck it between the cheeks
of his ass and entered him.

His ass was tight but I sensed that I was not his first, as I watched the
lips of his ass hole wrinkle in and out while I butt fucked him. When he
began to wiggle his ass I knew he was a natural born pussy.

"Like that don't ya sissy, like getting that cute little pussy
plugged. Wiggle that ass you little bitch, show me how you love my cock."

The kid began to rotated his ass, first one way then the other, the action
sent me over the edge, my cock exploded deep inside his pussy bowels.

When I removed my cock he turned around wiping his mouth with his arm as he
smiled up at me. I gripped his head once again and pushed the head of my
dick in his mouth, a touch of fear lit up in his eyes, I was sure he
thought I was going to shove my cock back down his throat. Instaed I began
to fill his mouth with warm piss.

"Best swallow baby or choke." I said, smiling down at him.

He lost no time in gulping down the warm necter till I had emptied my
bladder. After removing my dick I bent down, patted his cheeks and kissed
him full on the mouth, tasting my piss.

"Thanks sugar, your alright baby. "I smiled, then turned to leave and damn
near knocked a guy down who was stroking his cock.

"Get in there dude, the kid loves cock." I said, smiling, as I walked to
the door. And don't forget to feed him your piss, he loves it."

I went to the park early, fould a nice spot back near the trees, stripped
off my clothes, lay back in the sun and dozed off to sleep.

I was awakened by a hand stroking my cock, my eyes opened and I saw Jamie
setting naked on one side of me, her mom on the other side just as naked.

There was a brown leg on each side of my head, I looked up and a naked
Jungles was smiling down at me.

"Best wake up dick head, where's your mannors man." Evedently the three had
met at the table and entroduced themselves and Jungles had figured out
where I might be.

Jingles took Jamies hand and led her off to the side where he fell between
her fat thighs and began to devour her pussy.

Teresa mounted me and lay forward, her big tits pressing down on my face
smouthering me as she stuffed my cock up her pussy. Her flab was all over
me and was driving me crazy.

She finally raised up and as I gasped for air she moved her fat ass up my
body till her pussy and ass covered my face and squashed her body down
shutting off my air again.

Just before I began to swoon I felt my cock explode inside her pussy then I
was breathing again. Never had I experenced such a climax.

Once I had my breath back she pressed her bald pussy over my mouth and
again and began to release her piss.

I could feel my belly swell from the huge amount of piss coming from her
own bladder. Once she had finished she moved fowrd slightly till her ass
hole took the place of her pussy and began to squirm around. My tongue was
inside her ass squishing around as she moved her body back and forth.

"How could she have known how I felt about eating ass, the taste sending
tingles through my tongue?

She had both hands full of my hair as she lay her head next tomine and
whispered in my ear.

"Eat it you horny basturd, eat my ass." How dare you take my babys cherry."

When I felt it touch my tongue I began to struggle to get my mouth free,
but she had my head pinned with her fat thighs and flabby ass. I kept my
mouth shut tight as the thing moved free and began to be smashed against my
mouth, then my nose and over my eyes as she squirmed and squrimed.

She finally raised up and grabbed a handful of it as she began smearing it
over my face more and then my body.

She continued to rub it in as she slipped my throbbing cock inside her
pussy and began to ride me, all the time rubbing her waste over her huge

She lay flat on top of me as she climaxed, rubbing her fat belly against
mine, grinding the stuff into our bodies.

Needless to say once she finished I was mad as hell, but as the aroma
continued to fill my nostrils I became excited all over again and mounted
her back as I fucked that sweet ass hole of hers till I shot a wad of cream
deep inside.

I was not sure where Jingles and Jamie got off to but they had disappeared.

Teresa smiled at me as she said," Think we better wash off?"

"I guess you know we will have to be out in the open for a few yards." I
said, smiling back.

"You game?"

I stood up, took her hand and pulled her to her feet.

" Let's go for it." I laughed. We must have been a sight, her big ass
flopping all over the place and our smeared brown bodies as we streaked
across the green grass and hit the water laughing our ass off.

To my amazement I fucked her once again under water. This was the begining
of a sexy nasty relationship That was to last for a long

Gawd, I loved fat women.....

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