Summer of cougars

Posted:Kuman Ragid Kukta
Summer of cougars
Wow what a summer.
It was beginning of August and I had spent all of July juggling four members of Judy?s club for cougars. Judy was introducing me slowly to the group. So when Judy was away or not in the mood I had Camilla the wealthy senior, Natasha the hot to trot Gypsy or Mimi the mature dwarf vixen who loved anal sex.
I had asked about the fifth and final member of the club, but Judy just would just smile a wolf like grin and say it was not the right time for her yet. I accepted and just enjoyed the bevvy of mature beautiful woman that let me into their beds this summer.
Judy was in the mood this morning and asked me to stop in before she went to work. I was up early to go to work too so I had no problem stopping by my silver fox?s house for and fuck and go. We had sex in the shower. She loved being put up against the cool shower tiles as I took her from behind.
After as I dried off and she did her hair and make up she said that the fifth member of the group would be introducing herself quite soon. She smiled kissed me and promised it would be quite interesting to say the least. I walked her to her car and we went our separate ways. I promised to come by the next morning and go down on her.
She texted me later that I would hear from number five this evening so I should not make plans. Which was too bad because Mimi had just sent me a picture of herself in a new nightie. Oh well. I would get some tonight anyway I thought.
I went home after work still not sure what to expect. My Mom was home from her day as well. I had not seen a lot of her this summer. Between me being at Judy?s. Or Natasha?s. Or Mimi?s. Or Camilla?s place I was not home much at night. Plus Mom was starting a new job so she was putting in extra hours and got home quite late most nights. But here she was tonight. We had dinner together and caught up, sort of. I didn?t think she knew I was screwing Aunt Judy or other mature women of the town.
My parents divorced when I was young. My Dad left and never came back. Just after Judy?s husband died. My Mom and Judy both newly single struck up a friendship that has lasted over fifteen years. When Mom got remarried Judy was by her side. Then when she divorced my step dad after only two years of marriage, Judy was there again.
I asked Judy recently if she and Mom had ever been lovers. Just joking around. But to my shock the answer was yes. It seems they were lovers. Casually, for a couple of years. Then they both found themselves with boyfriends and never were lovers again.
The things you learn about your parents hunh.
Mom was a very attractive woman too. She was curvy, had big smoky green eyes, full lips, a playful smile and was very independent and well read. A great catch for someone. I had heard her with men in her room a few times but never met anyone. I guess they were short term affairs. Lately I had suspected there was someone new as she had been dressing less dour and more flirty lately. A bit more make up, perfume, tighter clothes that showed off her big boobs. I thought wrongly it was someone at her new workplace.
I was laying on my bed and checking my phone and looking at naked pictures of Mimi as she walked by and came in. I put the phone down and smiled at her as she sat on the end of the bed. We have always been close. Close enough to talk about anything. From love to hockey.
?expecting a call sweetie??
?maybe, you never know? I said
?Judy. Is that who your expecting to call? Aunt Judy?? I looked at her with a shocked look on my face I am sure. ?It?s Okay I know?
?but how?
?lets just say your Aunt Judy has been bragging about the sex? She smiled reassuringly at me. ?She loves that ever hard big cock of yours? She licked her lips and stared at my crotch. ?It is okay I am not mad? She began to rub my leg. ?more jealous than mad?
?jealous? Why??
?because as the newest and youngest member of her club I hoped to bag the young stud for bragging rights this summer. Never thought it would be you she would bed.?
?Ma I? She held up a hand.
?this may sound terrible but lately I have thought that she might be the luckiest woman alive.?
?wh why?
?cause you look like your father, your kind like him, all the things I fell for with him, I see in you. None of the bad I tried to overlook. Plus a big cock. Your father had only a modest size dick. Was great when he wanted a blow job but not that satisfying inside me.?
?jesus mom.? I was more turned on by the thought of my Mother sucking cock than I should have been. ?why are you telling me this?
?cause I want to fuck you.? She undid her shirt exposing a very fancy, expensive looking black bra. ?I want to suck and fuck you and have you eat me out? She took the shirt off and tossed it on the floor. ? I am freshly showered. Have put on something sexy and am now ready for you.? She stood up and undid her khaki pants and slid them off exposing a matching black thong. My cock began to harden. It was weird and somehow it should have felt wrong but it did not quite feel like a bad idea. She knelt on the bed and pulled my shorts down. In case you have not figured it out yet. You won?t get a call tonight as your next lover lives in the same house as you.?
?Yes son? She said worried I might not want this as much as she. I let the tension build for almost thirty seconds. ?show me your tits? I said with a grin. She returned the knowing smile and unhooked the bra and tossed it. ?better? I said?
We leaned in and we kissed.
?what will the rest of the group think??
?are you kidding, they?ll buy me drinks at the next get together. A couple of them have already fucked their own kids and let me fuck them too. This is part of my initiation into the club.?
?shit that?s wild? We kissed again and she pushed me back to a laying position and pulled her panties off exposing a nice thick bush. She turned around and we began a sixty nine. Her sounds of slurping and sucking were like a symphony to my ears and felt like heaven to my cock.
I lapped her pussy and tongued her deep as I fingered her anus.
She began humping my face. I tasted her pre-cum and told her to turn around. She stopped sucking and stood up.
?Bend me over your desk? She said as she turned her back to me and leaned over putting her hands on the desk. I walked up behind her and pushed into her immediately. I saw no reason to tease.
At first I let my arms hang by my side thrusting in and out of her sloppy wet pussy. She reached back and put her hands on her ass but I quickly grabbed them and held her wrists as I continued to push all the way in, then almost all the way out. She began moaning and cooing with pleasure. ?Darling?
?lets go downstairs. I want to ride you in the family room? I slapped her in the bum and followed her to the finished basement, where we spent so much time doing family things. She pointed to one of the bar stools and I sat there as she climbed up on me to ride me as we sat at the bar.
?your step dad use to love screwing down here.? She said as she lowered herself onto me and we embraced to keep balance. ?never came once down here. Not even the time we fucked on the bar.?
?wow ma. you are much naughtier than I thought.?
?hey we were engaged and in a new house. We wanted to fuck in every room. He even did me doggy style on your bed.?
I got even harder thinking of my Mom getting railed in every room in the house.
?why did you divorce?? I asked her.
?I wanted an open marriage. So I could have sex with Judy? She kissed me and ran fingers through my hair.
?He didn?t want to then??
?only if he could watch. Judy was against that. So I started screwing his friends and he caught me.? She French kissed me. ?end of marriage.?
I squeezed her ass and it was getting hard to keep balance. She got down and I took her over to the couch where I had lost my virginity, and pushed her down on it. With her head jammed up against the arm I pushed her legs apart and began fucking her hard and steady. She gripped the back of the couch with one hand and the ankle in the air with the other. My hands firmly squeezing her amazing areolas. Her curves and fleshy body felt so good. She came calling my name as I continued to drill deep.
I did not let up and her orgasm peaked again. Her eyes were shut tight and she was gasping as her head was tilted back almost burying her face in the fabric arm and inhaling deeply as I just could not stop fucking her hard and fast. Her cum was soaking into the couch and running down my leg as she begged me to slow down.
?Alright Mother? I said not going too deep. I kissed her long and hard. Then she kissed me softly. ?I like the way you cum? I whispered. She kissed me again and again. She seemed to be catching her breath. I pushed her back down and with an evil smile began pounding her again. Hard, deep and fast. I wondered if the neighbours could hear and how used to hearing my Mother getting her brains fucked out they were.
I place a palm in the center of her chest and the other on one ankle and held it out as far as I could. I kept steady pace and brought her to another climax.
She was so wet, so loud it was so fucking dirty sexy I came. Deep inside her. Wave after wave. We finished together.
She pulled me to her and we kissed for a long time. We finally got up to see the cushion on the couch saturated and smelling of sex.
?we needed a new one anyway? she said as she led me upstairs to the master bedroom. We went into the on suite bathroom and showered together. Washing each other, playing with each other enjoying the bliss.
?my hung boy? she said as she toweled off. ?I am so proud of you?
?wait til round two? I said as I took the towel from her and pulled her into the bedroom. I threw her onto the bed and got on top of her.
My rock hard cock ready to go. I pushed it into her and began thrusting. I leaned forward on my elbows kissing her neck and ears as we enjoyed the missionary position and she kept her hands grabbing my ass.
I was so focused I did not even hear her come again. So when she whispered in my ear to come for her I held out for a minute or two until she licked my ear and said that the orgasm she was having wasn?t stopping.
I slowed down and went as deep as I could and stayed there letting the motion of her body work my dick. She was moving her hips just right and after a minute or more I slid an arm under her neck and reached up and grabbed the sheets with the other and as I came, I felt every muscle in my body contracted and I squeezed her in a tight hug.
I finally released her when she said I was holding her so tight she could not breath. As I laid there with my head on her supple tummy. She stroked my hair and we said nothing for the longest time. Then her phone rang. She reached over and answered it. I it was brief and there were some yups, mhmms and finally a ?good see you then? and she hung up.
?who was that?
?Aunt Judy? She went back to stroking my hair. ?She?ll be home tomorrow, the club is having its monthly dinner on Saturday.? I got up and headed back to my room. ?Why don?t you come home early tomorrow and we?ll fuck and then go out for supper??
?sure ma see around four.?
?I?ll be right here and naked? she called out.
It was going to be wild having all these hot to trot cougars to satisfy. Perhaps I might need to do two at a time.

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