Paying my way with my cock

Paying my way with my cock
When the truck pulled up I was relieved, it was pissing
rain and I had been hitchhiking for two hours with not
one bastard stopping. The truck was huge and when the
door opened I saw behind the wheel, not a guy but a
woman. She was an ugly bitch huge with shirt hair and
three chins joining what looked like the biggest pair
of tits I'd ever seen, obese was the word I was looking

"Get in," she barked at me and I jumped up into the
warm cab dripping water, she looked me up and down then
added, "Close the door."

She pulled away straight away without another word and
we drove in silence for five minutes, I stool a couple
of glances at her fro the corner of my eye. She wore an
old XXXL t-shirt and black cotton leggings that showed
exactly how big she was and from the looks of it she
wore no bra as her breasts spilled onto her hug legs as
she drove, ten miles into the trip she still hadn't
said a word then she pulled over into a truck stop and
parked up.

When the engine was off she turned to look at me like I
was food then finally said, "If you want me to give you
a lift boy, you gotta pay," she said grinning at me.
"You ready to pay boy?" she asked.

I quickly told her I had no money, which is why I was
hitching, but she chuckled at that saying "I don't want
your money asshole, it's your cock and your mouth I'm

I didn't get it at first, then realised she wanted sex,
fuck she was an ugly obese bitch and she didn't look
too clean. She knew well what I was thinking as she
shifted in her seat to face me her breasts moving
beneath her old t-shirt the nipples poking through the
size of Cuban cigars. "If you don't want to work for
your ride you can get out now," she barked.

I looked at her ugly face one more time then out the
window at the pouring rain and saw I had no real
choice. Swallowing hard I said I'd do it and she
grinned at me showing her crocked teeth, "Good, now let
me see what you got in your pants."

Holy shit this was going to be worse than I thought she
was glaring at me with fire in her eyes as I leaned
back and started to undo my jeans, they where wet and I
had trouble getting them down but managed leaving them
around my ankles. Next came my shorts and when I looked
down my cock was limp hanging between my legs, its
about 9-inches when alive and even when its soft its
about 7 inches and thick as my arm.

The big woman stared at it with her mouth open then
said, "Well now that's what I call a cock." She shifted
again getting closer to me her breasts spilling
forward. She reached out and lifted it up in her small
fat hand wrapping her fingers around it. "My, I bet you
have a lot of pretty girlfriends," she said grinning
her toothy grin again.

I said nothing as she started stroking my cock. Cocks
have no eyes thank God and it started to respond to her
touch growing in her hand until it was fully hard and
she was jerking me off slowly, "MMmm, you like that
don't you boy, you like me beating you off?"

I was scared to answer encase I lost my hard on but the
very thought made it start to droop in her hand. She
wasn't put off instead she shifted again in her seat
then as I looked at her she tugged her t-shirt up over
one of her breasts letting it come out. It was bigger
than her head, with nipples as big as saucers and light
blue veins under the tightly stretched skin. It spilled
onto her leg that she had pulled up and when she
reached her hand under it and lifted it up it wobbled
and shuck in her small had, "You like big tits boy? You
like spunking on big old titties?"

It was strange, but my cock stared growing again, and
this time she jerked it a little faster smiling at me.
I closed my eyes and thought of my girlfriend. I felt
her move and then I felt her breath on my cock, just
before she took my knob in her mouth sucking really
hard. She reached down to cup my balls in her hand
while she blew me.

She was a good cocksucker and I found myself thinking
about her as she took more and more of my pulsating
cock in her hot fat mouth, she moaned around my shaft
making such a slutty sound my cock twitched in her
mouth. She reached over and took my hand guiding it to
her exposed breast and placing it on her rubber like
nipple pressing it into the soft flesh.

It felt like a huge bag of water flopping about as I
squeezed it and when I pinched her nipple and groaned
and sucked harder really bobbing her head up and down
my cock. I opened my eyes and looked down at her, she
was taking a good half of my cock in her mouth
stretching her small mouth with it and going to town on
it she saw me looking and pulled her mouth away
replacing it with her hand as she beat me off violently
she panted up at me, "Ooh baby, I want you to fuck the
shit out of me with this," she looked at my cock when
she said, "I want you to pound my pussy with this
lovely big hard cock."

She was making herself more and more excited as she
spoke jerking me off and licking my knob while she
spoke, "Mmm, I've been dreaming about a cock like this
for a long time boy."

Before I could get disgusted, she sucked it back into
her hot mouth. "MMmmmm yeah," she gasped again as she
came up for air then returned to me rock hard cock. She
blew me like that for another five minutes moaning and
slurping and jerking me off into her open mouth.

At the end she let me go and sat back up, "In the
back," she said jerking her head towards the cab in the
back where I could see a messed up bed. I climbed over
with my pants around my ankles and then watched as she
pulled herself up and climbed in after me her tits
flopping about wildly.

As soon as she was on the bed beside me she pulled her
t shirt up over her head giving me a full on view of
her giant tits and enormous belly, she then dropped
back onto her back and started pulling down her
leggings and panties at the same time. She told me to
help get them off and I pulled them off her leaving her
naked now, she lay back and opened her legs wide.

Man her pussy was huge with not much hair but two huge
meaty lips that where open and gapping looking at me,
she moved her hand down and pulled her belly up so I
could see her whole pussy properly. "Now eat my pussy
boy, get you sweet mouth down there and suck on my
cunt," she snapped at me spreading her lips open.

I didn't want to go down there as she didn't look clean
and the last thing I wanted to do was to suck on a fat
pussy like that but she looked at me and demanded
again, "Come on boy, eat me pussy."

So I went for it. As soon as I touched her pussy with
my mouth she grabbed my head and forced me into her
pussy hard covering my whole face with hot flesh. My
tongue found her opening which was wet and slippery and
when I pushed my tongue into her she moaned out loud
and bucked her fat ass up off the bed.

"Ooh yeah boy, eat that cunt eat my fat pussy," she
moaned. "OOH yeah I'm coming you fuck don't stop, suck
it boy suck my clit." She bucked and heaved her massive
ass up and down smearing her pussy all over my face
covering my whole face in slimy pussy juice until she
had finished her orgasm, when she had come down a
little she released me letting me pull away and get
some air.

"Now fuck me, ram that big cock into me," she commanded
looking flushed and red faced.

My cock was still hard and to be honest I wanted to
fuck the bitch now, I got up between her legs and with
ease I slammed my cock into her gapping pussy. She
screamed out with joy grabbing my shoulders and pulling
me to her, her pussy was burning hot and so wet it felt
baggy around my cock. Normally women need some time to
get used to my size but this bitch felt like she could
have taken another cock like mine.

"Ooh yes give it to me, fuck me boy!!" she screamed
clinging to me.

I wasted no time in pounding into her as hard as I
could with her massive fat legs on each side of me and
her tits and belly flopping up and down like mad. She
was so baggy I could feel very little but her foul
mouth had me horny as hell.

"Yes, Ooh yes fuck me harder!!" she cried. "Fuck my fat
cunt hard you fucker!!" She grabbed her own tits
squeezing them and pinching her own nipples and pulling
her belly up so I could look down at my cock as it
hammered home. It was coated in her pussy juice slick
with lubrication and her pussy lips where getting
dragged in and out with every trust.

I humped as hard as I could manage in the enclosed
space and it was working as she started coming hard.
"Ooh yes baby I'm coming do me baby do me hard," she
screamed bucking upwards so hard I banged my head off
the bed above but I was so fucking turned on. I just
carried on fucking the bitch. Her tits and belly
flopped about and in stead of putting me off it turned
me on. I moved my hand down and gave her belly a
squeeze letting the soft flesh move in my fingers. She
grinned at me and said, "Ooh you like my fat belly, you
a fat lover?"

I just smiled at her slowing down to slid my cock in
and out of her slippery hole. "Wait, let me turn around
I want you to fuck me like a dog" she snarled at me
pushing me off her. She literally rolled over then
pulled her knees up so her massive ass was pointing at
me, her belly hanging down below it and her pussy even
more visible now.

I glanced at her from the side and saw that her tits
spilled all over the bed covers and her belly touched
and covers too, "Come on boy, fuck my fat ass, fuck me
like a dog in heat," she demanded at me shaking her ass
from side to side.

I lined my cock to her gapping hole and gripping her
soft hips I slammed into her in one go making her cry
out loving it, every time I slammed into her, her ass
rippled urging me on to fuck her harder.
"Yes like that, fuck my ass boy."

I rammed her massive ass back onto my cock pounding her
gapping wet pussy and sending her fatty back flesh
rippling up and down her back, when she arched her back
she had rolls of fat down each side and to my surprise
it turned me on. Her pussy started making farting
noises as I slammed it but she didn't give a shit
telling me to fuck her harder and banging her ass back
at me.

"Harder you fuck, make me come again I fucking love it
I love your cock!!" she screamed.

I was able to dig my fingers into her hip flesh and
when I reached down to cup one of her huge tits she
started coming. I slapped her ass cheek hard with my
open hand and she went wild screaming and bucking her
massive body.

"Yes you bastard, fuck me make me come. Oooooh Yeah
baby, like that. Ooooh fuck yeah!!" she came like that
calling me all kinds of names for a good five minutes,
my cock was rock hard and I was sweating hard but
loving fucking this whale of a woman.

I had to slow down as I had a stitch in my side from
the effort and she seemed glad of it sucking in air and
moaning softly into the bed clothes, she lifted her
head up and looked over her shoulder then said in such
a slutty voice, "I know you want to fuck my ass, you
want to stick that big cock up my dirty tight ass don't
you," she said.

I had not even thought of it but the way she said it
made it sound perfect, she was one filthy whore. I
grinned at her and said, "You're the one that wants it
in the ass slut, you want to feel my cock stretch your
filthy whores ass." I moved my cock up to her puckered
hole, it was slick with her own come and when I pressed
my cock to it I could see it retract and tense up.

She groaned and pushed back at me, "Ooh you bastard, do
my ass, go on don't fuck around just ram it in all the

I leaned forward and my knob popped inside her tight
hole. She gasped and moved forward slightly but quickly
pushed back forcing half my cock into her ass, I pushed
forward the my whole cock slid inside her with relative
ease until my balls where pressed up against her pussy.

"OOH Christ yeah, Ooh fuck your cock is so big," she
moaned dropping her head into the bed clothes.

I pulled out a little then pushed it back in repeating
it slowly as she rocked her giant ass back and forth, I
dug my fingers into her flabby hips and pulled her back
and forth getting faster and harder with each trust my
cock buried up her tight ass.

"Fuck that ass, fuck my filthy asshole you bastard!!"
she screamed. "Ram that cock up my ass I love it!!"

I was loving it too despite the fact that she was an
ugly foul mouthed bitch, her ass was hot and tight and
the way her flesh shuck turned me on no end. I felt her
ass grip my shaft tighter as she approached another
orgasm ramming her ass back so hard I had trouble
holding on.

"Yes!! Ooh yes I'm there yes, fuck my ass fuck me!!"
and then she came again. She lost it a bit unable to
push back so I was able to gain control again reaming
her ass good and hard, it was slick now with brown
slime coating my shaft as it slid in and out with real
ease now.

"I want you in my mouth, I want you to come in my
mouth," she panted lifting her head up with effort
completely wasted.

I was about ready to come anyway so I popped my cock
out and leaned back on my legs waiting for her. It took
her a moment to get up and turn around her face was so
red it looked like she was having a heart attack and
she was breathing so heavy completely out of shape.

She gave me another ugly grin and then got to work on
my cock, the fact that it was covered in brown ass
slime didn't bother her at all as she gobbled my cock
whole sucking it clean while beating me off at the same

My balls gave one last twitch then let fly spurting wad
after wad of spunk into her mouth, she sucked and
swallowed not missing a drop until I had to push her
off me.

I got my lift home and at the same time discovered my
love of fat women.

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