My BBW Goddess


My BBW Goddess
I love big women with big tits and have been with a lot of them. My all time favorite was Barbara who I met at a club in New York. She was a strikingly beautiful woman, a classic BBW with a large frame, huge ass, and enormous tits. She had a beautiful face with long flowing blonde hair, and a great complexion. We hit it off from the get go and had a great time dancing, drinking, and smoking cigarettes. She got a little drunk and asked to go outside to cool off. We were standing in the parking lot smoking a cigarette when she leaned in and started kissing me. Her tits were pressed against me and I held her while grabbed her ass. That pushed her over the edge and she asked to go to my car for more privacy. I explained that that wouldn?t work because I was driving a TR6 at the time and the convertible top was down. She then said to take her home, because she lived in her grandmother?s apartment and her grandmother was away for the week. We jumped in my car and sped off to her home. I found parking on the street and we walked into her building. The doorman gave me the once over, but didn?t say anything. Her grandmother?s apartment was gorgeous and we made ourselves comfortable. Barbara got a couple of beers for us as we chatted and smoked a few more cigarettes.

We were at that point where we were going to bring this to the next level or I was going to take her number and head home. I was having a great time, but it was getting late. Somehow I think she sensed the same thing, she stood up and suggested we go to her bedroom. When we got in there she turned around and started kissing me, at first very gently and then full on french kissing. My cock instantly sprang to attention and she reached down and grabbed it. She told me to make myself comfortable on the bed while she got herself ready. I stripped naked, went to the bed and pulled the covers down, propped a pillow up and started stroking my massive hard on.

When Barbara came in she looked incredible. She put her long blonde hair up in a bun and all she was wearing were her silk panties. I stood up to greet her and we embraced in a passionate french kiss. My cock was pressed against her and her tits were pressed against me. She told me she needed my cock and needed it now. We walked over to the bed, I laid down, she dropped her panties and mounted me. I ran my hands all over her body, feeling all her flesh and all her bbw folds. Her massive tits hung down in my face and I was in heaven. I sucked each one while I was running my hands over her body and grabbing her ass. She was writhing and moaning and told me she wanted it, with that she grabbed my cock, lifted up, and let it slide into her pussy. Her first orgasm occurred as soon as she felt my cock inside her pussy. Her second orgasm occurred as she sat up, felt my cock hitting bottom, and felt my hands massaging her massive tits. She was riding me so hard I thought the mattress was going to break. Her orgasms weren?t loud, but her entire body would spasm for a few seconds and she would squirt. Whenever she dangled her tits in front of me I sucked on them so hard I knew it would leave a mark.

I could tell she was getting tired, but I also knew she didn?t want to stop so I sat up and put us in a lotus position, grabbed her head and spun us around to a missionary position. At first I don?t think she knew what was happening, but once I was on top of her she started kissing me and telling me to make her come. I was ready to release my load and I knew she was almost done, so I started pounding her. I sat up a little and told her to play with her tits, she did me one better by sucking on both tits. That visual pushed me over the edge and I pushed my cock all the way in and I erupted in a massive orgasm. Once she felt my cock pulsing, she pulled me down and started kissing me. She then convulsed into a full body orgasm. She was shaking uncontrollably and squirted so much I thought she urinated. The last thing I remember is rolling off her and spooning behind her.

For me there is no sleep better than post orgasm sleep. I was in such bliss and so relaxed until I saw the light shining through her window and looked at the clock which said 9am, which I thought was impossible. Just as I was trying to figure out my next move, Barbara came in dressed in her robe with two cups of coffee. She looked fabulous and asked what I was doing that day because she?s starving and would love to go out for breakfast. I told her I had plans, but if she gives me a minute I?ll cancel them so we can spend the day together. She smiled, undid her robe, started massaging her tits, and said don?t take too long because the girls need your attention.

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