Cheating BBW

Cheating BBW
I was just finishing my shit when I heard the outside
door to the restroom open and someone coming in. It was
two people and one was a woman. I wondered for a second
what was going on until I heard the man say in a deep
voice, "Get your fat ass in there bitch," talking to
his companion.

The door next to my stall banged closed and I heard the
lock click.

"Now then, sit down there and suck my nigger cock
slut," commanded the guy and I held my breath as I
heard his zipper come down and then a low moan as she
woman took his cock in her mouth.

My own cock started to grow when I heard her slurping
sounds as she sucked him and when he moaned and said,
"Ooh yeah slut, that's real good suck that cock." It
stood up. I have never seen or heard anyone having sex
in a toilet and here I was in a posh hotel bar
listening to some lucky fucker getting his cock sucked.

"MMMm yeah baby, you like my big cock don't you, I just
knew you'd be a fucking slut when I saw your sorry fat
ass in the bar," he said moaning. Then, "Take it all
baby come on you can do it."

She must have been going nuts on him as I could hear
her slurping and slobbering like a complete whore.
Christ I had arranged to meet my wife in the bar and
had to use the john before going in and now I was horny
as hell and wondered what she might think of letting me
do the same to her, slim chance I thought she never did
anything exciting but I thought I could beat off to
these guys.

"How 'bout I fuck you now baby? You wanna feel this big
cock in your pussy?" he asked her. And when she
answered, "Ooh yes please, give it to me." I nearly
collapsed. She sounded just like my, in fact so much so
that I was 90% sure it was.

I felt panic rise in me and looked up at the top of the
partition that separated the two cubicles thinking I
could peep over and make sure it was not her, but what
if the guy saw me. I was too freaked out to and decided
to go see if she was in the bar so I quickly and
quietly left the toilets and headed for the bar.

She was not there when I entered and I looked every
where in a panic, this could not be happening what was
I thinking my wife was so uptight about sex and she
would never have sex with a stranger and definitely not
a black man. However I could not get it out of my mind
and ended up going back to the toilets, the door was
still closed and as soon as I entered I heard them at
it, grunting and groaning. I slipped into the adjoining
cubicle and waited with my ear to the wall.

"Fuck yeah! Ooh baby I just love your fat white ass,"
grunted the guy. The woman responded with, "Fuck me
harder! I'm almost there!" in a heavy panting grunts.

I steeped up onto the toilet and slowly peered over the
wall, the woman was bent over the toilet with a huge
black man standing behind her pumping what looked like
a policeman's baton into her pussy. To my dismay it was
my wife and I forgot about the guy seeing me and just
stared openly at them. The man was fucking his huge
cock into her so hard her whole flabby ass was rippling
with his trusts. I saw that his cock was shiny with her
pussy juice and his large black hands where dug into
her soft ass flesh as he yanked her back onto him.

"Yes, Ooh yes that's it I'm coming! Ooh fuck yes!!" She
screamed, then her legs seemed to give way and the guy
had to catch her and hold her up as he carried on
pounding her.

My heart was racing in my chest and I was completely
dumbfounded, my wife of 15 years was getting fucked in
a toilet by some black guy she must have just meet in
the bar it was just unbelievable and to make things
worse I realised I had a hard on from it.

She came for a good minute panting and moaning while he
continued to fuck her hard then the guy pulled out and
said, "Turn around so I can come in your mouth whore,"
in such a mean voice. I was sure she would tell him
where to go but she just spun around and devoured his
shiny black cock like a street whore. She pumped her
mouth up and down his cock like there was no tomorrow
until he closed his eyes and I just knew he was filling
my wife's mouth with spunk.

She carried on sucking and drinking what ever he pumped
into her while he gripped her by the hair and fucked
her mouth. I got down in a daze and slipped out of the
toilets again going outside to clear my head and think,
I didn't know what to do and after ten minutes pasted I
went back into the hotel bar to find my wife sitting at
the bar drinking a coffee and waiting for me.

I looked around the bar but there was no sign of the
black man, when she saw me she waved me over and
smiled. I wanted to slap her across the face but
managed to smile saying sorry for been late, she
accepted my apology and ordered me a coffee too.

She acted like nothing had happened and it left me
wondering how many times she had done this and spoke to
me afterwards with her innocent face, I was jealous and
angry but for some reason held my tongue.

"I meet a really interesting man before you arrived
darling," she said. "He teaches self-defense near
here," she said with a big fucking smile on her slut

I swallowed and asked her about him.

"I think I'll go see what its about, I mean I could do
with learning some of that and maybe it will help me
lose some weight," she said with that innocent look on
her guilty face.

I said sure why not and managed not to call her a slut
or do anything about it. I was in a whirl all week
after not able to forget what had happened and on
Friday morning I noticed she looked better then most
work days, she had on a skirt she hadn't worn in years
and high heeled shoes with black tights.

When she bent over to get something from the fridge I
saw the unmistakable outline of suspender under her
skirt and asked her if she was wearing stockings. She
looked embarrassed and said she was then quickly added
they where for me after she got home from her now self
defense class. "I know you like them and I thought
tonight we could fool around," she said with her cheeky
smile. I thought yeah sure they're for me.

That night I waited out side her office and sure enough
she left at 5 like always only this night she took a
cab down town. I followed her and when her cab stopped
at a sleazy bar in a black neighbourhood I too stopped
and parked further down the street, it took me ten
minutes to get back to the bar and when I walked in the
place was badly lithe but I could make out quite a few
men hanging around.

Lots of them looked at me like I was from the moon not
used to seeing many white guys in there I expect, I
went to a corner table quickly and sat down peering
around the dark bar. I saw her sitting on a bar stool
with the same black man standing between her open legs,
he had his large hands on her hips as they talked and I
could see he was stroking her legs too.

She was looking at him like he was a god and the fact
that the whole bar could see her stocking tops didn't
seem to bother her, in fact her skirt was up so high I
could see her white fatty skin above the stockings and
if the guy moved the whole bar would have seen her

The barmaid came over and asked me what I wanted
looking at me like I was a piece a shit and quickly
took my order and split, when I looked back over the
man was kissing my wife pushing his tongue into her
mouth and the bastard had a hand between her legs now
obviously feeling her pussy. I was not the only one
looking ,half the bar was too and my wife didn't seem
to know or care kissing the guy back passionately.

What she did next really shocked me, the guy pulled his
hand away and brought it up to her mouth and she took
his fingers and sucked them like a cock, I heard a guy
at the table next to me say to his buddy, "Fucking
slut, look at that would yeah."

His buddy both black also laughed and said, "Man I
could work that bitch, fucking black cock loving

The man was now feeling her massive breasts through her
blouse that had half the button now open showing a lot
of skin if they didn't stop soon they'd be fucking in
the bar. They might have heard my thoughts as they got
up and walked to the back of the bar where it looked
like they had a pool table, I presumed for more

I saw three other guys get up soon after and head in
the same direction so I too got up and followed them.
The back room was dark except for the low light above
the pool table and when I approached the doorway I had
to look over the shoulder of the two guys that where
sitting next to me, what I saw made me head spin.

I could just about make out my wife on her knees in
front of the man who was leaning back onto the table
she was obviously sucking his cock right there in the
bar, her head was moving up and down but I couldn't see
the mans cock.

"Holy shit man, she's sucking his cock," said the man
in front of me. His buddy was staring on too, "Yeah,
check out those tits bro," he said. We all watched for
another couple of minutes while she sucked his cock
then the guy pulled her up and roughly bent her over
the side of the table, the guys in front of me where
pretty excited now shuffling there feet.

"Man he's gonna fuck her. Ooh shit I'd like a piece of
that," he said.

The guy yanked her skirt up over her huge ass and I saw
she wasn't wearing any panties just the stockings and
suspenders her massive white ass looking bigger then it
was in the bad light. The guy wasted no time in pushing
his horse cock into her and she moaned so loud the
whole bar heard her.

I looked behind me and saw there were now about ten
guys trying to see what was going on. She grunted when
he pushed his whole cock into her and I heard the slap
of flesh on flesh as he drove into her hard. The guy
reached up and grabbed her by the hair yanking her head
back and continued on fucking her while pulling her
head back, she had her eyes closed and just let him
pound into her even though it must have hurt.

"Take it bitch, take that cock you filthy whore," he
snarled making the table groan with the effort "Your
pussy's so wet bitch, you like it don't you?" he asked
with a grunt.

She just moaned, "Yes! OOOoh yes! I love it fuck my
white pussy, give me your big black cock." This was not
the woman I married she had been transformed into some
street whore that I didn't recognise.

He banged her harder again making her tits swing under
her blouse then to the delight of every other man
present the guy looked over at us and said, "Someone
help me here, this slut needs lots of cock."

The two guys in front of me moved fast approaching the
table, the first to reach it leaned over and felt her
breast mauling it roughly. She didn't say a word just
let the guy feel her up like that a total stranger,
even when he started to open her blouse she just
carried on pushing her fat ass back onto the cock that
was fucking it.

Her tits spilled out as the guy dragged her bra up over
them, they looked obscene in the light but the boys
loved it. As the guy fucked her they flopped back and
forth while the nearest man felt them squeezing them
hard, "Get a cock in her mouth someone quick," grunted.
Her boyfriend from behind her and the two guys almost
fell over each other trying to get their pants down and
it ended up with both of them climbing up on the table
in front of her.

They both had hard-ons and both looked huge, two
massive hard black cocks pointing at her face, the man
fucking her let her hair go and her head fell forward
onto the first cock, the guy pulled her face up and
feed her his cock to suck and the bitch took it like
candy. More and more guys where in the doorway now
trying to push past me as she switched from one cock to
the other like some cheap porn star the men loving her

"Suck my cock you white trash whore," said one while
the other slapped her face with his cock, she just
carried on sucking going from one to the next until she
came lifting her head up and screaming the room down
with, "Ooh yeah! Ooh fuck yeah! Fuck that pussy, fuck
me hard you bastard!!" She took the two cocks in front
of her and started jerking them off violently while she
came. "Give me your black cocks! Ooh yes that's it
OOOOoooh fuckkkkkkk!!"

The guy behind her started coming too pulling out and
spraying her ass with thick spunk it went every where
and the slut let a cock go so she could smear it into
her flabby ass before taking a cock back in her mouth.

As soon as her boyfriend stepped away another man
pushed me out of the way and ran up behind her with his
cock already out and hard, he wasted no time in
slamming his cock into her used pussy and she screamed
out a loud yes. The guy in her mouth said he was coming
and grabbed her head forcing her to swallow his come
which she did with no forcing needed he pumped her
mouth full until he finally pulled out and sprayed what
was left onto her face and hair.

The one fucking her came too pulling out and once again
covering her fat white ass with spunk, he shot an
unbelievable amount of spunk onto her and she just
carried on lapping at the cock in her face.

I decided it was my turn so before she could look over
I moved over and stepped up behind her ass, it was
shiny with spunk and her pussy was gapping open like an
open wound red and slimy wet. I was just about to stick
it to her when she cried out, "Someone fuck my ass,
please ram a big cock up my slut ass."

It was me standing behind her and she was begging to
have her ass fucked, the two guys who just had blow
jobs where been replaced by two others and she didn't
even look back to see who was about to fuck her so for
the first time in my life. I pressed my cock against a
puckered asshole, when I pushed it forward it slipped
in with no effort making her moan around the cock in
her mouth and surprising me with how easy it went in.
This was not the first time she'd had a cock in her ass
just my first time.

She rammed her ass back at me forcing my whole cock
into her I gripped her flabby ass and immediately
started pounding my cock into her tight hole, the room
was full of men now some of them had their cocks out
and others just watched, one guy was having his cock
sucked while two others stood by feeling her swinging
tits and hanging belly she was loving it and so was my
balls about to explode.

"Come in my ass you fucker, fill my ass with spunk!!!"
she screamed out for me and I did. I banged and banged
until I had filled her ass with what I had in my sack
and when I pulled out her boyfriend pushed me aside and
replaced my cock with his.

This time it must have hurt as his was twice as big as
mine, she stopped sucking and screamed out, "Ooh yeah
baby, that's better fuck me with that big old cock,
fuck that ass yes!!" She trashed her head from side to
side as he reamed her ass with his giant cock slapping
his hips into her ass.

I was close enough to see his cock stretched her ass
like I never could. I couldn't believe it didn't hurt
but judging by the way she was moaning and trashing
about it didn't.

He was really going for it slamming in to her and
grunting and panting, "Filthy whore, take it up the ass
you fucking slut," he snarled. "I'm gonna pump your
slut ass with nigger spunk, you ready."

She released the cock in her mouth and turned to
respond to him, I had to jump back into the shadows so
she wouldn't see me. "Oooh yeah, baby fill my ass! Fill
that fat ass with spunk," and he was away pumping her
ass with come.

I slipped away and left her there, heading home to wait
for her return. It was two hours later when she got
home looking surprisingly fresh some someone just back
from a gangbang, her hair was a little messed and her
make up looked fresh. She kissed me and asked how my
day went and then told me a bunch of bullshit about her
self-defense class and how good it was.

As she filled the kettle to make tea I moved up behind
her and felt her ass through her skirt saying, "So
sweetheart, how about showing me those stockings of
yours." She tensed up at my touch, "Ooh baby I'm so
tired! How about we do it another time."

I backed away and said sure whatever happy that I had
fucked her ass and surprisingly horny thinking about
her come filled holes, she must have had at least ten
cocks that day mine included, the idea of spunk leaking
out of her holes had me hard right there.

"I want it now baby, I've been thinking about you all
day," I said standing close to her.

She backed away and smiled at me, "Oh baby, you're
always horny. Can't you see I'm tired?" She looked a
little pissed off. "Let me take a shower and then we'll
see," she said.

She didn't let me touch her that night or the next. And
the next time we made love I couldn't tell that she had
been stretched by huge cocks but I could still see it
in my mind's eye.

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