Chubby Inter Girl

Chubby Inter Girl
I was leading a social media marketing team. My manager asked me to take under my wing an MBA, first-year intern as a part of the tie-up with a B-School. The boss told me that she was the topper of the semesters and that?s why she got picked. I was wondering about having another geek in my team, but what the heck was I thinking?

The girl was dressed in formals (a long skirt and shirt). My team members mostly wear jeans and tees. The two females mostly wear tanks and sometimes show up without a bra.

We often sit on the balcony and work. We have a solid working policy. No adding each other on social media, no personal life connection, and every Friday night is pub night.

Swetha, the new intern was way ahead of this crowd. She was a bit chubby. Her figure if I had to guess would be 34-32-40. She had medium length hair which was really well done.

She wore geek glasses which I was sure were fake and probably used them for the look. It does look damn good on her, dusky flawless skin.

It was a genetic dark brown which probably never saw any sunlight. The new intern?s breast moved every time she sat or got up and it was hard not to notice them!

I gave her some tasks for the week and almost forgot that she existed. Then on Friday, I invited her to the pub night. I offered to drop her back home.

Swetha: This is the first time I am having alcohol with a gang. I used to drink with cousins but that was in college. I never get time for parties, since I was always busy.

Me: What are you saying? You can always make time for fun.
Swetha: I never found the time.

Me: So Rishab (he was her online BF). How do you know him?
Swetha: He kept sending me invites, so we started speaking and we do video calls. That?s how we got close. We talk almost every day.

Me: Does he know that you out here partying?
Swetha: No. He is over-possessive and keeps making me promise that I will be loyal to him.

Me: So do you want to grab some dinner?
Swetha: Yes, ok.

I went to Burger King and ordered two meals. After eating our meals, I saw that our new chubby intern girl had got a bit high. I also noticed that she had sauce on her lips and neck.

Me: Swetha, you got sauce all over you, let me help you.

I helped her get rid of the sauce and then got her some water to drink. She was blushing. Then we drove to her building. We reached there and she got down.

Swetha: So Nividh, I don?t know what to say but then this is the first time I feel so..

Me: What happened?

Swetha: The time you helped me clean my neck, I can?t get that off my mind. (she giggled).

I stepped out and gave the new intern girl a hug thinking she was drunk. She held me tight, grinding her hips on my semi-hard cock, and bit my neck.

My cock was no more semi-hard, it had become rock-hard! I told her to get into the back seat. Then I drove to the basement parking.

After reaching there, I started kissing her lips and licking her neck. Swethawas moaning crazily. Then I slipped my hands into her bra and felt her nipples. I could feel her soft breast with a huge areola and the tits slowly getting harder. I turned into a store as I kept keying to the other tit.

Then I took the chubby office intern girl?s shirt off and ripped open her bra. I just had got a glimpse of her 10/10 breast with perfect tits, but she got into a shock and used her hands to hide it.

Swetha: Sorry, I can?t show them. I am feeling shy.

Me: Have you never shown it to anyone?

Swetha just giggled shyly.

I slowly held Swetha?s hips and tickled them, and then pulled her closer. I adjusted the front seats to make more space. I started teasing her, by sliding my hand into her skirt. Those virgin unfelt things were so soft.

I made her sleep on the seat. She was still crossing her hands hiding her boobs, but her left tit was visible.

I slowly licked her thighs. Suddenly, one of her hands moved from her tits to her mouth exposing more of her left tit. I licked both her thighs. Slowly, I increased my pace and so did the sexy intern girl?s moans.

I reached her light, blue panty and took it off exposing her trimmed pussy. Her pubes were above the pussy not around it. Her pussy was not darker put of the same colour as her thighs with a very thin slit opening.

I spread it a bit, and her clitoris was very visible even in the dark. I could see no vaginal opening but a tightly sealed hymen. Slowly, I worked up and down the pussy with my tongue to get the clit wet.

From my last virgin encounter, I remember that the girls who don?t masturbate much tend to get wet slower. So I started licking around Swetha?s pussy to build the heat.

After a few minutes, I went under her clit to tickle it. That was when I heard the first scream. I did not stop, my hands were slowly rubbing her hips now and I kept licking her clit in circles.

Slowly, I slid my hands all over her body to search for her left tit, then the other hand was slowly moving over her body to slide under her arms covering her right tit.

All her sensation buttons were now in my hands and tongue. I wanted hot intern girl to cum under my tongue once. So I started licking rigorously and started playing with her tits.

Within a few seconds, the virgin?s intern babe?s hips started jumping and involuntarily her hands pulled my head out of her thighs. There she was panting, experiencing the first-ever orgasm and it was not by her pillow.

I quickly took my jeans and tee off. Now I was exposing my hard cock. Swetha insisted on licking it. She tried to blow me but did not know how?

I told Swetha to keep her lips and tongue wet with saliva and just put it to my cock. I moved my cock into her lips in and out. Her lips were something, but the expressions in her eyes were telling me something else.

I made Swetha quickly lie down on the seat. I lifted her skirt up, to get a full view of the defloration that I was planning.

Me: Shetha, this is?

Swetha: Will it hurt?

I started rubbing her clit with my cock slowly.

Me: Yes, but it would be worth it.

I thrust my cock into her virgin pussy, breaking the hymen in one go!!

Swetha: Stop! Stop.. stop.

I stood still waiting for her to catch her breath.

Me: Just one more push and you are a woman.

I pushed once again deep and heard no screams. I carefully took it out and went in again. I could see a few drops of blood oozing out but Swetha?s eyes mirrored pleasure, not pain.

I slowly started pumping into the newly unsealed, tight pussy. Each stroke felt tighter and tighter. I slowly racked up my speed and Swetha?s scream turned into moans.

Soon, the chubby intern girl came hard ? cumming on my bare cock and pushing me out of her pussy. My cock slid out, mixed with her cum and blood.

I suddenly saw a car park a bit away from my car. I freaked out. But no one saw us.

Swetha: Let get out of here. I know a place.

I jumped into the front seat naked, wiped myself with some tissues, and helped clean the blood off her as well. We drove out of the building, to the backside.

A huge wall was covering up and the car parked next to it and on the other side, there were open trees and a small muddy pond.

We got back out of the car, still naked and started making out. I started kissing and licking Swetha?s boobs. Now I had a full view of them.

Swetha?s breasts were a hand full and probably the most perfect thing that ever fit into my hands. Then I made her sit in a doggy position on the edge of the seat and got down from the car naked.

I slowly rubbed the intern chick?s pussy, tickling her tits a bit. When she was ready, I slid my cock right into her pussy arching my cock as she screamed a bit while I entered her.

I reminded myself that Swetha was still almost a virgin, so I slowly moved in and out. Her butt was in the right place to hold. I got a nice grip of her ass, stuck a bit near my cock and the real fucking started.

I rammed her showing what a good fuck feels like. Her moans kept ringing in the empty woods ahead of us. I could feel her pussy was totally drenched and squeezing my cock. She was panting so I gave her a break.

Swetha: Why did you stop?

Me: I think we will try a new pose.

I sat in the car and asked her to give me a couple of strokes to get my cock erect again. Then I told Swetha to get on top of me. She slowly sat on me and guided my cock into her pussy. Then, inch by inch, she moved up and down till she got a hang of it.

I could feel Swetha?s tits on my neck and face while she moved up and down. Those hard tits were making my cock harder, which made her juicier. So she started pacing up, with my fully erect cock diving deep into her pussy.

Both my hands were tickling Swetha?s tits and my lips were nibbling her ear lobes. After just a few more strokes, she was done.

Swetha sat tired completely on my cock, letting me reach the deepest part of her pussy. I held her breast tightly and my thumb and forefinger were holding the tits, I started ramming her from below.

Slowly, it started to rain.

I kept rocking my rocker into her space with all my might. It started to rain heavily and I started pounding her pussy till the car started to rock.

Swetha kept yelling, ?Yes, Yes,? and held the handrails above the window. She was motionless and enjoying the cock. I knew that I was going to cum, so I quickly took my cock out and sprayed my cum all over her hips, thighs, and a bit on her chest.

Swetha: OMG, It?s warm, how do I clean all this?

I opened the car door.

Me: Like this.

It was still raining heavily, the light was dim and it was a bit chill. It was just a tired relaxed me, and a sexy, curvy, little girl who had just unflooded her sexual desire.

The damsel was no more in distress. The rain cooled us down, we hugged and made out slowly washing each other off. We were kissing endlessly.

I wondered if this was possibly the best way anyone could have lost her cherry and dwell in nature afterward in the rain. But the pleasure was mine too.

Swetha giggled, a streak of wet hair on her face and water dripping down her chest off her tits.

Swetha: I did not expect a night like this, but I am happy this happened.

Me: Was it worth it?

Swetha: Yes, I loved it!

And then the sexy intern girl hugged me.

We then went to a weekend hill station a month later. Stay tuned to know what happens there.

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