Aunt needs cock


Aunt needs cock
I had just gotten home from school and was making a sandwich when mom called from work and asked me to go to Aunt Carol's house and help her. She was doing something or other and needed some help and mom volunteered me. I hopped in my car and headed 2 miles to Carol's small Cape Cod. Carol opened the door and ushered me into the kitchen. There on the floor was a rolling kitchen island type piece of furniture and Carol was flummoxed at trying to do all the gluing and clamping. She had all the right stuff for the job, except of course the mechanical knowledge or patience for the task.

I plopped on the floor and read the directions and started gluing dowels into the proper holes and the like. Carol joined me on the floor and kept up a constant chatter keeping me company more than anything else. In fact she was distracting me.

Carol has huge tits and they were hanging out. Now Carol is not what I would call a looker but she does have her charms. She's my mom's older sister but her face does not reveal she's 43 year's old. Carol is a true BBW. She's tall at 5'10" and at about 210 lbs, she's one heckuva lot of woman. Despite her large size she's very sexy. Her tits are ginormous and she has a belly, but not rolls of fat. Her ass is round and full and her legs and thighs are shapely and proportional. And it was Carol's BBW status that she started jabbering on about to me absentmindedly as I worked on her portable kitchen island.

"Eddie" she began, "I wanna ask ya a sorta embarrassing question," she smiled at me. "Embarrassing for who?" I inquired, laughing. "Me Sweetie," she replied. "I want your honest male opinion on something." Oh shit, I thought to myself. This can't be good I feared. "Am I too fat for men to find attractive?" Fuck, I was afraid that was the question.

"Depends on the man Carol," I answered. "Some men, especially the brothers, love big gals." Carol smiled at that and said "You're very astute for 17 Eddie." I cocked my head to the side and she smiled "I do get a lot of attention from black guys but I'm not attracted to them. Dating black men is something young girls do, but not for me. Do any white guys like big women?" "Oh Hell yeah Carol...ever heard of BBW's?" She acted like she didn't know what that meant. "Big Beautiful Women!" I added. She smiled. "Lot's of men love abundant gals. Have you ever seen the girls I date?" I asked.

"Yeah," she replied, "that's why I asked you. In fact, to tell ya the truth, that's why I called your mom and asked her to send you over here. I can build this dumb thing myself, but I wanted to talk to a man who likes big girls. But the girls I have seen you with were not as big as I am," she said, kinda sad. "Well, you're really tall too Carol. But for men like me that like robust women, you are a real hottie!" I smiled. She seemed pleased. But there was more. Her eyes betrayed a warmth and she sought more attention. "Ya really think so? Am I sexy?" "Oh, Hell yeah!' I enthusiastically added. "Don't flatter an old woman," she said, clearly searching for more.

Carol shifted position a bit and leaned more forward. Her uber abundant cleavage was more obvious than ever and I was looking and she knew it so she showed me plenty. I felt a stirring, imagining it might be possible for me to touch those fantastic melons on her chest as I'd wanted since I turned about 13. I looked at her tanned legs, pretty feet and how the whole package fit together. It was true I did not usually date girls as large as Carol, but Carol wasn't a girl but a very sexy and full woman. I had cum millions of times fantasizing about being smothered in her massive chest.

"So," she asked, clearly fishing and nervous, "if you were my age, would you find me attractive?" "I already find you attractive Carol. And the only reason I haven't 'gone out with' a mature woman yet is because I am still 17, so most mature women don't mess with jail bait - unless of course they are their teacher!" I jokingly added. We had a good chuckle but the nervous silence returned. I tried to busy myself with the wood pieces and all, but felt her eyes boring a hole through me. I looked up and the next thing I knew she was looking at my swelling bulge in my jeans. I could not hide it and did not bother to try. She seemed pleased that my body was responding and not just my mouth.

"Well, enough of this thing," she said, throwing to the floor the instruction sheet she'd held tight. "In honor of you not being jailbait too much longer, how about a cold beer? You are almost 18, aren't you?" "Yep," I proudly piped in. "Next month I'll be legal. Then I can be turned loose on the MILF population of the world." "What's a MILF, was it?" she asked. "'s a vulgar term for a younger guy wanting to have sex with a mature woman," I explained. "MILF, huh?" she asked for confirmation. "Yeah, ya know...mother I'd like to fuck...MILF!" Carol grinned from ear to ear.

"My if this current generation doesn't get right to the point," she smiled. "So, any chance any young guys would find me a MILF?" she fished again, so I went for it. What's the worst that can happen, I thought to myself - get screamed at, thrown out of the house and banished to Coventry for life....yeah, no big deal. "I think you're one helluva MILF myself," I tossed out, nervous, but too far gone and hopeful to really care. I figured I could claim it was just a 'make my fat old aunt feel nice' comment, but instead Carol took my lead. "Me?" she cooed. "Yeah Carol, you're hot!" She smiled and it looked like a tear welled up in the corner of her eye. I figured now came the bawling and the 'you're so nice Eddie,' but Carol had other things in mind.

She rose from the floor and I took in the sight. Her jeans shorts were tight. She has meaty but proportional thighs and a really nice, bubble butt. Her loose t-shirt was a couple sizes too large and the neck was old and stretched out, so when she leaned over to hand me the beer she'd pulled from the fridge, there was miles of cleavage inches from me. I stared at her tits as she displayed them for me. Seeing my reaction - the one on my face and the one in my jeans, she tossed her line in one last attempt to land her prey.

"So, if I weren't your mom's older sister, and you were over 18, would you really think I was a MILF, I mean personally?" In for a penny, in for a pound I thought and replied, looking her in the eyes. "Carol, despite my tender years and jailbait status, and despite the fact that your my aunt, if I ever thought I could have you I would have leaped at the chance," I said, embarrassed and fearful now. Her smile revealed her feelings.

"C'mon," she said, lifting me by the hand. "Enough of this crap," she added. I rose and she held my hand as she pulled me toward the living room. "I know you get high Eddie, so get me stoned. I'm feeling funky and wanna have some fun." I looked at her shocked. "How did you know I get high?"

"I'm not dumb Eddie. I smoked pot lots when I was younger. In fact David and I" she said, referring to her ex husband "used to get high nearly everyday, but since the divorce I haven't gotten a buzz, and about now I think it's just the ticket," she adamantly added. I pulled my stash from my pocket, along with my little dugout and we got stoned. We sat on her couch and she was right next to me. We giggled and she kept up the MILF questions, but more generally instead of specific to her this time. "So, MILF, huh? Is this a common thing?" "Yeah, I guess. I mean what young guy doesn't want to get naked with a hot older woman, right?"

"What about you Eddie? Do you wanna 'get naked' with a hot older woman?" "Oh Hell yeah! I am just biding my time to be legal." She smiled at me, took another hit off the little one hitter and said "Why wait for that? That's a silly formality, right?" I looked at her and she went dead serious on me. "Have you ever fantasized about me Eddie?" She could clearly see I was nervous at her question and she began to express regret at her blunt question. "I'm sorry...I shouldn't have asked you that. I'm sorry." she said.

"No, don't be sorry Carol....I'm just embarrassed to admit that yes, I have had many fantasies about you. I mean, how could I not? I see you all the time and most times when I see a 'healthy' girl I usually compare her to you in my mind, ya know, as a sort of benchmark, if ya know what I mean?" I added. Apparently I said the right words because Carol took my hand, looked at me and whispered, "If you want to compare, lemme give ya something to compare too."

I looked in her eyes and that was all she wrote. "So, if I were to just jump on you right now, I would not be in trouble?" I hesitantly asked her. "Why don't ya try, and we'll see," was all she said, so I did. I leaned over and we kissed and man it was hot. She took my hands and placed them on her tits. "God that feels good," she purred in my ear as we kept up a steady and sloppy kissing. As I kneaded her huge tits she took her hand and traced the outline of my bulging cock as it strained against my Levi's.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," she lamented. "Yeah, me neither, but I sure am glad!" I added. "Really?" she asked, breaking our kiss, but her hand still rubbed my cock through my jeans. "Fuck yes Carol! I have jacked off thinking about you since I was about 13." That drove her over the edge. Before I could finish saying it she was on her feet pulling me to her master bedroom down the hall on the first floor.

We went into her room and she turned back to me and we were kissing even more recklessly than before. I grabbed her tits and pulled on them hard and she sighed loving it. She began to undo my belt, unsnap my jeans and unzip me. With little ceremony she slid her hand into my underwear and stroked my fattening cock. "Oh my God, that feels so good Ed," she huffed under her breath. She took the lead so as not to waste any time. "Take off my shirt Eddie," she commanded, and I did. Her gargantuan tits held back by an exceptionally firm bra popped into view. "Jesus Carol!' was all I could say.

"Take off my bra baby," she encouraged. I did. I deftly unsnapped the four metal stays, one hand mind you, and her tits fell free. Glorious is all I can say to describe them. I stepped back a few inches to see them good. Her nipples were hard and stood an inch off her tits, puckered and swollen. I lifted first one, then the other magnificent tit to my mouth. She placed one hand on the back of my neck and guided me to her right tit, all the while her left hand was was pulling at my underwear. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and she seethed in pleasure.

As I sucked first one then the other nipple, she freed my cock. She slid her hand under the bottom side of it and gently pulled at it. "Goddamn Ed, you're quite a big man there nephew." I dropped her tits and pushed my jeans and underwear past my hips and slid off my sneakers, letting my pants fall tot he floor. I stepped out of them and peeled off my t-shirt, now totally naked before my hot, BBW aunt. "Jesus, I am one lucky woman," she smiled at me. I tugged at her jeans shorts and had her naked in about 15 seconds.

Her belly hung just ever so much, but her pubic patch was pretty and hairy in just the right amount. I pulled her naked body to me and smashed against her, my tongue seeking her tonsils. As we kissed she stepped back and fell onto the bed pulling me onto her. I hovered over her and kissed her as she guided my fat cock into her wet pussy. "Oh yeah baby," was all she said as I filled her cunt. Two strokes and I was all the way in her, beginning to gently tease her with a few pumps and then just laying on her, my pubic bone smashed against hers. She squirmed and put her hands on my ass holding me buried to the hilt in her. I pulled out slowly and then slammed back into her to the hilt.

A few of these strokes and she began to gasp for air. "Fuck me Ed," she hissed in my ear, and I did. Carol let go of my ass as I was keeping up a great rhythm. She then took her hands and lifted her heavy tits from the sides of her chest and held each up for me to suckle as I pumped her cunt for all I was worth. I licked, bit and sucked on each nipple and she started to cum as I did. She began to thrash her head from side to side and she squeezed her eyes closed tightly as she began to orgasm. "I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming," she whimpered as she began to release. Her face turned bright red, her mouth opened as the waves of pleasure washed over her. I pumped harder and she came and came for me. I could feel my balls getting wet as she did. I had heard of women who gush fluid, but had never felt it. It was so fucking hot!

I slowed my pace and she lay under me trying to catch her breath. She still held one tit in each hand and I went back to sucking them. "Bite my nipples honey," she asked. I began to gently chew on each extravagant nipple, and she began to cum again. I very slowly pumped all the way in her and then out. I paused as I removed myself and then slowly went all the way to the hilt again, repeating this slow and forceful pumping until she let out a deep sigh as her second nut passed over her.

I climbed off of her and lay beside her. "Get on me Carol. I want to feel you on me and I want those fantastic tits - the most awesome tits I have ever seen in my life - smacking me in the face." She loved that idea. "I might crush ya," she teased. "Well then crush me Carol. I want to feel you on me. I pulled her onto me and she straddled me and slowly pumped in and out on my cock.

"That's a big, fat cock Eddie! Have you always had that thing?" she asked sweetly as we fucked and talked. "Yep, and I have wanted to give it to you since forever." I added. She collapsed onto me and our kissing was more passionate than any kissing I had ever done. I held her ass in my hands and guided her rhythm until she pushed herself up on her palms and dangled her fat titties in my face. I licked and grabbed each one with my tongue and lips as she swayed back and forth.

"Fuck Carol, I'm gonna cum!" I grunted. "Cum in my honey. Fill me up." Then Carol confided in me as I began to well up "I have wanted you to make love to me for a long time sweetie. Give it to me." I grabbed her ass hard, she moaned "Yeah baby, grab my ass," and I began to fill her hot, tight cunt with my cum. She still held herself on her palms and swayed her tits back and forth in my face as I pumped her 43 year old cunt full.

As my cumming subsided she slowed her pace and let herself down onto me and we started kissing again. "Can you do that again?" she asked, knowing full well that I could. "Fuckin 'A' I can," I replied and she began to ride me in earnest again. My cock immediately resumed it's rock hard state and I pumped her hard from under her. "I'll bet my hot big man would like to cum in my mouth and all over my face and these big titties, wouldn't he?" she teased. I just nodded eagerly and held onto her ass for all I was worth.

"Wanna cum all over my titties baby? Wanna see me lick your cum off of them? God, you make me so hot Eddie! I can't believe we are doing this...but I love it!" I pulled her mouth back to mine and licked her lips and chin. "Oh God Eddie. Fuck me. Cum on my face honey. Make me feel like the slutty woman I wanna to be for you."

"Get on your knees Carol" I ordered and she seemed to really enjoy my taking the lead. She crawled off of me and knelt on the floor at the side of the bed. I rose and stood before her. "Pump my cock with your hands, and suck it Carol," I ordered. She swallowed me almost to the balls and to top it off, she looked up into my eyes the whole time she did it. She held onto my ass and held me down her throat as my cum built. "Oh fuck, I'm close Carol," I muttered. She came up off my cock and held her huge tits up. She sat back on her haunches and encouraged me.

"Cum for me honey. Cum all over me. I wanna taste it and lick it off my big fat titties. Wanna see me do that for ya baby?" I stroked my cock twice more and stood on my tiptoes as the pleasure headed for the head of my cock. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" I screamed as I began to spurt. The first cum dribbled onto her chin but the second shot hit her right on the lips and nose and she opened her mouth wide and still looking into my eyes, she began to purr "Fuck baby. Cum all over me!" she encouraged. My next spurt hit her cheek and she then raised up off her haunches and I came all over her tits. She never let her eyes leave mine and it was erotic beyond anything I'd ever known.

As my fifth or sixth spurt drained from my cock head she swallowed my cock again, all the way down. I could feel her throat muscles massaging the head as she swallowed. She let my cock fall from her mouth and then she held up each tit and licked the cum from it. She then sucked each nipple into her mouth. I really lost it though when she let go of her left tit and held it between her teeth for me to see. "Fuck, you are so fucking hot Carol!" She then repeated the trick with the right titty. I felt weak kneed and plopped onto the bed. She buried her face back in my crotch and sucked the head of my dick again. The pleasure was almost painful it was so good!

I sat there and fell back onto my back, my sweat dripping down my chest and belly. "So, MILF chaser, was it all you'd imagined?" "Better than I could have ever imagined," I adamantly replied. She began to kiss my belly and worked her way up to my chest. "Mind if I kiss you, even though I have your cum all over me?" she asked.

I pulled her up to me and she climbed back onto me. "I love it Carol. I have tasted my own cum lots of times," I said as I kissed her and licked my cum off of her face and tits. She then kissed me and cleaned my mouth and face of my own cum. Goddamn if my cock wasn't starting to get hard again. "Heck Carol, I can cum in my own mouth if I wanna." I informed her. She seemed excited by that prospect. "But, I don't know if I can do it as the second cum of the day. But for the first one, when it shoots really far, I can shoot into my own mouth," I proudly announced.

"Well, that sounds hot. Maybe we can see that some time...I mean, if ya ever want to do this again," she said tentatively. "What, are you kidding me? Fuck yeah I wanna do this again! Do you?" Carol leaned down and kissed me again, and whispered int my ear, "Baby, as far as I am concerned, I am yours. You can do whatever you want with me or to me whenever you want." Needless to say, that fueled me once more and my now half hard cock was ready to go yet again. I pushed her off of me and lay her on her back. I opened her legs and held them in my hands. I started sucking her toes and licking the bottoms of her feet and she went wild. I held her in that position as I penetrated her again, and this time I did away with the niceties. I fucked her for all her 43 years were worth.

I pounded her into oblivion, and she came and came. She screamed in pleasure and I worked her hole like a pro. As I built to my end she screamed out "Fuck your pussy honey. This is your pussy. I have wanted you to have it for so long. Fuck it honey. Fuck Aunt Carol. You're the best fuck I have ever had stud." I dumped into her. I dropped her legs and grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard and she came with me.

I collapsed onto her and she was purring into my ear. "I love you Eddie. I have fantasized about you since you were 14 and you grew into such a fine looking and nice young man." As I huffed and heaved in recovery she added, "I want you to know I called your mom and asked her to have you come over here so I could try and seduce you. I have been so horny for you for so long, I just don't think I could take it anymore." She got quiet in fear and whispered, "Have I said too much?"

"Not at all Carol. I have jerked off fantasizing about you forever, but reality is way better than any fantasy I have ever imagined." I paused and then revealed my own secret to her. "I have been so horny for you that I once fantasized that I raped you, I wanted you so bad."

I thought I might be in trouble for that one, but she surprised me by replying "Honey, ya can't rape the willing, and when it comes to you, I have been willing for a damn long time." I smiled and she did too. "In fact, maybe sometime in the future ya might just show up unannounced and rape me. Who knows?" She winked at me. "Careful what ya wish for Carol." She pulled me to her tighter and gruffly announced in my ear. "If there is any raping going on, it might be you who gets raped." I laughed at her and she did too.

"Shhhh," she said, holding her finger to her lips as she picked up her phone. She dialed and I sat quietly. "Cathy," she said as my mom answered the phone, "Eddie is still here so ya don't get worried." "Still there, huh?" I could hear mom exclaim. "What, is he fucking around and not doing what he's supposed to?" I heard her ask. Carol looked at me, grinned an evil grin and arched her eyebrows. "Of course he's fucking around, but he's done everything I needed him to. I'll send him home as soon as we're done. Is that okay?" "Sure Carol," mom replied. I'll be home by about 7 and I'll have dinner ready for him by 7:30 so make sure he gets his worthless ass home by then," mom teased. "Will do Sugar," she replied and she hung up.

"Now, I think a shower is in order. Wouldn't want ya to go home smelling like sex, now would we? Besides, I'll help wash ya, and hopefully I will be able to not rape ya again." she grinned at me. We jumped up and got into the large shower in her master bedroom. We slipped and slid against each others soapy bodies, and of course, as I am young and horny as Hell, and as Carol is truly a wanton slut MILF, I fucked her standing up in the shower.

By the time I made her cum a half dozen more times we were both so weak we could only hold onto each other to hold ourselves up. She washed my hair and like a Geisha, washed my entire body including my feet. I must admit, Carol was so fucking hot I could hardly stand it anymore. I think I was falling in love with her, but I warded off those thoughts. I must however confess, the abundant tits, hips, a nice waistline and the water flowing off of her nakedness was indeed driving me crazy.

She dried me and dressed me and sent me on my way home with a very passionate kiss and a reiteration that "she belonged to me to use however and whenever and as often as I wished." I left and jumped into my car and looked back. She stood behind the almost closed door and blew me a kiss and mouthed "I love you Eddie" as I backed out of her driveway. Fuck, I thought, and here was my cock getting hard again. Jesus, I asked myself, what has this woman done to me? I wasn't sure I yet knew that answer, but I was determined to find out, that's for sure!

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