The Older Samoan Lady Next Door


The Older Samoan  Lady Next Door
My Next door neighbour is a lovely large Lady who?s husband passed away several years ago . We started off saying hello as we occasionally saw each other , her lovely smile was warm and kind .
One day I had to drop off a Letter for her accidentally delivered to me so knocked politely on her door . As she opened the door she smiled and then put her hair up into a pony tail . I could only stare at her huge breasts with nipples jutting out as she smiled leaving her arms up longer . I handed her the letter blushing as she smiled and laughed. She then looked down at my shorts that were showing an all too obvious bulge and said would you like a cold drink , cause me in . I nodded and walked in to the kitchen and sat down at the table
She handed me an Orange Juice brushing her large breasts on my arm as she turned . Smiling she said looks like your very happy to be here . I smiled and nodded . She smiled and gently pulled me into her for cuddle resting my face on her breasts . Lifting her top up she pressed her nipple into my mouth moaning as I licked and sucked it . Lifting her dress up she guided my hand up between her thick thighs and onto her very hairy wet pussy . She slowly thrusted as I fingered her still holding my mouth on her nipples and with her other hand started rubbing her clit moaning slowly louder until she climaxed sending a warm gush of juice down my hand onto my legs and shorts . My cock was soo hard as she told me to take my shorts down pull my cock out and stroke it for her . I eagerly obeyed her staring at her huge hairy wet pussy and her large swollen clit .
She smiled and lowered herself on top of my cock which instantly slid into her huge wet hole as she thrusted roughy up and down telling me not to cum . She quickly started to orgasm and the thrusts became harder , rougher and urgent as she let out a loud moan and coated my , cock , legs and chair in her juice . I was so close to cuming and was about to start thrusting when I felt her pussy pulse and clench on my cock that started cumming instantly inside her .
She quickly hopped up smiling at me and said off home you go . I smiled and as I left she said ? I will need you again soon , I like how obedient you are ?

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