Dominating Matt


Dominating Matt
She loved being in control the feeling of having power, She loved it, beign in a male dominated world but being able to take control and making a man do exactly what he was told made her hot. Her name was Tina, she was 5'5, 120lb (soaking wet), her black hair fell down to the middle of her back, and her green eyes sparkled in the light, her 36DD's seemed to leave most men in aww, her legs seemed to go on forever up her skirt, her tight T-shirt showing off her hardened nipples perfectly.

She had just started working at the new clothing store down the street, and her boss Matt was a dream, standing at 6'4, he had short red hair, with amazing blue eyes, he was built with a six pack and broad shoulders, he had a wonderful smile, his hands were thick and full of power. Tina had to have him she needed it have him. "Matt" she said to him in a sweet voice "I've been working here for a while, and I was wondering if you'd like to come to dinner at my place?"

Matt just looked at her for a minute "sure, why not" he replied with a nodd, "ok be at my place at about 7, See you there." He thought to himself "man is she hot, I wouldn't mind having a piece of that."

He arrived at her place about 5 minutes after 7, he wore a blue dress shirt that was tucked into a pair black jeans, and sneakers. Tina pulled the door open and invited him into the house. She smiles shyly as he walked past her. He headed over to the couch where she offered him a drink, "water would be great" he said as he plopped down. she handed him a glass of water and went back to the kitchen, to finish dinner, after she had the food on the plate she crushed half a sleeping pill and sprinkled it on his food, "dinners done" she called to him bringing the food to the dinning room. They sat down and ate their food, and returned to the couch where matt passed out.

Tina dragged him to her basement, she changed him into a pair of tight leather shorts, and chained him up in the middle of the room, it was about 45 minutes befor he began to stir and pull against the chains. "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" he yell, "LET ME GO", Tina walked out from behind the closed door behind him wearing a tight bra that pushed up and squished her breasts and a long thick 8 inch strap-on, matt tried to purn and look but he couldn't turn much. Tina then took a riding crop from the table and lightly touched his back making him arch away from her, "oh Matt come on you wanna play with me don't you, you wanna be a good boy for me now don't you?", "YOU CRAZY BITCH WHATS WRONG WITH YOU LET ME GO AND I WON'T CALL THE COPS!" he screamed Time stood infront of him now and smacked his chest had with the crop, "you be my good little boy and I won't hurt you much but if you don't play well with mommy she'll punish you with her cock", when she said that she ground the strap-on into him crotch hard, he shuddered.

Tina walked around him again and trailed the ridding crop down his spine, making him arch slightly with shivers, Tina pulled the leather shorts down on him reveling his milky white ass cheeks, she grabbed them in her hands and massaged them, then spread them apart, "you've been a naughty boy for mommy haven't you Matty?", he whimpered "please Tina please let me go you don't wanna do this!", she laughed a hearty laugh "yes actually I do wanna do this and I will" with that she pulled a leaver causing the chains on the celing to move and start to force him down onto his knees, when he was there she pulled another one the forced him on his hands, Tina grabbed his ass again in her hands and spread the cheeks as far as they would go, "ever given anal Matty?", he whispered back "yes, why?", "now its your turn" she said as she squeezed cold jelly onto his asshole, then sliding a finger into his ass and spread the jelly around, Matt cried out and jerked forward.

"Please no please I'm begging you not to please" Matt cried out tears streaming down his face, "to late" she said with a smile and slowly agonizingly started to press the head of the strap-on into him tight little asshole when the head was in she didn't move, and neithor could he at least not forward. She watched as he squirmed and wiggled to get away "you can't go anywhere baby mommy is the only one who can let you go and her cock is in your ass now, all you can do is fuck it or be fucked against you will!" Tina pushed in more only an inch was in now,"please plsease please" he begged again, "thats it mommy is mad now I'm going to make it all go in and make your ass hurt so bad" and right after she said that she plunged her strap-on as hard as she could into his ass making him jerk and squirm even more.

Tina laughed at him and she pulled out and walked in front of him, laughing in his face as he cried from the pain he was in. Pulling the levers again making him stand he squeeled as he got up, Tina pull another lever this time (there were about 6) and the chains began to move back wards toward the bed and making him lay back, his cock was hard even though he was in pain, Tina removed the strap-on and got on her knees infromt of him "looks like you still wanna play with mommy" she giggled, she licked his cock and climbed onto him his cock was bigger then she thought about 9 at least and she forced it all into her, she moved up and down slowly at first playing with her clit as she moved, and the more pleasure she got from that the faster she rode him and after about 20 minutes she cried out "I'M CUMMING OH GOD I'M CUMMING" and she shuddered and convulsed, Matt then sighed and came as well without expectation. "you were a good boy for mommy but you can't leave yet I'm not done with you" she said laying next to him.

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