Office girls

Office girls
Molly sat at her desk and did everything she could to focus on her work. She hoped in vain that if she kept her mind on her job that it would distract from the empty ache in her stomach. She hated dieting, always had. But with when the arrow on her scale at home had crept past 450 pounds she decided she couldn't just ignore it any longer. Even at 5ft tall she was still a fairly mobile woman. Having just turned 19 She actually didn't even feel that bad about how she looked most of the time, but she knew that at the very least she had to change her habits to keep from getting too much bigger. At 5 feet tall she could barely walk anymore.

It probably wouldn't have been all that difficult to alter her eating habits but for the fact that the company she worked for had a truly exceptional cafeteria. The menu was constantly changing and there were always multiple entrees that appealed to her. She'd tried showing restrain when having lunch there, but it was no use. Plus when she would waddle up to the line, the sexy office girls in their short skirts and 5" pumps towered over her and snickered at her. So now she'd had to resolve to not go to the cafeteria at all, and instead bring her own meager meal of fruit, yogurt and a bit of cheese. It was barely enough to get her through the day, but she knew it was what she had to do. And maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't for her co-worker.

Almost everything about Karen drove Molly crazy. Karen had wealthy parents, had married well, and really didn't even have to work in the first place. She was the recipient of frequent expensive gifts from her parents and her husband. She wasn't model skinny, but she is not somebody that anyone would describe as heavy. She was a tall woman at 5'9 and a little over 6 feet tall in her Steve Madden black peep toe pumps. She had the same soft stomach and curves that any woman who isn't a professional trainer has. And yet she was constantly talking about her diet and how she was sooooo fat.For Molly, who legitimately fit into the weight category most would consider morbidly obese, this was infuriating. And to top it off Karen would frequently leave cookies or treats that were sent to her by her husband on Molly's desk, just assuming that Molly would eat them. It was the worst kind of passive aggressive girl bullying and it drove Molly nearly to her breaking point every day.

The worst days were ones like today, when their boss was out. These were the days that Karen acted like Molly's superior on top of all the other subtle teasing she was put through. At this precise moment she was prattling on about the restaurant her husband had taken her to last night. More specifically she was complaining that they went out to dinner too often. Meanwhile Molly couldn't remember the last time she'd been to a nice restaurant and she was doing all she could to block out both the hunger pangs and her irritating co-worker. She was losing both of these battles.

I mean, six courses! Who eats that much? I mean really? Karen said in her annoyingly high pitched voice.

Molly gritted her teeth and reached down into her bag to pull out a small cheese stick. It was the closest thing to an indulgence that she was allowing herself right now, and it had become one of the highlights of her day. However when Karen spotted it Molly immediately regretted pulling it out in her presence.

Oh‚??she said snobbishly. You're still eating cheese.‚?

Molly sighed and her belly grumbled loudly. Yes Karen. I'm still eating cheese.‚?

She looked up at the tall woman who looked down on her.

If you're going to diet then you need to take it seriously,Karen retorted as she leaned over and snatched the cheese stick out of Molly's pudgy hand.

Hey!shouted Molly, slowly getting up out of her seat.

I'm doing you a favor,said Karen, holding the cheese out of Molly's reach. Molly being shorter wasn't able to reclaim her snack. She reached up helplessly to try and grasp it but Karen tossed it lightly into the garbage can.

No!Molly cried out. Her stomach rumbled in protest and a sharp pang of hunger made her grip her mid section.

You really shouldn't be snacking at work anyways,said Karen in a haughty tone. In the end you'll thank me.‚?

As Karen turned to walk out Molly turned on Karen and pushed her against the walls of the office roughly. I was looking forward to that all day long! I'm starving!‚?

Well then go ahead and fish it out of the trash if you're so desperate,Karen retorted. You'll never be thin anyways. You might as well just pig out.Her voice slowly becoming more fearful and irritated at the fact that this short fat girl was squishing her and wrinkling her new outfit.

The infuriated Molly grinned as a wicked notion crossed her mind. I think I will!she said. And with that she kicked Karen's chin and Karen leaned over letying out an OUCH!! Molly then opened her mouth as wide as she possible could. She reached up and put her hands on either side of Karen's head and wedged the top of her coworker's head into her mouth. She was only able to get the upper portion and forehead in at first as Karen struggled to stand back upright.

Karen was stunned and frozen in place, unsure of what to do, her high heels made scuffling sounds as she struggled to pull away. "What‚?? what are you doing Molly? OH MY GOD!! NOOO HELP ME!!!" was all that she managed to sputter out.

As if in reply to the question, Molly forcefully shoved the rest of her sexy coworker's head into her mouth. As Karen's head fully entered Molly's mouth and rested on her tongue the hungry woman was surprised at how good Karen actually tasted aside from the large anounts pf mascara that she wore. By this time Karen was really starting to struggle, so Molly reached out and, with more strength than she thought she was capable of, held Karen's arms against her sides. She then took a loud and greedy swallow that sucked Karen's head into her throat and pulled the struggling girl's shoulders into her widely stretched mouth.

Molly was slightly scared by what she was doing, but her empty stomach let out a loud and eager rumble that encouraged her to keep going. She swallowed again, this gulp sucked in Karen's huge breasts and upper body right down to the navel. Karen's feet actually lifted off the ground at this point and her legs began to kick helplessly against the wall behind her. At this point Karen's head was almost the entire way down Molly's gullet and about to enter the heavy woman's ravenous stomach.

Karen let out muffled screams and cries and blubbering apologies that could barely be heard through Molly's well padded flesh. Molly wasn't about to listen anyways as she placed her hands firmly on her coworker's hips and rear end and shoved it forcefully into her mouth. This pushed Karen's head fully into her waiting stomach. Molly placed one hand on her gut to feel the bulge of the struggling head that was now inside of it. The sensation of something so large in her empty stomach was incredible. But it wasn't enough. She wanted more. She wanted all of it.

She reached out and took hold of Karen's sexy kicking legs and gulped down the rest of her pencil skirt and stocking thighs. In her kicking Karen had not managed to kick her designer heels off of her feet so Molly used her free hand to slip them away and her nylon covered toes wiggled about in the air. Molly placed both of her hands on her engorged and rapidly swelling belly, letting out a low moan at the sensation of fullness that this diet had caused her to almost completely forget. But this was beyond any kind of fullness or satisfaction she'd ever had before. And she was not going to stop now.

Taking one last loud gulp, Molly slurped down Karen's toes and sent her coworker's entire body down into her stomach. Karen was forced to curl up into a tight ball, the walls of Molly's stomach not allowing her much room to move or struggle. What little struggling she did managed resulted in slight bulges and jiggles in Molly's stomach. The well stuffed woman slumped into her work chair, which creaked under the added weight but held firm all the same. She caressed her stretched out blouse and skirt and grinned a satisfied grin.

Well you were right Karen,she said. I do have to thank you in the end. You were so much better than any dumb stick of cheese.‚?

She let out a resounding belch, which felt like it shook the room. She giggled slightly, lowered her chair so that her stomach could fit under her desk and went back to her work. With her hunger satisfied and her coworker no longer irritating she had the most productive work day she could remember.

Shortly there after Molly heard the clip clopping of high heels walking down the hall. Karens assistant Molly walked in enquiring about the whereabouts of Karen. "Hey what are you doing with her shoes??"

Molly replied, "come on over here and pick them up and I will show you...."

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