The Camp Slut

The Camp Slut
Gail sat at her vanity table looking at herself in the mirror. She was nervous. ?Be honest with yourself. I?m scared,? she scolded the reflection. Her hair was braided, the collar and cuffs were in place with the small padlocks.

The leash chain was secured and just waiting to be threaded through her cuffs. She picked up the snap link that held the keys to all of the locks and clipped it to the ring on the front of the wide steel collar around her neck. She watched the reflection as she ran her finger along the rounded edges. They were smooth, almost soft to the touch. Mother and Father had them made especially for this occasion. The idea of what was to come thrilled her in ways she couldn?t explain, even as it scared the hell out of her.

She smiled up at her mother as the woman stepped up behind her, warm soft hands settling on her shoulders. ?It?s time, dear. Are you ready??

Gail nodded and stood. She followed her mother out of the room, her bare feet padding on the thick carpet that ran through the entire house. It seemed odd to her, seeing her mother with the sundress on. Gail could count on one hand the number of times she?d seen Mother with any clothes on at all. She normally wore only her collar.

Father had taken her cuffs off not long after Gail was born. They had done their best to prepare her for what was to come today. Not that she was a stranger to any of it. The Jeffries household never hid anything behind closed doors. As a girl, Gail thought nothing of walking down the hall and seeing her parents having sex over the table, or Mother being used by one of Father?s friends in the Adult Playroom. They were very careful not to allow anyone to touch the girl, but made no attempt to keep her from seeing anything that was going on.

When Gail got old enough to understand how her body was changing, Mother explained about procreation and sex, so her first period was more of an annoyance than anything. It did, however, mark a transition in how she was treated. While no adults were allowed to touch her, Gail was allowed to interact with any teenager she chose to. Since she was considered a woman biologically, she was treated as a woman to the extent that the law allowed. She had quite a bit of experience by the time she turned eighteen, when her parents allowed her to participate in her first real group session. The freedom she felt that day was exhilarating.

She continued her exploration of sex during college, spending the years getting her degrees with her legs up as often as she did studying. She earned all of her grades honestly, though, never trading her body for class credit. That?s not to say she wouldn?t trade it for cash. She had to earn a living, after all.

Now she was graduated, home, and her parents had decided it was time for her to begin her search. They had presented her with the cuff set last night. She had cried and hugged them both excitedly. She immediately turned around so that Father could fasten the collar on her. The feel of the satiny smooth steel against her bare skin was nearly enough to send her into an orgasm by itself.

Hearing the soft click of the lock going into place did. Mother took her then and bathed her, fastened the cuffs into place, groomed her. Mother then used the new cuffs to secure the girl to her bed, spread eagle and uncovered. She spent the night exposed and desperate to relieve the building tension between her legs. Sleep came fitfully and full of dreams that only made her arousal worse on waking. When Mother came and released her in the morning, it was all she could do not to masturbate herself then and there.

She waited. Mother finished preparing her, powdering her skin, braiding her hair. Now leading her to the car, and hopefully, her future.

Father was there, waiting in the pre-dawn darkness, smiling proudly at His girls. He kissed Gail on her forehead before fitting the ring gag in her mouth, cinching it behind her head. He threaded the leash chain through her cuffs, trussing her arms back and up as he clipped the end to the padlock in back. He placed a blindfold over her eyes, and her body lit like fire with every sensation.

Carefully, he lifted her, cradled her, and laid her down. The carpet in the trunk of the car was scratchy. She hoped the trip would not be too long. She felt Mother?s hands helping with the ropes that went under her arms and secured her to one corner of the trunk. She felt Father clip her ankles together, another rope pulling her legs straight to the opposite corner. Father whispered a final, ?Good luck. I love you,? before the trunk closed and locked.

The drive seemed to take forever, with endless curves, bumps, stops and starts. Finally, the car stopped and turned off. She heard the car door open, then the trunk. Fresh, cool air rushed in, chilling the moisture on her skin. The ropes holding her in the trunk were released, and Mother?s soft hands helped her out of the trunk, held her until she could stand on her own. The trunk closed with a loud ?thunk?. Mother removed the blindfold and kissed Gail softly on the cheeks, her tears wetting the daughter?s face. ?I?m so proud of you, baby. Good luck, dear.?

Gail was still blinking, trying to adjust to the early morning sun, when Mother got into the car and drove off. Gail?s adventure had begun.

Not knowing where she was or how close anything was to her, she looked around. Forests surrounded her. The trees were close, but not impassable. The brush was light. She could hear running water nearby. Then she heard the sound she needed to. An engine. She started walking toward the source of the sound. It sounded close, but she knew the trees could pull tricks. The sound stopped suddenly. Hoping the driver had not left the area, she kept going in the direction she last heard the sound from. She figured she walked a mile or so before breaking through into the clearing.

She stood for a moment, letting her eyes adjust again from the gloom of the trees. She saw him sitting there amidst a camp site set up for at least four. He looked like he was alone, but she searched the area quickly to be sure.

He chuckled, waving her over. ?Come on over, hun. It?s too late for you to do much else now. I?m pretty sure I can out run you at the moment, so it?s no used to try to escape.? His voice was a quiet rumble. She looked around again before making her way to him. He inspected her, then had her kneel. She tried to hid how tired her legs were after the walk. When he released the gag from her mouth, she could not help but stretch her jaw. She scolded herself for her weakness.

Then he asked for Mother?s phone number.

Mother?s teary voice answered the phone. ?Hello??

?Hi. It?s me.?

?Are you okay, honey? Are you safe??

?Yeah, I?m okay. The guy wants to talk to you.?

?To me? Why??

?I don?t know. He dialed and told me he wanted to talk to you.?

Mother was quiet for a moment, the said, ?Ok. Put him on.?

I looked up at him and nodded

?My name is Dave. You have my number, and I have yours now.? He continued, and as he did Gail could feel the pressure building in her pussy. The needs she?d had all day were about to burst. She did not dare hope to have found Him so soon. Mother said it took her four times to find Father. For Gail to have found Him on her first trip would be wonderful.

He claimed her right then and there.

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