Awakening of a BBW


Awakening of a BBW
Lorelei was an odd girl. European-born, she was well educated and quite competent. Her family of origin was not a particularly supportive atmosphere. Her father had left when she was still a toddler, and her mother worked to raise her and her two older sisters by herself.

Lorelei was not neurotically shy, but hated meeting new people. She tended to avoid creating conversations in groups when out at bars or clubs. She was oddly shaped: a rather short 5? 1?, and reubenesque 160 lbs. She was by no means ugly, but she thought her nose was too big and considered her disproportionately large breasts to be a deficit to her appearance. She was not thrilled with her body, and it was a source of embarrassment and shame for her. Lorelei did have some pretty serious issues; she suffered from chronic depression and some recurring medical problems that weren?t debilitating, but only added to her sense of woe. Among these were reproductive issues that eliminated her chances for giving birth. She found this particularly crushing somehow, although she?d never had sex and couldn?t imagine finding someone to have a family with anyway. But the idea that this mantle of womanhood could not be hers exacerbated her depression when she dwelt on it.

Lorelei worked at a marketing company with a young man named Curt, and she quickly developed a crush on him. He was the tortured artist type, angst-ridden and creative, great with words and quite emotional. Curt was in a rock band that frequently played small clubs around town, and he religiously invited Lorelei to attend. He always offered her comp tickets and guest list passes. She finally relented one Thursday night, hoping perhaps her attendance would woo Curt into her affections.

Lorelei arrived at the club at 10 o?clock. Curt?s band was slated to take the stage at 10:30, but she was notoriously paranoid about finding street parking downtown. But she had lucked out this time, and it gave her a few minutes of discomfort as the opening band finished their set and started to strike their gear from the tiny stage. Lorelei didn?t drink alcohol, so she ordered a Coke and found a quiet table in a corner. The club was packed, and the sheer volume of people, combined with an overactive heating system, pushed the ambient temperature in the room well past comfortable. She sat alone, feeling awkward and foolish, and almost considered leaving. But within minutes she saw Curt and his gang start loading gear onto the stage. The stage lights were down, and all four shapes were in silhouette and shadow. Ten minutes later, a quick line check and some mike adjustments signaled that the band was ready. The chatter in the smoke-filled club slowly relented, and soon the room was bathed in hushed anticipation.

Lorelei?s heart leapt in her chest when the explosive sound of the band?s opening chords burst from the stage and the enormous loudspeaker array that hung impossibly from the ceiling. The stage lights flared in a green spray across the band and lit the members for the first time. She saw Curt out front, eyes clamped shut, his right hand hammering away at the guitar strings with a pick, his mouth glued to the microphone. His voice was like a clarion, gritty and raw, but powerfully emotive and honest. She took him in, smiling at his slight potbelly and unlaced shoes. Her crush grew in that moment, and she drank in the sight. Her crotch tingled slightly, and she moved the thought to the back of her mind. The music was right up her alley, melodic and fierce, rhythmic and driving, but not angry or trite. She tapped her knees absentmindedly to the beat, and was thoroughly enjoying the show.

Lorelei finally pulled her eyes from Curt and investigated the rest of the band. The lead guitarist was quite tall and lanky, with his thin gangly left arm traveling the length of the guitar neck. He was almost clownish up there. ?That must be Joe,? Lorelei mused, recalling the band member names Curt had mentioned so many times before in conversation. Joe flailed comically as he executed a shrill but tasteful guitar solo while the band vamped. She then moved to the drummer, who sat atop a low riser above the stage. He was not as well lit, but he seemed passionate in his craft, and rather cute, to boot. ?Hmm, Travis, I think,? she recalled and moved her eyes to the final performer.

The bass player stood tall and solid, his fingers flickering over the strings, his body pulsing in time. His short hair and well-groomed Vandyke beard, sans moustache, framed his face well, and his strong jaw line and proportionate facial features made him instantly attractive to Lorelei. ?Kael,? she breathed aloud. Her eyes fixed on Kael, watching his body bounce rhythmically, his head bobbing. His eyes were closed, and he bit his lower lip just slightly. He was clearly in the moment, and she could make out his distinctive, pleasant bass lines under the wall of guitar sound that emanated from the stage. Suddenly, Kael lunged forward and put his mouth to a microphone. One second later, three-part harmony broke out, with Curt, Kael and Joe all executing their parts with precision and grace. The sound was lush, and Lorelei swooned at the rich aural patterns.

The others backed away, and Curt remained, finishing the remaining lyrics. The song ended abruptly but perfectly when the instruments found different notes and held them as the drums crashed loudly. The notes rang clear, and the decay of the cymbals finally ebbed. Lorelei put her hand to her chest, her heart thumping loudly at this amazing performance. The crowd burst into vigorous applause and whistles. Lorelei clapped enthusiastically. She had fallen in love with this band and their irresistible sound, not to mention a couple of the band members!

Curt made small talk for a moment, and with little delay the band started another song. This one was slower, softer, and very sensual. Lorelei?s crotch tingled again, and she pressed her thick thighs together. She now wished she?d worn something sexier, but then checked her optimism with a thought of what these guys would probably think of her body. She put the thought out of her mind, and concentrated on the band and their sultry song. She watched Kael with particular interest, admiring his style and his talent. Occasional harmony parts brought Kael to the microphone and the better lighting. Lorelei watched his left hand slide expertly along the long neck of his bass, never unsure of what notes came next. His right hand fingered the strings precisely. She started staring at his fingers; his index and middle finger alternately stroking one or the other of the four thick bass strings. Lorelei?s pussy positively glowed, and she felt herself becoming wet. Something about the sight of his strong, thick fingers moving with such purpose, speed and intensity made her hornier than she?d been in months. She found herself rubbing her tongue against the backside of her upper teeth, and her mouth was watering precipitously. She squeezed her thighs again and felt her pussy throb under the pressure.

The song ended finally, and the band played another 35 minutes, each song a new tapestry of lyric and tone that rewarded Lorelei for agreeing to come to the show. After the band ended and torn down their gear to allow the final band to take the stage, Curt?s melodies stuck in her head. The last band had already started when Curt and the guys emerged from the backstage area, having presumably broken their gear down and packed it for transit into their respective cars. Lorelei watched as Curt, Joe, Travis and Kael greeted other fans and friends as they received congratulations and praise from their small but adoring group of supporters. Finally Curt spotted Lorelei in the corner and waved enthusiastically. He made a beeline for her table and greeted her warmly. Yelling over the performing act, Curt thanked her for coming, and she lavished him with heartfelt praise and compliments. He then asked if she?d had a chance to meet the band yet. She shook her head and became shy. He smiled, then turned and waved to his band mates.

The three young men worked their way over to Curt and his friend, and in turn each introduced themselves to Lorelei. She was on one hand thrilled to meet them, but also felt quite uncomfortable receiving all this attention. When it was Kael?s turn to shake her hand and offer his salutation, Lorelei became particularly nervous. Up close he was doubly attractive, and his sweaty face shone ruddy in the dim bar lighting. She took his hand in handshake, and found it to be deceptively soft and supple. Her small pudgy hand seemed to her to disappear into his large strong hand. She suppressed a sigh at the touch, which had sent an electric jolt right down to her clit. She forced a kind smile and said the obligatory nice-to-meet-you. She couldn?t tell if he seemed particularly friendly, but her mind raced with fantasies of her and Kael locked in a hot passionate kiss. Lorelei blinked to clear her vision, and shouted some general praise to the band for their performance. The current act was particularly loud, and further conversation was rendered impractical. The guys nodded in acknowledgement and moved out into the bar to find other friends with whom to share a post-gig drink.

Lorelei breathed a sigh of relief as the stressful situation dissolved before her eyes. She regretted their departure, but her solitude was her solace, and though she felt suddenly quite alone, she also felt equally more comfortable. She listened to the remainder of the current song, then slipped quietly from her stool and out the front door. She walked quickly to her car, the cold November air a great astringent on her perspiring skin. She drove home in silence, her mind tumbling with sexual fantasies of Kael. ?Well, I guess I don?t have to try to seduce Curt anymore,? she laughed to herself. The glorious apparition of Kael on that smoky stage made her fleeting crush on Curt irrelevant. Lorelei pulled into her apartment complex parking lot, and trudged up the stairs and down the hallway to her small efficiency apartment. She warmly greeted the mewing cat Oscar and dropped her purse on the kitchen counter. She got into her sleeping clothes and did her nightly routine of urination, face washing, contact lens removal and tooth brushing. She slid happily into her warm bed, and Oscar soon joined. She couldn?t get the vision of Kael out of her head, so she flipped onto her stomach and put her hand to the front of her panties. They were slightly damp. She slipped a hand under the waistband and found her soft, wet pussy lips. ?Oh, God,? Lorelei muttered, ?why do I always fall for the ones beyond my reach?? as her fingers slipped pleasurably through the familiar folds of her pussy. ?Why can?t it ever go my way?? she mumbled, and then fell silent as she worked herself to orgasm with remarkable purpose. Finally she pulled her hand loose of her panties and settled in for some sleep.

The next morning, Lorelei greeted Curt with more compliments on the previous night?s performance. He asked her if she?d like to be on the band?s email list. She nodded enthusiastically and thanked him again for his relentless invitations, adding that she was glad he hadn?t stopped asking. She gave him her personal email address, a Yahoo account with a typically girly username. He smiled broadly. The day went normally, and while Lorelei had fleeting thoughts of Kael, she was all business the rest of the day.

A week or so later, as she prepared for bed, Lorelei got an email from Curt about another upcoming show for the following week. As she considered whether or not to attend, she noticed that Curt had carbon-copied the other band members in addition to the fan list address. Joe?s was clearly a work address, joe.mortonson@ whatever company it was. Travis? email address was a Yahoo one like hers, only with some wacky video game related username. When she saw Kael?s email address, Lorelei?s heart sank, KaelandBetsy@ something or other. She hadn?t noticed a ring on his hand at the show, but it hardly mattered now. She was surprised to find herself on the verge of crying, and she breathed deeply to fight the urge. She sat at her computer, Oscar sitting obliviously on her lap.

She stared at the screen and pictured Kael?s glistening face glowing red in the hot bar. Lorelei felt a strong urge to masturbate, so she kicked Oscar from her thick bare thighs. She leaned back in her inexpensive office task chair and pulled her sleeping boxers and panties off. She looked down at her plump pouting pussy. Dark black tousled hairs lay unkempt across her rounded pubis. The texture of the chair fabric was harsh against her clit. She put her feet up on the computer desk and pointed her twat at the computer. Her fingers were cold as the landed on her labia, and she stroked her wet pussy absentmindedly. She thought again of Kael, and pushed away the thought of his likely marital status. As her manual stimulation became more deliberate, Lorelei found herself on the edge of tears again. She gave in this time, and her eyes burned with salty tears while her thick fingers plied easily through the well-lubed landmarks of her vagina. She felt herself sob softly for a moment when she slipped two fingers into her twat, but her weeping receded as she brought herself to a violent and satisfying climax. Oscar hid on the bed while Lorelei pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy while rubbing her clit with her other hand. He meowed cautiously when she moaned her way through orgasm, and the cat seemed quite contented to see that she was done with her noisome activity. Lorelei pulled her thick legs back and her bare feet dropped to the carpet. As she stood, she wiped the errant tears from her cheeks and headed for the bathroom for the routine.

The Friday of the show in question, Lorelei debated in her head all afternoon about her interest in attending. It was at a different club, and they were playing last by some miracle. It was going to be a big show for the band, a chance to get a weekend night headline gig that might bring them to new heights of exposure and popularity. She was happy for them and resolved that her foolish obsessions, first with Curt and then with Kael, should not prevent her from experiencing the raw emotive power of their music and supporting them on this crucial night. She told Curt she?d see him there and left for the day.

She arrived at the club early, in hopes of finding a good seat, or even any seat on a likely very busy night. Sure enough, all the tables and stools were taken when she arrived shortly after 9 o?clock. She frowned and looked for an appropriately secluded wall to stand against. By the time her band mounted the stage at 11:30, she was fully tired of standing, but her reason for coming was finally at hand, so she shifted her weight and leaned against the wall. She was nearest to Kael, by complete accident, and she could see a wedding ring gleaming from his large left hand. She cursed herself for not having noticed last time and saving her the heartache, but then she watched as he took it off, along with his watch, and slipped them into his front pocket. Moments later, the band erupted into the jarringly beautiful pulsing of their signature song. Lorelei quickly deduced that the jewelry must present some difficulty or discomfort for Kael?s performance, thus its removal. That also explained the absence of the ring that fateful night. Lorelei frowned again and forced herself to pay attention to the music. She soon forgot her woes and was absorbed in the music, rocking gently to the irresistible rhythm. Curt?s voice was bold and confident, and the three-part harmony leapt from the microphones with startling clarity.

By the end of the night, the very large crowd was completely at the mercy of this band. She scanned the room and saw handsome men and rail-thin hotties cheering wildly, new converts to this rising new musical phenomenon. She felt a twinge of jealousy, then chided herself for being possessive of a band she only recently discovered herself. After the last notes of the last song had ceased to ring, the crowd was in full applause. The boys set their instruments down on the stage and offered their thanks through the PA. All four of her guys beamed with pride, Lorelei noted with her own sense of pride, almost a maternal feeling. She joined in with her own enthusiastic cheering and applause. Since they were the last band, they were able to step down from the stage and immediately start working the room without the anticlimactic teardown. Lorelei watched with a pinch of pain as Kael walked over and kissed a slender young woman, who threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. Lorelei moved without fanfare from her station against the wall and slipped out the bar door just as the garish overhead fluorescent lights came on. As she walked away she could hear the beautiful people emptying drunkenly from the club behind her. She thrust her hands into her coat pockets and stomped to her car as the first snowflakes of the year fell in silence around her.

When she got home, she felt bad about her unceremonious departure from the club, and decided to send the guys in the band a congratulatory email after the fact. She turned on the computer monitor and waited for the cathode ray tubes to warm up. Oscar purred disinterestedly from the bed. Lorelei stripped for bed, and was still nude when she sat down to type. She conjured up some appropriate and warm remarks that didn?t sound too emotionally attached. She realized she was working way too hard on this, so she finished typing it quickly and clicked to send it. The computer chimed agreeably and the message vanished. She knelt at the foot of the bed and leaned in to give Oscar a kiss. His eyes closed instinctively, and he pushed his small black head against her, emitting another purr. Lorelei was tickling his soft belly when her computer chimed again, signaling a newly arrived email message. She looked at the clock, which read after 2 o?clock in the morning. ?Goddamned Spam!? she hissed, and popped up and reached for the mouse to blitz in the offending junk mail. But upon inspection, the email was in fact a reply to her email to the band. And it was from KaelandBetsy. Her heart skipped a beat. She sat nude at the computer and began to read.

?Hi Lorelei, thanks again for coming to our show tonight. I didn?t get a chance to say hi, but I saw you over against the wall. You must have split pretty quick. Anyway, sorry I didn?t go talk to you. Thanks again, and thanks for your kind words. We had a blast tonight, and hopefully we made some new fans. By the way, you looked very nice tonight, from what I could see! Good night! Kael.?

Lorelei felt her pussy swell against the rough fabric of the office chair. Her nipples hardened, as much from exposure to the cold air as from the nasty thoughts that instantly flooded her mind. ?Oh, God, not again. Don?t do this to yourself. Don?t read into it,? Lorelei thought to herself. But it was too late. Her body was fully ready for some kind of sexual stimulation, and she once again put her feet up on the desk. Her left hand found her sodden pussy and immediately went after her clit. As she toyed herself, she contemplated her large breasts. She?d always despised them, for getting in the way, for making her look even fatter and squatter. But tonight her distended nipples ached and pointed out such that they seemed suddenly quite sexy to her. She fondled a nipple with her right hand, and enjoyed the feel of her cold fingertips against it. She pulled and twisted slightly and her pussy throbbed. She moved her hand to the other nipple and did the same. She was on her way to a nice orgasm when she suddenly felt a strange desire to suck her own nipple. She had to use both hands to lift her tit to her mouth, but it reached, and she took the lengthening bud into her warm mouth. The sensation was strange and wonderful, and she quickly returned her left hand to her hungry pussy while she supported her hefty breast with her right.

Lorelei sat with her legs up and spread apart, sucking fervently on her own nipple while she pumped her fingers and pressed her thumb against her engorged clit. She was approaching orgasm when the computer chimed once again. She coasted into an intense orgasm while staring at the bolded unread message subject from KaelandBetsy. She let her tit drop from her mouth and it slapped loudly on her lumpy stomach. Lorelei tapped the arrow-up key quickly as the first waves of her orgasm crashed into her.

?Hi Lorelei, I forgot to tell you, I?m glad we met that night a few weeks ago. I didn?t get much chance to talk to you, but I could tell that you are a beautiful person inside and out. I hope that doesn?t sound strange, but I just have a feeling about you. Anyway, thanks again. Kael.?

?God!? Lorelei screamed as the second wave of her orgasm washed over her. ?Ah fuck! Unnh!!? Lorelei?s fingers pushed far up into her pussy, and her pinky brushed against her asshole. ?Fuck!? she grunted again as the successive orgasmic pulses impacted deep inside her. She fondled her right breast again, and her left hand slowed to a stop. She shuddered and inhaled deeply to catch her breath. She reread the email again, and the tears came again. She ran naked to the bathroom, and eventually slid into bed, still in the buff. Lorelei was feeling extra sexy tonight, and she was going to enjoy it, knowing it wouldn?t last.

The next morning, Lorelei awoke after 10 o?clock and shuffled naked across the carpet to the bathroom to urinate. She then padded to the kitchenette and started some coffee. She then returned to the computer and turned the monitor on. She grabbed her robe and put it on, finally feeling conspicuous about her nude corpulent form. The coffee dripped noisily from the kitchen while she stared at the screen. She figured she should probably write Kael back, but she was already agonizing over word choices and subject matter. She also had to factor in the wife element, that Betsy might be reading it as well. The coffee drip stopped and she pulled herself from the blank reply message to get a cup. She returned and started typing rapidly.

?Hi Kael, thanks for the reply. I absolutely love the band, and will everything I can to promote you guys to anyone I know. It was very nice to meet you as well, and I wish we could have exchanged more than a few words before the next band started.?

She regarded the screen a moment, then continued typing.

?Thanks again for your nice words, Kael. I?m not sure I?d agree with all of them, but thanks anyway. Please let me know if there?s anything I can do to help with the band or anything. Lorelei.?

Deciding that was sufficiently vague, she sent it before she had time to reconsider. She sipped at her coffee and considered how she would spend her Saturday.

When Lorelei returned home from running errands, Oscar was meowing angrily. ?Sorry, honey. I bet you?re hungry. Sorry I?m late!? she baby-talked to the persistent black feline. After making Oscar?s dinner and putting away the groceries, Lorelei returned to the computer. Firing up her mail client, a few junk emails made their annoying presence known, along with a single email from Kael. But this time, there was no KaelandBetsy. She looked at the message header and saw that he had sent it from a different email address, this one from Hotmail. Curious, she clicked on it and its contents were displayed.

?Hi Lorelei, I meant every word, and I?m sorry to read that you wouldn?t agree. I realize I?ve only seen you twice and barely talked to you in person, but you radiated a beauty that I found irresistible.?

Lorelei choked. She blinked twice, trying to make sure she was reading right. She continued reading.

?I?m sure you?ve figured out by now that I?m married. Betsy is a wonderful girl, and I?m sure the two of you would get along fine. I?m not exactly sure how to even broach the subject, but I truly find you beautiful. Could we maybe meet up for lunch sometime? You can email me at this address from now on. Bye. Kael.?

Lorelei slumped back into the chair with a sigh. Her face was wrapped in confusion, but an almost imperceptible smirk was curling the edges of her lips. ?Bullshit,? she said out loud. Oscar looked up from his food, then continued eating. She keyed Ctrl-R and started typing.

?Hi Kael, I?m flattered. I?m also intrigued. But I don?t want to get you into any trouble. I guess I?ll admit I?m still having a hard time believing you on this. It?s nothing personal, but I don?t have a great track record of being told the truth by men, and, if I can be so bold, having a hunky guy like you describe me as ?beautiful? is a little far-fetched. We can still meet for lunch if you like, but if you want out of this game (assuming it is a game for you), now?s the best time. Sorry if I seem distrustful, but I have to be. There aren?t a lot of cheerleaders on my side of the field, and I have to take care of myself. I?m sure you understand. Well, let me know what you decide. Lorelei.?

Lorelei got up and put a few other things away, then grabbed her laundry basket and headed for the laundry room with a pocketful of quarters. She returned 12 minutes later to find a reply from Kael.

?Lorelei, I certainly understand your distrust, but please believe me when I tell you I?m being completely serious with you. And while I don?t count myself among the hunky, I do appreciate your skepticism. I don?t know how to prove anything to you. Let me say it this way. I?m willing to jeopardize my marriage for the opportunity to get closer to you. I?m not a careless man, and I can?t even estimate the personal problems that I might cause for Betsy and myself. But something about you captivates me and attracts me to you. I can?t describe it. I don?t think it?s some kind of fetish for large chests (sorry, I noticed), but I can?t imagine not trying to find out. If you still want to blow me off, please be discreet about this. Thanks. Kael.?

Lorelei stood and walked to the window. The evening sky was lurid purple-blue, and myriad tiny snowflakes cascaded gently to the ground below. She bit at her lip while she contemplated the unthinkable scenarios that played out in her mind. Her defensive mind protested with reason and doubt, while her fragile and hungry heart burned with hope. She looked down at her breasts and regarded them for a moment. She then pulled off her sweater and dropped it on the carpet beside her. She put her small pudgy hands on her breasts, feeling the silver satin bra that constrained them. Unsure of her reasoning, Lorelei reached behind her hand unfastened the large undergarment. She pulled it free from the heavy weight of her breasts as they sagged upon release. For no particular reason, she pressed herself against the large glass window, the icy cold glass causing her to gasp in surprise. Her nipples hardened instantly, and pushed angrily against the pane. She pulled away and stared at her engorged nipples, touching them tentatively with her fingertips.

?Fuck it,? Lorelei enunciated, and walked to the computer.

?Kael, against my better judgment, I?m willing to believe you, for now. Can you meet tomorrow for lunch? My weekdays suck, and I want to get this over with as soon as possible, just in case my instincts are correct.?

She stopped, unsure of what to suggest next.

?Let?s meet at the Olive Garden at 1 o?clock, the one on Jackson Parkway at Highway 44. If that doesn?t work, tell me where and when. Sorry if I?m being rather terse, but I think we?re both taking risks here, and I don?t want to drag this out if it?s a ruse. Lorelei.?

She sent it, then put her garments back on and went to check on her laundry. She returned a few minutes later and saw another message from Kael.

?Thanks for taking a chance, Lorelei. I appreciate your situation, as I think you do mine. 1 o?clock tomorrow sounds fine. See you then. Kael.?

Lorelei paced around her small apartment for a few minutes. She resisted the urge to play with herself, reasoning that if it were all a lie, then adding fuel to the fire would only make things worse. She slept badly, and Oscar did his best to endure her constant twisting and turning.

Lorelei decided that she might as well look as nice as possible, just in case. Her pussy was tingling as she put on her sexiest panties, a lacy pair that went up high on her hips. She put on her most cleavage-exposing blouse after tightening her bra straps to emphasize it even more. She pulled on a short skirt, figuring it would make her relatively short legs look a little longer. She considered her legs. They were a bit thick, but they did have shape and weren?t all that fatty. She looked in the mirror and determined that, with a little makeup, she was as ready as she was going to be.

Lorelei strode into the Olive Garden filled with such trepidation that she almost felt nauseous. But she put a strong face on and stepped though the glass doors at 1:05. She immediately saw Kael, looking a bit peaked himself. He smiled, though and stepped up to her.

?Hi, Lorelei. Thanks for coming. I considered that maybe you?d back out, so I?m glad you decided not to. Hungry??

Lorelei couldn?t come up with any words. He looked magnificent. This was really the first time she?d been able to see him up close in good lighting. He was even more gorgeous than she?d thought previously. His teeth were brilliantly white, and his skin was smooth and healthy-looking. His neatly trimmed beard sat beautifully manicured on his strong chin. His eyes sparkled and smiled. Lorelei suppressed a sigh and nodded meekly. They were seated in the sparsely populated dining room. Lorelei buried her face in her menu, her heart and mind racing at the unreal character of this situation. She looked up occasionally at Kael, who she found was more frequently looking at her than at the lunch options.

A petite Asian teenager took their order. She smiled at them, mentally deciding that they made a cute couple. With no menu to hide behind, Lorelei was forced to look across the table at Kael. He had a pleasant smile on his face, and Lorelei was seduced into smiling back. Kael noticed this and spoke.

?Thanks again for meeting with me, Lorelei. I have never done anything like this before. I know that for some reason you find this all a bit unbelievable, and I guess I can see your point. But there is something undeniably sexy about you, Lorelei. And I want to see more of it.?

Lorelei turned bright red. She composed herself and said, ?Kael, I?m running out of reasons to not believe you, but I?m coming to the conclusion that you might be for real. But I have to ask, are you looking for love, or for sex??

Oddly, the question caught Kael off-guard, though he should have seen it coming. He looked down nervously at the pristine white tablecloth. ?Well, I am married, and I?m not interested in throwing that away, certainly not at this point. But I am very attracted to you, and I guess that manifests itself physically. So strictly speaking, I guess I would like to play that out with you in the physical. If that means I?m only looking for sex, then I guess that?s the answer. But it?s more complicated than that, at least for me. Does that make sense??

Lorelei considered that for a moment. She had never really thought that this would be a legitimate meet-the-parents type relationship, even in her fantasies. She also considered that she was a neurotic, overweight, 32-year old virgin who desperately craved male attention. ?Yeah, I guess that does make sense,? she said absentmindedly. She thought a moment longer, then looked up suddenly. Kael seemed surprised. ?Is it too late to cancel our order?? Lorelei asked pointedly.

Kael was instantly taken aback, then smiled a big lusty smile. He waved at the small Asian waitress. She rushed over, and he politely asked her to pull their order. She was rather confused, but ran to the kitchen to stop the cooks. Kael pulled Lorelei?s chair out for her and helped her put her coat on. She took his arm and they walked to the parking lot.

Oscar jumped from the kitchenette counter and ran for the bathroom when Lorelei brought Kael into her apartment. He looked around and offered meek compliments on her cramped apartment. She ignored them and put their coats in the closet. Kael looked around, then turned back to Lorelei. His eyes went wide when we saw Lorelei peeling off her blouse. Her enormous breasts sat in their lacy bra cups, and Kael?s eyes locked onto them.

?Come on, Kael. Let?s cut to the chase. I?ve got a lot of catching up to do. And if this is the only time this happens between us, I don?t want to waste any time.?

Kael still stood frozen, staring at her huge chest. Lorelei stepped closer and started unbuttoning his shirt. ?You can touch them, Kael.? His hands slowly came up from his sides and rested gently on the soft skin of her pale white breasts. His hands were cold, which, combined with the first third-person contact with her breasts in her entire life, caused Lorelei to inhale sharply.

?Oh, God, they?re gorgeous,? Kael breathed as his hands began to roam the vastness of her bosom.

Lorelei pushed his shirt from his shoulders and they stood facing each other, topless. She then unfastened her bra and it fell to her feet. Her breasts dropped free, and Kael gasped. He dropped to his knees and, with both hands on each side of her breasts, leaned his face into them. She moaned softly at the touch of his smooth face against her breasts. She felt the familiar tingle in her nipples as they hardened under his touch. Kael was very quickly kissing, licking and sucking her nipples, and Lorelei instinctively pulled his handsome head to her chest. Her pussy was swamped with wetness, and she took a moment to recognize what was really happening. She wanted to see his hard cock and to touch it. When her nipples were sufficiently tweaked, she pushed him back onto the carpet on his back. She straddled him, kissing his lightly hairy chest, licking his nipples and touching his soft, warm skin.

Lorelei?s head was positively swimming. She had dreamed about doing these things to a man for years, but had nearly resigned herself to the possibility that they might never happen. She made a resolution that, in case they never do again, she would get it all in while she could. She kissed his stomach and dipped her tongue into this belly button. Kael pawed at her back, running his soft, strong hands across her rippling skin. Lorelei arrived at his belt and quickly unfastened it. She unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans. She sat up and tugged the whole mess down to his ankles, including his boxer briefs. His cock lay there conspicuously, bluish veins creating lines along its seven-inch length. The swollen purple head throbbed brightly, and Lorelei sat in shock. She had never seen a real penis before in person, certainly not an erect one. It was beautiful, she reckoned, and she leaned down to kiss it gently. She had seen enough porn on the web to know what to do, and she began to lick long the length. She even tongued at his balls, and then polished the tip until it gleamed satisfactorily.

Kael moaned encouragingly, and lifted his head to see. Lorelei popped the head into her mouth and began to suck his cock. She did her best to impersonate the acts she?d masturbated to at her computer. She tried to keep her teeth from scraping on his cock, but he was enormous and it was not as easy as she?d expected. She could only take about half of his length into her mouth, but she decided not to worry about deep-throating and just give him a decent blowjob. Kael panted and moaned appropriately, and Lorelei realized how much fun she was having. She fondled his balls as she sucked on him, enjoying the fleshy smell of his cock and the strange sensation of him in her mouth. Kael put his hands on her head and touched a finger to the side of his cock where it entered her mouth. Lorelei felt like she was getting the hang of it, and tried new ways to please him. She danced her tongue around him inside her mouth, and ran her lips horizontally along his length. Everything she did seemed to be a hit, so she just kept doing it. Finally her jaw was starting to ache from being open so wide for so long. She started pumping his cock with her fist. She pulled her mouth off of him and looked up at his watchful eyes.

?Come in my mouth, Kael. I want to taste you. I?ll try to swallow it, if I can,? she insisted.

Kael groaned at the suggestion and she replaced her mouth on his erection. She sucked more fervently, and Kael?s breathing quickened. He muttered a warning of his impending climax. Lorelei slammed her fist up and down, pumping his enormous hard-on, steeling herself for a mouthful of his semen. Finally he convulsed, thrusting his cock to the back of her throat. Lorelei nearly gagged, but adjusted a millisecond before the first volley of bitter, salty, viscous fluid burst from Kael?s cock. Spasms wracked his body as his orgasm landed upon him. Lorelei sucked back the first spurt and tried to swallow. It tasted horrid, and she nearly choked. The next spurt came, and she started to gag. She tried to swallow, but nearly gagged again. Some of his cum escaped from her mouth and dripped unceremoniously onto Kael?s hip. Humiliated, Lorelei forced herself to swallow the amount that remained in her mouth. Once it passed her tongue, it slid easily down her throat. The next several spurts had arrived by then, and she again swallowed with great force of effort, wanting to savor this moment, though not particularly wanting to savor the taste itself. One last swallow took care of any remaining ejaculate, and Lorelei?s aching jaw finally released Kael?s spent cock. It dropped onto his stomach with a satisfying slap.

Kael?s breathing finally came down from its aerobic pitch, and he sat up on his elbows. Lorelei sat between his legs, cum on her lips and chin. She smiled weakly at him, her hands fiddling with his member that now sat flaccid and sticky on his belly.

?Get on the bed,? Kael said gently. Lorelei nodded and sat up. Her full breasts hung like overripe fruit. She pulled off her skirt and lay back on the bed in nothing but her lacy panties. Kael stood and kicked off the pants and underwear that entrapped his ankles.

Lorelei spread her arms and legs, enjoying the fluffy down duvet against her bare skin. She felt suddenly very sexy, emboldened by this man who now looked at her. Kael crawled onto the bed on all fours, straddling her full, round body. He stayed there a moment, taking her in. Her large fatty breasts dispersed into wide piles of flesh, with only her erect nipples having any real definition. Her stomach was wide and smooth, with millions of invisible soft hairs lending to its downy softness. He ran his large hands across her flesh, and she purred underneath him. He ranged over her jiggling breasts, down her sides, over her lacy panties, and across her shapely legs. She cooed softly, starved for his touch, fighting the urge to hurry him to more direct contact. Kael took his time, placing gentle kisses in every imaginable corner of her body.

Lorelei?s heart swelled with emotion. No one had ever lavished this kind of care on her, sexual or otherwise. She tried to quiet her mind and enjoy his tender foreplay. She reminded herself that this was no Prince Charming, come to secret her away to live happily ever after. This was sex with a man with no real possibility of a future relationship. ?No!? she screamed inside her head, silencing the objections instantly. ?This is the best I?ve ever felt in my life, don?t take this away from me.? The doubts evaporated and she moaned boldly as Kael?s hands landed on her pantied mound.

Kael lowered his face and placed a tender kiss on her wet panties. Lorelei could feel his lips through the fabric, and a new rush of wetness issued forth from her electrified pussy. She reached down and pulled the crotch of her panties aside, exposing herself to Kael. She felt his hot breath, and she moaned at the thought of his proximity. She hoped he found her clean and not too smelly. She mentally slammed the door on the paranoia about the conditions of her vagina. Lorelei put a hand on Kael?s head and edged him closer. Suddenly she felt his tongue on her pussy, and gasped loudly. Kael slowly tongued her, as if he was French kissing her pussy. She squirmed and moaned. Kael kept it slow, exploring her and enjoying her unique spicy taste.

Lorelei gasped again when Kael slipped a finger into her sopping twat. He gingerly worked his finger in and out of her. Her pussy was fragrant and fiery hot around his digit, and he slid another in. She responded positively. Kael continued to tongue her, focusing on her clit with increasing intensity. Soon he was sucking on her clit, pulling it into his mouth, while he pumped two fingers into her pussy. Lorelei pushed hard against him, forcing his fingers all the way inside, and pushing the knuckles of his unused digits against her anus.

Lorelei felt her orgasm approaching, begging it to come but wishing it would wait a few more minutes. It was not to be, however, and Lorelei yelped loudly as her body quaked with climax. Kael intensified his tongue and lip action on Lorelei?s clitoris. She bucked hard and grasped his head with both hands. Her legs shook around him as she pulled his head against her spasming pussy. Finally the quaking subsided, and Kael pulled his glossy fingers from her warm twat. He looked at her, watching the tints and shadows of sublime pleasure wash over her face.

Lorelei opened her eyes and looked down at Kael, kneeling obediently between her strong legs. She felt so warm, so safe, so sexy under the gaze and touch of this man. ?I want you inside me, Kael.? She looked at his once-shrunken cock, and saw that it had returned to life sometime while he had eaten her out. She smiled and purred at him. ?Please, make love to me, Kael. I want to feel you inside me.?

Kael looked at her with an unasked question on him face. He looked behind him for his jeans on the floor. Lorelei realized he was hunting for some wallet-bound prophylactic. ?Don?t worry, Kael. I?m barren. No worries, no fears. Just make love to me, now.? He seemed unsure for a second, but relented quickly and knelt between her thighs. ?Mmm, put it in me, Kael.?

Kael removed her panties, then lifted her thighs and spread her legs further apart. Cool air breezed across her wet vulva and she shuddered. Kael took his swollen cock and pressed the purple head against her wet opening. Lorelei felt him there, and purred. He pushed his hips towards her, and he slid in easily. She gasped sharply. She had masturbated a million times before, including occasionally creative uses of household objects and fresh produce. But she was unprepared for the fullness of his cock in her vagina. She breathed deliberately, trying to get used to the feeling. He noticed this, and did not move. They looked at each other for a long time. Lorelei realized they had never even kissed, then considered that it was a strange time to realize that.

?Okay,? she said softly.

Kael began to rock his hips, his hands on her thighs. Lorelei was once again caught off-guard by the sensation, and she closed her eyes. He felt fantastic inside her. It was everything she?d ever dreamt since she was an adolescent. A remarkable feeling of fullness and peace settled on her. ?This is incredible,? she thought. Kael continued his gentle thrusting, and Lorelei soon began to move in response. They each tried different rhythms and angles with their own bodies to change the sensations. Lorelei imagined the inside of her pussy being spread by Kael?s cock, absorbing it, flexing and enveloping to accommodate him, as evolution had perfected human coupling over millions of years.

Lorelei felt suddenly very elated, far beyond a simple orgasm. She felt like a different person, a person unencumbered by the details of her unhappy life. She felt like she was flying. And she was thrilled that she was being loved so tenderly and expertly by a man whose love she didn?t need to win or maintain. She reached her hands up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him down on top of her. Kael continued pumping without fail. Lorelei was overwhelmed with a feeling of feminine beauty, a sentiment she realized she?d long lived without. She felt tears building up, and they exploded from her watery eyes and across her cheeks. She pulled Kael?s face to her large breasts, which she now lovingly regarded as her most feminine feature. She no longer despised them as a burden or an obstacle. She silently begged him to suckle her nipples, which he did. Lorelei wrapped her thick legs around Kael?s waist and pulled him against her. His movements were a relentless piston, not cruel and impersonal but smooth and tireless.

Lorelei let go a weighty sob, letting go of thirty years of pain and self-hate. She realized she?d felt sorry for herself for way too long. Tears streamed from her tightly clenched eyes. Her hands tenderly held Kael?s head to her swaying bosom. Her impossibly wet pussy clung to Kael?s tireless cock as he moved into her. Her legs encircled him, not to prevent his escape but to make her feel less passive in their lovemaking. Finally she peaked to orgasm, crying out and clutching Kael tighter to her. She wept loudly now, laughing and sobbing, feeling like a prison lifer tasting unexpected free air. Kael came seconds later, emptying himself into her with sensational ferocity. She felt the heat of his cum inside her, and she giggled with glee and he finished his thrusting with a series of grunts. He lay still atop her, and Lorelei enjoyed feeling his hot panting breath across her chest.

They two remained there for quite some time. Terrified to break the spell, Lorelei nonetheless turned her head to the alarm clock on her nightstand. The impersonal green digits proclaimed 3:33 in the afternoon. Hesitantly, Lorelei ran her hands across Kael?s sweaty back. ?You probably need to get going,? she said calmly, half-wishing she hadn?t.

Kael looked up and the clock nodded in defeat. He glanced down the location of their union, cherishing the continued presence of his shrinking cock still inside her. Reluctantly he pulled out, and semen inevitably followed. Lorelei hadn?t anticipated that, and she quickly clamped a hand over her gaping hole. Kael stood up, and Lorelei rolled off the bed and ran to the bathroom. Kael dressed, and as he was buttoning his shirt, Lorelei emerged from the bathroom with a damp washcloth. She knelt in front of him and washed his cock. She gave it a soft kiss before she trod nude across the carpet back to the bathroom. Kael put his pants on, and made his final adjustments to his clothing. Lorelei returned and stood before him, still completely naked. All shame and embarrassment had long melted away, and she felt as comfortable at that moment as if she were completely dressed, or home alone with Oscar.

Lorelei and Kael regarded each other for a long moment. Kael leaned into to kiss her, feeling that somehow it must be the right thing to do. Lorelei wanted to kiss him, but she stopped him short with a finger to his pursed lips.

?No, Kael. We don?t need that. That?s for your wife. Save those for her, she loves you.?

Kael nodded slowly in full comprehension. He wrapped his arms around her warm naked body in a tight embrace. She held him for a full minute. ?You?ve given me so much, Kael. Thank you. It can never happen again between us, but you?ve done so much for me, I can?t even tell you. Now go home to your wife, and be true to her from here on out. And don?t look back.?

Lorelei thought she heard Kael sniffle as if fighting back tears. Perhaps Lorelei?s words had made him realize what he?d risked for this, and how much it meant to him upon reflection. Lorelei let go of Kael, and he turned without looking at her. He walked to the closet and retrieved his coat. Oscar, in a rare act of courage, had returned to the kitchen counter near the door, and Kael gave him a welcome scratch as he let himself out.

The door closed quietly but solidly, and Lorelei found herself alone. She stood there for a moment, finally sitting naked on the foot of the bed. She put her arms across her breasts, starting to cool down from the activity that had so recently ended. She felt her hard nipples against her forearms and smiled. Kael was gone, and she still felt sexy. She felt beautiful and proud and confident. She felt the tears returning, and she laughed as they streamed down her cheeks. Then Lorelei wiped her cheeks and flung herself back onto the bed. She laid spread eagle, staring at the ceiling. Her hands explored her body. She felt the heat still radiating from her pussy. It felt stretched and worn, but wonderful. Her clit tingled when she touched it. Absentmindedly, she put her fingers to her mouth and tasted herself. Then she rested her hands on her breasts, covering her sensitive nipples from the cool air. Oscar appeared next to her. She smiled at him. He pushed his head against her shoulder. Lorelei laughed and smiled at the ceiling as she considered how to spend her evening alone.

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