My hot bbw wife

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My hot bbw wife
A few days later I was out shopping in the neighbourhood where Beckie lived. When I was done I sat in my car contemplating what to do next with my evening. It wasn't often that a free Friday evening went by without me getting together with friends but tonight I just didn't feel like seeing everyone.

Feeling horny and a bit daring I decided to text Beck. We hadn't spoken since having sex the other day but my cock was doing all the thinking right now. I shot her a text.

Me: hey, what are you up tonight?
A second later...
Beck: nothing, thinking about jumping in the shower now that the kids are in bed. What about you?

Me: joining you in the shower ;)

A few minutes passed and no response. I was starting to doubt my forward approach and praying our friendship wasn't falling apart because of the other night.

A few more minutes passed and finally a response.

Beck: buzz in the next five or I'm going alone

I turned the car on and peeled out of the parking lot and headed down the road. I arrived and buzzed and was quickly let in. When I got up to her unit I figured I would just try the door and sure enough it was open. I quietly stepped in and closed the door. I could hear the shower running. My heart was absolutely racing.

I quietly made my way down the hall in hopes that the kids wouldn't hear me. I let myself into the washroom and locked the door. I ripped my clothes off and pulled the shower curtain back.

Beckie immediately spun around and smile "hey you, thought you were never going to join me"
I smiled back and stepped into the tub. My hard on was already raging. She took her hand, reached out and firmly grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her. As our body's connected I leaned in for a kiss. She sucked on my bottom lip long and hard. I pulled her closer and started kissing her neck as my hands roamed her back and ass. She pushed back looking me in the eyes "what did you bring for me besides this massive cock?"

"Don't worry, I brought something for you" I replied as I leaned into her massive boobs biting and sucking on her rock are nipples. After a few minutes of enjoying her tits I dropped to my knees kissing her stomach as my fingers explored her pussy. After a few minutes of fingering her she turned around putting her fat ass in my face. Without saying a word she lowered her ass onto my face. When we were married she used to love when I would rim her. I quickly spread her cheeks and began gently licking her ass. She began to moan softly. I slowly moved two fingers to the front and slid them into her pussy. Her moans grew louder as she pushed harder back on to my tongue. I stood up and grabbed her hard pushing her head down. I quickly pressed my cock against her pussy which she quickly guided inside. I wasted no time. I thrusted hard and fast while I tugged on her hair. I was thrusting so hard she couldn't stop her head from accidentally hitting the tile wall. She was Moaning so loud I had to let go of her hair and use my hand to cover her mouth. After a couple minutes of bagging the shit out of her I pulled out. She dropped to her knees and took my whole cock in her mouth. I felt like my cock was going to go right down her throat the way she was devouring the whole thing.

Without really thinking I thrusted into her mouth. She gagged hard. I took a hold of her hair and began to fuck her mouth. She continued to gag. Her gagging drove me while. As I drew closer to cumming I thrusted harder and harder. She tried pushing away but I just kept going. She gagged again. Her eyes were completely bloodshot looking up at me. I gave her would last thrust as I erupted into the back of her mouth. I could feel her whole body tense up as she gagged and gagged on my cock and all the cum I was unleashing on her. The cum came oozing out of her mouth as I pulled my cock out of her mouth. I used my cock to wipe the cum off her face and put it back into her mouth. She stood up and leaned into kiss me.

"No way, not until you swallow what's in your mouth" I said.

She swallowed then leaned in for a kiss. We spent another 10 minutes or so lathering each other and kissing until we decided to get out. I got dressed and headed for the front door. Beckie, in only a towel followed. As I got my shoes on I pulled some money out of my pocket and handed her six $50 bills.

Beckie quickly looked it over. "This is too much. I definitely didn't do that much for you"

"It's OK sweetheart" I said "that was worth every penny"

I leaned in and kissed her. Our kisses grew more and more passionate. I ripped off her towel to expose her tits. She broke our kiss "you've got one last opportunity to get inside me before I send you out into that hallway"

She led me to the couch and motioned for me to sit down. She then unzipped my shorts and pulled out my rock hard hard. Within seconds she was on my lap as my cock plunged into her wet pussy. We kissed passionately. Our tongues inside each others mouths as she bounced on my cock. Suddenly we heard a little voice calling her. She swung up and grabbed her towel. She motioned for me to go into the kitchen and wait as she went into the kids bedroom.

I was on the verge of cumming. I looked around not wanting to blow my load on her kitchen floor. In the dining room I saw all her laundry folded on the table. I saw a pile of panties. I grabbed the first pair I could and shoved my cock inside. A few strokes in I began to erupt into her clean panties. At that exact moment she came back into the kitchen.

"What are you doing?" She asked as I turned around. I couldn't speak as I blew my load. She came right up and put her hand onto my cock as the last few spurts came out. She gave it a couple pulls as I put my head into her chest. I rested my head on her for a few minutes. She took the panties from me and threw them onto the counter.

"That looked intense. Sorry you couldn't finish inside me" she leaned in and kissed me.

When she pulled away we said goodbye and she showed me out. As I walked to the elevator I checked my phone. There was a new text from her. "Next time you're helping me do my laundry since you seem to have no problem making more for me ;)"

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