My Ex GF black mom


My Ex GF black mom
My ex's mom, 53 year old black bbw. About 5'3" with big luscious thighs and that fat bbw ass that makes any man drool and stiffen up in his briefs. I had noticed once before even beyond the casual flirt that she sneakishly had pushed that big ass into me as I reached around her to grab my beer from the counter at a cookout we were having. Oh you just don't know, I murmured to myself. Flash ahead for times sake, I had run into her months after the break up with her daughter in a grocery store. We casually spoke and exchanged some small talk. I joked with her about how well she cooked and what she would be cooking later. "Nothing special" she said. She suggested that maybe I could come by and she'd pack me up a plate with some leftovers and you know I took the offer. :) About an hour or so I arrive at her house, she was inside and opened the door as I stepped in . She kind of casually glances over her shoulder at me as she walks away with smile. She knows I'm watching her as she walks toward the kitchen. My mouth waters, It almost feels is if my ball sack loads up with excitement as I'm watching her big ass sway in only the way that a bbw's does. I follow, get real close behind her as she removes a plate from the microwave, bam, she does it again. She slowly pushes that ass into me and giggles a little as I reach down and squeeze it right between her cheeks. My dick stiffened to a solid state as I pull her back into my clutches. She moans, I ask her "can I have it?" She ...
replies yes in the most needful and wanting tone I've ever heard. I swiftly get her to the bed, I'm kissing her neck and licking her, all the while raising her tight fitting summer dress too. I lay her back she, spreads those big swollen thighs to reveal her almost completely shaven black with strands of grey shaven pussy. The natural aroma of pussy, the thick musky odor is almost heaven sent in my opion. I dive in face first, indulging mmyself, licking and sucking, paying careful attention to her every moan and movements of pleasure. She cums once, twice, grabbing the back of my head each time and pushing my face into her soaking wet puss. She says, "lay down" and engulfs my entire cock into her mouth, and proceeds to make every inch disappear. She raises and says we have to hurry, I have somewhere to be shortly. With a sensual smile She says "get this ass from the back daddy." She moves up by the head board and positions on all fours, I Get behind her and begin to ease my throbbing dick into her prize. Such a tight, warm fit. She moans with each inch, even presses back a little to ensure I plunge all the way into her love. I begin to stroke, she's clutching her pussy as I stroke out. Exclaiming in pleasure as I ram inward. "Fuck this pussy" she says. I began to feel my climax building, the white contrast of her creamy nectar coating my dick is to much to handle. I grab her shoulders and with one last deep thrust I explode inside her sweet walls, her pussy squeezes as I fill her up. She grips and squeezes as I go limp and pull from her. *Another encounter is yet to come* Hope you enjoyed.

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