My hard revenge


My hard revenge
My wife has always said that the only dirty thought she has is me using her holes as i wish. However, any insetious dark thought i have she has played to. That is all except one, she wont play to wanting mutliple men or women at once and due to an ex boyfriend wont let me cum in her mouth this leads to me thinking that a woman that sexy and cock happy must get some elsewhere and that im a make do for kids etc. This has lead to the following fantasy being hatched.

So after months of trying to get her to open up about dirty ideas i decieded that i would show her how a real slut acts weather she liked it or not.

The first step was to get the right outfit on. So i got her into the mood to dress slutty, usual attire tight white halter top that clings to her 42DD boobs and her round stomach. This is accompanied by a tight mini skirt that due to her size xxl ass is more of a micro skirt no panties and on this occasion high heels. So shes all set, i use her a couple of times in the usual manner she kneels down to get something i do her from behind telling her that such a dirty slut needs her ass fucked. She responds by pushing backwards taking me deep i then reach round her and finger her moist plump pussy making her scream.

I manage to talk her into going out dressed like it promising it will be worth her while and that i may use her while we are out. This gets her out the door looking like a slut, little does she know what i aim to do. We walk down town, its market day which adds options to the plan. I cant help smiling when i see the market is busy and notice heads turning as we walk past.

The next phase requires me to need a store and her to carry on walking, this takes some work but eventually i pull it off. I deliberatley take longer than need be to allow her to be alone on display. I walk slowly admiring her rounded ass peeking out under the skirt and the way the heels make it wiggle. I also hear guys and girls talking about her some are the kinds of thing any bbw and their partner are used to hearing about her being fat, mutton dressed as lamb and sad lonely fat cow wanting a cock. However, there are plenty of comments i want along the lines of i would love to fuck that ass, i bet she sucks like a hoover and damn them tits are huge and no underwear what a slut. I now feel like my plan is gonna go exactly as i want. I talk her into sitting at a burger van for a drink where i take pictures of her hairy pussy that is on show no matter what she does meaning every guy that walks past gets an eyefull of her sexy thighs and pussy. I notice that she is getting moist confiming what i thought that she enjoys men wanting to use her.

Heading home i start thinking about how i set up the last stage, quick as a flash i tell my wife i need the toilet and will catch her up. Again i tae as long as i can, again the comments are flowing except now there are comments of "you should have seen her pussy it was well moist would love to have licked it". This gives me what i need i talk to the guys and make arangements for the last part i catch up to my wife and walk home as normal. A few times i lift her skirt soft enough for her to not notice but high enough to show her ass off.

We arrive home and after a few minutes i lead her upstairs. I then say "just need to run downstairs and turn the answerphone on stay dressed till i come back i wanna strip you." i walk down stairs and open the door carefully i lead the ten men upto the bedroom i enter first. "So you enjoy going out dressed like a little slut?" i ask "what do you think" she says and opens her legs. exposing her gleaming wet pussy "So what would you do if some of the men that saw you had caught you and used you?" at this point she clams up and says that would be sick. At this point i move and the ten men walk in she closes her legs draws up her knees and looks at me and says "You asshole i cant believe you done this why they here?" "we saw you down town" says the biggest guy "i know you saw me looking at you at the burger van you opened your legs for me" my wife goes red. The men surround the bed "dont blame him" says another nodding to me "we told him we would use him if we couldnt get you" she still tries to escape. the two biggest push her on the bed while two pull her legs down. the big two remove her halter top and use it to tie her hands to the head board. Meanwhile two more pull off her skirt and use the belts from their trousers to tie her legs open. Now all the men strip and i set up my phone to film. "let me go now" my wife shouts. the men all laugh two lift her ass while one places himself under her so when she is realised his cock goes in her ass. She tries to act like she hates it but the gleam in her eye says she likes it. Now one of the bigger guys rams his cock in her wide open pussy.

I see three men climb on the bed two start sucking her big tits the other lines his cock up with her mouth. "Even if you get it in she hates cum in her mouth" i say. The guy looks at me winks and says "the little slut should have thought bout that before teasing me." he then starts to fuck her mouth. With each thrust you hear his balls slap her chin and the guy in her pussy slap on her also. Now four guys start wanking over her stomach. The guy in her ass starts moaning and says "Ready bitch......Feel that? thats my cum in your fat ass". the guy on top pulls out and cums on her thighs. The guys sucking her tits move to her pussy and ass. the guys from her holes move to her tits. This keeps going each taking turns in her ass pussy and mouth. By the time they finish she has cum in her hair and right down to her knees. At this point they get their phones and go out the room. "why?" cries my wife i look at her and say " you dress slutty, you act the slut but clam not to want multi sex. Yet you enjoyed that" she goes to deny it then says " would like to have wanked them," i think then get my cock out and untie her hand. SHe wanks me off onto her tits. The guy walk ing and take turns getting wanked off and getting sucked in turn. At this point i hear feet on the stairs and panic. "Don't worry this is for you " says one of the men. In walk their wives all remove thier clothes five start sucking my wifes tits and lick her pussy and sit on her face forcing her to lick them the others take turns in sucking me and letting me fuck them. After the women have had multiple orgasms they all leave. Before i release my wife i post the video online. As i untie my wife she says "i hope you didnt delete that i wanna see what i look like with them using me then next time i see a man or woman you can join"

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