Huge BBW sister in Law Fantasy


Huge BBW sister in Law Fantasy
Huge. Her ass is just huge. Dont get me wrong, she has giant breasts but her booty is just HUGE and I love it.

I headed off to work and could feel my dick growing in my pants. The new guy at work was a girl! She made me rock hard.

She is 5'9 or 10", and around 150 pounds. A Blond BBW goddess. And guess who I was working with?

I fantasized she was an Blue Eyed Amazon. The lost tribe of large, powerful, warrior women.

We were working together in a closet! It was close quarters. All the walls had to be recovered. The ceiling was only four feet high inside.

We were on all fours working, and she was incredible. Her breasts swayed back and forth in her t shirt as she worked next to me. And they are Large ones too!

All the little beads of sweat ran down her body and moisened her big beautiful breasts. It was giving her a wet t shirt as we worked on her hands and knees! It was also giving me one hell of an erection.

The best part was working right behind her though and staring at her HUGE ASS! It drives me nuts. My cock gets hard just thinking about it.

I could see her panties at the top of the crack of her ass. My cock grew even larger in my tight pants. Beautiful blue lace panties covering her Huge ass. I wanted to jack it off on them so bad! Over her panties, a tight pair of blue jeans excentuating her thick thighs and Huge Ass. I love it when they are just a little too tight.

I just want to pull down her pants and bury my face between her HUGE Cheeks. I just love her big HUGE ass! Oh I wish she knew what I was thinking working beside her. I hope we work together again soon! Maybee she will read this!? Who knows what the future holds but I know I'll see her again.

I wonder what she is thinking while she is on all fours next to me??? If she knows my cock is throbbing for her HUGE Ass?

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She once stated on her MySpace profile that she is Italian and Hawaiian. In interviews she has claimed to be from Portland, Oregon, while IMDB lists her place of birth as Salem, Oregon. She currently Two horny fat slut posing sexy