Secret Lover

Secret Lover
The door was ajar maybe two inches, just enough to see the bed. On the bed laying, on her back was an angel of beauty. The dark blue silk scarf, tied around her eyes. Arms, extended, as if to say ?I am yours, please pleasure me.?

I slowly walked to the side of the bed. As I gazed at the beauty of this lady, the wanton desires of passion, raced to my head, of the many ways I wanted to give her never before heights of pleasure. With trembling fingers, I had to touch this lady of beauty. I bent forward. Her aroma was of desire? I placed my finger to her soft lips, tracing, tasting, and absorbing the feel of soft skin, with my finger. Her lips parted, the tip of her tongue, touched my finger, as soft as the flight of a butterfly.

Still with trembling hands and fingers, I traced to her chin, and back to her lips. A low moan escaped from her. Her lips parted as if to speak, I placed a finger of silence to the moist portal. My free hand went to the side of her neck, soft and tender neck, flushing a red in color. She liked what was happing to her. Drawing circles, on her skin, ever so lightly, her chest starting to rise higher, and breathing slightly heavier, I continued the journey of exploration.

The warmth of her skin, gave way of willingness, to what was about to come. Her breast, nipples, and the redness of her skin, asked for more. Under her breast, I ran the now not so trembling fingers. I circled her breast, from the bottom to the top, till I was a fraction of an inch from her erect nipples. The breathing became deeper, the breast wanting my fingers attention.

Who was I to not yield, to this lady?s desire. I placed the nipples, between the index and thumb of my fingers. Slowly I teased the buds of her breast. She placed her hands, on the tops of my hands, pushing and pulling my hands to her breast, inviting more pressure to her domes. I placed these objects of beauty, in the palms of my hands. Her deep moan of approval came as no surprise.

After several minutes of stimulation, of the now hot and erect breast, the journey continued. My now steady, and knowing hands, went to work, finding more of this tempting body. I gently ran my fingertips, to her hips, across her to her belly button. Her hips lifted, inviting more.

I traced to her pubic mound, just a slight touch, and back to her side. Her lower limbs spreading, I teased her inner thighs, from her knees, back to the junction of her womanhood. Her flower was in the first stage of bloom. A small drop of nectar, appeared, at the lips of her petal, now starting to swell. Her inner thigh?s, were silken in touch, and as hot as her swollen breast. Her smooth thighs opened, the invitation was there for the taking.

Lifting, and spreading, her legs, I teased behind her knee. Small jerks came from her now tensed body. Could I have found another spot on this beautiful lady that would show her I want all of her? Several tense moments passed, I realized the more I touched, the more I needed it, as she.

The feel of her, triggered my passion, far more, than I could have ever imagined. I traced my hot fingers, flamed from her wanton heat, to her calves, and then to her feet. Running my hands from her feet to the junction of her blooming petals, of womanhood. Small drops of nectar escaping her soft petals. The fragrance filled the room of her need.

The breathing now in short gasps. I gently, rolled her to her stomach. My need was now over powering to see, and touch her most perfect behind. In my dreams I could have not dreamed of such beauty. The time was short for looking. I placed my hands, to these beautiful hemispheres, of creamy flesh. Had I died and gone to heaven? Was this a dream that I would soon wake from? I had to taste this flesh, not by hands and fingers, but with my tongue, and mouth.

I spread her legs. Crawled to where my head was level with them. Placing my hands to the sides of her hips, lifting her torso just s little, my tongue rested at the top of her crack. I inhaled the fragrance, and filled my lugs with the sweet air. The waiting was over. I must taste her. The point of my tongue slipped from my hungry mouth. I started down the valley of these lady beautiful domes. Her body tensed. Her moans came from the depths of her soul. I had found another secret that may have lay hidden from others.

As my tongue, made its way to the center of her forbidden fruit, her hips lifted, to permit access of this probing object. The deeper I went, the louder she moaned. The moan?s spiraling into silent screams, as her hips pressed my face deeper into her valley.

The more I tasted the more she and I needed. Her climax was long and hard. As she came down from her pleasure ride, I slowly turned her to her back. I untied the silk blue scarf, and removed from her eyes. Her eyes, glazed from the tense pressure released, locked into mine. She reached for me, and with her gentle hands, behind my head, pulled my lips to hers.

As the kiss ended she looked deep in my eyes. The look of a small child lost in the woods, but had just been rescued, smile on her flushed face.

She cuddled into my inviting arms. I wrapped her body into mine. The two heated bodies became one.

?How, did you know?? the first words spoken by either. Her voice was like the trumpets of heaven specking to me.

I whispered in her ear, ?Your heart told me.? I said with all honesty.

?But?? she tried to speak, as I stopped her with my lips, to hers.

I tasted her lips. Her tongue danced in my mouth, the heat was building. Her body melted into mine. Her hands went to my semi erection. I had felt only a few ladies hands, but this beautiful creature?s hands were the most caring and felt of cotton candy.

She rolled her fingers to the moist head, playing, teasing and with tender care, gathered the moisture between her index finger and thumb. Looked at it, raised to her nose and inhaled my aroma. Her lips opened, her tongue snaked out and wrapped around her fingers. Her eyes locked to mine, and as she tasted the fluid, a familiar moan escaped her.

She placed her lips to mine, more heated this time, as her hands and arms, went searching every part of my body. I rolled on my back, pulling her on top, our lips and tongues never parted.

With her hands, she grasped my now erect shaft, stroking gently, as she started her decent. The look in eyes was evident of what was about to come. Placing herself between my now spread legs, she appeared to be in a trance, as she fondled me. Teasingly, she darted the tip of her tongue to the head. The little bubble of clear fluid was no match for probing. Her tongue, retracted back safely home in her dark cave filled with ivory.

My body tensed, and now my breathing became deep. The tender rubbing continued. Does this lady of beauty know what she is doing to this man? She bent forward, placing her lips to my shaft, swirling her tongue from the top of the head to the rim of my fully erect phallus. The little tingle started at the tip of my toes, and at that very moment I knew I was in for a ride of pure bliss.

Her tongue went to work, lapping up my pre-fluid, just as it hit the exit of my shaft. With wanton desire to please, her head lowered farther down, as her tongue kept working its magic. Taking about a third of me in her mouth, her head raised and lowered, each time gathering more fluid and shaft, until her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

Slowly up, then slowly down. With each decent and rise, her eyes told all, she would not stop till I had given all. The tingle that had started in my toes was now on its way to an all out eruption. I knew not, how much more I could take. One part of wanted to release, but yet another wanted the feeling of her to never end. With the look in her cloudy eyes, I could find the answer. I felt she too wanted the eruption, but also wanted this to last forever.

I could hold no longer, for the eruption was now. The release started as she was on the down stroke. The first blast hit her in the back of throat. The gleam and smile on her face, said all. Her hand came to the base of my shaft, and began pumping me, as her mouth never left me. She pumped and drank every drop as if it were her life substance.

Just before the last eruption, she released me from her mouth, placed her lips to the head and waited for it. It hit her on the top of her lip. Before the creamy fluid, could come to a final resting spot, the tip of her tongue gathered and tasted. The hand slowed, and with tender touches, from her lips cleaned me.

She crawled to me, placed her lips to mine, I tasted myself, and her sweet nectar, as we lay in each other?s arms.

Her body pressed to mine. I traced my fingers to every curve of her heat filled body. A low moan escaped her soul. She placed her warm hand to my semi-erection, tenderly. It began to grow. As I placed my lips to hers the moan came louder. Lips parted, tongues danced, the heat between us grew as wildfire.

She pressed her torso to my chest, never loosing her firm grip to my very erect shaft. I could feel the heat releasing from her thighs. Holding my shaft at the base, she explored her sex, gathering moisture. The fire from her was unbelievable. Our heart beats and breathing came in unison. She placed the rock hard head, to the entrance of dripping her junction. At the touch, slowly her body gave way. The head, then a fourth, and then half, she stopped. Rose, till just the head left in the warmth. From a look in her eyes that would soon glaze to rays of pleasure, dropped and devoured all. Our pubic areas touched for the first of many to come. She rose slowly enjoying the full feeling of my shaft. The tightness of her womanhood was a perfect fit. Her inner body felt of silky velvet.

As she rode my hard shaft, she placed her left nipple in my lips. My tongue teased, tasted and suckled as it were my life substance. Her riding became faster, as also her breathing, and moans of bliss. I knew if she kept this pace, we would not last.

I rolled her to her back, never loosing a beat, I now between her velvet thighs, setting the pace. I draped her smooth legs over my shoulders, impelling the length of my shaft to the depths, of her outlet of wetness. Her moans, now low screams, of wanting deeper thrusts.

?HARDER? she screamed, and harder I gave her. ?HARDER and DEEPER? she pleaded.

She was close, maybe closer than I. And then from her beautiful lips, ?Fuck me, fuck me? harder? deeper, please don?t ever stop!? The wetness was not dripping, but pouring from her sex, as the sweet nectar, ran down her perfect crack, to the sheets below.

I wanted to give her something to remember. I again rolled her over to her flat stomach. Raised her to her knees, and slipped my shaft in her wetness. I drove hard, and deep, with one stroke, I was in.

It crossed my mind, if there were people in the adjoining motel room, would they think I was harming this gorgeous lady? I didn?t care, my pleasure was to please her.

Driving deep into her, I spread her backside open. I dropped my hand to gather some of her nectar. Never had I felt so much juice coming from a female. I placed my dripping index finger to her cute little hole. Slowly I inserted the finger to the first knuckle. It was tight, could this be the first time her rectum had been invaded?

?MORE PLEASSSSEEE! DEEPER! IN MY ASS! FUCK MEEE!? her chants driving me crazy. As my finger buried to the second knuckle, a fresh flow of juice poured to my balls, from her. I pulled my finger out to just where the tip was remaining. Then with gentle force, sank my finger the hilt.

I felt my cock slicing her, the head swelling to more than ever size, and then, her body arched, she clamped to my cock, and with scream that would wake the dead, ?I?m CUMMING! I?MMM CUMMMMINNNG! Cum in me, please blast your cum in me, I want to feel your hot cum, deep in me? PLEASEEEE!?

It was what I wanted for her. My cock swelled, and with her pleads of orgasm, I buried to the hilt. The first blast, hit her the deepest ever before. With the second eruption, I knew I to was about to flood this lady, like no other. She screamed, I screamed.

The bliss, lasted like a life time, but even then was to short lived. We collapsed in a bundle of heat, sweat, cum, and total bliss. The room smelt of our passion. The sheets wet with our heat.

She turned to me, placed her lips to mine and went in a deep sleep.

As I placed the blue scarf, in the form of heart to the pillow beside her, I stepped to the door. At the door, I turned and gazed at this beautiful lady, one more time. Would she want to take this chance, maybe again?

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